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Full Moon (16/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin
Genre: Dark, Yaoi, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue12345678910-12 ♣ 13 ♣ 14 ♣ 15

Seohyun asked out of the blue to her brother, who was reading a newspaper, “Oppa, why is this forbidden child so important for your mission?” Changmin put down the big newspaper at his lap, looking intently at his sister as he answered, “Well, this forbidden child is the offspring of a Phantom princess and a Crescent prince.”
The lady widened her eyes as she remembered what their parents once told them, “Is this about Princess Dara and that Minho prince?” The man hummed in response as his eyes fell on the paper he was reading. “It was stated in the prophecy that the power this person possesses is the strongest among the entire vampire race in our history since he contains the royalty blood of a Phantom and a Crescent. Also, rumors said that this person will start war between Phantoms and Crescents.”
She raised an eyebrow, “Aren’t we on war right now?” Changmin chuckled at Seohyun’s naivety, “This isn’t war yet, Seohyunnie. Yes, we are attacking each other, but this isn’t exactly what we call as war.” Her next statement made him laugh hard, “Then, why don’t we just kill that forbidden child?” She frowned at her brother’s reaction, “What’s funny with that? If he or she will start war, then why should you let him live?”
Changmin smirked, “You’ll know it soon.”
Kyuhyun groaned as he extended his right arm, hoping to reach for something… maybe someone, but all he felt was that piece of cloth used to cover his bed, gripping it as tight as how his heart was being clenched. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the empty space beside him, which was occupied by his slave last night. Disappointed, he shut his eyes tight, his right hand placed on his forehead, and clicked his tongue as he muttered, “I shouldn’t have done that…”
He leisurely raised his body up to sit, staring blankly at his ripped clothes scattered on the floor, remembering his and Sungmin’s hot moment yesterday night after having Sungmin’s sweet blood as his meal. He is sure that what happened isn’t just because of pure lust; he wants Sungmin… badly… in a different and better sense. If he didn’t do that, his heart will already explode.
They have done this for many times, and it would always been him who will get up first and have Sungmin waking up alone, with no one beside him. However, the scene now is different; Kyuhyun is now the one who woke up alone, with no naked Sungmin cutely snoring beside him, and is now the one who feels his heart being torn in small pieces.
Never did he feel this way whenever Ryeowook would fantasize Yesung from afar while muttering loads of praises for the guy who doesn’t even hear him, or when that time that Ryeowook told him that it was Yesung he loves, not him. Yes, it broke his heart, but it didn’t hurt as much as compared to now: Sungmin just leaving like that after a night of intimacy between them… only Kyuhyun and Sungmin… no Donghae and Sungmin. And Sungmin chose to be with Donghae than to be with him.
But what could he do? Sungmin may be his slave, but Sungmin is Donghae’s lover. His brother owns his slave’s heart. He also knows how much Sungmin loves his brother, so it is clear to him that they are inseparable. And now he regrets; if only he realized his feelings for Sungmin – his slave-slash-cousin, first love… and maybe his last – earlier, he would have been nicer to him, he would have given more importance and attention to him, and he would have not agreed with Sungmin’s and Donghae’s relationship in the first place.
If only he realized earlier that he is still in love with that boy whom he first thought was a girl, maybe then… Sungmin would have fallen for him too.
Is it too late?
Honestly, no. It is not yet too late. And the thought of snatching Sungmin away from Donghae, knowing how much his older brother loves the guy, is on top of his list right now. He doesn’t want to lose. But he loves his brother and he doesn’t want to see him hurt.
And now, he’s confused.
A knock on his door kind of startled him, but his slave’s sweet and gentle voice made his face go brighter than ever, thinking that Sungmin is still concerned about him after all. “Young master, are…are you already up?” He is now grinning from ear to ear but he tried to control himself from giggling like a fangirl, who just talked to her idol, as he said, “Yes, come in.”
His heart raced when the door slowly opened, revealing a small portion of Sungmin’s cute face as the guy peeked through it. He wanted to laugh hard when his slave swiftly hid his head and slammed the door, shouting, “SORRY!!! I DIDN’T KNOW THAT YOU AREN’T DRESSED YET!!! I’M REALLY SORRY!!!”
He bit his lips to stop himself from smiling. He spoke in the most authoritative and strict voice he could ever bring out, “I told you to come in.” The door creaked open again, this time, a red-faced Sungmin, with his head bowed, entered, fidgeting his fingers on his back, “Sorry… Wha-what do… you n-nee—ed?” The slave widened his eyes as Kyuhyun stood up from his bed in his naked glory, showing him his master’s proud and large manhood. The younger decided to tease as he saw the deep blush on Sungmin’s cheeks, “Yah, why still go red when you see it? This had entered your cute hole for many times!” Sungmin now wished for the floor to eat him now.
He sighed of relief when Kyuhyun was now out of sight. He just picked Kyuhyun’s scattered clothes when Kyuhyun called him, shocking him, “Uh, Sungmin hyung?” He quickly faced his master with a polite smile, “Yes?” Kyuhyun peeked from the bathroom door, “Could you please inform Leeteuk hyung that I won’t eat breakfast?” The older nodded slowly, making the younger smile before going back inside, “Thank you, hyung.”
After that, Sungmin found himself staring at the closed bathroom door, his mind confused with what he just heard. “Did Kyuhyun just call me ‘hyung’ and thanked me properly?
Donghae snapped his fingers in front of his lover’s blank face, startling the smaller guy. “Hello~~~ Earth to Sungmin!” Sungmin smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, what was it again?” The other pouted while crossing his arms, “I’m not saying anything. You are staring at space!” The blonde smirked, “At least I’m now communicating with your alien friends.” Donghae beamed like a child and leaned his face closer to his boyfriend’s, “Really? You’re doing that for me?”
Sungmin giggled before pecking his cute boyfriend’s sweet lips, “Yes! Actually, we’re buddies now!” The other grinned as he sat properly, “Then, I should be friends with your bunnies now, huh.” The former pouted, “So, you aren’t still accepting my baby bunnies, especially my love for pink?” The grin on Donghae’s face still didn’t fade as he drew his face closer, hugged Sungmin, and hastily kissed his boyfriend on the cheek before running away, shouting, “I love you!”
He followed his childish boyfriend with a very happy expression on his face, though Kyuhyun’s sudden niceness still bothers him. He doesn’t want to open that up to Donghae because the fish is recently getting jealous over his master. Of course, he doesn’t want trouble to build up between the brothers.
I totally accept your baby bunnies, especially your love for the color pink… it’s really cute of you, Sungmin hyung. Despite your tough personality, your feminine side is reflected on your appearance and your likes… you are so cute that it’s too much for me to handle. I just wish that you could accept me too in your heart.
Sungmin tapped Eunhyuk’s shoulder, making the pointy-eyed guy face him with questioning look, “Yes, Min?” He smiled weakly, “I can open anything to you, right?” This made the Eunhyuk sense something bad, so he let Sungmin sit beside him on the bench, and looked at him intently, “Of course, anything. Come on, what is it? Is this about Hae?”
The blonde narrowed his eyes, “Uh… one-fourth?” Eunhyuk smiled gently and looked at Sungmin in the eyes, “Okay, tell me what’s bothering you. I’ll listen.” Sungmin took a deep breath first before parting his lips to speak, “Well, everybody knows that Kyuhyun is a snob, a hopeless spoiled brat, and a jerk… especially to me… but… lately… he’s… he’s acting weird.” The red haired vampire scratched his non-itchy head, “How weird? I mean, I don’t know your definition of weird…”
Sungmin chuckled, explaining further, “Kyuhyun called me ‘Sungmin hyung’ earlier.” The other narrowed his eyes, “How is that weird? He calls me hyung.” Sungmin gave his friend a ‘WTF’ look, “He doesn’t call me ‘hyung’, remember?” Eunhyuk snapped his fingers, “Oh, yeah! So, Kyuhyun’s sudden change bothers you? What if he just felt like calling you like that? You already said that he’s a jerk, so maybe he is just playing.”
Thinking over what his friend said, he nodded, agreeing with it. However, another person crossed his mind again, “But that’s not the only thing that bothers me, Hyuk!” The other nodded, telling him to go on.
“Doesn’t it seem weird to you that Yesung hyung is already absent for a week?”
Eunhyuk shook his head, confusion clear in his small eyes, “No, why? Maybe he’s just sick or out of the country? You’re his best friend, you should know it.” Sungmin palmed his nape and whispered for the guy only to hear, “Hyuk, Kyuhyun erased his memories because he found out about vampires, especially my identity, but I don’t know how much of his memories did that boy removed. I’m worried. He’s not picking up his phone and he’s not home either! His parents are worried like hell!”
The other sat properly and got worried as well, “What?! What if Kyuhyun accidentally erased all of his memories? I’m sure his parents reported this to the police… but why isn’t he found yet?” Sungmin answered in a high-pitched, “That’s what I’m thinking about too! I badly wanted to search for him, but Kyuhyun and Donghae won’t let me go!” Eunhyuk lowered his voice, “You should understand them. They’re doing it for you.”
“I know, Hyuk. That’s why I’m not complaining to them about this. I’m just worried for my best friend.”
Eunhyuk nodded and wrapped an arm around his gloomy friend, “Yesung hyung is okay. He can take care of himself. I’ll try to find him for you, ‘kay?” Sungmin leaned his head on Eunhyuk’s welcoming shoulder, sniffing. “Thank you, Hyuk.” As he remembered another thing, he raised his head to look at the other vampire, “Hyuk, will you promise me that you won’t tell Hae about the Kyu thing?”
“Okay. But, it would be hard for me because Hae can read my mind… but I’ll try not to think about it while we’re together.”
The blonde’s head got back to Eunhyuk’s shoulder, only to move away again because of a glaring fish in front of them with his arms crossed, jealousy clear on his handsome face. Eunhyuk palmed his forehead, “Okay, fish, you got it wrong.” Sungmin smiled sheepishly at his boyfriend, “He’s right, Hae. He’s just…”
Donghae raised an eyebrow, “Just what?” Eunhyuk continued while rolling his eyes, “I’m just being a friend to him and comforted him. No need to be jealous, Hae.” Hearing that, the black-haired vampire turned to his lover with a pout, “Why come to Hyukkie when you can always come to me? I can comfort you, you know.”
Sungmin stood up and skipped towards his boyfriend to hug his waist, “I know, Hae… but I already told this to you… this is about Yesung hyung. And since your jealousy meter raises every time I mention his name, I don’t bother telling more.” He smirked and whispered, knowing that this would always get Donghae lose his guard, “Besides, your comforting leads to something else…”
And yeah, this made Donghae forget his covetousness, for he draped an arm around his lover’s neck, “Want me to comfort you tonight?” Sungmin giggled, “How about right now?” Donghae smirked as he pulled his boyfriend with him, “Let’s check if the fire exit is free, unless Heechul hyung and Hankyung hyung occupies it.” Sungmin playfully slapped his boyfriend’s arm, “Horny Hae.”
Donghae teased, “Well, who was the one who asked me if I can pleasure him right now?”
“It’s comfort, not pleasure.”
“Isn’t that the same?”
Though he’s extremely jealous, Eunhyuk just rolled his eyes, but he’s also happy that Donghae is happy.
Weeks passed, and to Sungmin’s uneasiness, Kyuhyun is still nice to him. What’s more troubling, Donghae noticed it too, creating small arguments between the couple, but Sungmin will always win in the end. Kyuhyun didn’t mean it; he doesn’t even know it. He just wants to show how much he is willing to change for Sungmin. He even became gentler in drinking his slave’s blood, and he lessened the times he does it.
It’s not that Sungmin is actually waiting for it, but Kyuhyun just lets him go back to Donghae’s room after satisfying his thirst without him being pinned to the bed and getting fucked senselessly. It was Donghae whom he has sex with most of the time recently.
Sungmin shamelessly moaned in their messed kiss when Donghae started pumping his member in a sensual way, darting his tongue out to let his boyfriend suck it freely. Their lips molded once again, tongues dancing with each other inside Donghae’s cavern, with Sungmin ravishing every corner of his lover’s sweetness.
As they parted for that fucking oxygen, Donghae huskily whispered, “Babe, fuck me.” Sungmin’s eyes widened at that; he was always on the bottom part and never experienced topping. “But, Hae…” He was silenced when Donghae’s skillful tongue worked on his jawline, hand pinching his hard nub, making the guy under arch his back in pleasure, “Oh God, Hae…”
Donghae crashed their lips again but no teeth and tongue included, saying in between, “But I want to feel you inside me…” Sungmin was about to make a protest again, but instead, a loud moan escaped from his mouth when Donghae inserted his cock in his tight ass, making the guy on top groan in pain and pleasure mixing. “Haeeee~ you’re tight~~~”
Donghae wriggled his ass as he tried to adjust to Sungmin’s size, “Fuck, Min… You’re also tight, you know… ow, it fucking hurts! I didn’t know that this would hurt so much!” Sungmin grumbled, looking at Donghae, “That’s why I should bottom… I’m used to it… aahh… fuck, hae… ride me…” His mind suddenly went blank as he completely felt himself getting inside Donghae, forgetting that he wants the guy to top instead, especially when Donghae started bouncing up and down.
He placed his hands on his lover’s waist for support, bucking his hips up, meeting with Donghae’s speed. But after a while, Sungmin switched their position and slung Donghae’s leg on his shoulder for a different angle, trying to find that bundle of nerves that would make this guy crazy and want for more.
Donghae screamed as Sungmin fastens his pace more, making him reach his climax nearer, “OH GOD, MIN, I LOVE YOU!!!!!” Sungmin grunted, thrusting harder, wanting to have a release, “FUCK, I LOVE YOU TOO, HAE!!!!”
After filling Donghae his love juice, Sungmin collapsed beside his lover, panting very hard. He snuggled with his boyfriend, resting his head on the crook of the black-haired vampire’s neck.
Donghae smirked as he glanced at the door; he knows that Kyuhyun had stayed there since the start of his love making session with Sungmin… and being the best mind reader, he could hear Kyuhyun’s stifled cries outside the room.
I’m sorry, Kyu, but Sungmin is mine.
Tags: character:donghae, character:eunhyuk, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, fic:fullmoon, genre:angst, genre:smut, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin
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