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Full Moon (20/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: eventual!KyuMin, HaeMin, YeMin, slight!KangTeuk
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship
Rating: PG-13
Warning: AU, Supernatural, fictional creatures, unbeta-ed
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.
Previous Chapters: 
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A/N: Yeah, I just declared this as an eventual!KyuMin. Well, you already expected that, right? Hahaha :DDD Anyways, here’s a long chapter for my long absence! I hope you’ll enjoy and won’t get bored~ I’m getting boring lately TT^TT

Seohyun curiously looked at her brother, who was happily humming a tune as he entered the dining room. She brought down her fork and asked Changmin, “Oppa, why do you look so happy? And why did you go out late?”

Changmin chuckled as he took a seat and grabbed a newspaper, “We’ll soon reign, my dear sister.” The girl tilted her head, “What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say that I found an accomplice to this.”


“Are you sure about conniving with that Phantom?” Yesung asked his master the moment Yunho came out from the bathroom, fresh from taking a nice bubble bath, wrapped in his white bathrobe. The Crescent prince chuckled as he opened his closet, “I’ll use him. The hell will I let him reign the Phantoms.”

When the slave didn’t say anything, Yunho changed their topic, “So, what do you think of Geunyoung?” The slave narrowed his eyes, trying to think why his master is asking him that, “Uh… she’s nice…”

“I think she likes you,” Yunho said after letting out a dry chuckle as he closed the closet and went in front of the mirror. Yesung just awkwardly smiled.

“I will make you do something, Yesung. But before that, call Jaejoong,” Yesung frowned, but politely said, “Jaejoong-sshi doesn’t talk to me. He hates me.”

“Why would he hate you? Oh well, just tell him that I’m looking for him.” Yunho shrugged.


“You’re early, Min,” Leeteuk greeted the younger the moment he entered the kitchen. “I want to cook breakfast for Hae and Kyuhyun-sshi,” Sungmin answered, excitement is on his voice. The older hummed while nodding, smiling as he asked, “What are you cooking?”

“Bacon and egg. Hae gets hyped when he eats these,” Sungmin smiled dreamily. Leeteuk asked another question to his dongsaeng as he opened the refrigerator, “H-how did you know Kangin?”

Sungmin’s smile almost faded, his gaze landing on the food he is cooking, “We’re friends back in elementary. How about you, hyung?”

Leeteuk sighed, “We met at the province, Min. We… we were together for almost three years… long distance isn’t a problem because we could always call… but… we, no, I broke up with him a year ago unofficially.”

“Unofficially? How?”

“I was a victim of hit and run. I was on my way back to the hotel when a car suddenly hit me. I lost a lot of blood and the damage it made on my head was severe that I had no chances of living. But Master Siwon knew about my condition and gave me my second and last life,” he paused for a while, heaving a deep sigh before continuing, “I don’t want him to know that I’m already a vampire. That’s why I chose to leave him without a word and just make it look like I’m lost. Master Siwon even removed my parents’ memory of me.”

“Then, why was Kangin hyung’s memory of you still there?” the dongsaeng asked his hyung, who is on the verge of crying.

“I… don’t… I don’t want him to forget me… I know I’m too selfish for making him suffer… but…” after saying those, Leeteuk’s tears finally broke from his eyes, making Sungmin stop his cooking for a while and gave comfort to his sobbing hyung, “I bet Kangin hyung will not want to forget you either.”

Leeteuk wiped his tears and sniffed, chuckling because he just cried in front of another slave, “Did you know how much I wanted to hug him when we saw him? God, I really wanted to kiss and hug him! But, I can’t… I shouldn’t… I might not break away from him and just cling to him forever! It hurts, Min, especially when he asked me why I left him… it hurts…”

“I understand, hyung. I felt like that when I first saw Yesung hyung after being turned into a vampire. It’s just that I am luckier because I could be with him… but it really hurts me when I had to lie to him every day… I never lied to him… only now,” Sungmin’s eyes started becoming teary as he narrated.

“Who is Yesung?”

“Uh, my childhood friend and crush… before Donghae, of course,” Sungmin sheepishly grinned.

Leeteuk was about to ask another thing, but a sleepy, husky voice was heard from the door, and there they saw a yawning Kyuhyun in his blue pajamas, who was cutely rubbing his eyes, his brown hair tousled in every direction.

“Leeteuk hyung…?” Kyuhyun groggily asked the moment he saw Leeteuk crying. The older instantly wiped his tears and smiled at the young master, “Yes, Kyuhyun? Good morning,” the younger just blinked his eyes – which looked too innocent and cute for Sungmin – and altered his gaze between his slave and his father’s slave.

“Good morning too, hyung,” Because Sungmin is there, Kyuhyun smiled and nodded before going to the refrigerator. Sungmin then remembered what he was cooking and got back to it, smiling when he realized that it is already eatable. Kyuhyun talked to Leeteuk, asking him why he was crying, while Sungmin is busy transferring the bacons and eggs to their respective plates.

After placing a plate and a glass of milk on a silver tray, he excused himself to the arguing two guys and went to Donghae’s room.

Kyuhyun sighed; surrendering at Leeteuk’s stubbornness, his gaze landing on a plate of newly-cooked bacon and egg and a glass of milk, placed on the counter. He pointed at those, “Sungmin hyung left those,” Leeteuk smiled as he opened the cupboard, “That’s for you, Kyuhyun.”

“Really?” Kyuhyun’s voice brightened, making the older guy giggle, “Yes. He said that he cooked it for you.”

To Leeteuk’s surprise, the boy beside him was already gone, and was heading to the dining room, with a plate and glass on both his hands.


“Hae… wake up…”

Donghae groaned, shifting his body sideward and lifting the blanket up to his head, making his boyfriend pout and shake him vigorously, “Haaaaeeeee~~~~”

Donghae got pissed, removed the blanket from his face, sat up, and shouted at the one who disturbed his sleep, “WHAT THE FU-”

After realizing that it was Sungmin, he calmed down and scratched his head, with Sungmin glaring at him, “Continue,” the younger Lee sighed and palmed his forehead, “I’m sorry. I thought you were some random guy waking me up.”

Sungmin pursed his lips before presenting the tray, earning a questioned look from the other. “What, I cooked your breakfast!”

Donghae’s eyes sparkled at the food, especially knowing that Sungmin made this. He quickly grabbed the tray and placed it on his lap. He picked his chopsticks and clasped his hands, saying ‘Breakfast time!’ before digging onto the yummy food.

Sungmin smiled as he watched the other happily eating what he cooked, “Is it good?” Donghae nodded and made a ‘thumbs up’ sign, “The best! Thanks, babe!” Sungmin blushed when Donghae pecked him on the lips.

At least, they’re slowly getting back to normal…


“Are you ready?”



“A bit…?”

“Why, you’re going back…”

“I know… but it’s kind of weird to me now…”

“Hey, you’re only here for a month…”

“It’s not like I’ll be living with them again…”

“Of course not,”

“I don’t want them to know this,”

“I already took care of that,”

“What do you mean?”

Hyukjae yawned as he caught up with Donghae and Sungmin, with his best friend giggling at his actions, “You look like a monkey,” the monkey frowned at the fish, “Oh, look, the fish is talking,” then, Eunhyuk noticed that there is something that changed on Sungmin, “Min, am I just sleepy or you look really handsome today?”

“You’re just sleepy,” Donghae sarcastically said, rolling his eyes.

“Whoa, I bet you just topped on Donghae last night!” Eunhyuk exclaimed rather loudly, making the couple cover the monkey’s mouth because the students around them looked at them curiously. When Donghae removed his hand, Eunhyuk excitingly whispered, “Is it true? Hae bottomed?”

“Why on earth are you asking that?!” Donghae frustratingly hissed, blushing. The red-haired grinned at the blushing couple, “Aha! So it’s true! Was that last night?”

“NO!” the black-haired duo shouted at the same time, earning a smug grin from their friend. “The night before last night? No? Another night before tha-” Donghae covered his best friend’s mouth again and hissed, “It wasn’t last night, the night before that, or whenever! Just shut up, Lee Eunhyuk!”

Eunhyuk raised his hands in surrender, “Okay, okay, chill, men, I’m just trying to lighten up the atmosphere between the two of you! You aren’t talking when I saw you! Are you having a lovers’ quarrel?” He meant it as a joke, so he expected another deathly glare from the two, but he got sighs and silence, making him straighten his eyebrow and just shut up.

“Oh my God, oppa is back!!!”

They heard a girl scream and saw Yoona running towards a tall guy, whose back was faced to them. Yoona hugged the guy, enthusiastically telling him how she missed him and how she worried when he was gone missing. However, the guy didn’t hug back and gently pushed her away from him.

Since Sungmin knows who Yoona likes, he knew who the guy is. And it made him widen his eyes more when that black-haired guy turned, looked around, smiled and bowed at him.

Yesung was never like that; whenever he sees Sungmin, he will hug him like they haven’t seen each other for years, he will suddenly become childish… he looks very happy around everyone. He is one of the friendliest humans in this school. But now, it’s like everything in Yesung changed; his hair, his actions, his style of clothing, and his stare… it could kill. Well, it is strange that he only smiled at him.

“YESUNG HYUNG!!! I MISSED YOU!!!” Eunhyuk, being one of Yesung’s close dongsaengs, rushed to the human and gave him a tight hug, only to be gently pushed away by the guy, just like what he did to Yoona, who was crying right now because of that.

“I’m sorry… but, I don’t know you,” Yesung politely said with an apologetic smile. “What? But we’re friends, hyung!” The red-haired exclaimed, tears threatening to fall – he is a crybaby.

“Is that so? If that’s the case, then I apologize more… you see, I met an accident a month ago and I am currently suffering from amnesia. That’s basically the reason why I am here… to retrieve my memories…. Y-you… you said that you are my friend… so, would you be kind to help me?” Even the way Yesung speaks had changed.

Eunhyuk blinked his eyes before slowly nodding; a polite Yesung is a first for him. Then, he turned to his back and pulled Sungmin closer to him, “Do you remember him?”

Sungmin bit his lips when Yesung stared at him from head to toe before smiling, his tone becoming gentler, “He’s familiar,” The younger black-haired looked down as he tries to prevent himself from crying; he badly missed his hyung and he really wants to hug him until he begs for oxygen, but seeing the older guy’s actions, he chose to stop himself from doing that.

“He is your best friend, Yesung hyung,” Eunhyuk emphasized the words best friend, trying to make the guy remember. The senior widened his eyes, “Really? I… so that’s why I found him familiar! I’m sorry if I forgot you… what is your name?”

“Sungmin,” Sungmin mumbled. He doesn’t know why, but he has a bad feeling about this… this doesn’t look right.

“Sungmin… Sungmin… Sungmin…” Yesung narrowed his eyes as he said the smaller guy’s name repeatedly, “I think I have heard that name from somewhere…”

“Of course, he is your best friend. DUH,” Donghae rolled his eyes as he interrupted with a glare and firm voice as he stood beside his boyfriend and held the smaller guy’s hand, earning a ‘what are you doing?!’ look from Sungmin.

“Who are you?” Yesung’s tone suddenly became cold and deep, making Sungmin and Eunhyuk gulp. Donghae blinked once and smirked before answering as he slung an arm around Sungmin’s shoulder and pulled the smaller closer to his body, “I am your best friend’s boyfriend.” He kind of said it louder.

“So? Does that mean you could butt into others’ conversations just because your boyfriend is in it?” Annoyance is evident on Yesung’s voice, making Donghae smirk in triumph. “Apparently, no. I am not the type of boyfriend who wouldn’t let my boyfriend talk to others. To be honest, I don’t like you. I never liked you. Not because you are closer to Sungmin, but because I don’t like the way you look at me,” Yesung was about to retort, but Donghae was faster, “Besides, classes will already start. Better not be late since you’ve missed a lot, right, hyung?”

Yesung glared at the younger, his fists tightly clenching on his sides, though his face is blank and calm. “I don’t fucking care with what you think of me. I don’t like you either,” Yesung said, gritting his teeth.

To Sungmin’s and Eunhyuk’s relief, the bell rang, making the students who were listening to them groan and run towards their respective classrooms.

“See ya around, Yesung-sshi,” Donghae mockingly said while pulling his lover to their building, leaving Eunhyuk staring at his friends.

“I’m sorry for Donghae’s actions. He’s really overprotective with his boyfriend,” Eunhyuk apologized to Yesung in behalf of his best friend. The older sighed and raised a hand, “It’s okay. Uh, hey, do you know where the Principal’s Office is? They said that I have to report there first.”

Eunhyuk just pointed at the direction where the office is before bidding goodbye to his sunbae and following his two friends. Honestly, that was the first time Yesung acted like that; Donghae was really like that to him since he and Sungmin got together. He thinks that Yesung might take Sungmin away from him. However, Yesung remained calm and nice… he never fought with Donghae just like how he argued with the younger earlier. Oh well, maybe that’s an effect of having amnesia…

As he entered the building and went to the lockers’ area, he saw Sungmin and Donghae arguing.

“What the hell was that for, Hae?! Why did you act like that around hyung?!” Sungmin hissed as low as he could to avoid people from hearing them. Donghae snorted. “I always act like that around him,” The smaller guy sighed and palmed his nape, calming himself.

“C’mon, Sungmin, I know that you find Yesung weird,”

“So, you noticed it too,” Sungmin looked up at his lover, worry evident on his voice. The taller raised his shoulder, “I could read his mind, remember?”

“So… what have you read?”

But then, Donghae’s face fell, “That’s where the strange part comes. All that I could read was what he would say. It’s like something is dictating him the words he would bring out,” The smaller narrowed his eyes, “And that means…”

“Of course, he is just pretending. Vampires can’t have amnesia. Another thing, I can’t sense any ‘vampireness’ in him.”

“What?! Yesung is a va-” Since Sungmin is nearer, he was the one who covered Eunhyuk’s talkative mouth. “Why are you so noisy, Hyuk?!” Donghae angrily hissed at his best friend, earning a puzzled look from the red-haired. Knowing that the other won’t shout anymore, Sungmin removed his hands from his friend’s mouth.

“Wait, is it true that he is…” Eunhyuk trailed off. Donghae looked at Sungmin, telling him that he should be the one to explain since he knows it better. The smallest Lee sighed as he turned to his friend, “Yes, he is. I’ll explain this to you later. Others might hear.” Eunhyuk nodded, now walking beside Sungmin.


Ryeowook pulled Kibum out of their classroom to go to the cafeteria, ignoring the latter’s whines for having the dislike to go to the said place. Just when the small, spiky-haired vampire stepped out of the room, he caught the sight of a familiar guy talking to Heechul and Hangeng, probably heading to the cafeteria as well.

Excitement overpowering him, he let go of his classmate’s wrist and dashed towards the older three male students, instantly jumping on the familiar guy as he hugged him, “Yesung hyung!” He moved away to look at the puzzled student, his eyes wandering all over the taller guy’s body, “Where were you?! Are you okay? Were you hurt? What happened to you?”

Then, Yesung smiled, “I’m sorry… I don’t remember you,” The smaller guy took a step back because of what he heard, trying to think if what his hyung just said is true. Seeing the questioning look on the younger’s face, Heechul butted in, “Wookie, Yesungie suffers from amnesia, so he remembers none among us.”

“Oh, I kind of remember Sungmin. His face and name are very familiar to me,” Yesung informed his classmate, making Heechul raise his eyebrows.

“Sungmin again?” the younger suddenly blurted out. The three looked at Ryeowook with a confused look. “Why is it always Sungmin, hyung? What does Sungmin have that I don’t? Even if you lost your memories, it is Sungmin whom you still know? Fuck, Kyuhyun even fell out of love for me because of Sungmin! Why do everyone loves Sungmin?!” Yesung blinked his eyes fast as he gawked at the crying Ryeowook.

Heechul was about to say something to the younger, but Kibum and Kyuhyun came, with Kibum pulling the sobbing guy away, while Kyuhyun stayed. Kyuhyun asked his cousin, “Hyung, why is Ryeowook crying?” Heechul and Hangeng shrugged, and glanced at Kibum and Ryeowook.

While the older two are busy checking on Ryeowook, Kyuhyun faced Yesung, “Oh, hey, you’re back,” To Kyuhyun’s surprise, Yesung smirked at him before taking his leave.

Kyuhyun’s eyes followed the back of Yesung, his mind still in shock of what the latter just did. He was too preoccupied with the thought, that he didn’t even notice Heechul and Hangeng running towards Yesung.

When the three guys are out of his sight, that’s the time when he finally moved his feet and led him to his slave’s classroom. He searched for Sungmin in the classroom, sighing when the guy is nowhere to be found there, thinking that he is probably having his break with Donghae and Eunhyuk.

“Kyuhyun-sshi, what are you doing here?”

He snapped his head to the owner of the voice, instantly dragging the guy to the fire exit, silently thanking the gods that his boyfriend isn’t with him.

The moment they reached the fire exit, Sungmin asked his master as he bit his lips, “Are you hungry?” Kyuhyun let go of the smaller guy’s arm, placed both of his hands on his waist, and sighed, “You already saw Yesung?” the slave nodded.

“Have you noticed anything weird on him?”

Sungmin nervously nodded.

“He doesn’t have amnesia, right?”

The smaller nodded.

“Is he already a vampire?”

Sungmin nodded, biting his lips again to stop himself from crying.

“How did that happen? Did you…”

“No. It’s not me. It’s Yunho,” Sungmin fretfully said, tears finally breaking from his eyes, making the younger panic and take him in his arms. Kyuhyun stroked Sungmin’s back and hair, with the smaller guy wrapping his arms around the taller guy’s slim waist, and burying his face on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

“Is he the one you saw last night?” Kyuhyun asked with a gentle, hushed tone. Sungmin tightened his hug as he nodded vigorously, his tears wetting the younger vampire’s white blazer. Realizing what he is doing, Sungmin broke away and wiped his tears while saying a thousand apologies to his master, who just looked at him in worry.

“It’s okay,” Kyuhyun shrugged, wanting to tell the older that he could cry all he wants on his shoulders and he will gladly and wholly accept him in his arms. But still, Sungmin is Donghae’s boyfriend… and that fact alone hurts.

“Did you see Sungmin?” They heard Donghae’s voice; Sungmin’s boyfriend is already looking for him, and no matter how unwilling Kyuhyun is, he has to give Sungmin back to Donghae.

“Donghae hyung is already looking for you,” Kyuhyun bitterly told his slave, and the smaller just nodded and wiped his tears with his sleeve, sniffing before opening the door, leaving Kyuhyun alone again.

Donghae asked every student who passed by on his boyfriend’s whereabouts, jumping like a child when Sungmin appeared with a blank face. “Hey, I was looking for you! Where were you?”

Sungmin pointed his thumb at his back, “Sorry, I was just-”

“Never mind. C’mon, classes will resume and old man Choi is our next teacher! Hyukkie said that he already have a technique for us not to be seen sleeping!” Donghae giddily said as he pushed his lover towards their classroom, pausing when he saw Kyuhyun emerge from where Sungmin was from.


Yesung entered the dark mansion, jumping in surprise when Yunho suddenly spoke, “Hey, how’s school?” The previously human sighed, “Fine. You’re like a mother, Master Yunho,” The taller guy chuckled as he takes his leave.

When his master was far away from him, he scratched the back of his head while making his way to his room, clutching his chest when he heard a voice again, but this time, is from Jaejoong.

“Looks like you’re Master Yunho’s favorite now,” Jaejoong said with a dark and low voice. “What?” Yesung inquired as he turned to his fellow slave.

To Yesung’s shock, Jaejoong grabbed his collar and pulled him closer to his face, angrily hissing, “I fucking hate you because Master Yunho’s attention is now focused on you! He doesn’t even talk to me like how he talks to you!”

“Are you jealous?”

Jaejoong paused, but then answered, “Fuck you, Kim Yesung,”

Yesung closed his eyes tight when he saw Jaejoong raise his fist, expecting that something hard would hit his face, but nothing came. Instead he heard a girl’s voice, “Jaejoong-ah! Stop!!!”

The slave froze in his position and let go of Yesung, making the girl rush to the new slave, “Yesung oppa, are you okay? Jaejoong, don’t do that again!”

Of course, Jaejoong gave no answer and just stormed out of the place.

“Miss Geunyoung, you shouldn’t have done that,” Yesung gently said to the Crescent royalty. Geunyoung whined, “But, he’ll hurt you~”

Yesung just smiled.


Donghae entered his room and saw Yuri, his mother, packing his clothes. He dropped his bag on the floor and rushed beside his mother, “Mom, what are you doing?!” Yuri snapped her head to her son, “We are moving out of this fucking house!”

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