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Shades (FIVE)

Title: Shades
Pairing: KyuMin, slight!EunHae
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Dark, Smut, Yaoi, AU
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the plot. This is inspired by the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Warning: boy-to-boy relationships, language
Summary: Behind every beautiful face lie very dark secrets.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue 1 2 3 4


I gulp, now fearing for my dear life due to the tantalizing gray eyes staring straight at me. His smirk is scaring me and is making me think of unimaginable things that we might have done yesterday night. He then clears his throat to catch my attention.

"Good morning, sleeping princess. How are you feeling?" I actually don't like it when Hae calls me princess. But damn, I like it when I hear it from Cho.

As if on cue, my head starts throbbing once again. I was planning on telling him that I feel good, but then this happened. He must have noticed my pain since he comes to me and hands me a glass of water and two tablets, which I recognize as Advil.

I take the tablets quickly. From the second I woke up, my throat feels dry and all I needed is water, which is what I am thirstily drinking now.

"How did I get here?" I start. My eyes dart to his clothes. White baggy shorts and black wifebeater... and he is sweating... his porcelain skin is glistening... This is dangerous; I can feel my boxers tightening.

"I don't want to risk my car's expensive leather seats so I brought you here in the hotel since this is nearer than your dorm." He says as he walks towards the closet. I watch him grab a towel and wipe his sweaty neck and arms. Not wanting to get caught gaping, I look away and puff my cheeks. It suddenly feels so hot in here.

"Did you put me to bed?"


"Did I vomit again?"


I remember that I am only in my boxers. "Did you undress me?"

He chuckles and answers, "Yes." Oh great.

I widen my eyes. "Did something happen between us?!"

And then, he turns to me with that sexy smirk of his again, amusement evident on his orbs. "What do you think?" I blush. What else would I think of?! I was drunk, I was irrational, he put me to bed, he undressed me, I woke up wearing only my boxers...

"Relax, nothing happened," he says, shaking his head while laughing. I pout. Did I just pout?! "I don't have sex with someone who is unconscious. I prefer them moaning."

"Sorry," I bow my head in embarrassment. Everything he says is making me embarrassed, damn it.

"By the way, did you eat last night?" Here he goes with his 'Did you eat' question again.


He clicks his tongue as he holds his hips and faces me. His face clearly showing disappointment. "You should eat, Sungmin. That is practically why you were ill!"

"Why are you scolding me?"

"Am I?"

I give him a 'DUH-can't-you-see' look, and his eyes softens. "Be thankful that I'm just scolding you."

I raise an eyebrow.

"If you were mine, I wouldn't just scold you after seeing you getting so drunk that you almost ended up sleeping on that photographer's bed. You wouldn't be able to walk and sit down for weeks."

If you were mine... Man, I would love to be yours. Wait, no, partly. A control freak like him is not my thing.

"Why did you send me the wine, Kyuhyun?" I ask him this question once again.

His forehead slightly creases. "Do you know that I don't let anyone call me by my first name?"

I grin. "Kyuhyun."

He sighs, as if surrendering to my stubbornness. Hah! So this has its own advantages as well! "I felt bad that one time when our faces are inches close and you were all 'Kiss me, Kyuhyun, kiss me' and so I thought of sending you that rare wine as an apology since you said that you love wines..."

"I am not the type of person who believes in the idea of romance. I don't do this lover thing, but," He closes his eyes for a while before continuing, "I just can't stay away from you..."

"Then don't," I abruptly mutter, biting my lips.. I bet there's still some influence of alcohol in my brain that made me this confident.

"I'd love to bite that lip." He comments, his facial expression slowly getting brighter. I smirk at him. "Why not?"

"Are you smirking at me?" I didn't answer, but my lips are still curved. "Sungmin, I can't touch you without your written consent."

Written consent? "What?"

"That, I need to show you. What time do you finish work this evening?"


"Great. I'll pick you up by then. I'll bring you to Busan and give you the facts before you decide. After all, you might not want to see me after reading it."

What does he mean by that? Is he a drug lord? Is he a leader of a syndicate who kidnap children? Cho Kyuhyun, why are you such a mystery to me?

He sighs and I see his lips curving into a smile - it is gorgeous.

"I'd take a shower first. Or you'd prefer showering with me?" he teases. I let out an inaudible gasp and I feel all the oxygen in my lungs were taken out. I.just.can't.breathe. I forget what we talked about just now.

I hear his melodious laugh ringing inside the four corners of the room. I'm supposed to be pouting and depressed because he is making fun of me, but I find myself smiling back at him before he enters the bathroom, saying that breakfast is already served outside the room.

I lie back on the bed again and bury my face on the pillow to calm myself. My desire for him is getting stronger that it makes it hard for me to resist. He makes me feel needy and achy for his touch, but he is such a tease. I was drunk and vulnerable last night, but he didn't do anything to me. I admit I was sort of disappointed, but relieved at the same time; of course I want me to be awake on my first time with him.

If you were mine. This phrase is just short but has lots of meanings attached to it. I would do anything just to be his. He's the only one who made me feel like this. This is crazy.

My hand automatically sneaks under the blanket to what's beneath my boxers. Slowly, I take a grip of my half-erected member, experimentally stroking it. Damn, this feels good. I clutch on it tighter, my pumping gets faster as images of Kyuhyun doing this to me flashes on my mind. How badly I want for him to do this to me instead.

The pillow on my face muffles my moans, which is a good thing. I know I'm near the edge. I know I'll have my release any minute now. I know I have to stop. I know Kyuhyun and I are just separated by a wall. But-


My erotic moment is interrupted. I snap my head towards the bathroom door, my face turning beet red at the sight of a half-naked Kyuhyun with only a towel covering his lower part. Unconsciously, my hand gives my cock its last stroke.

I come.


We stand inside the elevator quietly and awkwardly. It is just the two of us and it makes the situation worse. During breakfast, we didn't talk that much. He asked me petty questions such as where do I decide to work and such. I could feel that he is awkward as well. Who wouldn't? He just witnessed someone masturbate because of him and came in front of him!

Oh please, let the ground swallow me now! My inner god is crouching at a corner far away from us.

"Fuck all paperworks," I hear him mumble, and the next thing I know, he presses me on the cold metallic wall, with his hands firmly gripping my wrists and pinning it above my head before he crashes his lips with mine.

He deepens the kiss as he grinds his erection to mine, making me moan in his mouth, which he takes as an opportunity to slide his tongue in. I didn't reject it, though. I shyly swirl my tongue against his due to having no experience in this kind of thing so I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing it right. Since he didn't react negatively, maybe I am doing the right thing.

Our tongues mold with each other in fervor. I want to touch him, to thread my fingers on his soft chocolate brown locks, I want to hold him closer, but the strong hands on my wrists prevent me from doing so. I feel so helpless, yet I'm liking this.

We soon part for oxygen, and I find him staring at my eyes with his lust-filled ones. It makes want more of those luscious lips and that expert pink muscle hiding inside it.

"What is it with elevators?" he hissed lowly more to himself, frowning.

However, the elevator doors open and we hastily pull away from each other.


I open the door to the dorm, and Donghae welcomes us by hugging me. I raise an eyebrow as he slightly pulls away and looks at me from head to toe, examining my body. I blush. I know why he is doing that. I glance at Cho. He is narrowing his eyes at me as if we're having the same thoughts. Oh Hae, we didn't get laid... yet.

"So, Kyu, how's last night?" Eunhyuk bolts out from the bathroom with a smirk and drapes an arm around Hae's neck, with his younger brother scowling at him. I knew I would find this guy here. Donghae seems to be so happy right now. Please don't tell me I'll suffer seeing him in his Nemo pajamas again after this...

"Hi, Min! I can call you that, right?" Eunhyuk smiles cheekily, his gums showing. I thought it was just because of the alcohol last night, but he really has a gummy smile. It's not that bad, it makes him attractive, actually. Eunhyuk is totally different from Kyuhyun for the latter one is grumpy and bossy and... a control freak, while Eunhyuk is cheerful and nice.

I smile back and nod. I don't really mind people giving me nicknames as long as they're nice ones and I'm used to being called Min.

"Hyung, we have to go," Kyuhyun declares, his voice slightly tells me that he's somewhat annoyed. Probably because of the question of his brother to him earlier. How I wish he will call me hyung too...

"Okay." Eunhyuk then turns Hae to face him and kisses him long and hard. I glare at Kyuhyun, telling him why couldn't he kiss me like that, but he just returns my glare.

"Geez, get a room," I say in annoyance. Fortunately, they stop kissing.

Eunhyuk winks at Hae and says, "Laters, baby." Oh dear lord, did I just see Lee Donghae melt? Now this is a first. And this is totally amazing! I rarely see Hae being so submissive to someone. Eunhyuk is good.

Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and goes to me. He leans to the side of my face and whispers, "Laters, baby." I am not able to control myself from chuckling at that; it is so not him, but it made him adorable. Playful Cho, huh.

That is definitely my most favorite line now.

"Eight." He reminds me of our date tonight before going out with Eunhyuk, who did not forget to send Hae a flying kiss. I am jealous.

But then, Kyuhyun is bringing me to Busan! Subconscious is now dancing happily, but why is he wearing a red dress?

"So, did you?" Hae snaps me out from my thoughts.

"No." I answer blankly as I march to my bedroom, trying to escape from the Lee Donghae inquisition, but he just won't stop pestering me questions about what happened last night. And so, I divert the topic to him, "You obviously did." Again, I'm jealous. Hae smiles beautifully and his eyes glisten like it is full of love.

"Yup, and I'm going to see him again tonight!" I chuckle; my childish Hae is back.

"Kyuhyun's taking me to Busan tonight." I say, and his eyes went wide like saucers.

"Really?! Maybe you'll finally-"

"I don't think so," I hope so.


I sigh. "Nothing." I enter my room and throw myself to my bed. Donghae did the same thing.

"We should make you gorgeous for your date so he won't hesitate on jumping you on the nearest surface!"

I remember the elevator scene earlier.

I pout. "But I have work..."

Hae sits properly and pulls me up. He lets me sit in front of the mirror and winks. "It's not like you're difficult to groom."


As usual, he's punctual. Shindong drives us to somewhere I still don't know as we talk about our day. I also never fail to notice his constant glances at me. He must have noticed what Hae has done to me. I am just wearing a pink checkered shirt where Hae insisted that I unbutton the upper two buttons. He let me borrow his black jeans which fitted my thighs. Nothing really changed aside from the slightly thick eyeliner he applied.

We enter the building in silence, especially when we reach the elevator. Scenes flash on my mind and I'm sure that it makes me feel like it's hot inside.

"There are only three floors." He says, a wide grin is plastered on his extremely handsome face. He is also thinking of it! I should stay calm. My mind is not on its rationality whenever I'm alone with him.

Thankfully, we reach the designated floor after more than five seconds and I shortly close my eyes to feel the cold wind caressing my face. I accidentally land my gaze on Cho, blushing because he is smiling at me. I love the way his eyes smile.

Aside from that, what really caught my attention was a black and white helicopter with the words Cho Enterprises Holdings Inc. written on the side... and some sort of a weird symbol with the word Starcraft was painted on it. That is a game, right?

He taps my shoulder and I squint my eyes due to the harsh wind created by the helicopter's propeller. My hearing is also affected because of the sound its propeller and engine make.

He shouts at me, "Sungmin, meet Charlie Echo."


-Hello! I'm back! Sembreak officially starts now! Yaaaaaayyyyy! \o/
-The helicopter's name in the novel is really Charlie Tango because of Christian Trevelyan. (Christian Grey's adopted name)  so Kim suggested me Charlie Echo (stands for Cho Enterprises) Charlie Kilo won't sound good hahahaha
-Still interested? :)))

Tags: character:donghae, character:eunhyuk, character:kyuhyun, character:shindong, character:sungmin, fic:shades, genre:angst, pairing:eunhae, pairing:kyumin
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