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Full Moon (14/?)

Title: Full Moon

Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin [Side/Possible/Broken/One-sided] EunHae, KyuWook, YeWook, HanChul, KangTeuk, SeoKyu, YeYoon......... more to come ^^

Genre: Dark, Yaoi

Rating: PG-15 (will go up soon)

Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.

Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.

Sungmin clenched
his chest because he feels like he is being suffocated… He doesn’t know why but
it’s as if his chest tightens, making it hard for him to breathe. Another thing
he is confused with was why does he feel that his blood is boiling just by
seeing that scene? Was it a feeling of disgust? Or maybe jealousy? But then he
thought, why would he be jealous?


He decided
that he’s just envious because of
two things. First, Kyuhyun doesn’t kiss him as gentle and thoughtful as that;
it had always been a rough and mad one, enough to bruise his lips. And lastly,
he misses Donghae, his boyfriend,
and he wants to see him right now.


he tiptoed his way inside the gigantic mansion, not even taking a glance on
what Kyuhyun and Ryeowook probably are doing right now. He is also careful in
making a single sound because the two are high-skilled vampires and he might
get slaughtered if they heard him and discovered that he eavesdropped.


He sighed in
relief as he got inside the mansion successfully, without being caught by
Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, or the guards patrolling the area.


remembered Donghae. Since he left his phone with Hae, the latter might have
been worried dead about him so he went straight to his now boyfriend’s room.


As he
entered the dim-lighted room, he tried searching for his purpose through the
dark though he realized that he looked like an idiot doing that. He almost
shrieked when a strong pair of arms encircled his neck and a cold breath
ghosted on his ear, sending shivers to his spine, “What took you so long? I was
going to find you just a second ago.” He knew that it was Donghae and he smiled
as he came to think of it.


He turned
his body to face Donghae and wrapped his arms around the taller guy’s neck,
“Sorry… Yesung-hyung was extremely sad and since I’m his best friend, it is my
duty to be there by his side whenever he needs a shoulder to cry on. Sungson, I
mean, I hurt him… It is the only way to say sorry to him.” Donghae pouted, “But
Minnie, I’m your boyfriend.”


The two’s
hearts skipped a beat when Donghae mentioned that word. Sungmin was just so
lucky that the room is dark so his blush was hidden.


Sungmin was getting aroused and so as Donghae. The smaller guy pouted back, “Of
course, your treatment is different… very
different. So don’t get jelly over Yesung-hyung.”


“But he’s
your first love…”


No, he isn’t. Sungmin almost blurted it
out but he controlled himself and changed the topic, “How can I make you
believe that I love you?”


forgot about the Yesung-being-Sungmin’s-first-love topic and his voice grew
huskier, his lips curved a smirk that Sungmin got to clearly notice, “You
really want to know?”


Sungmin is
now hard and horny. And a horny Sungmin is also equivalent to being the
uncontrollable, crazy female Sungmin. “Yes. Tell me.”


whispered seductively on Sungmin’s ear, earning a controlled moan from the
smaller, “Make love with me…”


After that,
Donghae licked his way from Sungmin’s sensitive earlobe to his soft lips,
engaging the other into a hot battle inside and outside their warm caverns.


Sungmin was
now losing his rationality. It was as if it was full moon or quarter moon that
he already didn’t know what he was doing. He never felt this way when he is in
bed with Kyuhyun… only with Donghae did he feel like this. He knows that he was
getting violent… but he also knows
that Donghae will surely love and enjoy his violence.



And it was



He harshly
ripped the taller guy’s shirt before pushing him to the warmly welcoming bed,
still not breaking the kiss. He kneeled on the bed, Donghae’s body in between
his legs and his tongue still entwined with Donghae’s. He lowered down his
bottom part, making sure to grind with his boyfriend’s hardened rock, earning a
long and loud moan from the guy under, with curses under his breath.


His hand
played with the guy’s left nipple, while his tongue did the job of sucking the
other hardened one. He then slid his waist down to Donghae’s legs and moved to
remove the vampire’s cute fish-printed pajamas off. He widened his eyes at the
sight of his boyfriend’s saluting member and teased, “Hae, you didn’t wear


impatient Donghae pouted, “But only with pajamas on is more comfortable!!!” Sungmin
chuckled with the guy’s cuteness. He grabbed Donghae’s cock and rubbed the tip
teasingly, making Donghae groan and curse, “Ooohhh…aaah… Miinnn~ fuck…”


the picture of Kyuhyun and Ryeowook kissing at the garden flashed on Sungmin’s
memory and once again, his chest tightens. Because of that feeling of
suffocation, he unconsciously gripped firmly that thing that he was holding,
earning a frustrated hiss from Donghae, bringing him back to his senses, “AAARGH


His blood
boiled again for some reason and rapidly took Donghae’s member in his mouth
fully, letting his mysterious
frustration out by sucking in a very fast pace… hoping that it would make him
forget his dilemma.









Sungmin woke
up because of that fucking pain in his ass again, groaning as he groggily sat
while nursing his aching bottom at the same time. He looked around and saw that
the place was messy – must be because of their love-making last night.


He then
forgot the pain when he saw Donghae’s bright smile and happy voice, “Good
morning, Minnie!” He smiled and greeted the same but his eyes landed on that
familiar pendant the guy was holding, “Hae, what’s that?” Donghae tilted his
head then scratched his head as he got what Sungmin asked, “Oh, this? I should
be the one to ask you that. I saw this on the floor while picking up your


realization hit him, he snapped his fingers and pointed at his pendant, “That’s
mine. Well, I think my parents gave it to me when I was still a baby… I don’t
know… But Zhou Mi haraboji said that it had been with me since he first saw
me.” Donghae raised the pendant and narrowed his eyes to take a clearer view of
the blurred image inside, “Min, what’s in this? I can see something long… like
a cross.”


Sungmin held
out a hand and the other guy gave the pendant to the owner. “This can be
opened.” He searched for that particular side with a red line on it and opened
the crystal. He then showed it to his boyfriend, “Here, see it now?” Donghae
crouched, placed his hands on his knees for support and looked closely at the
opened pendant.



He scrunched
his forehead and mumbled, “Hey, is that the symbol of the Phantoms’ and the
Crescents’ being put together?” Sungmin also got curious and looked at the
weird image on it.


So that’s
why he found the symbol in Kyuhyun’s uniform familiar when he first saw it!


Donghae sat
beside Sungmin and turned serious, “If your parents gave you that, it just
means that Princess Dara and Prince Minho really are your mother and father.
You are definitely the forbidden child.”



With this,
Sungmin sighed.









looked strangely at his dongsaeng, who was staring blankly at a distance,
because he was saying something regarding their grocery list and Sungmin wasn’t
listening. He poked the smaller boy’s arm, finally catching his attention,
“Sungmin-ah, what’s wrong?” Sungmin blushed out of embarrassment and smiled
sheepishly, “Sorry, hyung, I was just thinking of something.”


The older
one asked while picking what tomato to buy,”Mind telling hyung what’s bugging
you?” Leeteuk is the motherly type of person whom can be trusted and could be
opened up to without worrying of receiving the wrong judgment so he decided to
tell his hyung what this thing that bothers him was.


He sighed
while nervously grabbing a bottle of oil that Leeteuk told him to get, “Hyung,
you know Kim Ryeowook, right?” The taller one paused for a while to think then
snapped his long fingers when he remembered, “Ah! Kyuhyun’s classmate! Why?”


face fell as he parted his lips to start talking and explained slowly, “Well,
you know that he’s the sweet and jolly person… but why is he giving me cold
stares and shoulders these past days?” Leeteuk replied in a gentle voice, “Did
you do something bad to him?”


He pouted
and mumbled, “I once saw him and Kyuhyun kissing…” When Leeteuk’s eyes widened,
he waved his hands in front of his chest, “I didn’t eavesdrop on them! It was
accidentally! I didn’t even watch them! As soon as I saw that, I hurriedly went
inside the mansion…” Leeteuk placed his index finger on his chin, “Maybe they
noticed you?”


His insides
shook when realization hit him. But then, it was only Ryeowook who seem to be
mad at him. Kyuhyun isn’t acting the same way… in fact, the younger one treats
him nicely recently. He finds it weird.




As the two
Phantom servants came out from the grocery, a heavy hand placed on Sungmin’s
shoulder made the pink lover stop. He looked back to see whose hand was that
and gulped as he recognized the guy, The big guy with charming smiling eyes
almost shouted at Sungmin, “Sungmin-ah, we’ve been looking for you! Where have
you been?”


He was about
to answer when the big guy narrowed his eyes at the one with his dongsaeng,
“Teukkie?” Sungmin raised an eyebrow while turning to Leeteuk, whose back was
facing them and was about to leave, “Teukkie?” Leeteuk didn’t move and remained
on his position, freezing like a doll. The small blond pointed at Leeteuk,
“Kangin-hyung, you and Leeteuk-hyung know each other?”


finally spoke with coldness in his voice, “Sungmin, I’ll go first. Master Siwon
is expecting me to be home soon.” Then, Kangin ran to him and stopped him from
going by holding his arm tightly, “Teukkie, why did you leave me? I missed


Sungmin was
now confused; He knows Kangin since elementary but never did he knew that he
was friends with Leeteuk… maybe even more than friends. He was about to ask
Kangin but Shindong, a goofy-looking, chubby brown-haired boy hugged him from
the back, “Waah! I really missed you, Minnie!!! You just disappeared like a
bubble!!! We even asked Yesung but he said that he’s not supposed to tell us.
Why did you leave us like that? You didn’t know how we suffered when other
gangs of other schools came to attack us when news spread that you left the


He then
remembered his school gang… he feels guilty for disappearing like that and now,
the gang was being attacked frequently… he doesn’t a choice… he just can’t tell
the guys that he’s leaving because he’s now a vampire… “Sorry, Dongie… I got a
scholarship in Yesung-hyung’s school and I forgot to inform you… Sorry.”
Shindong pouted, “Then, does that mean that you’ll leave the gang?”


He shook his
head vigorously, “No! Of course not! I may not be already studying there, but
I’ll still be your jjang*! I’ll go there sometime.”


They were
interrupted when Kangin raised his tone, “Who is that Master Siwon?!” Leeteuk
struggled from the guy’s grip, “He’s… He’s…” The taller guy’s eyes was now
misty, the same goes for the Cho’s trusted assistant, “Is he the reason why you
left me?!” This time, using his maximum effort, Leeteuk was able to break free
from the guy’s tight grip, “YES! HE IS THE REASON WHY I LEFT YOU!”


voice suddenly turned soft, “But I thought you love me…” Leeteuk answered
sharply, “That was before, Kangin. Past is past… live and forget.” He then left
a heartbroken Kangin and dumbfounded Sungmin and Shindong.








Ryeowook had
his head bowed while making his way to his classroom when he bumped by someone.
He just lowered his head 90 degrees and said lamely, “Sorry.” Then, his lonely
soul suddenly went to life when he heard that voice he adored, “Wookie? Are you
sick?” Yesung cupped the younger’s cheeks and lifted the latter’s face to examine
his face, “You’re… pale.”


I am a vampire, that’s why I’m pale, hyung.
He really wanted to say it to Yesung but he can’t… he shouldn’t. He smiled
brightly and held his hyung’s small hands, “I’m fine, hyung!” Yesung smiled
dearly and gently tapped the younger’s cheek, “Good.”


Yesung’s attention was shifted to someone behind Ryeowook, making him beam and
remove his hands on Ryeowook’s face. He waved his hand enthusiastically and
shouted like a child as he rushed to where Sungmin is, “Minnie!!!” Sungmin and
Donghae stopped walking and looked to where the excited voice came from. Seeing
that it was from Yesung, Sungmin smiled and waved back, while Donghae frowned
and pouted, making Sungmin giggle.



Little did
the three know, Ryeowook was now burning in jealousy as he watched Yesung and
Sungmin laughing and smiling at each other.



What made
him more irate was when Kyuhyun suddenly spoke in a low voice, only for
Ryeowook’s ears, “I told you, your Yesung-hyung is in love with Sungmin, his
best friend. He won’t even notice you…”



smirked in victory when he saw Ryeowook’s fist clench.












rolled his eyes as he recognized that irritating voice. He turned with a frown,
“What now, Yoona? If this is about Sungson…” The tall girl cut him, “Yes, it is
about Sungson… and I’m sure that you’ll thank me for this.” Yesung moved to go,
“I don’t care about her anymore. Maybe Donghae will be more interested.”


shouted with a smirk, “Sungson and Sungmin are the same!” He let out a dry
chuckle, “Impossible. Sungmin is a guy.” She crossed her arms, “Isn’t it weird
that they look exactly the same? Wouldn’t cross dressing work?”


Yesung shook
his head, still refusing to believe. Sungmin won’t do that… Never.


“Later at
eight pm, wander around the city, particularly dark places… If you’re lucky
enough, you’ll get to discover your best friend’s biggest secret.”



He just
ignored it…











But he’s out
at exactly eight.



He ruffled
his hair, “Why am I here?! Sungmin would never lie to me!”



He looked
around and found himself at that dark alley where he and Sungmin first met when
they were still kids. He suddenly felt that something would happen… more like a
déjà vu…




He then
heard an unfamiliar sound behind him and when he looked back, a man with his
clothes covered in blood attacked him, pinning him to the ground. He was now
struggling and shouting for help because the man, no, monster, was trying to
bite him in the neck…



He shouted
Sungmin’s name…







The monster
was suddenly out of his sight and when he looked at his left side, another man
was… eating the monster… He wants to
puke out of disgust… Cannibalism isn’t in demand in Korea… Is this some kind of a cult?!


He doesn’t
know why, but his feet were glued to the ground and continued watching his
attacker being attacked by another monster.


He nervously
took a step back when the cannibal
stood up and turned to face him. The first thing he saw was the crimson red
eyes and the blood on his lips that was being wiped away by him.





As the
Quarter moon shone upon them, the cannibal’s
face was revealed…



The cannibal showed a shocked look…

















*jjang – gang leader
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