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Venomous Apple (3/?)

Title: Venomous Apple
Authorsayeengie and gehchan
Pairings: broken!KiHae, HyukMin, eventual!EunHae, eventual!KyuMin
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Summary: Temptation is nothing but a word, unless you take a bite of the venomous apple.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue 1 2

It is as if his world stopped the moment the music came to an end. He wants more… his body needs more. However, his thoughts were then snapped away when loud cheers and claps from the people inside the studio blasted on his ears. He just stared at them; the reason why they are doing that was seemingly unknown to him.

He felt a hand gently placed on his shoulder, so he turned his body to face a tall, Chinese-looking blonde – who is obviously not Donghae – smiling widely at him. “Welcome to the club, Hyukjae-ssi. I’m Hangeng, by the way. I am the president of this club.”

The red-haired pulled off his infamous gummy smile to the older male before muttering a thousand words of gratitude to the dance club leader. People then started gathering around him and asked him things like, ‘What is your name’, ‘How old are you’, ‘What class are you in’ things like that.

He cheekily answered all of their questions; glad that he is now gaining friends who have the same interests as his. Yet, his eyes and mind were off to somewhere. He is sure that Sungmin was there when he was called to dance, so how come his lover was out of sight right now? Sungmin does support him and is always present every time he joins a contest.


Donghae jerked as he felt Heechul’s arm on his shoulders and shot his hyung a surprised look, making the older inwardly smirk.

“What’s wrong? Are you thinking of something?” Heechul playfully asked in attempt to tease his blushing dongsaeng. Donghae said nothing and avoided Heechul’s knowing glances.

“Oh, are you still thinking of Kibummie? Come on, just let him go, Hae. He already quit the club…” Oh how he loves being Kim Heechul.

“Of course he will. He will fly to another country…” Donghae mumbled rather bitterly, only for Heechul to hear.

“And leave you?” Heechul then hugged the younger, his voice making cooing sounds, “Aww, don’t worry… maybe Kibummie isn’t the one for you…” Surprisingly, Heechul’s tone changed into a serious one as he leaned closer to whisper on Donghae’s ear, “But you know what, all good things come to those who are hurt…” Yeah, he just changed the saying… it’s not like Donghae would know it.

His eyes then lingered on Hyukjae, who was now dancing with Hangeng and the others, his voice turning into a playful whisper, “You know another saying, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. Why don’t you play for a little while?”

He smirked triumphantly at the sight of Donghae staring lustfully at Hyukjae’s direction. He knows he could be successful on his agenda.

“But, he is Sungmin’s boyfriend…” he heard Donghae mumble to himself.

Exactly. He almost blurted out. “Did I say anything about Hyukjae?”

Donghae snapped his head to Heechul, his eyes showing shock, fear and regret.

o( ≥ w ≤ )o

Donghae was still in deep thoughts due to his conversation with Heechul when he heard the voice of the person who had been bugging his mind for the past few hours since he saw him dancing like there is no one around him.

“Hey, Donghae-ssi,” Hyukjae sat beside his dorm mate as he brought his water bottle from his backpack. The other just hummed in response. “Did Sungmin tell you why he went away?”

Donghae hated himself for thinking of not telling the truth to Hyukjae. He forced himself to get back to his old childish self and faced the one who sits next to him, who seemed worried about someone, making him feel guiltier, “Oh… ah! Yes, I forgot! Minnie asked me to tell you that he is sorry for not finishing your dance because the adviser of his drama club called for him. He said that he will send you a message since he knows that I will forget telling you… and I really did. Sorry.” Of course, the fact that Sungmin is his best friend still matters the most.

“I see,” Hyukjae nodded, his lips finally curved into an angelic smile, relief is all over his face. “Oh, do you mind not telling Sungmin that I got accepted? I wanted to surprise him.”

“I think Minnie knows you will pass, though.”

“Still… I wanted to tell him personally…”

Donghae smiled and nodded. Maybe what he feels for Hyukjae isn’t attraction, but jealousy. Kibum was like that to him, anyways.

o( ≥ w ≤ )o

Sungmin almost threw the knife he is holding when a pair of lanky arms draped around his waist, only to calm his heart down as he felt those familiar lips pressing onto his cheek.

“Omona, my pretty wife is already cooking for me?” Hyukjae playfully whispered on Sungmin’s ear. The latter giggled as he lightly jabbed his lover’s stomach using his elbow, “This is for you and Donghae.”

“I don’t care. As long as you are still cooking for me,” The hug went tighter and their cheeks are now close to each other.



“I passed…”

Sungmin stopped chopping the meat and turned to face his boyfriend, his fox-like eyes widened, “Really?” Hyukjae nodded vigorously before encasing the other in his arms again, lifting Sungmin in the process whilst he spun his boyfriend’s body in glee.

Donghae stood at the door, feeling jealous all over at the sweetness of the couple. Why would God send someone to act lovey dovey with Sungmin just when he is heartbroken? He then had this sudden urge to call Kibum. Should he?

“Let’s go on a date tomorrow night!” Hyukjae giddily said after putting Sungmin’s body down, who bounced on his heels and said a loud ‘Okay!’

“But Minnie… how about my dinner?” Donghae can’t help but intrude, ignoring Hyukjae’s frustrated groan; it is his dinner they are talking about. No one should forget about food… especially his food.

Sungmin smiled – the smile that made Hyukjae fall for this man, “We’ll buy you one.”

Donghae’s pout grew longer and stubbornly countered, “I only want your cooking.” This made Sungmin sigh in surrender and palm his face, “Okay, I will cook before we leave…”

Donghae was about to say something again, but Sungmin went near him and shoved a bread on his mouth to stop him from doing so. Hyukjae just shook his head while leaning his body on the counter, his arms crossed.

He didn’t mean to ruin their sweet moment, or to cockblock; he is just afraid of not having to take his dinner tomorrow night because of Hyukjae’s and Sungmin’s date. Sungmin’s foods are his favorite, okay. Yes that’s all... well, at least that’s what he wants to believe.

o( ≥ w ≤ )o

He patiently waited for someone to pick the phone up. He doesn’t know why he did this, but minutes ago, he was just staring at his background picture – which was his and Kibum’s cute selca at the amusement park – and he found himself waiting for Kibum to answer his calls.

Afraid of not being able to say anything, he sighed as he decided to end it, but it was too late; Kibum already answered his call.

“Hyung? Why are you still awake? It’s already 2 am.”

Kibum’s voice sounds groggy, but he can’t help but smile; he missed the boy too much.

“I’m sorry… did I wake you up? I just wanted someone to talk to…”

“No, no, it’s okay. So, what was it that you wanted to talk about?”

“Nothing much… I just want to hear your voice before I sleep…”


“When is your flight?”

“Next week…”

“Can I come with you to the airport?”

“No. Don’t.”


“…I might stop myself from going.”

“Then don’t go.”

“I need to. This is for us.”

“No… you are hurting me…”

“I’m sorry… but it also hurts me…”

“If it hurts you, come back to me! I will make you happy!”

“Just by thinking about you makes me happy, Hae.”

Tears burst from his eyes, now sobbing uncontrollably, waking Sungmin up and rush to him. Donghae ended the call and sought comfort from his best friend as he cries his heart out to the other, who just stayed silent and gave what his broken friend needed: a friend.

“I don’t want him to go, Minnie…” he sobbed on Sungmin’s shoulder.

Sungmin ssh-ed and stroked the younger’s blonde hair, “I’m sure Kibummie has his reason… he will come back to you soon… trust him.”

“Why do I love him so much?”

Sungmin didn’t answer and just hugged Donghae, listening to his friend’s cries, and waited for him to fall asleep.

He doesn’t know why this is happening to Kibum and Donghae. He actually thought that their relationship is the ideal and he is actually envious of it. The two doesn’t deserve this.

o( ≥ w ≤ )o

Ryeowook glared at his friend, whose eyes are now following every action their sunbae makes. He pities Kyuhyun so much for being hopelessly in love with Sungmin. Hell, everybody knows that Sungmin is already taken! He would try not rolling his eyes whenever he remembers Kyuhyun’s counter at that, which was: They aren’t married yet. I still have a chance.

As if Kyuhyun is making a move.

He just sighed heavily when Kyuhyun pouted and got back to what he was reading after Sungmin finally went out from the library. He really is hopeless.

Seeing that his friend is still sulking on his position and is looking around to, most probably, see if Sungmin came back, he decided to ask that one question he was itching to ask the other since the day he saw Kyuhyun drooling over Sungmin.

“Kyuhyun-ah, why do you like Sungmin-sunbae so much? I know he’s cute and pretty and nice or whatever you were saying, but other than that…? It was the first time I saw you like that…” The approach was a bit straightforward for a shy person like Ryeowook, so Kyuhyun stared at his classmate in disbelief. Annoyed at the brunet’s reaction, he snapped his fingers in front of the younger’s – yes, he is older than Kyuhyun by almost eight months – eyes, causing for his companion to jolt slightly.

“Yah, I’m asking you! It was as if you liked sunbae for such a long time. Were you childhood friends? Neighbors?”

With this, Kyuhyun sighed and went back to sulking as he mumbled, “He doesn’t even know me, Wook. He just knew I exist when he saw me with you and Kibum days ago.” You are right, people; Kyuhyun never called Ryeowook ‘hyung.’ By the way, Kibum is also older than Kyuhyun… and is actually younger than Ryeowook. It isn’t obvious, anyways.

“Then, how did you get to know him? Did you first see him here at the campus?”

Unconsciously, Kyuhyun smiled at the recalling of the events on when, where, and how he first laid his eyes on Sungmin, “No…”

He was briskly walking as he entered the mall, a phone on his hand, and a map on the other. Yes, a map. Kyuhyun is new to Seoul since he grew up in a province and this is his first time going to said city. He could say that he is lost; he already like traveled around the mall, but he still can’t find that particular restaurant where he and his friends are supposed to be meeting up. He is too shy to ask someone because of his accent and might get laughed at, so he just stayed quiet and worked on this alone. His friends aren’t helping either for they don’t fucking answer his calls.

After ending his 100th unanswered call, he felt someone poke his arm. And when he turned, he felt like seeing the most beautiful goddess in the universe, smiling brightly at him.

“Mister, is this wallet yours?” Shock is an understatement when he finally heard the voice of the goddess, no, god. The person he thought to be a woman is actually a man! Well, he can’t be blamed; the guy is smaller than him, has a pretty face, has M-shaped lips, has a pair of lovely doe eyes, is wearing a PINK shirt, and is a shiny raven hair. Who wouldn’t mistake him for a girl at first sight?

He didn’t know that he was staring for oh-so-long until the guy cutely blinked his eyes and waved the black wallet on his face. “Hello~ Are you still alive?” Can’t this guy be any cuter? Even his voice is cute and gentle!

He sheepishly grinned, “Y-Yes. S-Sorry…” he tried speaking in a normal accent, but knew he somehow failed to, so he looked for signs of mock on the beautiful stranger’s face. Seeing none, he felt like flying in cloud nine. This guy is perfect.

Pink guy – so as what he calls the guy – giggled… giggled. ‘Oh my God, he just giggled’ he thought… Pinkie – another nickname – then handed him the wallet with that radiant smile of his, “Please take care of your belongings, okay. You seemed to be someone who is here the first time. Am I right?”

He blushed. He knew he blushed. Great. So, Pinkie bunny – again, a new nickname – knows he is from the province. Just great. But then, Pinkie bunny is still nice to him.

“Are you lost?”

He stared at the smaller again. Since he was afraid of scaring the nice guy, he snapped himself out from his trance and shyly answered, “Y-Yes. I-I was having a hard time looking for my friends because they aren’t answering my calls…”

The guy then tilted his head like a curious child and asked, “Do you know the name of the place? You must have a meeting place.”

“E-ELF Restaurant…” why is he stuttering?

Then, Pinkie bunny snapped his fingers as his cute face brightened. His fingers then pointed at a store near them, “Go to that hall, walk straight until you reach a flower shop, you turn right, and you will instantly see ELF Restaurant!” The way the stranger told him the directions was like he was instructing a preschooler.

He was about to thank the other, but the guy was looking at his phone before glancing at him, “Hey, I need to go. Don’t hesitate to ask others if you get lost again. Oh, and take care of your things, especially your money, okay? I’ll go now! Hope to see you around! Bye!”

“I wasn’t even able to thank you…” Kyuhyun mumbled whilst he watched the retreating back of the guy. He clutched his chest tight and there he knew that he just fell in love.

Pink guy was right. He was able to go to the restaurant safely, ignoring Changmin’s scolding of him being late and all. He is in a good mood, so he won’t pay heed to Changmin for now. He can do that some other time, but not now.

Since the time he met Pinkie bunny, his mind was only occupied by him. His friends would sometimes catch him grinning to himself, earning him teases from his wonderful friends. Still, he just let them be like that; he will have his sweet revenge soon. For now, he needs to know Pinkie bunny’s name.

He just came out from the restroom, only to stop dead on his tracks the second he saw Pinkie bunny looking at his direction. But then, he almost got a heart attack when Pinkie bunny smiled and waved his hand at him – he was recognized!

He shyly smiled and raised his hand to wave back, but a red head emerged from behind him and slung an arm on HIS bunny’s shoulder before turning to walk.

He felt his world crashing down at the realization that the love of his life is already loving someone who is not him.

Ryeowook immediately covered his mouth to muffle his laughter because they are inside the library. Kyuhyun scowled at the older for making fun of his terrible love life; he has no right to do that! That Jongwoon, whom Ryeowook is head over heels for, from the theater club isn’t even talking to him! At least Sungmin knows him by the face… he hopes so.

“I hate you, Kim Ryeowook.”

The smaller stopped laughing, though he is still giggling, and asked, “So, that’s why you went gaga when you saw him here in the campus?” Yeah, Kyuhyun blushed. What a cute sight.

“Aw, you’re so cute when you’re in love~!” He lightly squealed as he moved closer to pinch the taller guy’s cheek, only for his hand to be slapped away by the younger, who now stood up to gather his things and walked out.

o( ≥ w ≤ )o

Sungmin decided to go to the room where the grand piano was located to try the songs Jongwoon gave him for their upcoming musical. Unfortunately, it seems like someone went there first before him.

He pressed his ear on the door to clearly hear the wonderful melody from inside, his heart feeling light at the sound, especially when the one guilty of playing the music sang.

No, I’m not.. It really doesn’t make sense
Even when I’m eating or falling asleep, I keep thinking about you like crazy
All the time I keep hating myself so badly
How could I, how could I fall in love with you? That’s a bit weird
My heart hears you.. from head to toe
My friends tease me for this but my heart only listens to you
One two three, you smile and I think I lost my breath
By seeing you’re smile, I’ll cook with love everyday
Forever I love you love you
love you love you love you

He opened the door as silent as he could to take a peek on the pianist, who, fortunately, was too absorbed in pressing the keys to notice him. He then recognized the boy. 

“Who is he again?” he asked to no one in particular.

Then it clicked! The pianist was the freshman who was with Kibum when they saw each other outside the Principal’s Office.

He found the boy interesting since that day, and it grew because of this. He thought that this boy would fit as the lead role for their musical. Hopefully, he joins.


He instantly closed the door in surprise, his eyes feigning innocence as he faced another hoobae, who was gaping at him weirdly. He suddenly felt nervous when the playing of the piano abruptly stopped.

The younger was about to say something, but Sungmin spoke first, “H-Hey, do you want to audition for our musical? You are a member of our club, right?”

The smaller nodded with his mouth hung open.

“Great!” he then whispered, “Oh, and try bringing your friend who is inside the piano room right now. He has got potentials.”

He winked at the other before taking his leave quickly, just in time before the door opened and Kyuhyun went out to check on Ryeowook, who was grinning widely.


hello! I am back after 1524768756435563 years!!! kkk~

-ayen ^w^

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