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Full Moon (3/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin [Side/Possible/Broken/One-sided] EunHae, KyuWook, YeWook, HanChul, KangTeuk, SeoKyu, YeYoon......... more to come ^^
Genre: Dark, Yaoi
Rating: PG-15 (will go up soon)
Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.



Is she dead? Who is dead?

Yes. She suffered a lot of blood loss and her heart isn’t beating… Wha--- poor girl… I wonder who she is… Why am I hearing this? It feels like I can hear the voices around me… Wait, am I… DEAD?!

I opened my eyes and saw the people around me had their eyes widened and hear them gasp. I hastily sat up and noticed that my pink dress was covered in blood… Why am I wearing a dress? Oh, I remember, I had a date with hyung… So, I am the one they’re talking about?!

I looked at the curious stares at me. A chubby woman said, “Oh my goodness! I thought she was dead?!” The police officer was also shocked, “Yes. Her heartbeat stopped and she lost a lot of blood and she had no chances of living.” An old woman shouted, “She’s a miracle!” What the hell are they talking about?! I touched my chest and… They’re right! I can’t feel anything!!! Suddenly, a weird girl leaned on me, “Were you bitten by a vampire? The blood’s on your neck…” I touched my neck and felt two wounds on it, then remembered what happened last night.

Damn, did I just become a vampire?!

I didn’t answer the weird girl’s question and stood up. I ran away from them, not looking back, not even caring about what they are shouting at me.

I reached my apartment and hurriedly went to the bathroom. I removed the wig, but to my shock, a long, blonde hair was under it! I thought it was still a wig but when I tried to remove it, I felt pain. It was attached on me!!! When did my hair become like this?! Was I sleeping for a year for it to grow this long?!

I removed my dress and… OHMYGOD!!! Why do I have breasts?! FOR REAL?! I looked down on me and… MY BUDDY’S GONE!!! WHAT’S HAPPENING?! DID I JUST TURN TO BE A GIRL?! Maybe I’m just dreaming… Maybe I really am dead and it was my second life… Oh my… My Adam’s apple is gone too!!! “What happened…?” Oh no… My voice became a girl’s! I hurriedly washed my body, especially on the part where there was a lot of blood.

Damn, I hate my body!!! This isn’t mine!!! I may look like a girl, but I’m not a girl!!! I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl… I’m not a girl…

But, hey, this body looks good! It’s silky soft, milky white like mine, and it has a great curve!!! This is the body that every girl would want to have!!! But… this is my face… I remembered taking a look at the mirror yesterday before meeting up with Yesung-hyung… Crap! Speaking of hyung! I forgot to call him! I promised him that I’ll call him when I get home. I grabbed my pink handphone… Oh no… he called ten times! Wait, what are these? Messages from Kangin, Shindong, Kwon… Yesung-hyung!

Minnie… Why don’t you answer my calls? What did I do? Are you mad at me? OF COURSE NOT! Why would I be mad at you?!

Minnie, please answer the calls… I’m getting worried… Okay, I promise you that I won’t use your pic hugging your stuffed bunnies to threaten you!! You’re not like that! You won’t let a day pass without calling me… But, we’re together yesterday!

Sungmin-ah, are you busy? School stuff? Gang? Please call me when you receive this message.

Okay, I’ll call him now! He’s not even asking me if I got home safely!

“Don’t call your boyfriend.”

I flinched when I heard a voice… A deep one… I looked back at him and recognized him… “Cho… Kyu… Ah! You’re that guy yesterday at hyung’s school!” I looked at the door. It’s still locked. “How did you enter here?! Are you a burglar?!” His dark eyes looked at my body and a frown escaped on his forehead, “You… You’re a guy, right? Why are you…?”

I suddenly remembered that I was just covered in my pink towel. Knowing that I’m a girl now, I covered my upper body with my arms and blushed. “What… you know that I’m a guy?” He nodded while looking around, “I heard your conversation with Kim Yesung yesterday after Kim Yoona left. Your voice was masculine and you said something about changing clothes.” I changed the topic, “Wait. You told me not to call hyung… Why? Who are you to say that? You still haven’t answered my question how you entered here!”

He put his hands on his waist and sighed, there’s something in him that I can’t put my finger on… “You really don’t remember?” I saw him walking towards me, I stepped back every step he made until Ibanged by a wall. I shivered when his cold and long fingers brushed on my neck, “You don’t remember these marks?” Was he referring on the wounds?

My body froze when the events yesterday rewinded through my mind… The full moon… The burning sensation on my neck… The pain… The pleasure… and… The creepy bright red eyes… I looked at his dead, pure black eyes, I opened my mouth slightly to breathe and blinked my eyes several times… still trying to find the right words.

The only thing I was able to say was, “Cho Kyuhyun? You… You’re that monster who…” He smirked, “Who took your blood and life? Yes, I think I am.” I unconsciously pushed him. My tears were on the verge of falling as I control myself from screaming, “Go away from me!” Then, I felt my body was paralyzed… I can’t move a single part of my body!

As fast as a flash of light, Kyuhyun was already kissing my neck and licking his bite marks on me, “Please… Go away from me…” Tears fell and my voice was very weak that everything I said was barely a whisper. His fangs sting my neck again, but not as deep and painful as yesterday, but I winced at the pain.

I suddenly felt my stomach grumbling… As if longing for something… My breathing was ragged… I can feel something in my teeth… I looked up, trying to relax myself as Kyuhyun’s other hand held my waist.

“For some reasons, I can’t go away from you… You’re the first human I bit because your blood smells sweet… very different from other bloods that I smelled before from humans… Your blood is very addicting… No matter how much I wanted to stay away from you… My body yearns for you…”

With those words, my throat dried up… I can’t speak nor breathe properly… I took a deep breath and spoke, “I’m thirsty…” He moved his fangs away and looked at me with those alluring crimson red eyes again and to my surprise, he grabbed my chin and bit my lower lip, earning a gasp from me.


When Sungmin fully opened her mouth, Kyuhyun sucked the former’s mouth and slid in his tongue. Sungmin’s mind was blank until the only thing she knew, her thirst was being quenched and she unconsciously wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck. It was because Kyuhyun gave Sungmin blood – the one he just sipped from the latter’s neck, making her taste how sweet her blood is, and making her fully realize that she isn’t human now.

Sungmin groaned when Kyuhyun moved away with a smirk as he sexily licked his lips to taste the sweet blood again, “It was sweet… delicious…” The tall vampire touched Sungmin’s marked neck again, “It’s your blood, Sungmin.” The blond boy who just turned to a girl looked down, surprised and disgusted with herself, “What did I just do? What happened?”

“Face the reality, Sungmin. You’re a vampire now.”

With tears on her eyes, she shouted, “NO! I’m not! I can’t… be…” The wavy brown-haired vampire frowned and forced the crying new vampire to face and look at the mirror, “Look at yourself.” Sungmin looked disgustingly at her bright red eyes… like Kyuhyun’s… her fangs… her bloodstained lips… and Kyuhyun’s bite marks… Am I really a vampire?

She was interrupted by a serious voice from the boy behind her, “But your case is different. As far as I know, you’re the only human bitten whose gender was changed…” Tears flowed continuously from her eyes, “Kyuhyun-ssi, what will happen now? How about Yesung-hyung?” Kyuhyun snapped his slender fingers and beamed, “By the way, speaking of him… I’ve got something to tell you.”

Sungmin turned to look at him with a weak expression, “What about him? Is he also a vampire?” The other shook his head, “No. I almost made him one.” Sungmin’s foxy eyes widened, “WHAT?!”

“Chill, I said ‘almost’. Honestly, after you part ways, he followed you… Which means, he saw me drinking your blood.”

“So, he knows?”

“Yeah. But I erased his memory of that scene and everything that happened that day. You might be wondering why he won’t even mention your date on his text messages.” Sungmin continued, “Because he already forgot?” Kyuhyun raised his thumb, “Exactly.”

Kyuhyun suddenly snapped his fingers and Sungmin lost her consciousness.


“Where am I?”

Sungmin found himself laying on a king-sized bed on a very large and luxurious room. However, all he can see was black & white things. The bed, curtains, sofa, wall, floor, carpet… everything. He slowly sat and heard an unfamiliar gentle voice, “You’re already awake?” He saw a slim man, wearing a black & white formal outfit that looks like a butler, in a blond hair. He is definitely not Kyuhyun…

He touched the back of his head because it was aching, “Where am I? Who are you?” The butler answered with a sweet smile, “You are inside Young Master Kyuhyun’s room…” Room?! This is bigger than my apartment as a whole! “…And I’m his personal assistant, Leeteuk.” He stood up and saw that he was already wearing blue pjs, Leeteuk interrupted, “You must be wondering. Young master told me everything, about you being a new vampire … the first human bitten by him… you being a guy turned girl… That’s why we’re shocked when you suddenly became male again.”

Sungmin’s eyes widened at Leeteuk and the latter nodded in confirmation, “Yes. You’re male now.” Yeah, he had no breasts, his voice was back to masculine, his buddy down there was back and, his hair is not long again. He doesn’t know whether he’ll be happy or not… Yes, he’s a guy again, but he’s not human now… he’s now a monster…

A deep but gentle voice entered the scene, “But that doesn’t mean that you won’t change into a girl again…” Sungmin looked back and saw Kyuhyun dressed in his white school uniform, fixing his black necktie with a symbol that looks familiar to him. “Then, when will I turn into a girl?” Kyuhyun wore his eyeglasses that made him look a hot genius, and looked at Sungmin, “I don’t know.”

He looked at his assistant, “Leeteuk-ssi…” The latter nodded and handed Sungmin clothes, “Uniform?” Kyuhyun answered instead, “Starting today, you’ll be attending my school and you’ll be living in this mansion with me.” Sungmin was pissed, he felt his blood rose to his head, “How dare you command me like that?! I know that you are extremely rich and I’m not!” Sungmin rushed to the door then looked back at Kyuhyun, “What if I didn’t agree?”

“Then, I’ll have to use force on you.”

Sungmin arched an eyebrow, “Hah. And how are you going to do that? For your information, I’m a black belter at martial arts.” The younger smirked, but didn’t answer. Sungmin found the smirk sexy that he had to shake his head to erase that thought and turn around again to go out of the room. Suddenly, he felt the same feeling that stopped his body earlier when he and Kyuhyun were on his apartment. Not paralization trick again…

Realizing that he got nowhere to go, Sungmin’s eyes dropped on his feet, feeling helpless. He again felt Kyuhyun’s cold, slender fingers brush on his neck and his hot breath despite the coldness in his body can be felt when he whispered on Sungmin’s ear that sent shiver to Sungmin’s spine…

“You’re my slave.”

[If I use ‘she’ for Sungmin… she is already in his girl form… and vice versa ^^]

Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:fullmoon, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin

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