Ayen (ayeengie) wrote,

Full Moon (10/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin, HaeMin, YeMin, slight!KangTeuk
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU, Supernatural, fictional creatures, unbeta-ed
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.
Previous Chapters: Prologue ♣ 1 ♣ 2 ♣ 3 ♣ 4 ♣ 5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣ 9


Kyuhyun, who was eating a ham sandwich, looked to where his classmate, Ryeowook, went. He rolled his eyes when he saw Ryeowook hugging Yesung who just came in the cafeteria with happily chatting Heechul and Hangeng. He felt like wanting to eat and kill Yesung that instant.

Yesung smiled as he patted his cheerful dongsaeng who had his small arms wrapped around his waist. The smaller man blushed and this made Kyuhyun’s blood went up rushing to his head. He continued eating his lunch but was then stopped by a bang on his table and saw a grinning scarlet-haired boy, “Smoke is coming out from your nose, cousin.” The younger glared at Heechul then felt Hangeng’s presence, “He is one of us, right?”

Heechul moved away from his cousin with a smirk and looked at his new friend, “Yup. This is Tan Hangeng, son of Henry and Amber Lau. And Geng, this is the very, super duper famous Cho Kyuhyun. Oh, and Kyu, you better call him hyung or else say goodbye to your precious psp.” The tall, blond Hangeng bowed with his charming smile.

The youngest rolled his eyes then scrunched his forehead, “Henry Lau? They can’t even make a child.” Hangeng smiled sheepishly, “Actually, I’m adopted. They said that I’m vampire-born but they don’t know which family I came from.” Kyuhyun plainly nodded, not interested in the topic. His gaze shifted on Ryeowook who was clinging onto Yesung’s arm like a girl flirting with her next target. Kibum arrived and noticed Kyuhyun’s fist clenching so he read his mind. He approached Ryeowook and whispered something. The smaller nodded and smiled brightly at his curious hyung, “Hyung, I still have to finish my lunch because Kibum said Heechul-hyung might eat it. Uhm, wanna join?” Yesung nodded while ruffling cute Ryeowook’s hair. The former sat on Heechul’s left, in front of Kibum.

Except for Kyuhyun, the guys are having fun chatting. He hates it because Ryeowook kept on praising and ‘flirting’ with Yesung and the latter just smiled. If only he knew how big his head is getting.

Kyuhyun and Donghae decided that the three of them will go home together, just like what their father told them. Sungmin had to lie to Yesung that the real reason why he will go home with the two now was that because he works at their mansion, which is half true.

A month passed and the same routine happens, the three of them will go to school and go home together, Sungmin will talk on the phone with Yesung every night for an hour, sometimes, three hours when Donghae and Kyuhyun were busy with something. He was having a hard time avoiding and changing the topic when Yesung wants to meet with Sungson again or just asking for her number. He just said excuses like, ‘I really don’t know her number’ or ‘Hae said that she’s out-of-the-country right now’. Good thing, his ‘might-be-Sungson-obsessed’ best friend easily gives up but will ask again the next day.

As for Kyuhyun, he will be giddy around Ryeowook but will suddenly turn into a monster when his hyung will talk nonstop about how handsome Yesung is, how wonderful his voice is, how gentleman he is and how badly he wants to turn the said human into a vampire and make him his slave. As usual, he still drinks Sungmin’s blood every morning, afternoon (at the school’s fire exit) and evening, he’s more like his main course every meal. To Sungmin’s disgust, Kyuhyun would sometimes use him as his sex toy whenever this young teenager is horny or when angry about Ryeowook repeatedly saying that he loves Yesung so much – but Sungmin doesn’t know, Kyuhyun just diverts his anger and jealousy on his poor slave. Donghae had no idea about this sex thing that happened because Sungmin swore to himself that he will not say a thing to him to avoid a fight between the brothers.

As expected, when it is time for the quarter moon to appear, Sungmin lost his rationality again but didn’t turn to a female. Good thing, they were prepared and tied Sungmin to Kyuhyun’s bed post and there they observed him until he lost energy and passed out.


“You guys will go to the South Forest.”

Kyuhyun raised his eyebrow while Donghae looked at his father with curiosity. Sensing the confusion in his sons’ handsome faces, Siwon continued, “There had been violent attacks to the Phantoms residing there.” Kyuhyun asked, “Crescents?” Their father shrugged, “They’re not humans. The people there tracked footprints of animals.” Donghae scratched his head, “Uh, what kind of animals?”

“It’s still unknown. Some said wolves, some said bears, but one said that he saw an unknown big creature, flying.”

“Maybe it’s an alien?”

Siwon and Kyuhyun glared at Donghae who was looking up and completely unconscious that he just said something foolish. Then, the small boy beside Donghae cleared his throat and spoke with full politeness, “Uh, excuse me, Mr. Cho, why am I here too?” Siwon laughed and somewhat forgot his first son’s idiocy because of Kyuhyun’s slave’s cuteness, “Of course you’ll be joining them. I told you, you should be with them all the time, didn’t I?”

Sungmin nodded then pouted, “Sorry.”

While Sungmin was packing his clothes, Kyuhyun suddenly held his shoulder tightly and laid him on his bed. His eyes were already bright red and his fangs were out. Sungmin was already used to this kind of scenario so he just closed his eyes and tilted his head sideways. In less than a second, he already felt the usual pain from his neck and he unconsciously gripped his bed sheet as if it holds his life. As usual, there’s a hand sneaking under his shirt, drawing circles on his nipple, making Sungmin suddenly forget the pain on his neck as he let out a soft moan.

Kyuhyun withdrew his fangs on his slave’s neck to lick it, slowly getting aroused. He was about to remove Sungmin’s top when he heard Donghae’s voice, probably ‘barging’ in his room again. He clicked his tongue and nuzzled on the crook of Sungmin’s neck as he inhales the latter’s intoxicating strawberry scent, sending shiver to the boy under because he can feel his master’s breath… no matter how much he hates to admit it, he was surely liking the feeling.

Donghae saw that awkward position but he tries to convince himself that his brother was just having his ‘meal’, though Sungmin’s shirt was raised halfway, “Uh, sorry to interrupt… I… I guess I’ll just… co---come back… later.” He stopped when he heard Sungmin’s weak voice, “What is it, Hae?” Just then, Kyuhyun sat on the bed beside Sungmin who was trying to get up but was too weak that he gave up attempting.

The one standing can see red eyes but it’s not from Kyuhyun, it’s now from Sungmin. He slowly went to him and brushed his loved one’s blond hair, “Are you thirsty?” Knowing that he can’t lie to a vampire, Sungmin slowly nodded but avoided looking at his friend’s eyes, “I won’t drink yours.” Donghae frowned and climbed on top of Sungmin, while Kyuhyun is just sitting, watching the drama, “Min, I’m already willing to give you my blood, and we both know that Kyu won’t give his, so please, drink mine! I won’t let you die!”

But being stubborn as he is, Sungmin smiled, “Thank you, Hae. I just have to drink mine, as always.” The boy on top pouted, “But you need nutrition!” Not getting the boy’s point, he scrunched his forehead, “What do you mean?” It was Kyuhyun who answered with a smirk, “It means, you should start eating, I mean, drinking seafoods.”

“What? How can I drink seafoods?”

Finally, Donghae got it and playfully smacked Kyuhyun’s arm with a pout. The younger laughed hard, making the other two smile genuinely as they rarely see the magnae laugh like that, “I’m just kidding, fishy.” Donghae got back to Sungmin whose eyes are still red, “C’mon, Min… please?” He tried doing puppy eyes and tilted his head with his hands clasped together.

Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun and remembered something. Donghae arched an eyebrow when the boy beneath him raised his index finger. Sungmin chuckled, “I’ll only drink in your finger, ‘kay?” Kyuhyun somehow blushed when his mind flashed that memory of him when he first drank on Sungmin’s finger at school. Though he found it weird, Donghae just nodded and slowly raised his index finger. Seeing that Sungmin wants to sit, he helped him sit down and caressed his cheeks.

The smaller boy gently took hold of Donghae’s finger and slowly bit it. The latter didn’t feel much pain unlike when it is on the neck. He found Sungmin drinking his blood on his finger erotic and this made him aroused that he silently cursed himself for feeling so. After Sungmin stopped and licked his lips, Kyuhyun leaned closer on Sungmin’s face and smirked, “What are you going to with this?” Sungmin’s eyes followed Kyuhyun’s finger that was pointing to the uncomfortable bulge under his master’s pajamas, “And this?” He pointed next to Donghae’s who also had that evident thing on him, making his older brother cover that area quickly and blushed hard.

Sungmin widened his eyes and sighed in defeat, “I…I…well… You can… you can do anything. I’m just a servant…” Donghae’s eyes also widened with this. Sure, he was hard, but he doesn’t want to fuck Sungmin when the other doesn’t want to, especially if forced. Kyuhyun then commanded with a smirk, making his older brother open his eyes the widest, “Then suck Donghae-hyung’s cock.”

The slave nodded and kneeled in front of a shocked Donghae to remove his pants but the other held his wrists, “NO! Wha--- why? Don’t!” Sungmin just looked at him, emotionless while Kyuhyun had that evil smirk again, “C’mon hyung, I know how much you wanted it… HIM.” The second oldest looked back at his friend and saw him smiling.

“I’m fine with it, Hae. Don’t worry. Let’s say that it’s in exchange for your blood.” He was about to complain when he felt Sungmin’s hand touched his clothed member, making him yelp and now, he was really blushing hard, redder than a hungry vampire’s eyes. Sungmin smirked when Donghae accidentally kneeled because of the shock so in order to hear more complaints from his friend, he quickly slid off Donghae’s pants and boxers at the same time then took his friend’s hardened member in his mouth, earning a moan from the other.

“No… Min… Stop…” His pleads were feeble as he said it with moans in between. Not removing himself, Sungmin looked up at Donghae then smirked. He moved away a bit but letting his breath be felt in Donghae’s throbbing erection, “You really want me to stop?” Donghae didn’t answer but gasped when Sungmin got back to his job sucking… and he was doing it expertly good and mind blowing that Donghae’s mind went totally blank.

Suddenly, Sungmin’s pajamas were taken off by Kyuhyun who was smirking at his brother, “You think you’ll get all the fun by yourself?” Without warning, he pushed his standing proud member inside his slave’s tight hole, making Sungmin moan while Donghae’s member is still inside his cavern – first, because of Kyuhyun suddenly entering him and second, Donghae thrusted his hips forward, deep throating him.

After Kyuhyun and Donghae came, Sungmin removed Kyuhyun from him and inserted Donghae’s inside him. He was bouncing up and down fast while Donghae was supporting him by holding Sungmin’s waist and also moving upward, and Kyuhyun was harshly raping his slave’s bruised lips, having a battle inside and stroking their neglected cocks. Soon, the three of them came together – Kyuhyun and Donghae for the second time.

Scents of sex and sweat linger inside the large room as the three boys lie on the medium-sized bed, panting and thinking that what happened was really great.

Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:fullmoon, genre:angst, genre:smut, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin
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