Ayen (ayeengie) wrote,

Full Moon (12/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin, HaeMin, YeMin, slight!KangTeuk
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU, Supernatural, fictional creatures, unbeta-ed
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.
Previous ChaptersPrologue ♣ 1 ♣ 2 ♣ 3 ♣ 4 ♣ 5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣ 9 ♣ 10 ♣ 11

Kyuhyun stood up with his eyes widened. He was more worried if Ryeowook saw that intimate scene of him and Sungmin than the news of the attack beside the village, but he pretended that it was the last. Before retreating, Kyuhyun looked back at his slave and told him to stay put.

Sungmin was lying on the bed, still reminiscing. He still can’t believe that his childhood love was Kyuhyun… He also can’t believe that Zhou Mi was a vampire… Damn, that old man was good at hiding things from him since it was already been 10 years when they knew each other. He was confused on how the things around him were interconnected in ways that he didn’t even think of. And now, he was anticipating for more things to discover about him and his past since it was now showing itself gradually.

Suddenly, his vision started to get blurred and seemed like the world is spinning fast. Darkness then swallowed him.


The young Phantoms helped with the evacuation of the poor vampires to the neighboring village. They then rushed to the place and saw more than a hundred small creatures, probably goblins, breaking in to the huts, destroying it.

Donghae caught one sneaky goblin carrying a crying baby from a wrecked house. He shouted before running after it, “Yah! You ugly creature! Give that baby back! You’ll never look like that baby!” The goblin looked back and smugly smirked, making the young vampire growl in disgust. He decided not to throw a fireball on the goblin because the baby might also burn so he just skillfully cut the ugly thing’s arms, losing its grip on the baby, but Donghae caught him and then did his thing, shot a small fireball to it… he wouldn’t waste his power for just a small, horrible-looking monster.

After killing 20 goblins in one attack, Kyuhyun thought he saw the girl Sungmin running behind the huts without a certain direction. He then looked up and the full moon shone upon him, it made him curse under his breath. He forgot that it was full moon and he just left Sungmin alone like that. He is worried that the girl will do hideous things, now that they were being attacked by unknown creatures. Therefore, he followed her, thinking that Donghae and the others can handle the intruders.

The boys eliminated most of the goblins and saved all of its captives when the remaining wounded creatures suddenly backed off. They thought that it was over but then heard a familiar howl, not that far from them. To their surprise, a giant, red dragon appeared and blew fire at them, which they easily avoided. Dragons were Phantoms’ possessions and it’s impossible that Crescents would raise those kinds of creatures because dragons breathe out fire, which wasn’t their ability.

They don’t know why the dragon was attacking them, knowing that these creatures are loyal to the Phantoms.


*I’ll use ‘her’ for Sungmin because he is a girl now.

Sungmin sensed a strong aura and decided to find who owns it. She can hear the explosion sounds but didn’t bother taking a look because it’s not her business… she has her own.

She reached the woods and stopped when someone spoke behind her, “I didn’t know you were also here, Miss Phantom.” She smirked, still not turning to him, “Jung Yunho… So, it’s you?” The guy raised an eyebrow, “What?” Now, she faced him, showing her bright red eyes, which made Yunho confused because it’s strangely pure red, the yellow color on the center from before was gone, “That powerful aura I felt earlier… though Kyuhyun’s and Hae’s was still stronger…” The last sentence was said in a low volume that the Crescent didn’t hear it.

The male vampire scoffed, “Powerful? Yeah, I guess that’s mine. So, why are you here? You came to find me?” She crossed her arms and shifted her weight on her right leg, “Sort of.” Yunho clapped his hands and laughed maniacally, “Wow, I was really planning on searching for you but I guess favor was on my side right now and you actually appeared right in front of me. You do know I despise you, right?” Sungmin chuckled, “Of course. Did I blow out your bubble?”

Yunho made his way near the smirking Sungmin, but as flash as light, Kyuhyun was already there, shielding Sungmin from the Crescent prince, earning a raised eyebrow from Yunho. Even Sungmin was a bit surprised and said sarcastically, “Wow, my savior is here.” Kyuhyun frowned, “Shut up, bitch.” He then turned to the other vampire, “So, I am right, this is another scheme of the Crescents.”

He sneered, “Who else? Only Crescents have this hatred towards you useless Phantoms.” Kyuhyun’s blood boiled, “What?! Useless?!”

“I have no time for you, Cho. I have some business to settle with that pretty miss behind you.” Yunho started to move and Kyuhyun quickly pushed Sungmin far away from them and blocked Yunho’s fist using his left arm. He smirked and said with his teenage husky voice, “Too bad, she’s mine.” The black-haired vampire scrunched his forehead and swiftly raised his other arm to aim for the younger’s face but was kicked away by Kyuhyun.

The two guys were having a hand-to-hand combat, no fire nor did water get involved, which were powers acquired by Phantoms and Crescents, respectively. Only physical attacks were made… on the back of their minds, they were avoiding that because they’re each others’ weakness. Phantoms have the strength that can slice the land into two and speed that normal eyes can’t comprehend, while Crescents were more of the intellectual types, they can create illusions and cast spells, but to some reasons, they rarely do that.

Kyuhyun unfortunately slipped and Yunho took this chance to finally injure the boy but when he was about to use his sharp nails, he was kicked by Sungmin on the stomach area, making him fly away and back touching the ground. But she wasn’t finished yet, she rapidly ran there, as fast as Donghae, and punched the struggling-to-get-up Yunho continuously. However, a pair of hands pulled her hair and mercilessly threw her but Kyuhyun caught her on time.

“Jaejoong-ah…” Yunho was able to grunt that name, even though he was badly hurt by the unbelievably strong girl. There stood Jaejoong, Yunho’s most trusted slave… also his first slave, like Sungmin to Kyuhyun.

The girl became furious with the slave who threw her that she was able to break free from Kyuhyun’s tight grip on her arms and ran to give an attack to Jaejoong. To her dismay, her swift punches were easily blocked by him.

Earlier, it was master vs. master, but the scene right now was the opposite, it was now slave vs. slave.

“Don’t think that I’ll be forgiving and gentle just because you’re a girl…”

She smirked, “I don’t care. You love your master so I understand.”


“Come on, it’s obvious. But we’re not the same, though.”

Sungmin’s nails created slash cuts to the skin of Jaejoong. However, while the slaves were busy fighting, Yunho found the strength to stand up and go up against Kyuhyun, who was first oblivious because he was worriedly watching Sungmin, but being a skilled fighter, he got back to his senses and counterattacked.

So far, the fight was in favor of the two Phantoms, as expected.

Kyuhyun saw the dragon from his peripheral view and hissed, “The dragon is yours?! How the hell did you have a dragon?!” Yunho smirked as he threw punches on his opponent, “Nope. It’s yours. I’m controlling it.” “WHAT?!” Enraged, he accidentally blasted a sharp fire laser that shot the side of the Crescent’s waist. Yunho’s grunt was heard by Jaejoong and went to his master, leaving Sungmin, dumbfounded.

“Master, are you alright?” Yunho crouched down, touched his wounded waist and looked grudgingly at his smirking opponent, “You’re really making me lose my temper, Phantom!” Yunho stood up, with the assistance of his slave, and was about to counterattack when Sungmin shouted and pushed Kyuhyun away from them, “KYUHYUN-AH!!! WATCH OUT!”


The flying dragon was blasting big fires all over the place and the boys were having a hard time since it was on the air and they have the same powers. All they could do was prevent the dragon from going to the place where the villagers were.

Donghae shouted at his older cousin who was blocking bits of fire coming from the big creature, “Hyung! Where’s Kyuhyun?!” Heechul shouted back while avoiding, “I don’t know! I’ve been looking for him too!” Ryeowook ran beside Donghae, “Hyung, I saw Kyuhyun going to the woods on the west side.” The mind reader frowned, “What will he do there?” Kibum jumped beside Eunhyuk, who was in front of Donghae, to push him, “He is following Sungmin.” “What? Sungmin? Oh fuck, it’s full moon!”

Then, the land suddenly rose and they saw an unfamiliar man jump on it and touch the dragon and to their surprise, the dragon stopped and fell.

Curious, the boys went to where the creature fell and saw bulky men with a feminine man wearing a black fur jacket, the one who knocked the dragon out. The bulky men were surely Phantoms, on the fighting and earth division. Well, aside from fire, Phantoms do control thr earth element. But the feminine man doesn’t look like a Phantom… more like a Crescent.

Donghae turned to the man, “What is a Crescent doing with Phantoms?” The tall, black-haired man, with his bangs covering one of his eyes, smirked, “I’m not an enemy, Donghae-ssi. Yes, I’m a Crescent, but I serve as a spy of the Phantoms to them.” Heechul narrowed his eyes, “Why? And why do you look familiar to me?”

The man flashed his pearly whites, “Of course I’ll be familiar, Heechul-ssi. By the way, I won’t tell you my real name but Siwon-ssi told me that I should introduce myself as Taekyoung. Honestly, I came working with you guys due to one reason: my father was the best friend of the former Crescent prince, Lee Minho.”


At the same time the both of them fell on the ground, with Sungmin on top of Kyuhyun, the land cracked, creating a line that separates the young Phantoms and Crescents.

“You Crescents should go now, you are fully aware that tonight is a full moon and you know that we’re on our best. I really have no idea why are you so brave, seeing that you are now severely wounded by these two.” The four vampires shifted their gazes to the owner of the voice, which was Zhou Mi. Of course, Kyuhyun and Sungmin were shocked with the strength the old man possesses.

“Young master Yunho, I just want to let you know that you should be more careful from now on, now that this girl was on the side of the Phantoms. You have no idea the power she has and it’s really on your disadvantage.” All of them looked at him curiously, especially Sungmin.

The old man sighed, “This girl… this girl is the only child of Prince Minho and Princess Dara.”

Yunho shouted, “What?! Prince Minho and that Phantom princess had a daughter?!” Zhou Mi smirked, “And a son.” The current Crescent prince freaked out, “WHAT?! Then where is he?!” The old man pointed at Sungmin, “They’re in one body.”

Sungmin stood up, “What the hell are you talking about, haraboji?!”

“You, Sungmin, is the forbidden child of the forbidden love between a Crescent prince and a Phantom princess.”

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