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Pleasurable Mistake (4/5)

Title: Pleasurable Mistake (4/5)

Pairing: KyuMin, broken!SeoKyu

Genre: Angst, Romance

Rating: PG-13

Warning: AU (I think this is an AU), incest, character death (not kyumin), unbeta-ed, rushed

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Most of the scenes never happened in real life, and were just products of my imagination.

Summary: They are an example of a good relationship between brothers, whose parents are away for work. Since they barely see their mother and father, they only relied on each other, and treated each other as the most important person in their life. However, their treatment is what no one had expected to happen. They don’t know when, how, and why, but what they feel for the other is strong… but they knew that it was wrong… very wrong. Their pleasurable mistake led them to create a miracle.

Requested by kry_h3artz

Previous Parts: 1 2 3

Sungmin moved to get up, stopping when he felt someone’s grip on his waist tightened, and a heavy weight was pressed on his right leg. Hot morning breath then tickled his throat, his nose touching something hairy, and heard a groan.

“Hyung… don’t go…” a husky voice sent tingles to his body.

He smiled, and snuggled closer to his brother to smell the younger’s hair. However, as he shifted sideward to face his dongsaeng, something poked his thigh, causing for his eyes to snap open wide. Kyuhyun’s curly brown locks welcomed his sight, his gaze falling to the younger’s sleeping face down to his and Kyuhyun’s exposed torsos.

Afraid to disturb the other, he gently lifted the blanket to peek thru it, only to put it back swiftly after seeing that they wear no cloth… they are naked. And this haste of action of his woke Kyuhyun up.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Kyuhyun sleepily asked, burying his face to his hyung’s shoulder, with Sungmin frozen solid on his position.

Shit. What have I done? What did I do to Kyuhyun? What happened?! Oh God, no, this didn’t happen… this shouldn’t… no…

Scenes of the happenings last night flashed back in his memory. He just confessed to his brother… yes, his brother… in blood. And to his surprise, this younger man actually felt the same way as he does. He was supposed to just let out what he feels towards the younger and finally let him go, not to sleep with him.

Of all the sins he could commit, why this one? They are brothers, for God’s sake!

“Nothing, Kyu. Just continue sleeping,” he said with a hushed tone as he fixed his arm, which was under his brother’s neck, and stroked the younger’s hair. Kyuhyun hummed.

“Min, Kyu, wake up now and pack up!!!” they heard Donghae’s voice echoing outside.

“H-Hae, don’t open the door! They are probably na-” it was Hyukjae’s voice, and the dancer wasn’t able to finish his sentence because Donghae already pushed the door open, finding his friend stationary, his eyes as wide as saucers, and his jaw literally dropped on the carpet.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin detangled their naked bodies, and sat up, faces red and have the same reaction as Donghae.

Hyukjae took a step forward to pull his friend out, but Donghae shrieked whilst he slammed the door close, his eyes tightly shut, and his head hung low, “GOSH, I’M SORRY! I’M REALLY SORRY!” Donghae then faced his friend, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment, fanning it using his hands.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” The two Lees snapped their heads to their curious leader, whom they forgot was trailing behind them.

“N-nothing, hyung!” The two boys shook their heads while waving their hands, and it just earned a cynic look from Jungsu. “I don’t believe you. What are you two hiding? Wait, that’s Kyuhyun’s and Sungmin’s room, right?”

Donghae and Hyukjae blocked the door with sheepish smiles, making the blonde glare at them. “Move.” Jungsu’s word is law to them, so no matter how unwilling they might be, they moved aside and gave way to the older, wishing that the brothers are now in the bathroom.


After Donghae closed the door, Kyuhyun and Sungmin stared at each other for a while, with Sungmin to be the first one to snap back to reality, “Kyu, what happened?” Kyuhyun looked strangely at his brother, and then looked down on their half-naked bodies, “Uh, this?”

The older covered his face with his palms, muttering, “Gosh, I am so sorry, Kyu… hyung is really sorry,” the younger pouted, “Why are you saying sorry? We both wanted this,” Sungmin removed his hands from his face, his pitch now getting higher as tears started pooling around his eyes, “But, this is wrong… I shouldn’t have let this happened…”

“But Min hyung, you already agreed to accept the consequences!” Kyuhyun retorted, his deep voice also getting higher. Finally, Sungmin broke down, his tone suddenly went calm and gentle, “Yes, and that consequence is to let you go.”

Their eyes are like faucet; tears flowing incessantly and uncontrollably from it. The younger croaked, “Hyung, don’t let me go…”

“I don’t want to be selfish,”

“There is nothing wrong in being selfish sometimes,”

“There is. And tha-”

Sungmin’s words were cut when the door opened and revealed an equally shocked Jungsu, with Donghae and Hyukjae bowing and apologizing on the background.


Jungsu crossed his arms and legs as he sat comfortably on the unoccupied bed, with his Lee brothers standing in front of him, heads bowed. He let them get dressed before confronting them; who would want talking to two naked guys, right?

He cleared his throat, altering his gazes to the younger guys, “Enlighten me.”

“Hyung…” Sungmin weakly said. “What you saw just now is-”

“TRUE.” Kyuhyun firmly finished Sungmin’s sentence for he knows that his hyung will say that it was just a misunderstanding or something. Their leader is not an idiot; he already saw them, so why bother lying to him when the answers to his questions are on the scene he witnessed earlier?

Sungmin widened his eyes and snapped his head to his brother, who remained calm and confident. Jungsu sighed and scratched his head, “Aish, why I knew that this would happen?” Sungmin then turned his skeptic gaze to their leader, “What?” only to groan when he felt pain again on his bottom part when he moved.

Jungsu stared at the older Lee in the group, “Yes, I know all along your feelings for each other. I should have made an action, but who am I to stop you from doing it? It’s like I could stop both of you, right?”

“However,” he is now back to being the strict leader, “I am not saying that I would let you guys like this. You are brothers. The same blood flows through your body. After all, what would happen if the media, especially your parents, know this? It would be chaotic,” he then fixed his eyes on the youngest Lee, “And you, Kyuhyun, should better break it off with Joohyun. You’ve been using her for the past month.”

“I know that, hyung. I am planning to end it after we go back to Korea.” Kyuhyun politely answered with a nod.

Jungsu stood up, walked in between the two to give their shoulder an understanding pat before leaving the room.

“Let’s pack up first. Let’s not talk about this for now.” Sungmin bitterly said as he limped across the room to bring out his luggage.


Kyuhyun is confused; Last night, “his” Sungmin was willing to give him everything like he is his world. But now, Sungmin is acting like nothing happened. Like there is nothing to talk about. The older continued smiling and waving to the fans at the airport, and ignored Kyuhyun the whole flight; even if they sit next to each other on the airplane, no words were exchanged from both of them. He really wondered on why no one noticed Sungmin’s limping.

They directly went to SM after a silent tiring flight for a recording with SNSD. Of course, Seohyun clung to Kyuhyun like a koala, telling him all the time how she missed him.

While waiting for his turn, since Seohyun was the one recording, he chose this moment to escape from her and go out.

He is supposed to be heading to the restroom to wash his tired face, but he accidentally bumped by Sungmin, who looked startled as they faced each other. Kyuhyun took this chance to confront the other man.

Sungmin then found himself pinned on the wall, trapped in between the younger’s long, lanky arms, bound by his brother’s drowning stares.

“Kyu, what are you doi-”

He wasn’t able to finish his question, for Kyuhyun crashed his lips with his, sending electricity jolts to his body, affecting his rationality. No matter how hard he tries to fight against his will, he is just a slave for this boy; he now kissed back, with his arms wrapped possessively around the younger’s neck.

They parted for oxygen, longing gazes locked at each other, desire and want evident from the expression on their faces. Kyuhyun gently kissed Sungmin fully on the lips before breathing on it, “Sungmin, please don’t let me go. I love you so much.”

Sungmin can’t help but tear up with Kyuhyun’s truthful, meaningful words, especially that Kyuhyun called him ‘Sungmin’ again, and said ‘I love you.’

He vigorously nodded as tears broke from his eyes, with Kyuhyun beaming as he cupped the smaller guy’s cheeks, and then kissed Sungmin’s eyelids before pressing their lips again.

“Kyuhyun oppa? Sungmin oppa?”

Their blissful moment was suddenly interrupted by a tall, pretty girl standing meters away from them, eyes look like wanting to go out from its sockets, and this girl apparently is Kyuhyun’s girlfriend.

The two guys instinctively pulled away from each other’s arms, with Kyuhyun weakly reaching out for Seohyun, who turned their backs at them and dashed away. Kyuhyun glanced at Sungmin, who just stopped crying and told the younger to follow Seohyun. He hesitated, but when Sungmin pushed him and whispered that everything will be alright, that’s the only time he moved his feet.

“Joohyun-ah, wait!” he yelled not-so-loudly, running as fast as he can to catch up with the girl. Having the advantage of being blessed to be long-legged, he was able to clutch the arms of the crying girl, instantly turning her body to face him.

It hurts to see her crying, especially that he knew that he is the reason. He didn’t love her romantically, yes, but they still shared lots of happy memories together, making her more like his younger sister. She still became a part of his life.


She struggled from his grip, but was unable to break free since her body system isn’t working coordinately.

“Joohyun, I’m sorry,”

She stopped attempting; there is no use, anyway. She sniffed before blurting out, “Oppa, what are you doing with Sungmin oppa? Are you practicing for your KyuMin fan service?” Kyuhyun didn’t say anything. He just stared at her, pity is what he gives her. He doesn’t even find in his heart regret that they were caught by his girlfriend.

Hearing no response from the guy, she cried more, bitterly laughing, “But you’re brothers…”

“I love him, Joohyun… not just in a brotherly sense… I love him more than anyone else… more than myself…”

Seohyun repeated what she said; this time, firmer and louder. Kyuhyun is thankful that no one is around. “But you are brothers… in blood.”

“I don’t care. I am foolishly in love with my only brother,” the guy confidently declared. “Let’s break up. I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” Those words were like a big heavy rock thrown at her, directly hitting and crushing her heart, burying it to the deepest layer of the soil.

She inhaled deeply, shut her eyes tight to regain the strength needed for whatever she will do. She snapped her teary eyes open, her once soft and weak expression on her face suddenly shifted to a strong one. With not much effort, she harshly pulled her arms away from the guy’s hands, “No. I will not break up with you.”

“Joohyun, I-”

“I am not letting you go without putting up a goddamn fight! Fuck everything, but you are mine!” she shouted, making the tall guy wince at the sudden rise of tone by the silent and gentle magnae of Girls’ Generation.


“She doesn’t want to break up,” Kyuhyun sadly whispered to his hyung as he entered the recording studio, and sat beside Sungmin, who just sighed, choosing not to say anything since the other members are also there with them; he would rather keep this to him and Kyuhyun so as not to worry the other members. They will just be a burden.

Sungmin placed his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder, shut his eyes close as he listens to Ryeowook’s jolly singing.


Kyuhyun and Seohyun have no communication after it; SNSD started with their Asian Tour, while Kyuhyun got busy with KRY promotions in Korea. But it didn’t mean that Kyuhyun and Sungmin have more “solo” time; the whole group is currently facing lots of problems, especially the one regarding Hangeng going away and filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Kibum’s break in performing with them also became an addition to it.

No, they aren’t worried of lacking in members; hell, they are like the group with the most members in their generation! Of course, they stayed together for more than three years already, and their bond is stronger than ever, even other groups envy their friendship. What they are afraid of is that this could be a sign that they will disband – not now, but soon. And the thought alone broke their hearts.

Heechul just made things worse. The guy is too depressed with what is happening; his ex-boyfriend and his favorite dongsaeng are ‘moving out’ from their group. He and Hangeng had a serious fight before that happened, leading for their three-year relationship to end, so he was thinking that he is the reason why the guy did that. No matter how hard they explain to him that he is not the reason, he still didn’t believe the boys, and secluded himself inside the four corners of his room… even Jungsu is having a hard time on him.

Sungmin never cried in front of the other members whenever they discuss this, especially every time they see Heechul so broken. He is always the one who does the comforting. Never did he shed a tear. He had built up this reputation of being the strong one in the group, and he is living up to it.

However, in every rule or situation, there will always be an exception. Once he enters his room and succumb to the warm embrace of Kyuhyun, the tears he tried on holding back finally disobeys him, and this time, Kyuhyun is the one who does the comforting to the strongest member of Super Junior.


Lights, camera, action!

The background music started playing, and lights were flashed to them. That was the cue for him to enter. He turned his back to the girl holding a mascot’s head, raised his arms in a V-shaped position, did a ‘thumbs up!’ sign, put his arms down, removed the head of the mascot from him, and flashed his pearly whites to his partner, who sweetly smiled back at him.

He completely faced her as she slowly made her way towards him, her stares are full of love, only for him. She stopped in front of him, gaze still not unlocking with his, as if not wanting to let go of it.

As the last chorus was near its end, she let go of the mascot head, grinned, skipped, tiptoed, wrapped her arms around his neck, and the next thing he knew, her lips are now gently pressed onto his. His eyes were wide as saucers due to shock, hearing faint sound of screams from the fans watching their shooting. He can’t feel anything aside from being surprised. Of course, he doesn’t feel anything for the girl.

“And, cut!” the director commented, making Seohyun slowly pry her lips from his. The grin on the director’s face cannot be erased as he commented, “It wasn’t part of the scene, actually. But I think that this music video will be a hit because of it. Nice work, you two.”

Kyuhyun’s face fell, his hands made its way to Seohyun’s waist to push her away, but he froze when he heard Donghae shout, “Hey, Sungmin hyung, where are you going?!”

He snapped his gaze to where he knew his group members are, narrowing his eyes to see against the darkness on the area. His instincts told him to run after Sungmin, and that’s what he did. However, as he stepped away, a hand pulled him, causing for him to stop, and look at the teary eyed Seohyun, who pleaded, “Please don’t go…” No matter how striking Seohyun’s stare is, his love for Sungmin is still overpowering, and the thought that Sungmin will cry alone, broken, scares him more.

“I’m sorry,” those were the words he said before running to leave, being able to escape against the crowd with the help of his group members.

Leeteuk stared pitifully at Seohyun, whose knees fell, and was crying, with her unnies around her.


“Sungmin hyung!”


He turned around to where he heard someone calling his name, and there he saw Donghae waving his hand above his head frantically, the other hand is pointing to his right, “Here! Sungmin went here!” Kyuhyun ran towards his hyung, following the direction where Donghae pointed to him.

He may look like a weak guy because he is thin and because he is known to be always playing computer games. Yes, he was all those things mentioned above, but he admits that he changed a lot after joining Super Junior. And he is a contradiction to the saying, “What you see is what you get.” Why? He easily caught up with Sungmin, whom everybody knows as one healthy guy and runs fast, though Sungmin is still meters away from him. Thanks to his long legs.

He exerted the most effort he could to speedup, grinning when his view of Sungmin’s back is getting nearer; actually, Sungmin is just getting slower.

As Sungmin ran near the large fountain, that was the time Kyuhyun finally caught his arm, with the younger instantly spinning his body to envelop him in his arms, the unique warmth of their magnae’s body made tears break out from his eyes.

“Pabo, why did you follow me?” Sungmin mumbled against Kyuhyun’s neck, making the younger chuckle as he stroked his hyung’s black hair. “Because I love you more,” The older Lee giggled, “So mushy. Go back there. Just leave me… I’ll be fine,” But his actions don’t reflect on what he is trying to point out, for he just hugged Kyuhyun tighter and smelled the younger’s intoxicating scent.

“I will never leave you,” Kyuhyun buried his face on the top of the smaller guy’s hair, kissing it. Sungmin moved his face away from Kyuhyun’s long neck and looked at the taller without removing his arms from Kyuhyun’s waist, “But Joohyun is hurt…” The younger’s thumbs moved down to caress his hyung’s tear-stained chubby cheeks, planting a kiss on the older’s forehead, eyelids and tip of the nose, before saying, “I know. But you are much more important to me,”

“She kissed me, Min,”

Sungmin smiled and nodded, “I know. I easily get jealous, you know,”

Sungmin whispered, “Kiss me,” he then transferred his arms to Kyuhyun’s neck, pushing the taller closer to him, “I will remove traces of her lips.” He said before gently meeting his lips with his, savoring the sweet taste of Kyuhyun’s lips as they drown into their love.

There weren’t much people around, so no one saw them… like they care.

Sungmin parted his lips when he felt Kyuhyun’s tongue poking his lower lip, leading for a deeper, heater kiss. They were so into making out when Sungmin’s phone rang, making them unwillingly unlatch their molding tongues and groan because of the distraction.

When Sungmin saw Hyukjae’s caller ID, he instantly picked it up, “Hyuk?”

“Min, you better go here at SM!”

Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun, “W-why?”

“Joohyun is at the rooftop! She’s threatening us that she will jump unless we call Kyuhyun and get back together with her!”

“WHAT?!” he shrieked, making Kyuhyun worried; he cannot hear what they were talking about, but based on Sungmin’s reaction, he is sure that it is a very serious one… and it is about them.

The older then gripped Kyuhyun’s wrist and pulled him to run, explaining while dashing towards SM building, “Kyu, Joohyun is going to suicide if you won’t go back together!” Kyuhyun widened his eyes, “What the- oh my God, she’s crazy!”

“You have to stop her!” they went to the shortcut, besides, the route has less people so they won’t have to avoid the crowd. “And how, by getting back with her? Fuck, Min, I will just kill her more!” the younger answered back.

“But there is no other way! We are the reason if she jumps off the building! We will kill her, Kyu!”

After a few minutes, they finally reached the building, panting, gasping at the crowd piling in front of the building, looking up, and there they saw Joohyun, standing at the edge of the rooftop. “Min! Kyu!” They heard Jungsu, Hyukjae, and Donghae calling their names, and the other members were running towards them.

Jungsu held the brothers’ wrists, “Go this way,” the two nodded before letting themselves get dragged by their leader, with the other group members following them.

As they reached the top of the building, Sooman and the other executives are there. The CEO pushed Kyuhyun to talk to Seohyun, with Seohyun’s crying friends looking at him pleadingly.

“Kyuhyun oppa,” Seohyun’s eyes sparkled as she caught sight of Kyuhyun slowly making his way towards her, the cold wind blowing made her shiver. “You’re here!”

Kyuhyun hoisted an arm, his palm facing the girl, spoke loudly, but gently, “Joohyunnie, please come here,” The young girl’s smiling face went blank, “Say you love me first,” Kyuhyun breathed, parted his lips, but the words just won’t come out, and it made the girl cry and yell, “Say you love me, Cho Kyuhyun!!!”

The guy nodded frantically, his voice shaking, “I-I love you! Just please… come here…” She laughed maniacally, bitterness evident on it, more tears falling from her eyes, “Choose between me and Sungmin. Who do you love more, me or Sungmin?!”

Kyuhyun panicked with the question; hell, Seohyun knows the answer to that! Of course, he loves Sungmin more, but if he will say that he chooses Sungmin, Seohyun will surely get frantic, but if he will say that it is her, he would lie to himself.

“You are very special to me, Joohyun. I am really thankful for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for the memories. We’ve shared a lot of moments together and I will treasure all of those because you are the closest girl to me. I really, really like you.” He just brought out whatever word would come out from his mouth… and he meant all of those.

Seohyun smiled and nodded. The wind blows her silky long hair, making it brush to her face to cover her tears. “That’s all I need to hear… I love you, oppa. I wish that you will be happy with Sungmin oppa. I am terribly sorry for this.”

The next thing that happened, Seohyun already disappeared from their sight, with the members of SNSD screaming their lungs out as they rushed towards the edge of the building to peek on it, also hearing screams from the people outside the building.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin are rooted in their positions, frozen.

Hey! I'm sorry for the late update!
I was busy in school this week; too many quizzes! Ugh.
I am sorry for killing Seohyun, but the requester told me that... so, yeah, she died. *knocks on wood 3x* :(
I will try posting the last part next week :)
Thank you for reading, loves~!!! ♥
So, Happy Weekends, everyone!!! ;)

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