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Pleasurable Mistake (3/5)

Title: Pleasurable Mistake (3/5)

Pairing: KyuMin, slight!SeoKyu

Genre: Angst, Romance

Rating: PG-13, NC-17 for the smut part

Warning: AU, incest, unbeta-ed

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Most of the scenes never happened in real life, and were just products of my imagination.

Summary: They are an example of a good relationship between brothers, whose parents are away for work. Since they barely see their mother and father, they only relied on each other, and treated each other as the most important person in their life. However, their treatment is what no one had expected to happen. They don’t know when, how, and why, but what they feel for the other is strong… but they knew that it was wrong… very wrong.

Request by kry_h3artz

Previous parts: 1 2

“I think at the age of 35, I will create a family with the one I love,” Eunhyuk said, smiling, as he looked at his co-DJ and his fellow members who are guests for their radio show. Leeteuk, his co-DJ, laughed along with the other members, “Aren’t you too old for that?” his co-DJ teased.

“But you’re older than me by that time,” Eunhyuk retorted, earning loud laughter from the others, including Leeteuk, who just lightly smacked his dongsaeng’s head.

“Would Donghae-sshi be fine with that?” the leader asked their pretty fishy boy, who just laughed at them and rode along with the joke. Yesung, one of their singers, asked their magnae, “How about Kyuhyun-sshi, what if Sungmin-sshi is a girl?” Yesung is known by the fans as the no. 1 KyuMin shipper.

The magnae chuckled as he glanced at his hyung, who is seated next to him, he brought his lips to the mic, “If Sungmin-sshi is a girl, we’ll probably get married at the age of 30 – he’s 32 and I’m 30, of course,” the members snickered again while Sungmin playfully hit the younger’s arm, with the magnae ignoring it and continued, “And we’ll have two kids; one girl and one boy.”

His hyungs cooed, laughing hard when a blushing Sungmin whined, “Why am I always the girl?!”


Fan services. One of Kyuhyun’s favorite parts of being in Super Junior. This was also one of the reasons why he thought that the fact that him, being Sungmin’s younger brother, was hidden in public was a good thing.


Simple. Because of these fan services for their couple thingy, Sungmin is only his, and he is only Sungmin’s. Believe it or not, his love for Sungmin is now stronger than his love for his fans and Starcraft. No, not in a brotherly way, but in a way that he wanted their so-called KyuMin couple to be real… and he knows that he shouldn’t feel this way.

Actually, he uses these fan services to show his love for his hyung. Though he knows his limitations, he still fails on hiding his true feelings and tends to create very sweet KyuMin moments on stage… and he can’t help but smile when fans scream at that simple hug or staring at each other. The only sad thing is that Sungmin doesn’t seem to get his message and just treats all of his actions as merely scripted for the entertainment of the fans.

After Heechul discovered the wonderful world of fan fictions, he and Sungmin tried reading one of those. All they saw was the genre ‘smut’ and they got curious with what is with that genre that fans always write those. After reading one, Sungmin ends up laughing his heart out and Kyuhyun’s face was red. A very different reaction, right? Kyuhyun didn’t read again, while Sungmin did, most of the time with Donghae. Sungmin should be the one acting like him, and he should be the one acting like Sungmin; he ‘TOPS’ and ‘DOMINATES.’ However, in real life, Sungmin really dominates between the two of them because he is older.

As months passed by, his feelings for his brother just grew and he knows that he just completely fell for the older. It is just a good thing that ‘SeoKyu’ – Seohyun-Kyuhyun – developed. Fans say that their couple is cute and they are both magnaes of the group. Also, after joining Super Junior-M, a sub-group, there he met Zhou Mi, a tall Chinese who is a co-member of the said group, and he got close with him. Since he is far away from his brother, he treated Zhou Mi as his older brother too because the guy is of the same age as Sungmin. And then, QMi – Kyuhyun-Zhoumi – was born.

He used the two pairings of him to cover up his true feelings for his hyung. Zhoumi knows how he felt for Sungmin, and his friend agreed to help him by that. Of course, he won’t tell it to Seohyun, whose real name is Joohyun, for the girl confessed to him months ago and he haven’t even reciprocated the girl’s affection properly.

They stayed in Taiwan for SJ-M promotions for months. Because of their busy schedule, he barely had time to call Sungmin, who was also busy in Korea for Super Junior-Happy – another sub-group. For months, he rarely had long conversations with his brother, making him miss Sungmin very much that he cries to Donghae every night because of that.

But then, after a very long wait, SJ-M era ended and it means that they will go back to Korea and reunite with their other members… and Sungmin. He could already imagine himself strangling his cute hyung by giving him the tightest hug to show how much he missed him.

Hangeng excitedly opened the door and went up the stairs to go to their rooms with Donghae, while Ryeowook, whose room was located on the same floor as Kyuhyun, went to his and Yesung’s shared area, while Kyuhyun did the same; of course, his and Sungmin’s shared room.

As he silently opened the door, his heart broke into pieces as he caught the sight of Sungmin and Hyukjae hugging each other rather intimately, with Sungmin sitting on the bed and Hyukjae kneeling on the floor. A normal guy in love with Sungmin would just see that as a friendship hug, but to a guy in love with Sungmin, who knows that Sungmin likes Hyukjae, like him would think that they are now together. The two doesn’t seem to recognize his presence that they stayed like that for a few seconds. Kyuhyun can’t take the pain anymore that he just let his bags carelessly drop on the floor, making the two jump in surprise.

“Kyuhyun?” Sungmin blinked his eyes many times as he stared at his brother, who just awkwardly smiled and avoided his gaze. “Oh my God, you’re back, Kyubaby!!!” Sungmin squealed as he happily skipped to hug his brother, whom he hadn’t seen for months. “I missed you so much, baby~!!!”

Though some parts of his heart were now scattered on the floor, Kyuhyun managed to form a smile on his quivering lips; Sungmin’s endearment to him never fails to make his insides melt.

“I missed you too, hyung,” the magnae weakly said, his eyes unconsciously forming mist, making Sungmin worry and cup his cheeks, “Baby, why are you crying?” A lone tear escaped from Kyuhyun’s eyes, more tears following as the younger wiped it and vigorously shook his head. Sungmin pushed his younger brother’s head to make it lean on his broad shoulder, and hugged him tight, stroking his back.

“What’s wrong, Kyu? Did something happen?” How could he get mad at the owner of that gentle voice? There’s no way he would bear anger at him… “Nothing, hyung… I just missed you so much…” he said as he snuggled closer to his brother like a baby, finding it a bit uncomfortable because Sungmin is smaller than him. Of course, he can’t tell Sungmin the real reason why he was crying, right?

“Aww~ I missed you like hell~!!!” Sungmin tightened his hug, now playfully twisting the younger. Hyukjae ruffled the crying boy’s black hair, making Kyuhyun look at him, his lonely eyes somewhat weirdly throwing needles at Hyukjae’s heart. “H-How was Taiwan?”

Kyuhyun smiled, not answering. Why would he get mad at Hyukjae? So what if they’re lovers? Hyukjae and Sungmin could be lovers, but not Kyuhyun and Sungmin… because the last two… the last two are brothers.

Hyukjae suddenly felt uneasy with the magnae’s sad look. So, he just excused himself to give alone time for the brothers and went out of the room. Sungmin was completely unaware of Hyukjae’s and Kyuhyun’s weird actions.

Sungmin, being the good and thoughtful hyung he is, decided to help his younger brother to unpack his things as he narrated the things that happened in the country while the others are away. However, the younger remained silent; sometimes, he listens, sometimes, he doesn’t. After placing the last shirt in their shared closet, Sungmin finally noticed Kyuhyun’s silence.

He turned to the younger, crouched to level his face with the boy blankly sitting on the bed, “Hey, are you listening?” Kyuhyun weakly smiled, “Yes,” Not believing what the younger said, Sungmin pouted, “No, you’re not. You must be tired…” he lightly patted Kyuhyun’s cheek and brushed the younger’s brown hair, “Take a nap first, okay? Your dinner will be prepared by the time you wake up.”

Kyuhyun nodded before lying on the bed – which was actually Sungmin’s bed – with the older guy sitting beside him, stroking his hair. He snuggled with his hyung, wrapping an arm around the older Lee’s waist, burying his face on Sungmin’s side, inhaling the aegyo king’s sweet vanilla scent.

“Hyung,” he mumbled. Sungmin gently hummed as he continued twirling and playing with his brother’s locks. “I love you,” there, he said it. He cannot keep it anymore; he needs to let it out. It is a good thing that his face is hidden and Sungmin can’t see his blush. He means it. He loves Sungmin for more than just being a brother… more than a brother

Sungmin smiled, “I love you too, Kyu,” Though Kyuhyun’s heart skipped a beat, with Sungmin’s tone, he knows that Sungmin meant it the ‘brotherly way’, and it hurts. Before drifting to dreamland, he thought that maybe he should start forgetting his feelings for his hyung because there is like a .01 percent for them to be together. He should start moving on.

He slept for hours and when he woke up, he saw a note on Sungmin’s side table which says:

Kyu, I cooked your dinner! Wookie might still be sleeping… please wake him up to eat his dinner ^^


How could he forget Sungmin if the latter acts this way?

He only thought of one thing. He grabbed his phone and searched for a number of a particular person. “Joohyun-ah, can we meet?”


Jungsu rushed to their dining room where the members are happily having their breakfast, stopping to slam a newspaper on the table in front of Kyuhyun, making the others cringe. Jungsu sighed and pointed at the paper, “Explain,” Kyuhyun and the others leaned their faces closer to the paper, their eyes widening at the headline:

Super Junior’s Cho Kyuhyun and SNSD’s Seohyun are dating?

There is a picture under it. Kyuhyun and Seohyun are happily chatting with each other after coming out from a café shop, holding hands.

“Is this true, Kyuhyun?” Their leader asked him. Kyuhyun gulped. He took a glance first at Donghae, who was looking at him sympathetically, and at Sungmin, who was looking outside the window and sipping his hot coffee… he seemed to not care at all. He looked back to their leader and nodded nervously.

“Since when?” Jungsu calmly asked.

“After we came back from Taiwan,” he answered, his voice shaking not because of the fear that this issue will now spread nationwide, but because he is hurt that Sungmin doesn’t even care. He mentally slapped himself; he did this to forget Sungmin, not to make him jealous! Pabo Kyuhyun!

“God, that long? You’re already dating for a month?! The managers will come here later and you better explain this to them,” Jungsu said before going out, leaving the other members rushing to their magnae asking different questions, praising him, and congratulating him for having such a pretty girlfriend… except for one person… Sungmin.

Sungmin stood up and quietly stormed out of the room, and they didn’t notice him because they were all rounded up on their magnae. However, Donghae saw him and followed him.

“Sungmin,” Donghae took a hold of his friend’s arm, not speaking when Sungmin looked at him, teary eyed. The smaller dryly chuckled as he averted his gaze, “I’m gonna congratulate him later since I knew the news later as well without him telling me.” Sarcasm and bitterness is full on Sungmin’s tone. Donghae chose to keep his silence and let go of his co-member.


Kyuhyun entered his room, grinning because of his hyungs’ constant teasing, and just the same time, Sungmin came in their room and walked past him, his lower part covered in a towel. For once, he felt like he is having a déjà vu.

Years before, this exact scene already happened. The only difference is that Sungmin didn’t even talk to him and went to the closet without a word, acting like he didn’t even see Kyuhyun when he entered the room.

“Hyung,” his voice cracked. His heart being squeezed tight because of the guilt that creeps in him, though he doesn’t exactly know why Sungmin is being like this. “Sungmin hyung,” he called again, but to his disappointment, no answer came from the older again.

“H-hyung,” he took a step closer to his hyung, extended an arm to touch the other, his voice cracking again because he was about to cry; he hates it whenever Sungmin is like this to him. “Don’t… just don’t,” Sungmin firmly said as he slid his shirt on him, not looking at his brother.

“Hyung, why are you acting like this?” Kyuhyun finally asked the older, making Sungmin look at him coldly before closing the door of the cabinet, “I don’t have to tell you everything, right?” Just because of what Sungmin said, he now knows that the other is upset because he didn’t tell it to his brother… his brother.

Some might think that ‘why should Sungmin get upset with Kyuhyun just not telling him his relationship with Seohyun?’ But Kyuhyun understands; they grew up together and they never kept a secret from each other. Whenever something happens, whether it had been good or bad, they will always be the first one to know. This was actually the first time he kept a secret from his hyung… no, the second time.

He was about to say something, but Sungmin already dashed out of their shared room, leaving him dumbfounded.


On that day, they prepared and packed their things for they will go to Japan for their Super Show. None of the two of them exchanged words with each other, though Kyuhyun tried engaging Sungmin in a conversation, but his older brother will either ignore him or just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

“Hey, Sungmin-ah,” Donghee, a.k.a. Shindong, sat beside his closest friend while waiting at the airport. The younger didn’t look at him, but he hummed as a response. “Is there something wrong between you and Kyuhyun?” This time, Sungmin didn’t even answer or move. Donghee sighed and palmed his face, “Stop being so childish, Min.”

Normally, when someone will say this to a person in the situation of Sungmin, that person will get mad. However, Sungmin just sighed and nodded. “Just give me more time… you know me, hyung,” The older patted his friend’s head, “Yes, I know you very well. It’s not Kyuhyun’s fault, remember.”

“Yes, it’s mine,” Sungmin uttered as he glanced at Kyuhyun, who was staring in space, ignoring the ringing phone on his hand. He turned his gaze away when Kyuhyun sighed and accidentally met with his eyes.


“Hyung,” Kyuhyun tried talking to Sungmin again as they reached their shared room on the hotel. His heart skipped a beat when the older turned to him with a gentle expression, “Yes?” It was not cold anymore. It was the normal Sungmin. He is back. He is not mad at him anymore. Kyuhyun couldn’t be any happier than this.

He can’t already control his tears as they burst out from his eyes, panicking Sungmin. “Hey, hey, why are you crying?!” Sungmin said as he rushed to his brother and cupped his cheeks. Kyuhyun sniffed, holding his hyung’s wrists, “Because you already talked to me… I’m really sorry, hyung… I won’t keep secrets from you again…”

“Aw, Kyu, I’m sorry if I got mad at you… I just got… I just got upset because you didn’t tell me about you and Seohyun dating for a month already,” Sungmin gently said as he wiped his brother’s tears. “I’m really sorry for keeping it… I swear no secrets anymore!” Kyuhyun childishly declared, raising his right hand as if doing a pledge.

The older giggled at his crying brother’s cuteness, “Yes, no secrets anymore.”


Kyuhyun threw his body to the bed after an exhausting but fun Super Show. They had a lot of performances… and of course, fan service won’t be left out. Kyuhyun is just too happy that Japanese fans ship KyuMin the most among the other ‘OTPs’ in their group, so he and Sungmin had to create ‘KyuMin moments’ there. He’s not complaining; he’s actually happy.

He closed his eyes to sleep, but he felt his bed dip; Sungmin sat beside him. Sungmin stroked his hair and whispered, “Kyu, we promised that there will be no secrets again, right?” He opened his eyes to look at the older and smiled, “Yes, hyung. Why?”

“Then, I also kept a secret from you… no, I’ve been keeping a secret to you for years now,” Sungmin shyly confessed with his head down. With this, the younger sat properly and faced his hyung, “M-me too,” Sungmin didn’t find it any weird, but he chose to be the first one to speak, “Kyu, I’ll completely understand if you’ll stay away from me, or get uncomfortable around me, or hate me… but, I really just want to let this out from my chest. I’ve been lying to you all these years…”

Sungmin was babbling and Kyuhyun already didn’t catch the last parts, so he held his hyung’s shoulder to calm him down, “Hyung, just say it. Whatever that thing is, I will never stay away from you. I promise,” Sungmin heavily sighed before speaking.

“I… I… I lo- oh shit, why is this so hard?!” Sungmin ruffled his hair in frustration. But Kyuhyun just kept his silence and just hope that what he thinks Sungmin will say is true. Sungmin pursed his lips and stared directly at his brother’s alluring dark chocolate orbs. This is it.

“Okay, I love you. I fucking love you so much not just because you are a brother but I actually love you more than a friend and a brother and it really is not brotherly or something because I always lust over you and I know that what I feel for you is something romantic and intimate and I fucking can’t help myself falling for you more because you’re getting fucking gorgeous through the years that it made me have the want you inside me-”

“Hyung, hyung… stop,” Kyuhyun firmly said, and this tore Sungmin’s heart into pieces. “You don’t have to explain it in details. Just those three words, I already can understand it.”

Sungmin bit his lips, tears pooling on his eyes, “You must be disgusted with your brother now… I’m really, really sorry! I… I won’t meddle with your relationship with Joohyun! Yes, I’m jealous, but I’m actually happy for you! At least, you’re not like your brother who is gay and-”

Kyuhyun shrugged, “Too bad, hyung. It looks like we really are brothers and have the same genes,” Sungmin narrowed his eyes, not getting what the other meant. The magnae continued, “I’m also gay, hyung,” The older tilted his head, “You’re kidding me.”

“No! I’m telling the truth! And guess what, I just found out that the person I was being gay for was also gay for me.”


Kyuhyun palmed his face; his hyung really is an idiot. “Sungmin hyung, I love you… so much. I know it’s sinful… but just like you, I can’t help it. You’re too cute for me to handle,” Sungmin was too shocked to even react and move. He just stayed in his position. “I also lust over you, you know.”

“This isn’t a joke, Lee Kyuhyun,” Sungmin stood up, not wanting to believe what the other is saying; yes, he wants it, but it is wrong… Kyuhyun shouldn’t… he should only be the one committing a sin like that and he doesn’t want his brother to suffer just like him.

“But, I’m serious!”

Sungmin shook his head and turned to leave, but Kyuhyun caught his wrists and stood up to go face-to-face with him, “I’m serious, hyung. I have been loving you for years now. I hid it because I know that it is wrong and because I know that you like Hyukjae hyung…”

“I don’t like Hyukjae. I mean, not in the sense of how I liked you,” Sungmin admitted. “I just used him as an excuse when you asked me on who I like. Of course, why would I tell you that it’s you whom I like?”

Kyuhyun took a small step closer to his hyung’s body and lifted Sungmin’s chin to make him look at him, “Hyung, is this wrong?” he asked before pressing his lips onto his hyung’s soft ones, with Sungmin immediately kissing back with the same gentleness.

“Yes, this is wrong,” Sungmin breathed after breaking their sweet kiss. “But this felt so right.”

Kyuhyun cupped Sungmin’s nape and huskily asked before getting back to taste the older’s strawberry-flavored lips, “Then, how should I stop from making mistakes?” The kiss was nothing passionate or aggressive. Just teasing brushes of lips.

With every gentle peck, Sungmin uttered, word per word, “There is nothing wrong in making mistakes. You just have to accept whatever consequence it would bring after it was done.”

Kyuhyun pulled away and stared deeply at Sungmin’s doe eyes, “Are you willing to accept the consequences after this?”


smut part
(you may or may not read it. It's your choice)

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