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Full Moon (15/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin
Genre: Dark, Yaoi
Rating: PG-15
Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue12345678910-12 ♣ 13 ♣ 14

Yesung had his eyes widened, the same as with the familiar boy he saw. He shakily raised his hand, with his index finger pointed at his friend, and tried to swallow the invisible lump in his throat as he spoke, “Wookie? You… you just… you just…”
The spiky-haired vampire wiped the excess blood on the side of his lips with his sleeve, and then scratched the back of his head, “Hyung… I…” The older one’s hand fell on his side, but still had his eyes widened with shock, “Wookie… are you…?”
Ryeowook tilted his head, “What? Didn’t Sungmin-hyung tell you?” When the other didn’t speak and had that confused look, he beamed and covered his mouth using both of his hands, “Oh my god, I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” The human’s once widely-opened eyes, were now narrow, “Wait… so, Sungmin is… like you?”
The younger one slightly parted his lips, not knowing what to say, “I…” He then gained his composure and crossed his arms, “Why don’t you ask him, hyung?”
Yesung snapped his head back to his dongsaeng, “What? What do you mean? He is here?” Ryeowook nodded once, “Yeah. He’s with Donghae-hyung.”
What the fuck?! Donghae is a vampire too?! Then, Sungmin…
With a nervous, but serious voice, he asked, “Where is he?” Ryeowook lazily pointed his finger to his right, “I last saw the two of them there.”
When Yesung hastily rushed to the direction where Ryeowook pointed, but the vampire stopped him by calling out his name to get his attention, “Hyung… take care… you might not recognize him… or he might not recognize you.” The older faced back at him, “Why?”
But when his eyes landed on the boy’s location, the one he was talking to was gone, making the hairs all over his body rise. “Creepy…”
Yoona smirked as she watched Yesung walk away, and then spoke, “Why did you reveal your real identity, Ryeowook?” The spiky-haired boy stood beside her, also with a smug grin on his face, “I’d rather make him know it through me directly… not through Sungmin. You see, it’s a domino effect. Once he discovers that his best friend is a vampire, he will know that Donghae-hyung and Kyuhyun are also vampires… and that would include me since I’m always with Kyuhyun. And I know that he will be angrier at me if I hadn’t told him.”
The tall girl sighed exasperatedly, “You have a point there. Hey, wanna go and see a drama?” The guy smiled brightly, “Sure. I love dramas.”
He was catching his breath; he had been running because he can’t find Sungmin anywhere. He went to where Ryeowook told him, but he isn’t there anymore… neither Donghae is there.
Damn, since when Sungmin became a vampire?! I mean, do vampires exist?! Well, yeah… apparently, Wookie happened to be one… and now, he’s telling me that Sungmin is the same! He will never keep a secret to me! And… I’m pretty sure that he’s human when I met him! Was that the reason why he transferred to our school and to the Cho mansion? Ugh, Lee Sungmin… why are you doing this to me? Why are you making me crazy?!
To his surprise, his right arm was tightly held, and heard a deep voice, “A human shouldn’t be out, wandering at a night like this.” He turned his body and was shocked with who he saw, “Kyuhyun-sshi…” The young vampire loosened his grip and took a step back, “Kim Yesung?”
Yesung felt that his head spun with all the things he gets to discover, “You’re also a vampire?” Kyuhyun frowned, “What? A vampire? There’s no such thing.” The human scoffed as he was able to break free from the younger’s grip, “You’re lying! I saw Ryeowook! He told me that he is a vampire! Where is Sungmin?! Is he also a vampire like you?!”
“Go home. As you can see, Sungmin isn’t here. We don’t let him out every night.”
“But—you’re a vampire!”
Kyuhyun sighed, “You already know a lot of things… it’s dangerous for you. I’m sorry, but I have to do this for Sungmin and for our family.”
Yesung narrowed his eyes. He was about to ask something to Kyuhyun, but the next thing he knew, darkness surrounded him.
Yesung woke up with his head aching. He looked around the dark place with zero visibility… This place isn’t even familiar to him… It is a bedroom… however, there are no lights inside… he only knew that it was a place for sleeping because of the large bed he is lying on. No, he is definitely not captured… his hands aren’t tied.
He then remembered his encounter with Kyuhyun. He still has to see and talk to Sungmin about the vampire thing. He hastily got off the bed, but halted when he heard a loud clap of thunder and an unfamiliar guy was there in front of him, making his butt fall on the bed. He shakily pointed his finger at the red-eyed guy who had a smirk playing on his lips, “Who…who are…you?! You’re not Kyuhyun!”
An unfamiliar voice was heard, “The hell will I be that brat.” The vampire leaned his face closer to the human, “Hey… I’m Yunho… Jung Yunho. And if my memory is right, you are Kim Yesung.” The one sitting slowly nodded his head with his lips parted.
Yunho sat beside him, “For your information, Yesung-sshi, that bastard, Cho Kyuhyun, casted a spell on you to make you forget everything you knew about vampires… including Sungmin.” Yesung turned his head to look at the vampire, “Huh? But I still remember Sungmin.” The other smirked, “That’s because of me. If I didn’t witness that scene of yours, you might have been standing at that playground, wondering why you are there, remembering nothing except for yourself. Just be thankful that I came to the rescue.”
Yesung gulped, “Why would he do that?” The vampire snorted, “Because he is a vampire! Duh!” When Yesung didn’t react and remained silent, Yunho brushed his hair to the back as he spoke, “Well… he obviously did that to cover up the identity of our kind, and that includes hiding Lee Sungmin’s real identity as well. You are his best friend, right? I can’t believe that he hid something like this from you.”
The mortal clenched his fists, obviously getting anxious with all the things he is starting to get to know about Sungmin, his best friend, “Since when did Sungmin became a vampire?”
“That and more, I will tell you if you do me one thing.”
“What is it?”
Yunho smirked, “Be my slave.”
Kyuhyun entered Donghae’s room, and to his shock, he saw his brother and his slave making out on the bed (Yeah, Sungmin had been sleeping in Donghae’s room since they got together… Kyuhyun doesn’t mind though). When the two felt his presence, the couple sat down and broke their session, with a red-faced Sungmin hiding behind his boyfriend, while Donghae clicked his tongue and palmed his forehead, “You’re such a cockblocker, don’t you know that?”
The magnae smirked, “You should have told me.” The black-haired vampire raised an eyebrow, “Well, we don’t know what time the hunt will end.” Kyuhyun shrugged his shoulders, “You didn’t even notice me? Oh, I forgot, you’re too occupied with your boyfriend’s lips.” Donghae blushed, “Shut up! What is your business here?”
Kyuhyun snapped his long fingers and looked at his slave with a sly grin, “Oh yeah! I just came to tell you that Yesung was looking for you.” Sungmin peeked through Donghae’s shoulder, “He is here?” Kyuhyun brushed his brown curls, “Nope. He was loitering outside when I saw him… and he knows that you’re a vampire.” The blond stood up, “WHAT?! HOW?!”
“No worries. I already took care of him.”
“Oh no, don’t tell me you erased his memory again…”
When the other didn’t answer, Sungmin ruffled his hair, “WHY?! Are you mad?!” Kyuhyun got pissed and shouted, making Donghae hide his lover behind him, “And now you think I’m mad when I did this for you?! He might tell this to someone!” Sungmin defended his best friend, “Yesung-hyung isn’t like that! You don’t have to erase his memory once again! He is already suffering because of that!”
“And what do you want me to do?! Just let him know about our race?! You know well that humans shouldn’t know anything about us! Unless he will be turned into a vampire! Now, Sungmin, choose. Erase his memory or turn him to a vampire?”
The other got silent; he doesn’t want Yesung to experience becoming a vampire… he doesn’t deserve it. If he has to choose, he would rather prefer that his best friend will forget him, than make him live an immortal, bloody life full of sorrow. He answered with his head bowed, “Sorry.”
Kyuhyun smirked, “Donghae-hyung, mind if I borrow Sungmin for a while? I’m thirsty.” Donghae hesitated but then agreed. He has no choice, even if Sungmin is his boyfriend now, Sungmin is still Kyuhyun’s slave and his boyfriend’s blood and body belongs to Kyuhyun, not him. It should have been me who found Sungmin.
He just watched his brother, being followed by his boyfriend, go out of his room, scared of what might happen next; for vampires, drinking blood when thirsty also activates lust in them… and Kyuhyun is just the same as him.
As much as he wants to take Sungmin back to him, he can’t. He only owns Sungmin’s heart, not Sungmin as a whole… and now he wishes that he is Kyuhyun.
As he walks through the school corridor, he saw someone familiar, and remembering what Yesung told him last night, it made his vampire blood boil. He hastily went near the small guy, not minding if he was unbelievably fast and there were humans who could see him. He harshly gripped the smaller guy’s arm and dragged him to the nearest fire exit so they could talk in private.
Ryeowook struggled from the taller guy’s grip, “It hurts, Kyu!!!” Instead of letting go, Kyuhyun clutched on it tighter, “Why did you tell Yesung about us, being vampires?” The spiky-haired one raised his tone, “But he caught me in action! What do you think should I do?! I can’t erase memories! Only royalties could do that!”
With that, Kyuhyun loosened his hold on the guy then said, his voice full of warning, “Next time you do that, you will receive punishment. You almost put Sungmin’s life in danger because of that! You know that no human, especially Yesung should know that! Crescents are now using humans to know information about us! And you are one of the few vampires who know Sungmin’s real identity!”
This made Ryeowook smirk inside, but he made a fake sad face, knowing that he is Kyuhyun’s soft spot, “But Kyu… why does it seem to me that it was Sungmin you are protecting? Not you, your family… not even me… I thought I am the one you love? Is it already Sungmin who owns your heart?”
The young vampire took a step back, “Uh… it’s… it’s not that… I…”
But the door opened and a shriek from Heechul was heard. His cousin’s arms are wrapped around Hangeng’s neck, but it was quickly removed when Heechul noticed the two in the fire exit, “Oops. I thought it was only us here.” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes as he stormed out of the place, “No, we’re done. You can continue your session here.” Ryeowook then followed after taking a bow.
Kyuhyun went directly to the restroom and washed his face rather roughly. He raised his head to look at his reflection on the gigantic mirror.

No, I love Ryeowook, not Sungmin! I am just doing that to protect the secrecy of our kind! And also because father told us that we should protect Sungmin! I don’t love Sungmin… I don’t love him… There’s no way that I will. He is Donghae-hyung’s… he can’t be mine… No, he is mine. Fuck, Kyuhyun. What the hell are you thinking?! Stealing your brother’s boyfriend?! No… you love Ryeowook… it is Ryeowook you love… You will do everything to get Sung—Ryeowook… Ryeowook.
Foolish Kyuhyun. You’re such a fool… Such a kid. Past is past… get over it.
Seohyun was painting her nails when someone opened the door to her room. She shouted, “YAH! Don’t you know the word privacy?!” A tall guy appeared with a faked hurt expression, making Seohyun stand up, “Omo, so that’s how my precious younger sister will welcome her oppa?”
The pretty girl smiled sheepishly as he went to hug her brother and give him a kiss, “Sorry, Changmin-oppa! I thought you were someone else! So, what brings you home suddenly?”
Changmin smirked, “I just received information that the forbidden child was found… I just thought that we can use him or her against the Chos. Let’s just hope that the Chos doesn’t have that person yet.” Seohyun pouted, “But oppa, you promised that you won’t hurt Kyuhyun.”
The guy stroked his sister’s long hair, “I won’t, Seohyunnie, I won’t. Oppa promises.”
Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:ryeowook, character:sungmin, character:yesung, character:yunho, fic:fullmoon, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin

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