Ayen (ayeengie) wrote,

Full Moon (19/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: R
Warning: Supernatural
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun appeared and changed his life. COMPLETELY.

What are they doing here?! Shit, what should I do? Kangin hyung and the guys shouldn’t see them!

“Uh, hyung, can we go in now? It’s so cold here…” He told his hyung, who didn’t notice anything weird on him and agreed. But before they go in, Sungmin pretended that his phone rang and let Kangin go in first because he will just attend to the call.

When his friend was in, he dialed Donghae’s number, his eyes still on Yesung and Yunho. However, Donghae doesn’t pick up. Damn it! That jealous brat!

He just sent him a text message.


Donghae ignored Sungmin’s phone call; he’s still mad at his boyfriend and is not yet ready to talk to him. Then, he looked at his phone and saw that Sungmin sent him a message.

From: Minnie baby

Hae! Why aren’t you answering my calls?! I have something important to say, please call me!

He snorted as he replied.


Sungmin was tapping the ground, impatiently waiting for Donghae’s reply. Yunho and Yesung are still there, talking. Suddenly, his phone vibrated; Donghae replied.

From: Hae baby

What are you going to say? Can’t you just text it?

He ruffled his hair in frustration; his boyfriend is really childish.


Donghae sat up on his bed when his phone vibrated.

From: Minnie baby

Yunho and Yesung are here! They’re together! I don’t know what to do! I’m with my human friends!

He widened his eyes.


The two are still talking, which is now becoming suspicious to Sungmin. Do they know that he’s here? He jerked when his phone shook.

From: Hae baby

Does Kyuhyun know this?

He sighed and frowned, replying: No.

After a few seconds, his phone rang… and it’s Donghae. What a child.

He lazily answered, “You finally called…?” Donghae shouted from the other line, “Shut up! Tell me what’s the scene there!

He rolled his eyes. “We’re at our hideout, near our school, my former school. I was talking with one of my friends when I saw Yunho and Yesung hyung near a lamp post, and they’re talking as if they know each other.”

Why is Yesung with Yunho?

He sighed exasperatedly, sad. “He’s now a vampire, Hae.”

Donghae shrieked, “WHAT?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! How did you know?

“Earlier, I went to his house and stayed there for an hour. And… I saw him there… but when I was about to hug him, he disappeared… he has fangs, Hae… I saw it… he’s not human anymore… he’s a Crescent.” He sobbed.

Donghae went silent for a second, but then spoke gently, “Don’t cry, Minnie…”

“But Yesung hyung is now a vampire! I don’t want it… I don’t…”

Shush… he’s alright… Yesung is a good guy… he won’t do anything bad… nothing is going to happen to him… we’ll save him from Yunho.

His voice cracked, “R-really?”

“Yes. I promise. I don’t want him going to the bad side either. For now, make your friends go home and make sure that Yunho won’t know that you saw them.”

“Okay. Bu- hey, they’re gone!” Sungmin shrieked and looked around to find the two, seeing nothing. “I’ll go there. Oh, and don’t let your friends go home yet. It’s dangerous. Just stay put.” Donghae said as he stood up to grab his jacket.

“Okay. I’ll be here. Thank you.”

But there was no reply; Donghae already ended the call. At least, Donghae is still concerned for him, right?

He went inside their small place, ignoring the fight between Shindong and Jungmo over his food. He sat beside Kangin, immediately heaving a deep sigh after settling, making the older look at him, and tap him on the shoulder, “Who called you?” Kangin asked in a gentle voice.

“Donghae,” he sighed. “He’s going here, hyung. Want to meet him?” The bulky guy beamed, “Of course! We have to meet that boyfriend of yours! Also, we want to see what will be his reaction of your image change! You’re so sexy, you know… I’m kind of tempted to hit on you when I saw you earlier… but then, you said you have a boyfriend, so I threw that at the back of my mind.” Sungmin laughed at that.

Just seconds after, his phone vibrated and received a message.

From: Hae baby

Where are you? Go out now.

He informed his excited friends, “He’s now here.” The three grinned, and were the first ones who went out. As soon as they breathed fresh, cold air, they saw a black-haired guy, wearing black, glossy jacket, whose side profile was only shown to them. Since he’s the only person there, they knew that he is Sungmin’s boyfriend.

Sungmin came out, and was shaken by Shindong, “Minnie, is he your boyfriend?” Then, Sungmin saw Donghae turn his face at him, so he waved his hand with a sheepish smile. Jungmo teased, “Omona~ our jjang is blushing~!” The smallest guy bit his lips and lightly pushed the silver-haired with a pissed look.

“Whoa. What happened to… your… hair?” Donghae stopped dead on his tracks the moment he got a clearer view of Sungmin. With this, the previously blonde blushed more and scratched his head, explaining, “They made me have a makeover, so…” The taller guy nodded, his lips parted. Kangin smirked as he eyes his friend’s lover; Donghae is blushing.

“Kangin. And these are Jungmo and Shindong.” Kangin flashed his charming eye-smile, bowing for a bit, with the younger returning the same gesture. “Your boyfriend is gorgeous, right? He looks sexy in that black hair and that fucking thick eyeliner.” Sungmin gripped Kangin’s arm, while Donghae gulped and palmed his nape, hoping that the place’s darkness would hide his blush; Sungmin is indeed hot with that new look.

“Eh, I guess you guys should go home now. You already saw Donghae, so it’s fine now, right? Thank you for being with me!” Sungmin went in front of his lover and faced his friends, who just grinned. However, Donghae quickly held Sungmin’s wrist, earning confused looks from the humans, and a worried look from Sungmin.

Donghae looked around and whispered to his fellow vampire, “They’re here. I could hear their voices.” Sungmin snapped his head to his surroundings, and then got back to Donghae, “What will we do?”

“Hey, what’s wrong with the both of you?” Kangin asked. Donghae smiled, “Kangin-sshi, can you please tell me on which direction you live?” The oldest of them raised an eyebrow, but he still answered. “Uh, we’ll pass by our school. We three are neighbors. Why?”

The vampire looked at his left, which was where Sungmin’s former school is located, and nodded. “I see. We’ll also go there.” Jungmo asked next, “But, isn’t your house located on the opposite direction?”

Sungmin skipped and pushed his three friends, “It’s okay! We’ll drop you three there and make sure you get home safely!” Shindong pouted at his close friend, “Minnie, we feel like we’re girls…” Sungmin laughed and lightly spanked the chubby guy’s head, “Don’t worry, I also feel that way when I’m with him.”

But when his friends cooed and teased him, he frowned and harshly pushed the three, earning loud laughter from his gang.

Donghae walked beside Sungmin, smiling for a bit, “Your friends are fun to be with.” The older chuckled, “I know. That’s why I go to them when I’m feeling lonely. They can magically make my sadness fade.” The taller guy fell quiet; he knows what Sungmin is talking about.

He just changed their awkward topic, “I wasn’t able to clearly hear what they were talking about because they were very far from us. It is just a good thing that your friends’ houses are on the opposite direction where those two are.”

“Can you still hear them?” Sungmin inquired.

Donghae shook his head. “A bit. But I could only hear muffled sounds since we’re now getting far away from them. But, I think we’re on a safe distance. Yunho is not a mind reader, and so is Yesung, so they won’t be able to sense us here.” The smaller hummed in response.

“Thank you.” Sungmin suddenly said, making the other vampire look at him, “Why?” He smiled, “Because you really came here…” Donghae chuckled and placed his hand on top of Sungmin’s black hair, “Of course I will really do this. Aside from the fact that you’re with humans, knowing that your life might be in danger really made me worried.”

Then, using a finger, he tapped Sungmin’s eyelid, earning a pout from the smaller, “I like your hair color, but you can remove the eyeliner. It’s not that it doesn’t look good on you, but I prefer the natural you.” The smaller grinned, “I’ll remove it later when we go home. This is that Zhou Mi look-alike’s idea. I swear, that stylist really looks like Master Zhou Mi!!!”

Donghae laughed as he slung an arm around his lover’s shoulder.

Kangin smiled after seeing that, and got back to bullying Shindong.


Yunho smirked as he took a seat on his elegant chair, and said to Yesung, “So, are you now happy that you finally saw your Sungmin?” His new slave answered sarcastically, “Super.” The Crescent prince raised an eyebrow, “What, but it was you who insisted to stalk him…” Yesung said with a low volume, “But, I…”

When Yesung didn’t say anything more than that, Yunho smugly laughed, “Oh you loverboy! Don’t worry, you’ll soon be with your Sungmin.”

Then, the door opened and Jaejoong peeked thru it, speaking in a polite tone, “Master, young Miss Geunyoung is here for you.” Yunho’s smirk grew wider and nodded, telling his favorite slave to let the guest enter his room.

Yesung noticed Jaejoong’s glare at him.

A curly, black-haired, petite girl entered the prince’s room, her soft voice echoed, “Yunho oppa…” Yunho spread his arms and walked to hug the girl. He then gestured Yesung to come closer to them, “Geunyoung-ah, this is Yesung, a new friend of mine, and Yesung, this is Geunyoung, a family friend.”

Geunyoung blushed and bit her lips, bowing slightly, “H-hi, Yesung oppa…” The other guy slightly smiled and bowed politely.

Yunho chuckled and spoke to break the awkward moment between Geunyoung and Yesung, “Let’s talk downstairs. I don’t want us having our conversation here in my room.” He let the young lady go first, while Yesung trailed behind the two.

They just made it to their living room when they heard Jaejoong arguing with someone. “How did a Phantom managed to enter here?!” A familiar voice spoke next, “That’s because I am a talented Phantom, slave. Now, where is Yunho?

“Shim Changmin, what the hell are you doing here?” Yunho said, full of authority on his voice. The Phantom smirked, “I’m here for business, Jung Yunho.” The Crescent prince creased his forehead, impatient, “Just spit it out.”

“I will help you dethrone the Chos. I promise, I will be loyal and reliable. Don’t you think that I’m much better of a spy than those you sent there?”

“What if they send you to spy here as well? Why should I trust you?”

Changmin chuckled, “Come on, why would they send a noble to spy on the enemies? Besides, our family is next to authority to the Phantoms… of course, I would want to throw out those fucking Cho family off of their throne, so that we will reign.”

Yunho paused for a while before smirking and extending a hand towards the dining room, “Let’s talk about this inside, Phantom.”


“Yah, Donghae-ah!!!”

Donghae frowned and turned, hissing at his cousin, “Heechul hyung, I told you not to call me like that!”* The red head smirked as he pulled his younger cousin, “That’s because I still have a hangover with my hot moment with Hannie.” Donghae just stared at him in disgust. “Where are you bringing me?! Wait, Sungmin is-”

Heechul grinned at Sungmin, “I’ll borrow him for a while, okay? And wow, nice looks! Your hair is sex! And your smoky eyes shout ‘Fuck me Lee Donghae!’ Oi, Hae, what’s with the tent in your pants?” Sungmin blushed, while Donghae just covered his talkative-slash-horny hyung’s mouth and pushed him somewhere.

Sungmin shook his head while making his way to his room – Donghae’s room – but then bumped with Kyuhyun. The smaller nursed his forehead and bowed many times, “Sorry!” The younger held the smaller guy’s shoulder and raised his chin to look at him, “Is that you, Sungmin hyung?”

Sungmin sheepishly smiled, “Uh, yeah?” Kyuhyun stared at him in awe, successfully painting pink tint on Sungmin’s cheeks. The smaller bit his lips and tilted his head, “W-why a-are you loo-looking at m-me… l-like that?”

The brunette smiled, “Nothing. You look beautiful.” Sungmin had his head down to hide the evident blush on his face, but his ears failed to veil it. Kyuhyun giggled and pinched his hyung’s soft cheek, commenting, “So cute.”

“I knew I shouldn’t go this way.”

They heard a voice from behind Sungmin, and Kyuhyun’s jaw dropped when he saw a frustrated Donghae shaking his head and turned to go the other way.

Sungmin widened his eyes and ran to his boyfriend to catch up with him, saying, “Hae, it’s nothing!” “I don’t care.” “What? Hae, it really is nothing!” “Yeah, yeah, sure. Just pinching of your cheeks, right?” “What the- H-Hae!!! Wait up!!!”

Kyuhyun just sighed exasperatedly.

*The reason why Donghae doesn’t want Heechul calling him “Yah, Donghae” was because Yahdong in Korean meant something sexual. :DDD In reality, I think it was said by an MC in a show… I just forgot what show it is. And I’m sorry for updating very late~!!! T_T

Again, I’m promoting my new twitter account cos you might have been following my previous account. I won’t delete it, but I’ll use it for my non-kpop friends. I created another for fan girling purposes. I can’t fully express myself there because my non-kpop friends followed me there!
Tags: character:donghae, character:jaejoong, character:kangin, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, character:yunho, fic:fullmoon, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin, pairing:yunjae

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