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Shades (THREE)

Title: Shades
Pairing: KyuMin (more to come)
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Dark, Smut, Yaoi, AU
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the plot. This is inspired by the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Warning: boy-to-boy relationships, language
Summary: Behind every beautiful face lie very dark secrets.

Prologue 1 2


I sigh as I stare at Cho, who is sitting on a chair, looking at Jongwoon-hyung's camera in his cool business self. My eyes travel down to his black shirt, which emphasized the whiteness of his complexion, the cloth embracing his firm body. His jeans are hanging low on his hips that when he once stretched his arms, the hem of his shirt was lifted and exposed a slight view of the skin under that top. I wonder if it is smooth... Sungmin...

I don't think he prepared for this. It is like he just got up from his bed, grabbed a pair of shirt and jeans and wore it then went straightly to the place where the hotel he is staying at gave us permission to hold this photoshoot. To be honest, when he talked to me the moment he arrived, his voice is almost like someone's just-woke-up voice. Hell, it's sexy. Sungmin...

We would sometimes meet each other's gazes. It makes me uncomfortable, but I kind of like the stares he is giving me. Maybe, just maybe, there is a small chance that Cho likes me back. Hey, it's free to dream, isn't it? Sungmin...

Yesterday, I settled myself on being contented on just staring at Kyuhyun from afar, admiring him. Mostly because there is absolutely no way that the guy would like me. First off, I'm a guy. I don't think he's gay either. Second, there is nothing big or interesting about me. My life is simply boring for someone like him to get interested with. Lastly, he's hot and attractive, while I'm not. It's just a crush, after all. Sungmin...

But damn, when he walked past me, I smelled the same scent on him back on our first meeting. It's intoxicating. Sungmin...

And his hair... oh his hair. It looks so soft that I wanted to experience it on my hands on the be-


I flinch and gawk at the fingers in front of me before looking at its owner, whose lips are now formed to a pout that made him look like a fish. He likes fishes, anyways, since his hometown is at Mokpo.

"I was saying something..." Really?

"Sorry. What is it again?"

Then, Hae smirks and turns his body around whilst he stands beside me, nodding over the direction of Cho. "You've been staring at Mr. Cho since Jongwoon-hyung started taking pictures of him. You're too obvious, Min!"

Not trusting my mouth, I just roll my eyes and get back to admiring Cho. The flashes of Jongwoon-hyung's camera makes him look like he's shining. Not the Edward Cullen type, okay. The way he effortlessly pose for the lenses is so amazing like it's a normal thing for him to do.

I see him glancing at me. Yes, my eyesight is just so awesome that I saw his iris directed towards me. And you are delusional. It took me by surprise when the right end of lips slightly curved upwards; he is smirking at me! Was he aware that I am staring at him? No, dummy. He is seducing you.

He shouldn't seduce me. Because you're already seduced.

I return the smile with a shy one, pretending taking his smirk as a slight smile. Oh well, I am shy. You are a flirt, don't you know that? I'm not!!! My inner god went hiding when I mentally glared at him. How dare he tell me I'm a flirt? Is this even considered as flirting? DUH...

"I think we've had enough shots for this. Standing now, Mr. Cho?" Hae's voice brought me back to reality.

I look at Jongwoon-hyung while Cho is still preparing for the next shots. It was a bit hard for me to convince hyung on doing this photoshoot due to his reason that I do sceneries, Min, not people. Good thing, Donghae's persuasiveness caught him. Oh you don't know the things Lee Donghae could do when he's excited and determined.

"I sometimes hate your best friend." Jongwoon-hyung whispers at me as he moves to get something from the table near me.

"I thought I'm the only one having that dilemma." We laugh airily; Donghae could sometimes be, no, is always bossy. I really wondered on how we got close.

We then hear a cough. We look at each other after realizing that it came from Cho, who is giving us the exact glare he gave me and Kibum yesterday at the music store.

Jongwoon-hyung palms his nape and awkwardly smiles at Cho, "Sorry, Mr. Cho. I'm coming." Hyung shortly glances at me with a frown, telling me that he's annoyed by Cho's attitude. Who wouldn't? He's such a brat. His age is definitely not an excuse.

"Someone is jealous~" Hae says in a sing-song tune as he approaches me, a wide, teasing grin is plastered on his handsome face.

I roll my eyes.


Minutes after, the photoshoot ended and we are now packing up. Cho and Hae are still talking about the article, while I went to help Jongwoon-hyung and his brother-slash-assistant, Jongjin.

I see them talking in all smiles, and even shook hands at the end of their conversation. I divert my attention on the tripod I'm placing in its case. You're jealous... No! Why would I get jealous? It's just a handshake. Psh.

"Sungmin-ssi," I flinch at the sound of my name and almost threw the thing I am holding - Jongwoon-hyung's precious camera. I quickly spin, the sight of Cho's lips welcomed my sight. Hory bunny... that was a mini heart attack.

"Did you already eat your breakfast?" he asks in a very gentle tone. I wanted to say no since I'm too tired to eat, but my stubborn stomach protested rather loudly. I blush. I hear Cho laugh at me. I guess I don't have to answer, then.

"Mind if I take care of that empty stomach of yours?" He's looking at me as if he's planning something bad to me. Not a good idea, Cho. Not a good idea. Though it would be a better idea if he takes care of you instead, not just your stomach, right, Sungminnie? Seriously, what is wrong with inner god today? Here he goes again with his Kyuhyun-Sungmin ship. I swear if he could talk to Donghae regarding this, they'll establish a fanclub.

I tried making up the best excuse, and a light bulb appeared on the top of my head when I saw Hae going to Jongwoon-hyung. "Oh, but I have to drive everyone home..." That's a lie, actually.

He smirks. Waving a hand, he calls for that bulky man on suit he was with since the time he arrived at the room. His bodyguard approaches us, bowing as the guy in shades stood beside him.

"Shindong-ah, can you drive the photographer, his assistant, and Mr. Lee home?" The bodyguard named Shindong nods.

Then, Cho faces me with a naughty grin, "Now, can you grab some coffee with me?" I can't believe this kid. He's too persistent.

"Actually," I heave a deep sigh. "Shindong-ssi doesn't really have to drive them home," I glance at Cho, and he is raising an eyebrow at me. I sigh again. "Let me swap cars with Hae first." He gives me his dazzling smile before I turn to go to Donghae. What is he doing to me?

The moment I step beside Hae, he immediately mumbles, "I don't trust him, Min." I see Jongwoon-hyung nodding. I just ignore what Hae said and proceed to what I will do. "Can I take your car? You can take my Beetle,"

Hae looks at me confusedly and asks me why. I shrug. "Cho Kyuhyun just asked me to have coffee with him."

Hae's eyes widens and he suddenly pulls me far from the other people inside the room and hisses, "You'll go on a date with him?! You barely even know him!"

"What date? Hae, it's not a date. He just wanted a company to eat breakfast with, that's all." To be honest, I was kind of confused at Donghae's reaction. Just earlier, he was teasing me of staring at Cho and how obvious I am that I like the guy, and now, he's like pushing me away from Cho. Such a bipolar.

"I really don't trust him, Min. He's dangerous for someone like you."

"Someone like me? What do you mean?" I cock an eyebrow.

"I mean," Hae holds his waist and palms his nape using his free hand. "To an innocent guy like you. You've never even been touched!" Should I take that as an insult or a compliment?

I roll my eyes. "Thanks for the information. But Hae, I promise I won't let him do anything to me, and if he does, you know I could just always use my martial arts skills, right? He's younger than me, what can he do?"

"Wow Min, you ask me that question? What can he do? I think you know the answer to that one. Anyways, since I'm a very good best friend and you are lucky to have me, I will swap cars with you. But you better not stay out with him til late in the evening because I'll send a search and rescue team for you."

I ignore what he said and just hug him to extend my gratitude. I feel relieved because Hae allowed me to switch cars so that I can have breakfast with Cho. And about that, I actually feel... excited? I don't know, maybe it's because of the idea of being with my crush? Oh great, I'm such a girl.

Cho and I stand next to each other in silence while waiting for the elevator car to reach our floor. He is looking at the digital screen on top of the up and down buttons, smirking. I sigh. I admit that his smirks make me uneasy, and that it gives me some sort of a feeling of heat coursing through my body.

The elevator doors finally open, and in it, a young couple immediately jerked away from each other and stared at us awkwardly. Well, who wouldn't feel like that if someone catches you doing inappropriate things inside an elevator?

Cho didn't seem to mind for he nonchalantly stepped in the car, still with a smirk on his face.

I bite my lips. I stay outside, stoned on my position; I don't think I like the thought of being inside of a box with a horny couple and Cho.

Suddenly, Cho pulled me rather harshly, his forehead creased.

"Why won't you go in?" He is obviously irritated. Hah. I did not answer because I don't want to start an argument with him. I just focus my attention on the screen which shows what floor we are right now. It's a more enjoyable sight than Cho's face, actually, because it shows numbers... not that I am fond of numbers, I actually hate them.

I flush when I heard giggles from the couple with us.

My gaze accidentally shifted to Cho's side profile. His eyes are roaming to everywhere. Also, his lips are parted and he is slightly panting. Is he sick or something? His face is red.

Just when I was about to ask him if he's alright. but the elevator opens, and I now find myself being dragged by Cho, his hand surprisingly linked with mine.

"What is with elevators?" He mumbles more to himself.

It only took us a few minutes to reach the nearest coffee shop thru walking. The line of wine bottles along the counter welcomes our sight, with the nice aroma of coffee filling the fully-occupied place.

"Coffee?" Cho asks me.

I shake my head. "I'd go for an Island tea," I'm really not fond of coffees.

"Something to eat?"

I shake my head. "No, thanks." I'm really not hungry.

He frowns shortly and gapes at me as if deliberating on something, then he makes a straight and composed face as he nods, telling me to find a table for us before he proceeds to the counter.

Luck is on my side for I saw a table on a corner just unoccupied by a couple. Seeing that another girl noticed the empty table, I quicken my pace and sit on the chair, making sure not to grin at the woman. Hah.

After two minutes, Cho approaches me with a thick black round alarm thingy on his hand. I see a group of girls looking at him, giggling and whispering at each other. I swear I want to poke their eyeballs and twist their necks just so they will look at the other direction.

You're jealous~ you're not even his boyfriend. No I am not. I just despise girls like them.

"So, how long have you known Mr. Lee?" What an awkward way to start a conversation.

"Since first year College."

"What do your parents do?"

"Isn't that question personal?" I raise an eyebrow at him.

"I take it that you already forgot your inappropriate questions to me?" Oh, great. That gay issue. He still remembers it. I pout. This is unfair! That isn't my question! It is Hae's!

I thank all the gods above and my guardian angel for letting the alarm ring, signaling us that our order is now ready. Though Cho doesn't want it, I volunteered on fetching our orders since he was the one who paid it.

I come back holding the tray with a my aegyo smile, hoping that Cho will forget his question. I really don't like talking about family issues.

Unfortunately, he repeats his question with a glare, and so, I have no choice but to answer it. So, there, I tell him that my father had passed away when I was still a baby, and that my mother, Victoria, is now on her fourth husband named Nichkhun, but I grew closer to her third husband, whose surname was the one I took, and is the one I treat as my father.

And so in return, I ask him about his family with a grin, to which he responded first with a soft scowl. I find out that he is adopted by a gay couple, and has two brothers, who are adopted as well. He mentions this Eunhyuk guy as his older brother, and didn't mention names after.

Since his foster parents are gay, does that mean that there's also a very high chance of him being gay? What am I thinking.

"Have you gone to other countries?" he asks me while he sips his latte.

"No... my life is boring."

"Is there a particular country that you wanted to go to?" Why did he ask? I'll just answer him.

"Italy and Japan."

He asks me why.

"Italy, because of wine, then Japan... well, I love Japan's culture. Why do you ask?"

He smirks. "Maybe I could take you there one time if only you'll be a little bit nicer to me..." What? Hey, I'm nice to him, right? Am I? I'm nice! He's just not nice to me! That just means that he wants to date you if only you'll allow him to, slowpoke!

"Am I... not nice to you?"

He chuckles. "A bit. You seem kind of cold and distant..." Is it my fault? Geez.

"That's because I find you intimidating." Wow, I can't believe I actually said that. He slightly narrows his eyes at me. I can't tell if he's offended or not because he isn't, well, frowning. I know if he's pissed or something if his eyebrows meet. And then, he smirks and nods, bringing his coffee cup to his lips. I swear I should stop staring at his lips.

"You should be intimidated by me,"

I snort. His confidence level is higher than Mt. Everest.

"Is he your boyfriend?" he asks out of the blue, his expression gets serious. I blink at him.


"The photographer..."

"Jongwoon-hyung? N-No... he's more like a family to me..."

"Even the guy on the store yesterday?"

I sigh. "Kibum is just a dongsaeng, nothing else."

"But I can sense that they see you more than a friend..." Oh dear god, he's getting weirder.

"And... boyfriend? Seriously, do you think I am gay?" I am not offended; I'm just curious as to why he asks weird questions about Jongwoon-hyung and Kibum.

Again, he smirks. "Aren't you?" Oh my god, he's challenging me. His velvety voice draws me nearer to him.

"And so what if I'm gay?" Challenge accepted.

The smirk on his face is still there as he places his elbows on the table and leans his face closer to mine, whispering, "Now that would be interesting, right, Sungmin-ssi?"

I gulp. Those gray orbs of his did their job of distracting me.

I can't take this anymore. He's too close. We can feel each other's breath and it suffocates me. My heart beats uncontrollably and I don't know how to calm it. My mind is on a haze. I am mentally panicking. Even my inner god gawks at us and just let his jaw drop on the floor.

Fuck this. Fuck pride. Fuck this challenge. Just fucking kiss me, Kyuhyun!

Come to think of it, on my twenty-two years of existence, this would be the first time that I wanted to be kissed. I want Cho Kyuhyun to kiss me.

To my disappointment, he pulled away with an unexplainable expression on his face, but never mind that, I'm heartbroken. He must have known that I want him to kiss me. Maybe he really isn't gay.,,

"I'm sorry, Sungmin-ssi, but I'm not the man for you."

Oh really? That's what I thought too.

"I have one question for you, Mr. Cho," he looks at me intensely like he is throwing daggers to my soul. "Are you gay?"

This time, his facial expression didn't change, and did nothing. He stays seated comfortably with his arms and legs crossed.

My heart jumped when he inhaled and parted his lips.

"Yes, I am gay, Sungmin-ssi."


-Unbeta'ed. Hehe
-Is it still ok? I don't know if I did good for this chapter LOL I'm not on my right mind while writing this


Did you know that I stared at his upper chest for minutes like a pervert? I realized that I was drooling at it x

Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:shades, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:kyumin
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