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Full Moon (2/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin [Side/Possible/Broken/One-sided] EunHae, KyuWook, YeWook, HanChul, KangTeuk, SeoKyu, YeYoon......... more to come ^^
Genre: Dark, Yaoi
Rating: PG-15 (will go up soon)
Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.

Yesung was standing in front of his school in his white school uniform, at his watch and continued looking around, “Damn, will he come? He said yes yesterday!!! He’s late! She will be coming any minute now…”

“Oppa!” Speaking of the devil… A high-pitched girly voice from a tall and pretty girl with straight, long black hair in the same school uniform as Yesung’s, came running while waving her hands enthusiastically. She stopped beside him and looked around, “Oppa, where’s your girlfriend?” Still composed, he answered coldly, “She’ll be late. She said something came up…” Then, he felt arms cling on his, “Why don’t just say that you don’t have one?” He opened his mouth to answer a cold one again but he felt another warm arms on his free arm.

“Yesungie… Sorry for being late… Mom was… ugh.” He was surprised to see a gorgeously beautiful long-haired blonde like an American wearing a knee-length, strapless, pink dress, showing her milky white and soft skin… In just one glance, Yesung knew that the girl really was Sungmin. He can’t help but chuckle that made Sungmin pout, “Why? What’s funny?” He smiled tenderly, “Nothing, baby. It’s fine. At least you came. I really love you.” For some reason, Sungmin’s face brightened like a young girl who received a new doll, “Oh you know I love you more Sungie!!!”

She He shifted his attention to the other girl, “And who are you?” Yesung tried to hold his laughter with Sungmin’s jealous voice and actions. The girl on Yesung’s other arm extended her hand to the girl Sungmin, “Kim Yoona. Nice meeting you.” Sungmin raised his eyebrow, “It was NOT nice meeting you. It would much be nicer if you get your hands off of my boyfriend, you know.” But she shook Yoona’s hand, “By the way, I’m Sungson. Now that you proved that Yesung here was already taken, you can go now and leave him alone.”

The taller and thinner girl examined Sungson’s features and suddenly felt envy. Afraid to make it obvious and not wanted to face defeat, she simply moved away and crossed her arms on her chest. The once nice-looking Yoona, looked like the type you wouldn’t want to mess up with. However, being the tough one here, Sungmin wasn’t threatened at all and challenged her to a glaring competition. As expected, Sungmin won because Yoona talked first, “You’re just a girlfriend, not a wife. I can still get him from you.”

He playfully rubbed his arms, pretending to be threatened, “Oh my, I’m scared. FYI, no one can tear us apart.” Yoona became pissed and Sungmin smirked when he saw that, “I don’t care.” He made a victorious sign to Yesung as the other girl went away. When they knew that the girl was out of sight, Yesung teased Sungmin by imitating what he said earlier, “No one can tear us apart… Aww~ That’s sweet baby!” The younger frowned, “Shut up. It’s scripted.” Yesung remembered Sungmin’s outfit and brushed the smaller’s blonde wig, “You’re so beautiful, don’t you know that? I saw envy in Yoona’s eyes…”

This time, Sungmin knew that he blushed so he smirked to somehow cover up his shyness from his grinning hyung, “Instead of teasing me, shouldn’t you be treating me lunch right now?” The older’s smile was different and Sungmin knew that he is planning a weird one, and he is right, “Okay. I know that. But, you have to go as a girl… Like a date.” Yesung blushed after saying those last words, but Sungmin was busy hiding his blush that he is looking at the ground thinking that of course, he wanted to date with him… but not as a girl! You know… being themselves… but hyung is straight.

Sungmin managed to hide his blush and pretended to be pissed, well, I am pissed! “Ugh, hyung! Please let me change clothes!!!” The other pouted, Stop doing that, hyung!!! You’re just making me want to kiss your lips! “But Minnie… Your outfit will be wasted… You really look beautiful…” Sungmin shook off his thoughts of kissing his hyung but still can’t erase the fact that Yesung was now trying to act cute in front of him. He found it cute, though. I am cuter than you!!! I’m the aegyo king!!! You said so yourself before!!! Just to his bad luck, Yesung was his soft spot, the same for the other too. They are each other’s weakness that they easily give in to any of their requests…

“Aish! Just promise me that you won’t make me do this again!” The taller man looked up to think then smiled weakly at Sungmin, “Sorry, can’t promise that. We already started this ‘dating’ game and you promised me that you’ll help me with these girl problems!!!” He had no other choice. Yea, he promised Yesung those… And he hasn’t thought about this before he agreed. That’s his problem, he won’t think twice when his best friend asked him a favor and say yes to him easily. “Okay! Okay! Just promise me you won’t ever use my obsession over pink and bunnies as blackmail!” Maybe that’s the best he can ask for now…

“That would be hard, but okay! Promise!” Yesung then dragged Sungmin but a voice not far away caught their attention, “Why wouldn’t you?! Am I not still okay for you?! I’m already the best!” It’s a girl’s voice, shouting at a tall, brown-haired man. They didn’t hear what the man responded but they’re sure that he just rejected the confession – so he’s like Yesung, huh. Well, he’s good looking too… Oh stop it Sungmin! You already have your Yesung hyung! Yesung tugged Sungmin’s hand, that’s when Sungmin realized that their hands were intertwined and blushed at the thought. He pointed at a different direction while smiling, “Let’s use the other way. You don’t want to get accused of eavesdropping, right?”

The cross dresser nodded, “Who are they?” Yesung answered while pulling Sungmin to walk beside him, “The girl is Seohyun… I don’t know her last name, while the guy is Cho Kyuhyun. They are both younger than me, maybe younger than you too so I’m not much familiar with them. Why?” Before answering, Sungmin looked back again and saw that Kyuhyun was also looking at him, darkly. He gulped and looked back at Yesung to answer, “Nothing. I just found him… creepy.”

When Yesung chuckled and looked straight to where they are walking, Sungmin took a peek at his back again to check if the Kyuhyun guy was still looking at him, and to his surprise, he was still looking at him with the same expression. He felt goosebumps and his heart beats fast, as in so fast that he forgot how to breathe at that time.

They really DID date. They went to an amusement park where they usually go to when they’re still kids. Sungmin even forgot that he was still wearing a girl outfit that it was almost blown up when they rode on the roller coaster, Yesung, being a gentleman, was able to pull down his date’s skirt, though deep inside, he really did want to take a peek but he was worried that Sungmin will skillfully throw him from the said ride… he doesn’t want to die a painful death. Everyone was staring at them, admiring the couple because they look good together. If only they knew that Sungmin really is a guy.

Their hands were intertwined all the time. Smiles can’t be hidden in their good-looking faces. They were enjoying this moment, feeling like they wouldn’t be able to do this again together. However, despite the enjoyment and happiness, Sungmin can’t get out from his mind the Kyu person he saw earlier. His black eyes that were staring deeply at him like he was going to eat him… He found the eyes unusual… It was pure dark… Scary… The guy was under the tree so he wasn’t able to examine every features of the Cho Kyuhyun guy… He felt the want to see him again… just once…


It was already dark when they finished their date. Yesung wanted to accompany Sungmin home but the latter insisted not to, saying that he can protect himself from maniacs. After all, the place he was staying is safe because he knows everyone around the area.

He passed by a playground. Suddenly, the wind became cold that made him shiver. He can hear the sounds of the swings moving by itself because of the wind and the seesaw. It suddenly became dark and the only source of light he had was the big and beautiful full moon. He felt fear and wanted to run but his feet betrayed him. He crossed his arms, trying to add some warmth and looked around.

He gasped when he saw a figure behind him… It was far from him and the darkness forbids him to see and recognize him.

But something is strange… The eyes were… red.

Sungmin finally got the strength to run away. He already can’t recognize the place he was because of the darkness and his eyes were blurred by tears forming due to extreme fear. He stopped when he heard a velvety but hoarse voice,

“You won’t get away from me.”

Then, he felt a pair of cold hands touch his body, one holding his jaw and one holding his waist. Without any warning, sharp pain lingered on his neck. He can feel his blood being sucked. He wanted to scream but he felt weak. Instead, he held the sucker’s arms tightly while closing his eyes… At first, he was only feeling pain, but as it drew longer… Even though how much he hate it… He was liking the feeling that he groaned when the sharp objects drew out.

He looked back to see who that monster…was…

It was…

Yes, he can’t be mistaken…

It was Cho Kyuhyun.

Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:fullmoon, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin

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