Ayen (ayeengie) wrote,

Full Moon (21/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairing: eventual!KyuMin, HaeMin, YeMin
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship
Rating: R
Warning: Supernatural, occasional Genderswitching
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.

Previous Chapters: Prologue ♣ 1 ♣ 2 ♣ 3 ♣ 4 ♣ 5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣ 9 ♣ 10 ♣ 11 ♣ 12 ♣ 13 ♣ 14 ♣ 15 ♣ 16 ♣ 17 ♣ 18 ♣ 19 ♣ 20

Violent unzipping of bag, loud thump of clothes being harshly put inside the case, and cries and curses from his mother filled Donghae’s ear. His mother was still fine this morning and it gave the boy a great fright when the woman declared that they are moving out.

He held the woman’s arms, and turned her body to face him. He leveled his face to his mother, “Mom, calm down. Please tell me what is going on,” he tried speaking as gently as he could. Yuri’s once flaring face suddenly softened as she pulled her son into a tight hug, buried her face to the younger’s chest, and sobbed, hot tears wetting the boy’s uniform. Donghae just stroked his mother’s long black hair, not wanting to rush things out from her.

“I… I heard them… they are fucking… they are fucking!” Yuri finally opened, words spoken in between sobs, “I don’t want to be a mistress anymore, Hae… I don’t want this kind of life… I never dreamed of living like this,” Not even a bit surprised – he knows that this would come – he sighed and made her sit on the edge of his bed, whilst he kneeled on the floor, his left hand on his mother’s right knee, his thumb of his right hand wiped the beautiful woman’s tears away.

“You know that it is you who father loves,”

“I know,” she sniffed, “But she is still the wife, not me. I hate it that I wasn’t born a royalty.” Hatred was gradually getting evident on her voice, her eyes showing pure fury with no mercy. In spite of Yuri’s expression on her face, Donghae smiled, his hands gripping tightly his mother’s soft ones.

“Mom, all these years I’ve been waiting and wanting for you to realize that I don’t want to see you crying over love that is willing to be given, but cannot enjoy the whole of it,” Yuri stopped crying, concentrating on listening and digesting her son’s words, “I want you to be free. I want you to find someone a lot better than him. I want you to start a new life. And I wanted to be with you as you do all of those. But mom, you know I couldn’t,”

Donghae’s tone softened, but turned melancholic, “I still have a duty to our fellow Phantoms, and I just can’t leave Sungmin, especially now that he needs to be guarded all the time for his life is in danger,”

“Please understand me, mom. I love Sungmin so much, and I already swore to protect and fight for the Phantoms.”

Yuri looked deeply at her son’s eyes, honesty and determination from the boy was shown through it, making her sigh in surrender.

She clutched on the younger’s cold hands, smiled dearly, and crouched to level her face with her son’s, “I understand, son. I wish that you and Sungmin wouldn’t have a fate like Siwon’s and mine. I know how much Sungmin loves you.”

The young vampire beamed in happiness and hugged the woman, continuously muttering thousands of thanks to her, “I wish for your happiness, son.”

Donghae moved away, concern written all over his face, “But mom, where will you go after this?” Yuri sighed as she looked longingly outside the window, the view of the sunset never failed to calm her down, “I will travel the world. I want to see different places. I want to meet different people… I want to be free.”

Donghae grinned, “Send me post cards, okay?” Yuri laughed and nodded, tears fell from her eyes again, but this time, it is due to extreme happiness.


He stopped reading after hearing footsteps coming near him. A shadow of someone made it hard for him to read, so he looked up, only for his creased forehead to straighten after seeing a black-haired guy who wears the most radiant smile on Earth.

“Good morning, Yesung hyung!” the boy giddily greeted, making him smile and nod as a sign of recognition to the boy. The pretty guy sat beside him, the younger’s hands stuffed inside the pockets of his jacket.

“You’re my schoolmate, right? And your friend told me that you are my best friend?” he asked the boy, whose expression turned from enthusiastic to blank.

Sungmin woke up early and decided to jog first to breathe good cold morning air. He missed doing this; before he became a vampire, jogging every morning is a daily habit of his, and most of the time, Yesung is with him. Those were his happy days.

After receiving a call from a panicking Donghae, he decided to go home to avoid having an argument with his childish boyfriend. But as he passed by the peaceful park, a guy sitting on a bench, reading a book, with his legs crossed, making him stop, his dead heart skipped a beat.

It had been a month since Yesung “returned” and he hadn’t talked to him since then. The theory of Yesung being a vampire is still yet to be proven. They tried following him after class, but he will suddenly disappear somewhere, and it is hard for them to track him because Yunho probably casted a spell on him for his ‘vampire scent’ to be erased, and his routines home varies every day.

He had been a headache to them.

But Sungmin doesn’t want to surrender in finding the truth; aside from the fact that they might find ways on how to save Yesung, this was also the time when Kyuhyun and Donghae are together, and no fight over him happens because they are focused on Yesung. The two don’t even notice that they are finally having small conversations from time to time.

But it seems luck is on his side now; Yesung is here without him finding for the guy. It is so peculiar, right? When you are finding for something, nothing appears, but if you aren’t in search for it, it voluntarily shows itself to you? Sungmin just chuckled at the random thought.

“Yes, we are schoolmates, and you did consider me as your best friend,” he nervously answered; Yesung’s kind and gentle face is what made him fall for his hyung. He actually doesn’t know if he still feels the same way for him.

Yesung squinted his eyes as he closed the book placed on his lap. “Your name is Sungmin, right?” The younger nodded, biting his lips. The older pursed his lips, “Hey, sorry if I forgot you,” Still in doubt of his hyung’s actions, Sungmin just decided to ride along with whatever Yesung is doing.

“It’s okay. I understand. I’m sorry for not talking to you for the past month. Maybe I’m still… shocked.” It is the truth, though.

Yesung’s lips formed an ‘O’ shape, nodding in understanding. He smiled, “We should hang out more… you know, to bring back memories?” Sungmin then thought that this is a chance for him to know more about what is currently happening to Yesung, but remembering how the guy acted before, it crossed his mind that there is a probability that something was planned.

He is still contemplating what to respond when they heard a soft voice from a girl behind them. Sungmin kind of found her familiar. Yesung stood up and faced the black-haired lass, “Mi- Geunyoung-sshi, what are you doing here?” Geunyoung smiled as she skipped towards the side of Yesung, clutching on the guy’s arm, “Let’s go home!”

Yesung nodded before turning to the guy sitting on the bench, an apologetic look written all over his face, “I’m sorry, Sungmin-sshi, I got to go. See you at school.”

Sungmin sighed as he stared at the retreating backs of Yesung and a girl named Geun something. Throughout their conversation – if you could call it that – he observed that it was as if Yesung showed no emotion at all. Yes, he ‘smiles’, but it seemed to speak of no meaning. He doesn’t know if it just stuck in his mind that this guy is probably now a vampire – much worse, a Crescent – but he really thought that the glowing aura of his hyung is now gone.

The idea of Yesung being a vampire is now slowly getting confirmed; he is a hundred percent sure that Geun something is a vampire… and he thinks that she is somewhat related to their Crescent ally, “Taekyoung.”

“Sungmin-sshi,” he jolted from the bench and stared wide-eyed at Ryeowook, who stood behind the wooden seat. He heaved a deep sigh as he clutched his chest area, “Gosh, Ryeowook-sshi, you scared me!”

Without any whatnots, Ryeowook instantly asked with coldness in his tone, “Who really are you to Yesung and what is he to you?” The older just blinked his eyes at the question; he knew this boy to be the sweetest person he ever met, and it made him wonder what caused the change in this sunshine these past few months.

“We are best friends, Ryeowook-sshi,”

“I don’t think it is just that,”

“What do you mean?”

To his surprise, Ryeowook was now beside him, clutching his arms tightly as if his life depends on it. The younger’s doe eyes started tearing up, pleading softly like a lost puppy trying to find his master, “Sungmin hyung, please give Yesung hyung to me… you already have Donghae hyung… Kyuhyun is also there for you… but I… I have none… I only want Yesung hyung…” he sobbed.

“Yesung hyung is not mine. I don’t own him, Wook,”

“But you are the one he likes! Just… just tell him that he should just give up on you because you already love someone!” Ryeowook pleaded. Sungmin sighed heavily and looked apologetically at the younger vampire, “He is already a vampire,” Ryeowook moved away, gawked at the older before finding the words to say, “No, he isn’t! How are you so sure of it?”

He placed a hand on top of the younger’s shoulder, “I saw his fangs. I… I… I still need to hear it from him… but… I know it… he is not human anymore… he is not the Yesung we all know… Even Heechul-sshi noticed that.”

However, Ryeowook still didn’t believe him, “If you aren’t sure yet, then don’t go around telling everyone about that.”

“But I am not-”

“I don’t know if I should trust you, hyung. I just hope that what you said is not true.” Ryeowook callously said before turning to go.


Donghae briskly walked, putting his ungloved hands inside the pockets of his blue jacket, ignoring the thin white smoke coming from his mouth as he exhaled. He looked around, cursing for not bringing his hand phone with him and for not having the ability to sense Sungmin’s presence. Sungmin do always succeed in making him freak out in worry.

He then heard a sound of a bike’s screech beside him, and a very familiar voice, “Fish, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be sleeping at this hour?” He smiled at his friend riding a bike, “I’m looking for Sungmin. I woke up with him not beside me, so of course, I panicked and called him… well, he said that he’s in the park and will go home… but it was already for ten minutes and he hadn’t got home yet!”

Eunhyuk sighed, “So, you went here to look for him?” The black-haired shrugged, pouting, “Of course! What else would I be doing here?” The red-haired rolled his small, pointy eyes, “Hae, he is not a child. He could go home by himself any time he wants to.” Donghae gave his best friend a ‘DUH’ look, “He needs to be guarded all the time, remember? We shouldn’t let him out alone.”

Suddenly, Eunhyuk’s voice got serious, but gentle, “Are you having problems?” Donghae paused for a while to think; should he let Eunhyuk know? It is their problem… his and Sungmin’s. But hey, Eunhyuk already knows. What’s the use of hiding it from him? He is his best friend, after all.

His eyes found the light blue sky to look at, answering, “A bit. But it’s nothing big. We already talked about it. We’re fine, Hyuk,” Eunhyuk nodded in understanding, flashing his gummy smile to his best friend, “If you need someone to talk to, I am here. Just call me, and I will be there with you in a blink of an eye.”

Donghae inaudibly laughed, moving to hug his friend, “Thank you, Hyuk. You’re forever reliable.” Eunhyuk grinned and patted the smaller guy’s head, “I am not a monkey for nothing.”

They pulled away from each other’s arms with a bright smile on their faces, with Eunhyuk widening his eyes for a bit when his peripheral view caught sight of Sungmin looking at them. He sheepishly grinned, “Oh, hey there, Min. Hae is looking for you,”

“I can see that,” Sungmin nodded once as he said that. The other two can’t figure out if Sungmin is being sarcastic or not. Donghae cleared his throat before skipping towards his boyfriend to hold the smaller man’s hand, “Come on, I-I’ve been looking for you! I’m here to fetch you!”

Sungmin giggled as he let himself get dragged by the younger, saying their goodbyes to their friend.

“Min, the hug was friendly,” Donghae explained out of the blue after a deafening silence between the two of them while walking their way home. “I know.” Sungmin shrugged.

Donghae tightened his hold on his lover’s hand, stopped in front of the other and faced him, “Min, really, don’t take it wrong.”

Sungmin smiled and used his free hand to pat his boyfriend’s pale cheek, “I trust you, Hae. I really do.”


It is Full Moon once again, and it’s time for the Phantoms to go out to hunt for Crescents. But their agenda for tonight is different; it is to find for Kim Yesung and bring him to Phantoms’ side.

A girl Sungmin was once again left alone in the mansion, arms and legs tied on Donghae’s bedpost. She already learned how to stay calm and put even in her ‘crazy female’ state. She is still on her right rationality since she can’t feel hunger for now.

But then, as she sensed something good, it sent her pale skin goosebumps, making her arch her back, her eyes starting to form a shiny red color, teeth now getting sharper.

Without too much effort, she was able to free herself from the tight ropes around her wrists and ankles, jumping up from the bed, wandering her eyes around the room in search for that wonderful scent. She sniffed, snapping her head to look outside the window, having a clear view of the full moon shining down on the Earth.

She opened the window, harsh wind blowing at her, making her black hair and white dress fly away as she stepped one foot out, looking around before jumping.

She ran rapidly, almost disappearing into thin air, to where she smelled the blood. She is sure that it doesn’t belong to a Phantom. She knows how a Phantom smells.

To her surprise, she ended up landing her bare feet to a place well-known to her. The dark, quiet alley brought back memories and slight heartache.

She roamed her eyes around, cursing for the only source of light is the big, shining moon. She narrowed her foxy red glinting eyes as a silhouette of a man moved towards her, making her take a step back when the moon’s rays revealed the stunning face of the man.

Tears pooled around her eyes, heart thumping fast, somehow forgetting how to breathe as she tries to form the right words for her question. After a few moments of staring competition, Sungmin finally got the courage to speak.

“Hyung… Yesung hyung…”

The older blinked once, emotionless, his dark lifeless eyes being deeply and painfully bored in Sungmin’s heart.

“Hyung, are you already a vampire?”

After letting out what was inside her, it was as if everything halted to a long pause, only the faint chirping of the birds could be heard and nothing else is in motion.

Yesung smirked. letting Sungmin see a bit of his fangs.

"Yes, I am, my Sungmin."

Sorry for the short chapter!!! ><

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