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Shades (TWO)

Title: Shades
Pairing: KyuMin (more to come)
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Dark, Smut, Yaoi, AU
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the plot. This is inspired by the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Warning: boy-to-boy relationships, language
Summary: Behind every beautiful face lie very dark secrets.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue 1


(-CHERRYBLOSSOMS from AFF made this!)

I opened the door swiftly, causing for Donghae, my roommate, to jerk in surprise. As I reached near him, he stood up and went to me, his face still looking exhausted.

"So, what happened?" Oh Hae, you don't know how badly I want to wipe that innocent grin on your not-so-innocent face.

With a blank face, I raised my iPhone, making him beam and reach for my phone, but I pulled it away from him, He pouted, so I rolled my eyes.

"Bluetooth. I'll be using my phone later."

He then turned and walked away, stomping his feet hard on the floor as he heads to his room to get his phone.

He's wearing those blue Nemo-printed pajamas again. He always wore those whenever there is something depressing that happened to him. Now, for instance, he and his second boyfriend, Yunho, broke up just last night.

I sat on the sofa when I heard his footsteps approaching nearer, smiling at him as he sat next to me.

"There. Send it to me now."

Suddenly, his sulking face turned brighter, which is actually not a good thing for me.

"How was it with Mr. Cho? Attractive human being, right?" Okay, the Lee Donghae inquisition starts right now.

"But he's arrogant and he acts like a kid sometimes."

"Really? He doesn't act like that with other people. He's more formal."

"He is formal... but annoying." Well, it's true. I really am annoyed at him. He keeps on teasing me, ugh. Who won't be irritated by that?

Hae nodded as he crossed his legs and glanced at his phone. "Well, he really is young..."

"How old is he, by the way?" I asked. Please tell me that he's only a few years older than me because I will really commit suicide if he's over thirty. Okay, that's an exaggeration. Then again, Hae said that he's still young. The question is: how young?


I blinked my eyes. I am not hearing this right.

"Twenty-one, Min. Twenty-one."

Holy mother of pink unicorns. Is this information correct?! Cho Kyuhyun, who is the CEO of the Cho Enterprises Holdings, Inc. is actually a year younger than me?! How did that happen...

Hae suddenly laughed, snapping me out from my thoughts. "Seriously, Ming, you don't know that Cho Kyuhyun is younger than us?!"

I pout. "Well, I'm terribly sorry for not researching because someone here just told me to do the interview this morning..."

He pursed his lips as he cuddled to me, his eyes sparkling when he received the notification that the sending had finished. "Sorry, Ming~ I'll treat you lunch for a whole week, how's that?"

Since I do not eat that much, that one is kind of not exciting for me. So I continued sulking.

"But you know what, I have this strong feeling that this won't be the last time you'll see each other."

Why did I suddenly like the idea of seeing him again? His perfect face, his annoying sexy smirk, his gorgeous bright smile, his thick lips, and his husky voice... especially his gray eyes. It feels like I am attracted to it by some force. There is something special in those eyes... something that I can't put my finger on.

"No, Hae. We won't meet again. I don't want to cross paths with him, ever."

"Oh really? From the looks of it, I can sense that you like it too. You know what I say always come true, right?" he said confidently. He's sort of right, though. He can pass as a fortune teller because he can guess what might happen in the future... and most of it were true.

I rolled my eyes and stood up. "Then say that I will graduate this year." Ignoring Hae's giggles, I head to my room to study and try to get rid of Kyuhyun's face in my mind.


7pm and I decided to take a break on studying. I passed Hae's room and saw him concentrated on his laptop with his headphones on. I bet he is now transcribing the interview with Kyuhyun. Oh great, I remembered that brat again.

I was about to go to the kitchen, but I suddenly heard Hae. "You're amazing, Min. I can't believe he offered you to take you around the place!" Hae's on it again, ugh.

"I think he wants to spend more time with you!"

I bit my lips. Really? He wants to spend more time with me? I see my inner god nodding with a 'DUH-you-just-knew-that-now' look on his face. I wouldn't want to think like that. Why would he want to be with me longer? Just ignore it, Sungmin.

Still not tearing his gaze away from the laptop, he spoke once again, "Admit it, he's very good-looking. Don't you dare deny it to me, princess, because no one will be immune to his looks."

Princess? What's with the princess?! He calls me like that recently! I threw the pillow from the seat near me to him, with him laughing hard as he hugged the pillow. "Come on, Min, he offered you a job, for God's sake! He must really be interested in you!"

Interested in me? No way.

I acted like I didn't hear him and went to the kitchen. I knew he will follow me there because he looks really hungry. And, he did follow me.

"By the way, why did you want to know if he's gay? Did you know that that was the most embarrassing question there! Oh you could have seen his pissed face when I asked him that!" I said as I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator, my eyes sparkling when I saw that my pumpkin cake is still there, and so I brought it out.

"Ah, that. I never saw him with a date on all of the events he attended."

"Maybe he doesn't want to expose his love life to everyone..."

He chuckled. "I doubt that, Ming. Like what I said earlier, he's interested in you!"

Not wanting to talk about this because I feel uneasy at this topic, I shoved a small slice of cake on Donghae's mouth. Fortunately, later on, the topic of Cho Kyuhyun wasn't opened.

Hae and I were both busy in our own worlds when the doorbell rang. Since I'm the one nearer the door, I opened it, and was surprised when our visitor suddenly hugged me.

He is Jongwoon-hyung. He is the first person I met here in Seoul, also as lost as I am since we were both new to the place. We easily got along because we're both the silent type of person, but he really is fun to be with once he gets crazy due to happiness - and what happened just now is one example. Another thing is that we discovered that his father and my stepdad, Joon-appa, were also friends from College.

"I have good news!" He said, cheekily grinning as he raised the bottle of Champagne on his hand.

"What is it?" I feel excited, actually since I never saw him look this happy before.

"I'm going to debut as a soloist next month!" he announced, catching Hae's attention. Actually, Jongwoon-hyung is majoring in Post-modern music, and is training on SM Entertainment for three years now. Aside from singing, he loves Photography. He's really good at it too,

"Wow! Congratulations, hyung!!!" I said as I hugged him, with Donghae approaching us and tapping our hyung's shoulder, "This has to be written on our school paper!"

"Thanks. And I want you to be there on my debut stage," he looked at me intently, I bit my lips and glanced at the floor. "Of course, you too, Hae." he added. Donghae seemed oblivious to it, but I could feel that Jongwoon-hyung treats me more than like a brother.

Jongwoon-hyung is tall, handsome, has a nice body, talented, smart and nice. He's everything that girls would like. But I really just see him as an older brother most probably because I don't have one, and I saw brotherly qualities in him. I may have known that I am a homosexual from the start since I am not attracted to girls; however, I never really liked a guy so much. I read love stories and all, so I don't know why I am like this.

Then, a name popped out from my mind.

Cho Kyuhyun.


A normal day for me at the Kim's music store, facing, talking and negotiating with customers. I had been working here for part-time for four years now. Aside from the salary, I enjoy being here because I love musical instruments. Actually, I've got a guitar which I named Hyaku. And yes, it's pink too.

I smiled and bid goodbye at a nice female customer, feeling triumphant today for I just sold three guitars this day. It is a record for me, to be honest.

However, as I looked outside, I don't know if my sight is just playing a joke on me, but I think I can see Cho Kyuhyun gazing at me from outside.

My heart jumped really high when he stepped in the store with that gorgeous smile of his, and I found myself shortly avoiding his intense stares at me.

"Wow, Mr. Lee. What a surprise to meet you here." Why do I feel like I'm the only one surprised? Oh, my god, Donghae.

I unconsciously looked at him from head to toe. He is not in his usual formal suit, but is rather clad in a white v-neck shirt that exposed a part of his yu- chest and his jeans hugging his firm thighs. My gaze then darted to his forever handsome face, a smirk formed on his lips, obviously enjoying this.

"Mr. Cho..." I barely whispered, somewhat distracted by his stylishly disheveled just-fucked-on-the-bed brown hair. How dare he come here looking like that? Subconscious nods vigorously, his feet slowly melting.

"I was in the area," he looked around as he stuffed his hands inside his jeans' pockets before looking back at me with an amused grin, "I just happened to pass by this music store and remembered that I need to buy some stuff." His voice is low again. It is so low that it made me feel like he is touching my groin. Shit, Sungmin, stop the dirty thoughts!

I took a deep breath as I recollected my self, trying to look and sound formal and nice. I smiled at him, "My name is Sungmin, sir. May I help you with something, Mr. Cho?" Fighting, Sungmin.

He chuckled. Oh he chuckled.

"I'd go for a microphone cable first." Microphone cable? Where would he use it? Does he sing?

I consider myself as a good actor, so I gave him a nod and stretched my arm on a direction with a polite smile, "This way, Mr. Cho." Calm down, Lee Sungmin.

"Please lead the way, Sungmin-ssi." There he goes again pronouncing my name smoothly. How can he do that?

We then reached the aisle where the microphone cables are located. I let him choose on his own. His long fingers then started brushing through the packages, and I decided to look away because those fingers give me unpleasant thoughts.

And then I wondered; why is he here? We are like in the farthest area of Seoul, and of all famous music stores, he actually went here. He's here to see you, pabo! My inner self screamed at my ear.

No! Why would he see me?! Someone as jaw-droppingly handsome perfect human being won't go all the way here just to see me! I mentally kicked my subconscious who just rolled his eyes at me.

He then pulled out a packet and showed it to me, "This will do."

I nod as I grabbed the carton from him, tilted my head and asked, "Anything else, sir?"

He hummed sexily whilst tapping his chin, his gray eyes roaming around the place. "I wanted to try learning to play the guitar. Do you mind suggesting me a good one for beginners?"

Guitars! Hmm... now I'm good at this. And now I know that Mr. Cho also likes music.

"What kind of music do you usually listen to?"

"Classical, Ballad, Acoustic... yeah, that's all."

I smiled and pointed my hand at the direction where all the guitars are displayed, "I suggest you go for acoustic guitars for now. I will show you some good ones," I bounced on my heels before walking. I flushed when I heard him chuckle. Great, my aegyo is working on him.

"How long have you been working here?"

"Four years." I glanced to him and saw him smiling. I quickly looked away and focused on the way. My heart is beating very wildly. It makes me crazy. What is he doing to me?

When we reached our destination, I picked a guitar and handed it to him, "Would you like to try it?"

He held it carefully as if he is touching a precious gem, and I totally admired the sight. For a while, I thought he looks kind of a lost kid.

"Well, I really haven't played one, so I don't know how to test it." Even though he is a CEO already, he is still a kid.

I smiled and took the instrument from him. I properly held the guitar and plucked some of the strings. I looked at him, and saw him concentrated on the guitar, his eyes glistening beautifully. I was really now feeling that I am older than him.

"Sounds good, right?" He nodded.

"I'll take that." I gawked at him. He decides like that so fast? He never really even thought of it that much. Not wanting him to change his mind, I nodded and went over to the guitar cases, which were given free once a customer purchases a guitar.

While I was putting the guitar inside the case, he came to me and asked, "So, how's the article going?"

"I'm not writing it. Lee Donghae is the writer. He's the editor of the school paper, and he is indeed happy." Finally, a normal conversation between us. "The only problem is that he doesn't have any original photos of you."

"What kind?" I shrugged as I zipped the case.

"Well, I'm available tomorrow..."

"You'd be willing for a photoshoot?" I almost squeaked. Gee, I'm turning to a girl. He nodded. Oh Hae would be very pleased to hear this! Also because you'll get to see him again~ My inner god playfully whispered. Shut up, subconscious.

"Thanks! If only we can find a photographer..." I giddily said, pausing when I saw him soundlessly gasp and stared at me for seconds. I knew my cheeks burned at that.

"Let me know about it ASAP," He said as he handed me his calling card. "I'm free in the morning."



I turn around and saw Kibum, Mr. Kim's son, who just came home from USA. I never thought that he'll drop by at the shop today.

"Uhm, excuse me for a while, Mr. Cho," I bowed before walking near Kibum. This dongsaeng had also been a very good friend to me, having to work here for years. Wait, I just didn't see Mr. Cho frown...

To my surprise, Kibum pulled me to a tight hug, and even before I could react to it, I heard a faint cough from behind us, who is Mr. Cho. I quickly moved away from Kibum and faced Mr. Cho, "Uh, Mr. Cho, he is Kim Kibum. His father owns this store," I felt the sudden urge to explain more, seeing Mr. Cho's hawk-like eyes staring at both of us. "I've known him ever since I worked here. He's back from USA where he is studying Business Administration."

"Mr. Kim," he got back to his business self and he held his hand out while bowing.

"Mr. Cho." Kibum returned the handshake, his eyes widening when he realized something. "Are you Mr. Cho of Cho Enterprises Holdings?" Cho gave him a small smile as he nodded. He looks rather pissed... or is it just me who's thinking like that?

"Wow! Can I get anything for you?" Kibum asked, obviously starstrucked at Cho.

"Sungmin-ssi has it all covered." He sounds so cold. Now this is the normal Cho.

"Oh, I see," Kibum then faced me, flashing me that killer smile of his, "See you later, hyung!"

I grinned at Kibum before turning to the customer, "Anything else?" I think it's time for me to show off my aegyo.

"No, just those items." He coldly said as he turned around and walked towards the counter. He's mad. I pouted before following him. What the hell is his problem? He's jealous.

I sighed as I put the cable on a plastic and placed the guitar case with his guitar in it on the counter, typing at the computer. I looked up at him and pulled off the sweetest signature smile of Lee Sungmin, "That would be 270,000 won, Mr. Cho." He flinched and gawked at me wide-eyed. Aha! Gotcha!

"You'll still call me for the photo shoot, right?" he asked me after I gave him his credit card back.

"Of course."

"Good. See you tomorrow, then." He smirked at me while he grabbed the guitar case and the plastic bag, winking at me before he went out of the store. I stared at the door for minutes, my heart racing wildly inside my chest.

Okay, I like him.


Meet Sungmin's inner god... goddess... self! LOLJK (yeobo gave me this idea) :DD

-As promised, a longer chapter! I hope you like it!
-Still interested in this fic? =)))

Tags: character:donghae, character:kibum, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:shades, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:kyumin
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