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Full Moon (18/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairing/s: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Supernatural
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.

Previous Chapters:

Sungmin woke up with a movement on his left shoulder, and there he saw Kyuhyun sleeping, the younger’s head placed on his shoulder. He smiled as he looked at his angelic face, his fingers made its way to caress the vampire’s cheeks. He giggled when the magnae groaned and snuggled closer to him like a baby.
He leaned his face nearer to Kyuhyun’s exposed forehead and pressed his lips on it while stroking the younger’s brown hair, making the sleeping guy smile. But then, the both of them jerked away from each other when they heard a loud slamming of the door.
Kyuhyun had his eyes widely opened, the same went for Sungmin, as he gawked at Donghae, who was burning in anger. “H-Hae…” Sungmin tried to stand up, but failed due to the numbness of his legs. Donghae’s tears are now flowing from his eyes, choking, “Min… why…?”
“HAE!” Sungmin shouted when his boyfriend stormed out of the room, and stood up to run after him.
Kyuhyun remained seated on the floor, his heart wants to break because of what is happening. And now, Donghae will hate him more… even at Sungmin, who wasn’t at fault. Love could really make one’s life complicated and miserable.
“Hae, let me exp- ow!” Donghae looked back when he heard a shriek from Sungmin, and saw him nursing his hand. The latter must have used his hand to prevent him from closing the door. He suddenly forgot his anger and rushed towards his lover and held his red hand, caressing it, “Sorry, Min… are you alright?”
The smaller looked at his boyfriend’s sad face, and suddenly, he cried as he hugged the other, “Hae…” Donghae cried more as well, but he didn’t hug back. He tried pushing Sungmin away, but the blonde doesn’t want to let go and tightened his clasp around Donghae’s waist. He softens every time Sungmin hugs him.
“Hae, about what you saw…” Sungmin mumbled on the taller’s shoulder, but Donghae continued it with full sarcasm on his voice, “What? That I saw you kissing the forehead of my brother?” With this, Sungmin sobbed more, his voice getting weak, “Please… d-don’t l-leave m-m-me… I need you, Hae… You know that I love you…”
Donghae raised his head, trying to stop his tears from flowing out from his eyes, “But you love Kyuhyun more…” Sungmin frantically shook his head, tightening his hug on the other, “No! No! I love you more!” Donghae sniffed, and covered his eyes using his hand, annoyed at the fact that he can’t stop crying; he doesn’t want to lose Sungmin either. “But you also love Kyuhyun…”
Sungmin parted his lips to speak, but he can’t think of any good answer, much to Donghae’s heartbreak. “H-Hae… I’m sorry… I won’t do it again…” This time, Donghae’s arms felt weak and it fell on Sungmin’s back, and hugged the smaller guy, whispering, “We need some time away from each other, Min…”
Sungmin moved away to look at the other’s teary, sad eyes, “Hae… please… no…”
Donghae smiled weakly and stroked Sungmin’s blond hair, “I love you, Min… I really do… so fucking much… and I don’t want to lose you… but it hurts knowing that my boyfriend is also in love with my brother… you… you need more time to clear your mind and know on who you will go to… on who you really love… You’re confused… I can see that, though I can’t read your mind… your expression tells me that.”
Sungmin just stared at his lover, blinking his eyes countless of times. The black-haired continued, his tone raising, “I can see that you have feelings for Kyuhyun… and I know that Kyuhyun is madly in love with you… I know, I read his mind! I’ve known all along that Kyuhyun loves you, but I just kept it inside me and decided not to tell you because you might fall for him and leave me! I am confident that you won’t like him because you hate him for hurting you always… but… I never thought that Kyuhyun would change just to get you! And look, he really got you!”
“Please don’t tell me that you’re breaking up with me…”
The taller shook his head, and firmly said, “No. I am not breaking up with you… I am not letting you go.” Sungmin’s voice cracked as he asked, “Then, what are you trying to say?”
Donghae bit his lips and avoided Sungmin’s piercing stares, “I’m still hurt, Min… I still can’t talk and look at you the same way… please, just give me more time… I promise, I will be back to my usual self soon and come back to you…”
Sungmin thought that Donghae is right; he knows that Donghae and Kyuhyun are in bad terms right now but he let himself get caught kissing the younger one… of course, his boyfriend will get hurt.
He backed away and nodded, but he isn’t smiling. “Okay. I understand. I will always be here… I will wait for you.”
The black-haired vampire slowly went inside his room, not even sparing a glance on his weeping lover, immediately falling on the ground as he cried his heart out. Sungmin, on the other hand, can feel his heart being violently torn into pieces as he heard Donghae’s loud cries from his room.
He loves Donghae… but he is also falling for Kyuhyun….
Sungmin then found himself at the balcony of Yesung’s room. Just like before, every time he is depressed about something, he will run to his Yesung hyung… but now, due to an unknown reason, his Yesung hyung is nowhere to be found… leaving him with no one to open up his problems to.
Without asking or getting curious on how he did it, he skillfully opened the locked glass door to enter the empty room, slumping his body on the unoccupied white bed as tears flowed out from his eyes again, half of his face was covered by his long, blonde hair. He turned to his side and saw his hyung’s precious turtles staring at him, “Hi there, Ddangkkoma, Ddangkkomaeng, and Ddangkkoming… long time no see… I missed you… Did you miss me? Maybe you don’t recognize me anymore… it’s Sungmin hyung… No, I’m not a noona, Ddangkkomaeng. I look like one, but I’m not… I just wish I am…”
He dryly chuckled; amused at the fact that he is actually talking to these turtles that can’t even answer him back. But he can’t help it… he wants someone or something to talk to… “Do you know where Yesung hyung is? I miss him so much… I need Yesung hyung… I need my hyung right now…” He burst out as he said those words, more tears falling from him like a faucet. He clenched his chest tight as he buried his face on Yesung’s pillow, inhaling that manly scent of his hyung’s perfume, trying to think that it is actually Yesung he is hugging now.
“Hyung… Hyung… where are you? I’m worried… I hope you’re alright… ‘cos I’m not okay now, hyung… I wish you’re here… I need you…” He mumbled against the inanimate thing.
He heard a familiar voice calling his name, making him instantly snap his head and body to where he heard it. He widened his eyes as he caught sight of Yesung standing at the veranda, leaning on the rails, his arms crossed, and he has a blank expression on his face. Sungmin doesn’t know if it is just his imagination or not, but he thought that the look in Yesung’s eyes is… dark.
Normally, there is this glint of happiness in his hyung’s eyes every time they see each other… but now… it is dark and creepy… and full of hatred. Sungmin suddenly felt chills all over his body.
But he missed his hyung badly, so he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and jumped off the bed to rush to Yesung. “Hyung…! Where have you been?! I’ve been loo-”
To his surprise, Yesung disappeared just as he was going to hug the latter.
No, he cannot be mistaken… he caught a glimpse of Yesung’s sharp fangs when the guy smirked before he vanished.
His jaws dropped, still staring at the area where Yesung was previously at, letting the cold wind blow his pink dress and long hair… yeah, his appearance is still a girl’s.
His mind is still trying to digest everything, not believing what he saw. Firstly, Yesung is this cheerful guy, but now, he is as scary as the Crescents… Second was his looks; before, Yesung’s hair was freely messy, but now, it is neat and straight… Yes, it looks hot on him, but it isn’t his style. Lastly, his eyes; Those were really pointy, but the way he looked at Sungmin made the younger feel that he is throwing needles on him… and he felt a sting on his heart due to an unknown reason.
That guy isn’t his Yesung hyung.
It can’t be… I hope I’m just crazy right now and it is not true… Yesung hyung isn’t a vampire… he can’t be… he shouldn’t be.
Donghae just got out of his room when he bumped by Kyuhyun, who happened to pass by. The younger vampire’s face softened, especially when he saw his hyung’s swollen eyes. His heart stung because he knows that it is his fault why Donghae was like that.
On the other hand, Donghae’s expression was blank. He even looked away from his brother the moment he realized that they were staring at each other; he can’t face him. He knows that he shouldn’t bear anger on his precious brother, but he can’t help it; Kyuhyun called his mother a ‘mistress’ and a ‘bitch’, and then he saw the younger cuddling with his boyfriend, and get kissed on the forehead.
Yes, he didn’t see them kissing on the lips… but he is a hundred percent sure that Kyuhyun kissed Sungmin last night after their fight. Realizing that, his blood boiled. Kyuhyun is trying to snatch Sungmin from him… and he succeeded… because Sungmin is now confused with his feelings.
He loves Sungmin… and he won’t let him go. He won’t give Sungmin to anyone… Sungmin is his. He will do everything not to lose him… even if it means hating and fighting with his brother.
But now is not the time. He is not in the mood to argue with Kyuhyun, so he chose to let this pass first. He walked away, only to be held on the arm by the younger.
Kyuhyun’s voice cracked, “H-hyung… I’m…” Donghae heaved a deep sigh before snapping his head to the former, trying to calm himself and not start a fight… but his voice is firm and full of anger, “Sorry? You’re sorry…? What is there to be sorry about?”
The brown-haired’s eyes are getting teary, “For last night… and for earlier. I didn’t mean it…” Donghae scoffed and removed his arm from the younger’s light grip, “You didn’t mean it? C’mon, Kyu, you said it on impulse! Of course, you mean it! Who are you kidding? I’m a fuckin’ mind reader!”
Yeah, who is he kidding? Donghae can read his mind and he actually hates Yuri for meddling in their family… but he never hated Donghae for being her son.
“I’m really sorry, hyung.”
Donghae then asked with full seriousness on his tone, “Did you kiss Sungmin last night?”
Kyuhyun became speechless as memories of yesterday night flashed back on his mind… that was one of the best moments he will treasure forever… it was their first true kiss… but it was much sinful than having sex.
After reading what was going on in his brother’s mind, Donghae’s chest tightened and he was now trying his best not to cry anymore… he saw from Kyuhyun’s mind what really happened… and it’s painful to know that Sungmin actually kissed back. Nothing happened between them, but he could sense that their kiss is full of affection for each other. He admits that he never kissed Sungmin like that.
He sighed, “Okay. So, that was what happened, huh. Great. Thanks, Kyu.” He said the last sentence sarcastically. He turned his body and walked away from Kyuhyun.
He stopped and said without looking at his dongsaeng, “Please. Stop. Please don’t talk to me.” He continued walking, not even waiting to hear the younger’s reply.
Kyuhyun gawked at his hyung’s retreating back, his tears finally falling from his eyes as he brushed his hair, pulling it in frustration.
“Yah, Shindong-ah, don’t eat my chips!”
“But, hyung, Jungmo gave this to me!”
“Jungmo! Is that true?!”
“What?! Shindong-ah, why are you pointing at me?!”
Three boys are busy arguing over a potato chip that they didn’t even notice their jjang arriving.
“Aish, cutting classes again?”
The three snapped their heads to look at the guy, grinning and jumping in joy as they finally saw their gang leader. Shindong threw the chip to Kangin and hugged Sungmin, carrying him, “MINNIE~!!!! Wait, why do you look so thin? Aren’t you eating properly? Kangin hyung, give Sungmin the chips!”
Kangin’s angry, loud voice was heard, “ARE YOU JUST COMMANDING ME?!” Sungmin chuckled, trying to prevent from witnessing a childish fight from these two, “I won’t eat that though. It’s not healthy.”
Jungmo then slung an arm around Sungmin’s neck, “So, what brings you here?” The smaller’s smile disappeared, making the three worry. Jungmo stroked his friend’s hair before tapping it, “Yah, you need a makeover! You look weak and girly with your blond hair! C’mon, there’s this place I know!” Without waiting for the other’s reply, he pulled Sungmin towards the place on his mind right now, with Kangin and Shindong following them.
“Why are you bringing Sungmin here?! This salon is for gays!” Kangin complained to his friend. Jungmo snorted and retorted, “Why, aren’t you gay? Those gays could transform Minnie, you know!” Then, he pushed the smallest guy towards the salon and gave him to a slim, tall, red-haired man, who looks like a younger Zhou Mi. “Mimi…” And that shocked Sungmin because he really looks like Zhou Mi, and he almost have the same name as the old man.
“…give my friend a hot look, okay? Make him manly!” Jungmo enthusiastically said. The Zhou Mi look-alike held Sungmin’s shoulder and examined him from head to toe, before clicking his tongue, “You look exhausted! You’re beautiful, but you really need a makeover, dear!” The smaller just nodded, his eyes are still wide; he is really amazed that Zhou Mi looked like this when he was younger.
The tall man smirked at Jungmo, “Aryt, Jungmo, I’ll take care of your friend. I’ll make sure that after this, boys and girls would go gaga over him!” He then winked at the three before pushing Sungmin to where he will do the transformation to the smaller guy.
Shindong and Kangin came back from smoking outside, frowning when Jungmo is still sitting alone, reading a magazine. Shindong sat beside Jungmo, “It’s still not finished?” Jungmo raised his shoulders, not averting his gaze from the magazine.
Then, Mimi came and spread an arm, the other crossing his chest as he proudly, “I present to you the new and sexy… Sungmin!!!” Sungmin came out with his head bowed, his hands clasped together.
The three of them tilted their heads to peek at Sungmin’s face, but failing because the latter is covering it with his newly dyed short black hair. Pissed, Jungmo went near his shy friend, held his chin to raise it up, grinning when he saw the innocently fierce look on Sungmin’s face. Nothing much changed, except for his hair turned black and was perfectly trimmed, and that fucking eyeliner, creating a smoky image on his foxy eyes.
Mimi chuckled, “Sexy, right? I tried changing his clothes, but he doesn’t want to. He said that it his best friend’s clothes and he wants to wear it for this day…” Kangin and Shindong widened their eyes, seeing the change of their girly-looking jjang… he looks really manly now! Kangin shoved Jungmo away and held Sungmin’s shoulder, “Wow, Minnie!!! No, I think I’ll call you Sungmin from now on!”
Sungmin blushed and bit his lips to stop himself from smiling, bringing his girly image back despite the change on his looks.
Shindong nudged their jjang, knowing what would lift Sungmin’s mood up, even just for a bit; he knows that having a haircut won’t fully make him forget his problems. He knows… because he was friends with Sungmin for years, and he knows what Sungmin looks like when he is experiencing something heavy. “Want to eat ramen?”
The four of them pressed their hands together, placing it on their chest before digging their hungry mouths to their ramen.
Sungmin puffed his cheeks, his eyes smiling, “Phew~ this feels so good~! I missed eating here in our meeting place with you guys~!” Kangin raised his chopsticks, his mouth full of noodles, “Mmm~ that’sh becawssh you ahhrr not with ush!” The now black-haired rolled his eyes, “Aish, hyung, don’t talk when your mouth is full!”
He jolted when he felt his phone vibrate. He is still uncomfortable with the pants he is wearing because he isn’t as the same size as Yesung, and it’s longer that he had to fold the edge. He quickly grabbed his phone from the pocket, his face turning sad when he read the caller ID.
“Uh, hello?”
It was Kyuhyun. “Hyung…?” By the weakness of his voice, Sungmin could already tell that the former cried… he must have talked to Donghae.
“Yes, Kyuhyun-sshi?”
W-where are y-you? Are you… alright?
A sad smile formed on his lips. “I am with the gang, don’t worry. Are you… fine? Did you cry?”
He heard him chuckle, “I’m fine, hyung. Don’t go home late.
“Yes, sir.” He suddenly remembered Yesung. “Uh, Kyuhyun-sshi, I saw…” But, thinking that there are innocent humans beside him, he chose not to say it.
He whispered, “I’ll tell you later…”
Oh, okay then. Take care.
“Thank you.”
He sighed after ending the call with Kyuhyun, only to frown when he saw his hyungs giggling. He raised an eyebrow, “What?” Kangin teased, “Your boyfriend is worried for you?”
Because of this, he choked what he was eating, earning laughter from the other guys. “Boyfriend? Kyuhyun? No, he’s not my boyfriend!” Jungmo playfully hit Kangin’s arm, “Yesung hyung is his boyfriend!” Sungmin ruffled his hair in frustration, “Argh, No!!! They aren’t my boyfriend!!!”
“Then, who is?” Shindong asked as he pointed his chopsticks to his friend.
Sungmin sighed, his face turning gloomy again. “His name is Donghae.” Sensing something wrong with his dongsaeng, Kangin tapped his friend’s shoulder and smiled at him, “Want to go out?” The younger smiled back with a weak one before nodding and stood up, followed by Kangin.
Jungmo whined, “Only the two of you?” Kangin glared at Jungmo, “Just continue eating and don’t eat ours!” He then pushed Sungmin out of their hideout.
As they went out, Kangin first observed Sungmin, who is just staring at the dark blue sky, admiring the beauty of the sparkling stars. The younger broke the silence, “Hyung, what relationship do you have with Leeteuk hyung? Are you… together?”
The bulky guy sighed, “We were together… but he suddenly left me without an explanation. I didn’t see him for years… and that day when we accidentally saw each other, that was the first time I laid my eyes on him after three years. Well, come to think of it, your disappearance was kind of similar. Did he also get a scholarship on that school?”
Sungmin gulped; Kangin shouldn’t know a thing about vampires. He nervously chuckled, “Uh… I don’t know… I never asked him.” Remembering something, the older guy asked, “Who is Siwon? Is he Teukkie’s boyfriend?”
Sungmin laughed and answered, “No! Siwon is his master!” Realizing what he just said, he hurriedly covered his talkative mouth using hands and mentally slapped himself for being careless, earning a raised eyebrow from Kangin, “Master? Is he a servant or something?”
“Uhh… sort of? W-we… we work for the Chos… and Siwon is Donghae’s and Kyuhyun’s father…”
“Wait, so you work for your boyfriend?”
“Y-yeah… half? I was really working for Kyuhyun. He’s my master.”
Kangin palmed his forehead, “Aish, and I got jealous over an old man. So, are you having problems with your boyfriend?” Hearing that, Sungmin’s mood got down again and slowly nodded, “He got jealous when he saw me and Kyuhyun together.”
“Why? Are you kissing?”
Sungmin frowned and pouted, “I kissed Kyuhyun on the forehead.” Kangin shrieked, “What the fuck?! Are you cheating?!” The younger ruffled his hair and whined, “I don’t know, hyung! I’m so confused!!! I love Donghae, but I also love Kyuhyun!!!”
“Does that Kyuhyun loves you as well?” Kangin asked, with seriousness on his voice.
Sungmin heaved a deep sigh, looking away from his hyung, “I… I don’t know. Maybe, no… He loves someone, but it is not me…”
“But you know what, if you love that Kyuhyun more than that Donghae, I think it would be better if you break up with your boyfriend, even though that Kyuhyun doesn’t love you. You shouldn’t use someone as a substitute that someone you will go to when you’re heartbroken. You will just hurt your boyfriend and yourself as well. I can sense that Donghae loves you very much… he doesn’t deserve to be hurt.”
“I know that, hyung. And I don’t want to hurt him again… but… I still don’t know who I love more.”
Kangin placed a hand on his dongsaeng’s shoulder, “You have to clear your mind and heart as soon as possible, Sungmin.” Sungmin nodded like a child being told by a parent, “I know. Thank you, hyung.”
The older smiled and patted Sungmin’s black hair.
But then, as Sungmin took a glance on a light post not far away from them, he saw two familiar guys talking to each other. He narrowed his eyes to have a clearer view of the guys, only to widen his eyes in shock and confusion as he recognized the two.
Why is Yesung hyung talking to Yunho?
Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, character:yunho, fic:fullmoon, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kangteuk, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin
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