Ayen (ayeengie) wrote,

Full Moon (11/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin, HaeMin, YeMin, slight!KangTeuk
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship
Rating: PG-13
Warning: AU, Supernatural, fictional creatures, unbeta-ed
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.
Previous Chapters: 
Prologue ♣ 1 ♣ 2 ♣ 3 ♣ 4 ♣ 5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣ 9 ♣ 10

It was Sungmin who woke up first. He frowned when he saw Kyuhyun and Donghae lying beside him, naked. He was facing Donghae who had an arm snuggled on his neck, while Kyuhyun’s arm was wrapped on his waist and legs placed on top of his thigh. He then remembered last night, it looked so wrong yet it feels so right. God, I’m such a slut! I hate myself! He removed the arms slowly, not wanting to wake the other two but he groaned when he felt something aching below him as he sat up, and that made Donghae gain consciousness and saw Sungmin caressing his lower area and groaning in pain.

He quickly sat up and asked Sungmin worriedly, “Hey, are you alright?” The older smiled weakly but it faded and turned into a pout when the magnae spoke with a sleepy tone, “He’s just sore, hyung.” Sungmin rolled his eyes and mumbled something like, “Whose fault is it?” Making Donghae grin widely and carried Sungmin bridal style. The other quickly grabbed onto the fish’s neck, afraid to fall, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Donghae faked an innocent look while walking, “Taking a bath with you.” Sungmin’s eyes widened, “WHAT?! NO! DON’T!”

They heard Kyuhyun snort so Donghae glared at him, “Don’t think of joining us. I may have shared him with you last night but I won’t allow it again next time.” The youngest smirked and got up from the bed but headed towards a different direction, “As if I want to. F.Y.I, I own him, literally, so I should be the one saying things like that. Besides, I’ll continue sleeping because your noisy and irritating voices woke me up and it’s not a good thing.” Donghae stuck his tongue out and continued walking to the bathroom while Sungmin just pouted, why do they talk about me like I am just a thing that can be sold and bought? I hate being a servant.


Donghae was impatiently tapping his feet with his arms crossed as he waits for Kyuhyun and Sungmin to come down. His face glowed when he can already feel his loved one’s presence, especially his cute whines. Tsk. Kyu must have been torturing him again. He was right. Kyuhyun was walking like a ramp model in sunglasses, fixing his brown trench coat that had a black turtle neck shirt under it, carrying nothing except himself whereas poor Sungmin behind him was carrying a pink backpack and pulling a big black travel trolley, looking as if he was strangled by the undone pink muffler he is wearing.

The black-haired vampire glared at his brother and he got a ‘WHAT?’ as a response. He took a glance at the boy behind Kyuhyun then got back to looking at his confused brother from head to toe, “Seriously, Kyu, we’ll only stay there for three days, why do you have to bring your whole closet? What is in there?” The younger smirked as he brushed his messy brown locks, “I had a feeling that our stay will be extended. Besides, the backpack contains Sungmin’s things.” Donghae snorted and mumbled ‘Overacting brat’ before rushing to Sungmin who just finished fixing his muffler, “You alright? Kyunnie is a meanie.” Donghae said while pouting and caressing Sungmin’s hair, making the older giggle and smile.

Then Heechul came shouting, wearing dark red glasses, with a red travel backpack on his back and another travel bag on his left side. Kyuhyun smirked at Donghae who had his mouth opened as he saw their cousin’s bags, “And you call me overacting.”


It is not only the four of them. Eunhyuk, Kibum and Ryeowook were also in the mission. They went to their destination using their own cars, except for Heechul, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Sungmin because they used Heechul’s.

They had to leave their cars on the reserved place for visitor Phantoms before they enter the forest. Heechul kept on complaining on how he is going to bring his things without having realized that Sungmin is now currently mourning for his body because he has to pull this large trolley of Kyuhyun on their way to the center of the forest.

Heechul saw Kyuhyun carrying nothing and just cheekily chatting with Ryeowook while Sungmin was carrying a backpack and is pulling a large trolley, which is obviously Kyuhyun’s. The scarlet-haired vampire whined loud enough to be heard by them, “Aish, I really should get a slave!!!” Kyuhyun’s slave turned to the whining vampire, smiled and handed a hand, “If you want, I can carry yours too, Heechul-ssi.” His face brightened and was about to give him a bag but Donghae grabbed it instead.

The oldest vampire of the seven boys smirked as he watched Sungmin complaining at Donghae and continuously trying to get the red travel bag, “And also a lover.”


After half an hour, they reached a place with small huts forming a circle with a high pile of wood on the center. The place was filled with sheer silence. No adults talking, no children playing, nothing but silence, making it look like a ghost town and this made the boys feel the hairs all over their body rise.

They almost died in heart attack when an old man suddenly appeared and said, “What does rich Phantom kids doing in a poor place like this?”

Sungmin widened his eyes as he pointed out his index finger at the old man, “HARABOJI?! What are you doing here?! I thought you’re back in China?!” The boys looked at the shocked slave, then to the old man. “What the hell are you doing with vampires, Sungmin?! Don’t tell me… Oh…”

Kyuhyun scrunched his forehead, “You know him, Sungmin?” The slave nodded, not averting his gaze from the old man, “He’s… my master… the one who taught me martial arts.”

“It was nice meeting you again, young master Kyuhyun-ssi. My name is Zhou Mi.”

The magnae just stared at the hand offered by the old martial artist – based on what Sungmin said – then frowned, “Again? When did we meet?” Zhou Mi put down his shaky hands and smiled mischievously, “So, you don’t remember? I thought that was the reason why Sungmin is with you.”

Having the ability to read minds, curious Donghae did his thing and gasped with what he learned. The boys looked at him with a what-the-hell-is-your-problem-just-tell-it-to-us-now look whereas the Chinese smirked weakly, “Liked what you read, young master Donghae?”

Heechul rolled his eyes and impatiently shouted at his shocked cousin, “WOULD YOU PLEASE START TALKING NOW, LEE DONGHAE?!” The other gulped before answering and calmed himself, while Kibum is just on the side, grinning. “Hey, Zhou Mi-haraboji, how did Kyuhyun and Sungmin met before?” With that question of Donghae, they shifted their confused gazes at the old man… Kyuhyun and Sungmin had their eyes widened.


The two hadn’t been talking to each other since then. Kyuhyun wanted to room with Ryeowook while Sungmin wants to be with Donghae, but since Sungmin is Kyuhyun’s slave and the latter will crave for his blood soon, they decided to put them in one room, though they can obviously sense the awkwardness between the two of them.

Kyuhyun just let his slave arrange their things in the small room and went out to get some fresh air. The things the old man said earlier still lingered in his mind. Everything that happened 10 years ago… he already forgot about it but remembered it again… clearly.


One night, Kyuhyun ran away from the house because his father scolded him again, he just can’t take it anymore. However, while he was strolling on an unknown place… most likely a farm, he felt his throat dry and small fangs appeared on his petite mouth.

The next thing he knew, he was already sipping the blood of the chicken he first saw. But after a minute, he saw nothing but darkness.

He opened his eyes and saw a pair of big, adorable brown eyes blinking fast. He quickly pushed the figure on top of him and heard a cute groan from the small person. He found the person very cute as ‘she’ rubs ‘her’ butt with a pout. ‘She’ stood up and smiled dearly at him, “I’m sorry if I scared you… I’m sorry too if I punched you… You freaked me out ‘cos you’re eating our chicken!!! You can just ask for it! I will give it to you!”

An old voice interrupted, “Shut up, Sungmin. As if you are the one who raised them up. Now go out before I do to you what you did to this boy.”

Kyuhyun learned that the old man was also a vampire, but from the poor side of the Phantoms and the ‘girl’ is human… he’s just taking care of ‘her’.

His 3-day stay with them was like the happiest times he had. He became close friends with Sungmin that his young, delicate heart started developing alien feelings for the ‘girl’.

He only spent three days with them because Zhou Mi convinced him to go back for if the Chos knew that he kept their son, he and Sungmin will get in trouble.

Sungmin was crying hard as ‘she’ watched Kyuhyun go until ‘she’ finally shouted, “Kyunnie~!!! Please don’t go~!!! Please don’t leave me~!!! Not you too~!!!” Little Kyuhyun went back to the crying ‘girl’ and held ‘her’ shoulders, “No, Kyu won’t leave Minnie. Let’s just say that Kyu will go on a vacation.” The ‘girl’ wiped ‘her’ tears and looked at the boy who had the same height as ‘her’ with puppy eyes, “Kyu will come back to Minnie~?” Kyuhyun nodded with an obviously sad smile.

‘She’ raised her pinky and cutely bit ‘her’ pouty lips, “Promise?” Kyuhyun entwined ‘her’ pinky with his and beamed, “Promise~”

He then hugged ‘her’ and whispered, “When we meet again, I will marry you.” When he felt a smile curved on the other, he moved away and quickly pecked ‘her’ cheeks and ran away to hide his grin and blush, failing to see the other’s reaction, which was the same as him.

*end of flashback*

He sighed and cursed for not realizing that the ‘girl’ he promised a marriage with before was actually a guy and was now his first slave. He still feels lucky that old man Zhou Mi didn’t tell them the exact details for it would be the end of him. Also, Sungmin doesn’t seem to remember anything at all because he looks as clueless as the others were. The marriage bothered him though he tried to shrug it off since it’s just a childish promise and the two of them lived on their own paths and have their own love lives.


They don’t know why but they don’t feel like opening that topic again as they gathered on Zhou Mi’s place to eat. Sungmin was still in shock that he didn’t eat and speak while the others ate the food being presented to them like there’s no tomorrow.

Donghae noticed that his friend was just staring at his food and nudged him, earning a weak ‘what?’ from the latter. He whispered, “Why aren’t you eating? You aren’t thirsty, right?” Sungmin shook his head and smiled, “Just not hungry, Hae. Don’t worry.” The black-haired vampire mumbled as he got back to eating the meat on his plate, Why can’t I read your mind??? Damn it.

They went back to the house they were staying with Kyuhyun and Sungmin still not talking at each other but stealing glances from time to time. Sungmin felt like a fool for not even remembering a happening like that… to think that it had something to do with Kyuhyun.

He took a shower after Kyuhyun and while inside, he was still trying to remember everything… but nothing comes out. According from Zhou Mi, they met when he was still 7 years old, so it really was possible that he can’t remember it. But he wonders if Kyuhyun does… knowing that the boy is a genius…

When he came out, he noticed a pair of red eyes from the dark side of the room. He sighed and walked near it and sat beside the hungry vampire. “Sorry if I took long.” He then felt the vampire’s hand on his waist and the other on his chin, turning the slave’s face to the master, “Stay your Yesung away from my Wookie… or else… He’ll suffer.” Sungmin quickly nodded though still confused.

Seeing the confused look on the smaller guy, Kyuhyun smirked and leaned his face closer that their foreheads touched, “You still can’t remember it, Sungmin?” The slave knows that it was about ‘it’ so he shyly shook his head. Suddenly, those teeth buried deep in his neck again.

He didn’t feel any pain but instead, his mind rewound for like ten years ago. Actually, Kyuhyun is sharing his memory with him through biting. The vampire doesn’t know why he wants Sungmin to remember it, maybe just for teasing him.

Kyuhyun smirked when he withdrew his fangs and saw his slave’s shocked expression. “You finally remembered it?”

Sungmin can’t believe what he saw… His heart beats fast…

Kyuhyun was actually his first love… the one he was waiting for before Yesung appeared on his life.

A knock interrupted them and a panting Ryeowook appeared, “Kyu! The village beside us was being attacked!”

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