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Shades (TEN)

Title: Shades
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Dark, Smut, Yaoi, AU
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the plot. This is inspired by the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Warning: boy-to-boy relationships, language
Summary: Behind every beautiful face lie very dark secrets.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


“I’ll call you later, hyung.” I instantly end the call, not wanting let hyung know that game freak came here. Wait, he actually fled from Busan to here?!

“Good evening, Donghae-ssi,” Kyuhyun’s voice reverberates on the living room. “Your best friend isn’t answering my calls, so I’m just checking if he’s alright.” He notices me walking towards them and his lips quirk to a smirk.

“O…kay?” Hae averts his gaze from me and Cho alternately. Then, he grins. “I’m just in my room… if ever you guys need something from me…” and he flies to his room, leaving me with this devil.

I face him with a grin, “Now you see I’m okay, so you can go now,” I move to push him out and close the door – I don’t care if it’s rude – but he successfully stops it on time. I take steps back ‘cos he inches towards me, his smirk never leaving his handsome face.

Still maintaining eye contact with me, he whispers, “Are you sure you want me to leave?”

No. “Yes. I’m still talking to someone on the phone and you interrupted us.” I try giving him strong glares, but I think I failed because I’m now melting due to his intense stares.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” I raise an eyebrow. I barely register him closing the door behind us.

Suddenly, he grabs my waist and chin, pinning me on the door. I then find myself swirling my tongue with his inside my mouth, its owner sucking out all the oxygen in me.

My phone rings, and I know it is Jongwoon-hyung who is calling again.

Kyuhyun licks my earlobe and huskily mutters under his breath, “Answer it.”

I moan. “No.”

He pulls me to my bedroom – I don’t know how the hell he knew – and grabs the phone from my pocket, showing the screen to me after pushing me to the bed. The caller is indeed Jongwoon-hyung.

Kyuhyun is smiling mischievously again. He’s planning something evil again, I can feel it.

“You were talking to him, right? Fine, I won’t stop you.” To my shock, he presses the ‘answer’ button and brings the phone screen to my ear.

“Minnie?” I hear Jongwoon-hyung’s concerned voice.

“Hi-” I almost moan loudly for Kyuhyun sucks on the skin of my neck, “-Hyuuung…” I quickly cover my mouth, but Kyuhyun slaps it away and holds it firmly.

“Are you okay?” He shouldn’t hear me like this. It’s embarrassing.

“Yeah…” I can only manage to say a word or two so that he won’t find me suspicious.

However, oh fuck, Kyuhyun palms my crotch! I bite my lower lip to prevent a moan that is threatening to escape my throat. I can hear his muffled chuckle – his face is currently buried on the crook of my neck.

“Are you sure? Anyways, I’ve got two movie tickets. Wanna watch with me? It’s dated after your graduation.”

Shit, Kyuhyun pulls my pajama pants down to my knees, and strokes my member languidly, teasingly. No word is coming out from me since I completely don’t trust my voice right now. Unfortunately, Mr. Contract pumps my hardened member faster.

“Min?” Hyung distracts me.

“S-Sure, hyung!” I say the last word in a rather high pitch because slender and long fingers groped my butt. Of course it irks Jongwoon-hyung’s curiosity.

“Minnie, what’s wrong?”

Then, Kyuhyun sucks a nipple against the thin material of my shirt while his hand is still working on my now leaking shaft. This time, I softly moan, but I make it look like I’m whining in pain at the realization that someone is on the other line.

“S-Sorry, hyung, m-my stomach aches! Aigoo! E-Emergency! Bye!” And then I hang up. Game freak lifts his head up to look at me, smirking. “Done with your call now, hyung?”

With a tight squeeze on my member, I moan in response as I shoot my cum on his hand. He then sucks his finger while staring at me lustfully, remarking, “Sweet…”

After it, he removes his necktie, crouching as he pins both of my arms on top of my head, yet again, wrapping the black cloth on my wrists. Man, he knows how to knot properly, and by properly I mean really firm that I can’t move. This is better than those metallic handcuffs, though.

“And now, I want you to be as silent as you can if you don’t want Donghae-ssi hearing you moan my name… but I really don’t mind, to be honest.”

As if on cue, I hear Donghae’s laugh from the living room, shouting a flirty ‘Hyukkie~’ from time to time, meaning, he must be talking with Eunhyuk at the phone. And so, I try my very best on not being noisy.

I failed.


He comes back to sit beside me on the bed, picking his shirt from the floor and puts it on. I pout at him, hugging my knees and placing my chin on top of it. “You won’t sleep here?”

He chuckles, stopping halfway on buttoning his shirt, and turns to me with a smile, “I’m sorry, but Donghee-hyung said that my parents came to my house…”

“Donghee?” I thought I heard Donghae.

He gives me a short nod and continues fixing his shirt. “Yeah. That’s Shindong-hyung’s real name.”

I didn’t say anything after and just watch him dress up. After a few minutes, he finishes preparing himself. He walks to me and kisses my forehead. “I’ll go now. You don’t have to come with me outside. You might find it hard to walk.” He winks, I roll my eyes. I then realize that my bottom hurts.

“Use this necktie on your graduation, okay?” he hands me the black tie he used to wrap on my wrists earlier. That was actually when I decided that it will be my favorite necktie of his.

I nod. I will gladly wear it there. I won’t even wash it. I want to smell his perfume, okay.

“Laters, baby.” Once again, I melt because of that line. Will there come a time that it won’t have an effect on me?

“I didn’t know you could be pretty noisy, Ming.” Donghae comments as he enters my room after Kyuhyun had gone out. I roll my eyes and lie down on the bed to hide the blush painting my cheeks. The other side of the bed sinks; Hae jumped on it.

“No, really, you were veeeeery loud earlier! You enjoyed it that much? Cho Kyuhyun must be goooood!” He could sometimes get on my nerves.

“Shut up, Hae!” I scream, more like squeak. I hastily cover my head under the blanket for I can feel my entire face getting red, not so thanks to my best friend’s teasing. As expected, that action of mine made my childish roommate laugh harder.

“Why is a condom here? Seriously, you use these?” I glance up at him and I see him holding the used contraceptive. I just ignore him and get back to sleeping. I don’t have the energy to explain things to him.

“Does it hurt?” Hae slaps my butt, making me swiftly sit to throw death glares or some curses to my best friend; however, pain strikes on my bottom area again, so I groan and throw my body back to my comfy bed, earning another round of laughter from Donghae.

While I’m at the process of whimpering, Hae goes off the bed, shouting, “I won’t sleep here! Your bed still has your and Kyuhyun’s cum, and it stinks here! Eew!”

“As if I want you to sleep here!” I throw him a pillow, but he closes the door even before the soft thing reaches his smug face.

I growl again at the pain. Cho should have left me some painkillers.

“I have painkillers, Ming!”



I go up the stage as I hear my name being called, flashing my signature smile to the higher-ups, who were waiting for me to receive my diploma. The owner of the university gives me a rolled paper, and then I shake hands with him, followed by the other oldies present, nodding and thanking at every congratulatory word they tell me.

The last one on the line is smirking at me, but weirdly has some sort of a proud aura around him. I take his hand and he gives mine a firm squeeze. I look straight up his face, this sudden feeling of missing him envelopes my heart since I wasn’t able to see him since that night. He then whispers, “Congratulations, Mr. Lee.”

I smirk back at him. “Thank you, Mr. Cho.”

I hate the lost feeling when he lets go of my hand, but it’s a good thing I immediately realize that I am on a stage with lots of people’s eyes on me, so I give the officials my last bow before going off the stage.

As I go down, I see my Joon appa, together with Jongwoon-hyung’s father, beaming at me.

After the diploma giving, the ceremony lasted for about thirty minutes due to the lengthy speech of the officials that I almost dozed off. I was only brought back to life when the CEO of Cho Enterprises stood by the podium and spoke. As usual, it was only a short one, which is also obviously scripted. Then again, I didn’t listen to whatever crap he said. I just stared at his face.

Unfortunately, the same went for the others, especially the girls.

I roll my eyes.

“Appa!” I run towards Joon appa and hug him tight like a girl. He doesn’t mind, anyways, since he’s used to me being like that to him.

“You finally finished college! Congratulations, boy!” says appa while ruffling my hair. I give a bright smile to Mr. Kim who returns it with a smile similar to Jongwoon-hyung’s.

Speaking of Jongwoon-hyung, where is he?

“Baby!!!!!!” I hear a very familiar voice from somewhere near me. Then, a blonde comes out from behind appa, and hugs me very tight.

I blink. I didn’t know… I just stare blankly at Jongwoon-hyung who comes after with a knowing smile on his face. Am I the only one who doesn’t know this? Even appa and Mr. Kim didn’t look shocked at all.

“Umma? I thought you’re at Paris with Nichkhun-ssi?”

Umma pulls away from the hug with that beautiful smile of hers – which I think I got from her – and cups my face, “Oh, it’s just a joke! I wouldn’t forgive myself if I miss this big day of yours! Congratulations, Minnie baby!!!”

I didn’t need to ask where her current husband is right now because I know he will feel awkward when Joon appa is around. The same goes for appa, of course. Nichkhun-ssi is very nice and handsome, yes. It’s just that I like my Joon appa more.

Is happiness sufficient enough to describe my feelings right now? I finally graduated, I see Kyuhyun there, Joon appa is here, Jongwoon-hyung also came with his dad, and now, my mother is here! All this time I thought she won’t be able to attend my graduation since she’ll be going out-of-the-country with Nichkhun-ssi, but now I see her in front of me personally, not just on Skype. I don’t care if they fooled me or what, what’s important is that my mom is here.

I miss her so much.

“Vic umma?” we all turn to the owner of that voice, who beams childishly the moment he had a clearer view of my mom’s face.

“Hae baby!!!!” Umma spreads her arms wide to welcome the running baby, but she is the one who is spun by that particular baby.

“I miss you, Vic umma!!!” Hae giddily shouts after letting go of umma. And then, their conversation starts. They’re like girls who are gossiping after years of not seeing each other. Well, umma is a girl.

I’m glad that umma is getting happier, a big thanks to Nichkhun-ssi for that. I don’t like it whenever I see her cry because it stains her goddess-like face. I hated her exes, to be honest, but with the exception of Joon appa since their break-up is a peaceful one. They realized that they really aren’t meant for each other that they are better off as friends, and there, they got divorced. They never really had a child of their own, but they still have a good relationship after.

Hae’s family approaches us and greets us warmly, just like how they do every single time we meet. They really are an example of a happy family. I’m somewhat jealous.

Donghae pulls a younger boy, who is a bit taller than him, has his hair dyed to orange-y, and has those pinch-able cheeks. This boy actually studies in Canada, and goes home every vacation there is, so I am also close to him. Besides, he’s not that hard to like. I guess he’s almost the same age as Kyuhyun.

“Vic umma, do you remember Henry, my brother?” Henry bows to my mom politely, and as expected, umma squeals. She is fond of cute boys.

Henry is really Donghae’s brother’s name. It is just because when their mom is carrying Henry, there’s this American show, which I already forgot the title, that she watches and the character that she liked the most is named as Henry. Their father didn’t complain, anyways.

Because I don’t like talking too much, I just settled on watching and listening to their conversation quietly; however, a tap on my shoulder distracts me.

“Oh, Kyuhyu- Mr. Cho,” I grin sheepishly at the tall guy before me. I swear he looks best in his corporate attires, especially when it’s in black. Wait, is it just me or he really wears an eyeliner? Fuck.

The people with me instantly turn to look at the young CEO, their faces showing that they’re starstrucked, except Hae and Jongwoon-hyung, of course. I can’t blame them, though.

“You know Mr. Cho?” Appa asks me, his eyes slightly narrowing.

I don’t know what to say. If I say no, then they’ll ask me why he is here and Kyuhyun will obviously get mad at me or he’ll reveal the truth. But if I say yes, then they’ll ask me how, so how am I supposed to say the real reason? What, I’ll tell them that we fucked already? I’m not a good liar.

Fortunately, Hae butts in and answers for me, “Remember my article regarding him on our magazine? I caught a cold the day of the interview with Mr. Cho, so I asked Ming to take my place instead, so that’s how they got to know each other.” Oh my savior. Okay, I’ll come with him to Busan.

But then I realize I could say those too… but not without stuttering and blushing.

“Cho Kyuhyun, sir.” Cho takes out a hand to appa, who gladly reaches it for a firm handshake. Why do I have a feeling that they will get along? And he also bows to umma and Hae’s family.

“Are you Minnie’s boyfriend?” Hae’s mom asks. I blush. I see umma slightly pouting.

“No!” My answer came too fast for my liking.

Suddenly, I feel his arm on my shoulder. “Soon-to-be…” He says with a childish grin. I roll my eyes.

“Ah! Umma, he is the younger brother of Hyukkie!” Oh, so he told his parents about Eunhyuk already? Man, he really is fast.

“Then it would be nice if Kyuhyun-ssi will be your best friend’s boyfriend, right?” his mom remarks. I have never thought of that one…

Umma, being the Jongwoon-Sungmin shipper she is, decides to end the conversation with Cho by inviting us to have lunch together. This is the first time I ever appreciated that she wants Jongwoon-hyung to be my boyfriend.

“Are you coming along, Mr. Cho?” Umma turns to Cho, her eyes rather reflecting annoyance. I love my mom.

Cho grins. “Thank you for the offer, but as much as I want to, I still have an appointment. I… I just came here to extend my congratulations to Sungmin-hyung again.” Why does he have to speak that formally? I can see that umma is uncomfortable because she’s also allergic to that just like me. Haha.

“Wow, you’re younger… Anyways, it was nice meeting you, Mr. Cho!” And then she faces Hae’s family and talks to them excitedly while walking with them. I follow suit with Joon appa and Mr. Kim, but of course, I spare another glance to Kyuhyun.

I find him standing next to Jongwoon-hyung.

Why do I sense danger? I’ll just ignore it.


“Do you know who owns that necktie Sungmin is wearing?” Kyuhyun asks the smaller man beside him in a low voice so as not for others to hear them. Receiving no response from the other, he speaks, “Me.”

He then hears a snort from Jongwoon, and when he looks at the older guy, he sees him smirking, but the man isn’t staring at him. In fact, his gaze is on Sungmin’s back.

“I won’t let you have him that easily… I’m a tough competitor. Just so you know, his mom wants me to be her son’s lover, and she obviously doesn’t like you.”

Kyuhyun scoffs. “Is that a dare?”

Jongwoon glances at him and shrugs before walking to follow the others.


-I just had to include that 3rd POV part because Kyuhyun vs. Jongwoon is kandfjkbshkfva. :DD
-I sincerely apologize for the short chapter. Busy with school that made my brain malfunction LOL
-Did you enjoy this short chapter? :D

Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:shades, genre:angst, genre:smut, length:chaptered, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin
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