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Pleasurable Mistake (1/5)

Title: Pleasurable Mistake

Pairing/s: KyuMin, slight!HyukMin

Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Drama

Rating: PG-13

Warning: AU, incest, unbeta-ed, rushed

Summary: They are an example of a good relationship between brothers, whose parents are away for work. Since they barely see their mother and father, they only relied on each other, and treated each other as the most important person in their life. However, their treatment is what no one had expected to happen. They don’t know when, how, and why, but what they feel for the other is strong… but they knew that it was wrong… very wrong.

*Requested by kry_h3artz~

A/N: Kyuhyun’s real name here is Lee Kyuhyun. :))))

Kyuhyun opened the door of his older brother’s room, frowning when his hyung is nowhere to be found. “Hyung?” he called. Then, his Sungmin hyung went out from the bathroom, fresh from taking a bath, the scent of his manly shampoo directly went to Kyuhyun’s nostrils. Seeing that the older is half-naked, and is only covered with his pink towel, the younger covered his eyes using the paper he is holding, whining, “Eew, hyung…”

Sungmin chuckled as he opened his cabinet and grabbed a random pair of pajamas, “But you are the one who barged in my room…” Kyuhyun continued his childish act and pouted, his lips kissing the paper, “B-but you aren’t taking a bath this time of the night!” The smaller, but older guy put on his sleeping clothes, laughing after listening to his brother’s dilemma.

“But it doesn’t mean that I won’t. Besides, we used to take a bath together, right?” Sungmin said, grinning at the sight of his shy brother. Knowing that his hyung is fully dressed, Kyuhyun put down the paper from his face, though his pout is still there, “That was before, hyung.”

Sungmin sighed, slumping his butt on his comfy bed, “I missed that… wanna do that again?” He then laughed hard when Kyuhyun widened his eyes and blushed; his brother is really cute when acting innocent and all. Since he is the actor between the two of them, he faked a naïve look, “Why, what’s wrong with that? We’re both guys… Hyukjae and I take a bath together.”

Kyuhyun’s jaw dropped, “WHAT?!” The older laughed, “Of course. We always take a bath after dance practice. It’s fun!” He loves it when he’s on the teasing side. “R-really? Yuck. So, you see each others’ patootie?”

And yeah, Sungmin just laughed the loudest his entire 18-year existence. “Patootie? What the hell is a patootie, Kyu?! You sound like a girl!” The younger blushed and pouted, “Changmin said that it’s another term for our organ!”

“What organ? Dick?” Sungmin bluntly said. Kyuhyun bit his lips and nodded; he so wanted to disappear right now because his hyung is good when it comes to teasing like this. Well, he knows that his hyung is gay. Not that Sungmin had relationships with guys before, but he was never attracted to girls, and he liked a guy; actually, he likes Hyukjae, his best friend.

Sungmin raised his eyebrows, “Oh. So that’s why it sounds familiar,” he tilted his head, “Is Changminnie gay?” The younger scrunched his nose, “Dunno. Maybe.” The former nodded, but then, his gaze fell on the paper his younger brother is holding. He pointed at it, “Kyu, what’s that?”

Kyuhyun looked first at the paper, and then beamed before sitting beside his hyung, “Hyung, I got into SM!” Sungmin smiled from ear to ear, his heart feeling due to happiness for his brother’s achievement. He tightly hugged the younger, “Really, Kyu?! That’s great! I’m so proud of you!”

The younger grinned and hugged back, but then moved away, “Hyung, could you please help me in my training? They only accepted me because of my singing, and they said that I should improve my dancing, or else they won’t debut me. My brother is a good dancer, but why am I not blessed with that too?!” Sungmin giggled and ruffled his brother’s black hair. “My brother is a very good singer, but why am I not blessed with that too?!” he imitated his brother, just changed some of the words.

Kyuhyun pouted before laughing with his hyung, somehow forgetting his dilemma.


He moved his hips gracefully, he swung his arm in a flexible motion, and he stared at the camera with a fierce look, but then closed it when he sang a high note. Kyuhyun was carefully observing his brother’s moves as he performs with his newly-formed group, Super Junior, trying to see if he could learn and improve his dancing by watching Sungmin perform on stage.

However, he just realized a very sad fact; dancing won’t be learned by plainly reading a book or watching some educational shows… well, he rarely read books because he believes that he is a genius… a Math genius, actually. This is even harder to study and master than English. Hell, why did he even enter it, anyway? Is it because of Sungmin? He doesn’t know.


“You’re doing it wrong, Kyu.”

“What? But I’m doing exactly what you did.”

“No, you didn’t. You should snap your head like this, and then slide like this.”

The younger groaned and tousled his black hair, “Aish, I’m hopeless! I should just sing at a bar!” Sungmin frowned and smacked his brother’s head, “Stupid! You’re already here! I don’t expect you to do it perfectly, but I expect you to listen attentively and make an effort in learning it! Now stop whining and watch me.” Kyuhyun pouted and said ‘sorry’ as he nursed the back of his head where his hyung hit him. Of course, Sungmin can’t get mad at his precious brother, so he flashed a gentle smile and patted the younger’s cheek before turning on the CD player.

After a couple of hours of practice, Kyuhyun’s butt fell on the floor, both of his hands were lay flat on it, his mouth slightly parted due to his panting. “Hyung, I’m tired~ don’t you have an early schedule tomorrow? Jungsu hyung reminded you thousands of time.” The older smiled, now putting the disk onto its case, “Yeah. Hyung will kill me if I don’t go at the dorm early.”

The younger Lee frowned, “Why don’t you just transfer to your group’s dorm? Would it be easier for you that way?”

“And leave you here alone? No way,” Sungmin raised an eyebrow. Kyuhyun curved his lips for a bit because of that; his hyung really cares for him. The older continued, “Besides, Siwon isn’t sleeping there either.” He crouched to level his face with the one sitting on the cold floor, his voice was as gentle as ever, “Why do you keep on telling me that? Don’t you want me here with you?”

The younger shook his head.

“Then don’t ask me that question again, okay? Mom and dad would kill me if they knew that I left you alone. After all, I promised to take charge of you while they’re away. And I’ve been doing this for five months already. I can do it for longer.” Sungmin said after pinching his pouting brother’s pointy nose.

Since he had just disappointed his hyung, he decided to finally tell the good news that was told to him earlier after his daily training at SM. He first cleared his throat before looking up at the crouching older guy, “H-hyung…” Sungmin hummed in response; hell, Sungmin’s voice is so gentle that it melts his insides!

“I… I will debut next month…”

The next thing they knew, Kyuhyun’s back was now lying on the floor, and Sungmin was on top of him, hugging him tight, and was squealing in delight. Kyuhyun was too shocked to hug back. Also, he was biting his lips because Sungmin’s clothed patootie is brushing on his hips – he wants to moan, but of course, his hyung will take it negatively, so, he just held it back in his throat; He will let it out later, anyways. God, he had been touching himself a lot lately because of Sungmin!

And no, he is not gay. He would never be a gay. He is not gay for his brother… his brother. Never. Ever.

“OH MY GOSH! I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! See? You were just training for a month, and now, you’re going to debut!!!” He then moved away, his hands on either side of his brother’s head, “Are you going to be a soloist or be in a group like Super Junior or Dong Bang Shin Ki?”

The younger shrugged, but a grin can’t help to appear on his face because of his hyung’s cuteness. “In a boy group. Well, because they said that they will introduce me to the other members tomorrow, but the-” He was about to continue speaking, but his excited hyung jumped on him again, and this time, he was squeezed.

“UWAA~~!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU~!!! Maybe you will be in a group like DBSK because of your voice! But you need to improve your dancing.”

Kyuhyun chuckled, now wrapping his arms around Sungmin’s slim waist, “Yeah, yeah, I know… hyung, you’re getting thinner…” The older moved away again with a pout, “I’m just getting slimmer…” He then crawled away from the younger, kneeled in between Kyuhyun’s parted legs, and tapped the outer right thigh of his brother, “Kyu, let’s celebrate!”

Kyuhyun raised half of his body, with his elbows for support, to look at the older, “How?” Sungmin beamed and pulled the younger up by the arms, “I’ll cook your favorite dish and we’ll watch your favorite movie!” The taller, but younger one pouted as he stood up, “Can’t we play Starcraft? I’ll teach you!”

“Hell no. I still have a schedule tomorrow, and I know that your training for tomorrow is early as well. Now that you’re about to debut, you should already lessen your gaming time, or better, you should stop it!”

Kyuhyun grinned. “I’ll just lessen it.” Sungmin glared at the taller before dragging him to the kitchen. “Brat.”


“HYUKKIE~!!!” Sungmin jumped on his best friend’s back, making the other bend his body forward and glare at his friend, “What the hell, Min? Don’t you know that you’re heavy?!” The older pouted, “But Kyu said that I’m getting thinner these days…” Hyukjae, also known as Eunhyuk, rolled his eyes, “Yeah, but you’re still heavy.”

Sungmin lightly slapped his bandmate’s arm, “I hate you,” but after remembering something, he suddenly shook the one sitting, making Hyukjae almost choke on his strawberry milk and throw deathly glares at the annoying member, “Hyukkie, Hyukkie, Kyubaby will debut in a boy group!!!”

Hyukjae forgot his anger at the other and completely faced his friend, his expression lighting up, “Really? Wow! So, SM will release another boy group? But I thought they plan for a girl group…” Sungmin sat on the chair beside his friend and got a bread to stuff in his mouth, shrugging. “I dunno. But I’m so happy for my Kyuhyunnie!!!” The dancer chuckled, continuing to sip his milk. “Yeah, I’m excited for him as well. He’s so good.”

Then, Shindong, another goofy dancer, came and sat on the seat across the Lees, “Hey, did you know that we’ll have a new member?” The two widened their eyes. “Yeah, manager hyung said that this member will contribute a lot for our first album.”

Sungmin and Hyukjae looked at each other with questioning looks, and the other member failed to notice it because he was too busy munching their breakfast cooked by Ryeowook.

“Yah, you three, go now to the living room. Manager hyung will soon be coming with that newbie.” Jungsu, their leader, announced, pointing his thumb towards where the living room is. Of course, being scared of their strict hyung, the three instantly followed and went to the place where they were instructed to go to.

As soon as they took their seats on the couch, Sungmin can’t help but nudge his best friend and whisper, “Hyuk, why do I feel that the new member is Kyu?” Their lead dancer sighed. “I thought that he was Kyu too… Well, that would be in favor for the both of you, right?” They weren’t aware that their childish member was listening as well that they almost jumped in surprise when the youngest Lee in the group whispered with them too. “What? Kyuhyunnie will be the addition?”

Sungmin glared at Donghae, “Don’t you know that eavesdropping is bad, Hae?” Hyukjae chuckled, “Of course he doesn’t know that. He is a fish.” The blonde slapped the brunette’s arm, pouting. “Yah! What do you mean by that?”

Hyukjae was about to answer, but the door opened and revealed their manager Junghoon in his white shirt. Junghoon talked to their leader, who was standing near the door, “Is everybody here?” Jungsu answered with a nod, narrowing his eyes when he saw no one with their manager. “Hyung, where is… he… the new member?”

Their manager narrowed his eyes as well and looked behind him, scratching his head as he peeked thru the door, saying, “Yah, why aren’t you coming in? Come on now, they won’t eat you.”

Heechul, the second oldest of the group, who was seated beside Donghae, crossed his legs and smirked. “I wonder who the new boy is. Manager hyung told me that he will be our magnae. Sorry, Kibummie, you’re not our baby anymore… but you’ll still be my baby,” the red-haired talked to a baby-faced guy with a killer smile, sitting on the floor. Kibum grinned at his hyung, “No worries. I’m fine with that, hyung.”

Shindong, who was seated on the floor, and whose head was in between Sungmin’s legs, said with a dorky grin, “They said that he has a good voice.”

Gosh. Maybe he really is Kyuhyun! Sungmin thought excitedly.

Then, their manager entered again, this time, his other hand was pulling a wrist, and his free hand pushed the door widely open for the boys to see their new member, only to widen their eyes at the recognition, and looked at Sungmin, who had his jaws dropped on top of Shindong’s head.

The boy with Junghoon blushed and hid behind his new manager, making the older chuckle at the boy’s action, “Yah, why are you hiding? You know all of them, right? There’s no need to be shy.” Then, the black-haired boy hesitantly moved sideways to go beside the manager, his head down, and is still blushing.

Junghoon confidently declared, “I don’t need to introduce him to you, right?” Jungsu nodded and glanced at Sungmin, who was now smiling from ear to ear, and jumped up from the couch to run to the two guys at the door, and hug the new member – he didn’t even mind that his knees hit Shindong’s head.

“KYUHYUNNIE~!!!” Sungmin squealed as he got to hug his brother, skipping. “You didn’t tell me that you’ll be added to Super Junior!!!” the older said as he moved away from his brother, his arms still around Kyuhyun’s neck. The 13th member of Super Junior sheepishly smiled, “I knew it just now, hyung.”

“Never mind. As long as you’re now here with us~!!!” He hugged his brother again, only to be interrupted by their manager. “Okay, okay, you just saw each other this morning, Sungmin, don’t hug him like there’s no tomorrow.”

Sungmin pouted, “Is it bad to be happy for your baby brother?” Junghoon rolled his eyes. But then, he remembered something. “Guys, all of you know that Kyuhyun is Sungmin’s brother and is a Lee, right?” When all of them nodded, he continued, “I am informed that Kyuhyun will use the surname ‘Cho’, and will hide the identity of them being brothers.”

The real Lee brothers widened their eyes, and it was Sungmin who complained, “WHAT?! WHY?! Why would they make Kyu do that?! What’s wrong with me and him being brothers?” Their manager sighed and placed a hand on the older Lee’s shoulder, “Kyuhyun is an addition to the group, and we don’t want fans to think that he is here because he is your brother. We want them to recognize his talent.”

“They will recognize his talent! He has an excellent voice! They wouldn’t mind if he’s my brother!” Sungmin still defended; of course, who wouldn’t want that your brother will pretend that he’s not yours on stage? Sungmin is very proud of his younger brother, and he wants to shout to the world that Lee Kyuhyun is Lee Sungmin’s brother.

“You know how fans think, Sungmin. Some may understand and accept Kyuhyun and that fact, and some are close-minded because they don’t want an addition to your group.” Junghoon explained.

“How did you know?” Jongwoon, their lead singer, asked, also confused with the management’s decision of hiding Kyuhyun’s real identity.

“We did a survey. Besides, we will already reveal Kyuhyun later, and we will really introduce him as Cho Kyuhyun.”

Part 2

First part of my first incest fic!!! Hahaha! :DDD This may have Super Junior and the real members, but this really is an AU because of the incest part. I will update ‘I Love Hyung’ tomorrow~ Oh, and by the way, I decided that I will post the requested fics every Friday, however, the upcoming Friday will be an exception for our Hell Week is upcoming and I need to study~ and that means that ‘Battle of Pride’s’ update will be postponed :’(

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Tags: character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, genre:angst, group:superjunior, incest, length:miniseries, pairing:kyumin

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