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Shades (NINE)

Title: Shades
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Dark, Smut, Yaoi, AU
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the plot. This is inspired by the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Warning: boy-to-boy relationships, language
Summary: Behind every beautiful face lie very dark secrets.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


I need to let it out. I’m going crazy. I need to somewhat forget about it. I need someone to distract me.

And I know who exactly the right person to call is.

“Hi, baby! I miss you! Don’t you know you haven’t been calling me for ages?” I smile as I hear my umma’s high-pitched voice. It only gets like that whenever she’s excited. Oh I miss her so much.

“Sorry, umma. Been busy catching up with social life,”

She chuckles. “That’s good! Really, Min, you should loosen up and meet other people!”

I roll my eyes. “Yeah, yeah…” I did meet someone…

“Oh, by the way, Joon told me the good news! My baby boy’s finally graduating! Congratulations, baby!” She’s been calling me ‘baby’ since forever, and whenever I tell her not to call me that again, she throws tantrums at me. Umma is really childish. I most probably got my maturity from my biological father…

“Thanks. You’ll be there on my graduation, right?”

“When is it?”

“Next week.”

I hear a loud gasp from the other line. “Oh my god, I’m sorry, baby, but Khunnie and I made plans for that week!”

I pout as if she could see it. “Can’t you cancel it? I want you to be there…”

“No, it’s a business trip… and it’s in Paris, Minnie! Paris! I promise I’ll make it up to you once we get back!”

Oh mom. Well, I’ll just let her be like that since she thinks she can’t have a baby with Nichkhun-ssi because of her age. Somehow, I want them to have kids. She’ll be happier.

I chose not to comment on that. I know that she wouldn’t sense my disappointment, anyways.

She giggles. See? “Anyways, what made you call? Boy problem?” Umma can be a psychic as well, actually. She knew about me being a homo without me telling her. And now, she knew that I am calling her ‘cos my mind’s troubled by a guy. But, nah, it’s just called motherly instincts.

“Do you remember Jongwoon-hyung?”

“Of course! How could I forget that handsome boy? Why, is he your boyfriend now? I knew it!” Umma kind of ships us.

To be honest, I don’t know why I blushed. Must be because she said that hyung is handsome, which is undoubtedly true. “What, of course not! Well, we had a small argument… and I haven’t been talking to him…”

“Then call him and ask him to go out with you!”


“Minnie, call him and make him your boyfriend.”

“Fine, I’ll call him. But I’ll just ignore the last thing you said. Thanks, umma. I’ll go now. I love you.”

“I love you too! Take care there, okay? And say hi to baby Hae for me!” Since Hae’s my best friend, she treats him as her own son too. Well, Donghae can be sometimes an adorable baby so umma liked him in an instant because I never really acted cutesy towards her. I may have, but not all the time unlike Donghae.

It really feels nice to have spoken to umma. She will always be the person who could light up my mood whenever I need it. Aside from Joon-appa, she is the person I rely on the most.

My phone rings, and as I read the caller ID, I let out a sigh. Umma can also predict the future.

“Yes, hyung?”

“Minnie-ah, can we meet?”


“I’m sorry for what happened, Min.” That is the first thing Jongwoon-hyung says. He asked me to meet with him at the mall. It’s a good thing that he called me when Kyuhyun is not around. I bet that kid will lock me up somewhere with him.

I smile at hyung. “Let’s just forget about it, hyung.”

He returns the gestures brightly that I feel my heart skip a beat. Jongwoon-hyung’s smiles could really melt someone’s heart because of its beauty, especially the way his eyes curve along with his lips. Man, why did I just notice that hyung is really, really, really, really attractive? Must be because of his newly-dyed blond hair. It made him look like he’s shining.

He totally looks gorgeous.

“Don’t ignore me from now on, Ming… it is disturbing…” He pouts. Oh my god, he pouts. He is so cute. This is the first time in the five years I knew him that I see him acting this cute. He’s the silent type, so he doesn’t really talk and move that much, so this is unusual for me… but I like it.

“I’m sorry, hyung. I didn’t mean to ignore your calls and texts… I was just busy…” …with Kyuhyun.

“I promise I won’t do it again!” He determinedly says as he raises his right hand, which is smaller than mine, actually.

“I know, hyung. I know. You were drunk, I understand. Please don’t feel bad about it anymore… It didn’t happen, hm?”

He slightly bows his head down, and I instantly wrap my arms around his waist and bury my face on his shoulder. I don’t care if people are staring at us right now. I just felt the need to reassure hyung that I am not mad at him for doing it. Well, I was mad.

“I forgive you, hyung… if that’s what you wanted to hear.”

I smile when I hear him heave a deep sigh and hug me back. “Thank you, Ming.”

I look up a bit to pull away; however, I think I see Kyuhyun from a corner glaring at us. Holy bunny, what is he doing here?! Is that really him?

“Come on, Ming, I’ll treat you bubble tea!” Jongwoon-hyung distracts me. He grabs my hand and pulls me rather excitedly. Jongwoon-hyung acting like this is such a cute sight.

I look back to where I saw Kyuhyun, but he is not there anymore. Must be my imagination.


He buys me my all-time favorite bubble tea. He always gives me this whenever we had an argument, while I buy him fried kimchi or turtle feeds. Come to think of it, we never had a worse fight. We never shouted at each other and hurt each other. I just can’t see myself getting angry at this kind hyung of mine for so long. He’s the best hyung I ever had.

We go shopping for perfumes since hyung said that he’s running out of it. Hyung’s type of perfume is the strong and husky one – the usual kind for men, so it’s not really that hard finding one for him.

While he is at the counter to pay, I browse for more perfumes. And as I am about to pick one, a hand lands on top of mine. I know who owns that hand.

I glance to the tall guy beside me. Though he has his hood on, and has his eyes covered with sunglasses, there is no way I will doubt if that is him. He smirks at me and squeezes my hand. I blush.

Suddenly, he leans to me and whispers, “I’m the only who should hold your hand like that, and don’t get too much close to him. I’m jealous. I might just take you away from him.” To my surprise, he licks my earlobe slowly and nibbles it gently.

“Laters, baby.” He says before walking away, just in time ‘cos Jongwoon-hyung comes back.

“Wanna go to a karaoke?” he offers me as he arranges his hold on the paper bag. I beam and nod vigorously; I love hearing Jongwoon-hyung sing his heart out. One of the best voices out there, indeed.

He smiles at me and takes my hand again. His hand is even softer than mine, geez.

But when my peripheral sight catches someone not that far away from us, I squeak because of surprise. I am not used to stalkers, okay! Oh my god, he is such a creeper.

Jongwoon-hyung stops walking and looks at me worriedly, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

I gulp at those familiar dark orbs throwing death glares at us. I snap my head to my company, chuckling nervously. “N-Nothing. I thought I just saw… someone.”

“Who?” He looks to where I was looking. Not wanting him to see Kyuhyun, I push him, my hands lie flat on his broad back. “I thought I saw Donghae! But it is not him because he’s on a date with Eunhyuk! Let’s go now!”

One thing I like about hyung is that though there is something suspicious about my actions, he doesn’t ask further questions once I say that it is just nothing.

I look through my shoulders and Kyuhyun is still there, so I glare at him, trying to send him the message that I don’t want him stalking me. But he glares back.

I roll my eyes.

I sway my head in beat as Jongwoon-hyung’s sensual voice fills my eardrums. There’s this feeling of wanting to burst whenever you hear him sing. It’s so powerful and full of emotions. He really deserves to be a soloist, and I will support him for that. He’s more of the ballad type, actually. Please don’t ask him to dance. It will be the funniest thing you will see.

Then, I receive a text message from an unknown number. It reads:

You’re enjoying too much. I’m not liking it.

Knowing who the sender is, I reply, “Yes, I am. Definitely. And I don’t care if you don’t like it.”

You should care.

He replies kind of fast. And so, I type, “Why? I’m still busy singing here, you know.”

I’m better than him.

I want to hear Kyuhyun sing too. “Oh yeah? Prove it.”

Soon. You might turn to be my fan.

I shall not reply to that one. I can imagine his smirk right now as he types that.

After that, I sing a duet with Jongwoon-hyung.

We explore more of the newly-opened mall though we are obviously tired of singing continuously earlier at the karaoke. It was fun. Watching Jongwoon-hyung dance weirdly again made me laugh my heart out that I almost can’t breathe. Actually, my cheekbones and jaw still hurt because of it. I can’t believe I just saw him sing and dance ‘Gangnam Style.’

Our bonding at the karaoke was the best for this day because I didn’t see a single shadow of Kyuhyun stalking us. However, when we finally got out from there, I see Kyuhyun everywhere.

I palm my face.


“You go in first, Min.” Hyung says, still located on his spot.

I chuckle. “No, hyung, I’ll watch you go.”

“No, I’ll watch you go in.”



I sigh. Jongwoon-hyung is really stubborn… just like someone I know who is now hiding behind the bushes. It’s just that Jongwoon-hyung’s stubbornness is cuter than that person’s.

“It’s okay, hyung,” I make my way to go to him, turn his body and push him away playfully. “Good bye, hyung!!! Have a safe trip!!!”

Fortunately, he laughs with me and decides to just give in.

What he did next isn’t something I expected.

He inches closer to me and gives my cheek a peck. I look at him, puzzled. He didn’t say anything, but I can see that he is blushing and is sheepishly grinning at me. Dude, my heart is beating fast!

He then shyly waves his hand at me, shouting an “I’ll call you later, okay?” before walking with his hands stuffed in his pockets. I just stare at his retreating back, a smile curving on my lips. I feel so happy now that I’m in good terms with hyung again.

“Baby girl,” someone whispers on my ear.

I jump away due to surprise, clutching my chest as I realize that it is only Kyuhyun the creeper.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!”

He smirks at me. “I’m that handsome?”

I roll my eyes. “I still haven’t forgiven you for stalking me and Jongwoon-hyung, and for calling me baby girl!” I head to the building, but is prevented by a hand firmly gripping my wrist.

“Did I apologize for it?” I can literally feel his hot breath ghosting on my left ear, making all the hairs on my body stand up.

“Won’t you?” I feebly ask.

“No,” he says as he lightly bites my ear. How could he do that in public?! Shisus, someone might see us right now! Of course I do mind; it’s a scandal! A CEO flirting with a graduating College student?

“You’re mine.” He whispers so softly that I feel like I’m slowly melting. It’s weird that the way he said it is soft, but firm at the same time. Oh wait, I’m just the weird one.

“I haven’t signed the contract yet,” I glance at him, and I see him smirking at me. Wow, he’s that confident? Gee, I thought he doesn’t want me to sign it. I saw all the reluctance on him when he was telling me about the Dom-Sub thing.

“I don’t like that Kim Jongwoon.”

“The feeling’s mutual with him, you know.”

“You won’t like it when I get jealous. I don’t share what’s mine.”

I smirk back at him. “And so? I’m not yet yours.” Yet…

He chuckles lowly, his eyes turning darker. “Remember, I warned you, hyung.”


Kyuhyun is calling me, but I didn’t pick it up. I am waiting for Jongwoon-hyung’s call since he said that he will ring me any minute now. Of course I should be fair and prioritize hyung because he told me that he’ll call me first, and Kyuhyun didn’t inform me, so I’m ignoring him for the night.

After the ringing stopped, I grin triumphantly. I will show Cho Kyuhyun that he can’t get anything he wants effortlessly… including me. Especially now that it is Jongwoon-hyung calling next.

I am happily chatting with Jongwoon-hyung about his turtles when the doorbell rang. Since I am lazy to stand up from our forever cozy sofa, I ask Hae to open it. He rejects me at first, but when I say that I won’t come with him to Busan, he obliges half-heartedly.

But then…

“Oh, Kyuhyun-ssi, what are you doing here?”

I almost threw the phone.


-Because YeMin is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures, I’ll include them here >:DD Of course it would be too boring if Kyuhyun will have no one to compete with, right? Kkk~
-Kyuhyun called Sungmin “baby girl” and “Sungmin baby” SOBS. ;;
-I can’t wait to hear and see Sungmin sing Bittersweet live with KRY! Wohoo! So excited!
-See you in heaven, guys! :D

Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:shades, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin
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