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Shades (ELEVEN)

Title: Shades
Pairing: KyuMin, slight!YeMin
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Dark, Smut, Yaoi, AU
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the plot. This is inspired by the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Warning: boy-to-boy relationships, language
Summary: Behind every beautiful face lie very dark secrets.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


The week after I decided to stay in Ilsan with Joon appa was peaceful, I can say. I missed hanging out with him, and though he doesn’t really express it, I know he missed me as well.

Aside from catching up with appa, I also frequently go out with Jongwoon-hyung, who, to my and hyung’s surprise, turned out to be our new neighbor. We weren’t informed that the Kims transferred to the vacant house next to ours last month. Appa is technically Mr. Kim’s best friend that’s why they chose the place.

An addition to the cause on why they became our neighbors was because Jongwoon-hyung already admitted to his family that he likes me. I didn’t know he did that, actually. Obviously, just like me, they accepted hyung’s sexual preference.

Anyways, I spent more time with Jongwoon-hyung this time for we won’t be able to see each other often after I go to Busan with Hae and work there, while hyung goes back to Seoul with Jongjinnie to continue his masterals, also his singing career, so he will be busier. I could still see him on TV, though.

Another reason why I’m having a peaceful week is that I never felt Cho’s presence. I heard the jerk fled to Europe for business purposes but my journalist friend, who is currently in Mokpo, had no idea on how long Kyuhyun will be out of the country. I admit I kind of miss him.

I sit on the couch as I watch Jongwoon-hyung place the disk in the DVD player. I can’t help but admire his side profile. I don’t know how many times have I said this, but he really is freaking gorgeous! Actually, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I think I sort of feel something towards him already lately. It is something like attraction. No one can blame me cos he’s… perfect?

Nice, gentleman and family-oriented, unlike someone I know who is a snob, a game freak, and a self-centered brat.

The moment Jongwoon-hyung sits next to me, the doorbell rings. We look at each other in an attempt to guess on who the visitor is.

It is impossible that they would be our parents since they are out for work. Jongjin is also with his high school friends, so he’s out of the options. If ever that is Donghae, the fish will not bother pressing the doorbell; he will knock on the door harshly while shouting for my name repeatedly. At least he doesn’t barge in without knocking.

But the person outside right now is calmly waiting for someone to open the door.

Thinking that he or she is a friend of appa, I hurry towards the door and pry it open, immediately gasping when the figure of a very familiar tall curly-haired brunet welcomes my sight. He is in his usual white shirt and jeans.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

He flashes me those pearly whites of his which almost made me blind. “Can’t I visit you?”

I narrow my eyes at him. “I thought you’re in Europe?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m in Europe right now, genius,” says Kyuhyun while rolling his eyes. I just glare at him. He is in his bratty mode again. I take back what I said earlier, I don’t miss him.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to enter?” I remain silent, but I still step aside so as not to be rude to a visitor. He grins at me as he welcomes himself in the house, his eyes wandering around while he closes the door.

“Minnie, who is-” Jongwoon-hyung emerges from the living room to the corridor with a box of popcorn on his hand, gawking to the uninvited person. I alter my gaze on the two of them, sensing a staring competition between them.

Then, Jongwoon-hyung smiles politely and bows slightly, obviously catching Kyuhyun off-guard, “Hello, Mr. Cho, I didn’t expect for you to be here.”

Game freak stays quiet as if he wanted to ask a question.

“We are neighbors, Kyuhyun-ssi, if that’s what you want to ask.” Can Jongwoon-hyung also read minds?

I glance at Kyuhyun, who has his forehead slightly formed to a frown. He really doesn’t like it when someone he isn’t close to calls him by his first name even if there’s an honorific. Hyung seems oblivious to it.

“We are about to watch a movie. Do you want to join us, Kyuhyun-ssi?” offers hyung with a smirk.

Kyuhyun’s displeased expression turns to his normal confident one, returning hyung’s smirk. “I would love to, Jongwoon-ssi.”

Seriously, is there something going on between these two? I can feel the tension on the air.

“Let’s go, then!” I try saying as giddily as I can as if I’m excited to watch. Well, I was, but not anymore… Not with these two at the same time.

Unfortunately, I have to sit in between them because I feel like blood will be shed once they sit next to each other. And this is very awkward. I can’t even concentrate on what I am watching!

I regret that I chose the first part of Breaking Dawn to watch.

The bed scene of Edward and Bella comes, and I swear I am now squirming on my seat. I never knew that there will be a scene like this!

But then, all I see in front of me are not Edward and Bella; but Kyuhyun and me. Fuck this is freaking embarrassing. I suddenly remember that night when Kyuhyun took my virginity away. Damn it, I want it to happen again! Will Kyuhyun be able to break the bed too?

I bite my lower lip as I sneakily glance at Kyuhyun, who is located on my right, his eyes focused on the TV, but his face is blank. What do I expect? He is used to witnessing a scene like this. He was more like involved on the scene. I blush.

I turn next to Jongwoon-hyung. Oh my god he is blushing.

All three of us jerks on our seat as a phone rang loudly. Jongwoon-hyung hastily grabs his phone, and answers it while excusing himself to us and walks out of the living room.

Now I am left with game freak.

“Ah, that scene was… intense.” Kyuhyun suddenly comments as he stretches his long arms above his head. My eyes linger on the hem of shirt for it was lifted when he stretched so I see his pale skin under the cloth. I instantly tear my gaze away from it, blushing more when I hear him chuckle.

He slings an arm around my neck and leans to my ear, whispering, “If I get too aggressive, maybe I can break the bed… especially if you’re the one on it with me…” Oh god, my theory of him being a mind reader is 100% accurate.

“Shut up.” I feebly say while pushing his face away from me.

“I know you want it…” he whispers before licking the shell of my ear. I bite my lower lip to prevent me from moaning. “And you know what your biting of the lip does to me, hyung…” Man, I love the sound of his low sexy voice.

A clearing of the throat by the guy behind us makes me push Kyuhyun’s face away from me rather harshly, but I just can’t unsee the grin forming on his lips while he has his head down.

I sit properly as hyung settles beside me, drawing closer to my ear, making the hairs all over my body stand up when I felt his breath. He whispers, “Your mom called me.”

“What did she say?” I automatically turn my head towards him, blushing as I quickly look away because of the very close distance between our faces.

“About someone…” he grabs the popcorn and watches the movie again, a smirk planted on his lips.

I will just try watching the movie. Wish me luck.



Umma’s shout makes me flinch. I merely stare at the laptop screen, watching my raging mother scold me. “You’ve been spacing out again! I was just talking about that CEO and you suddenly got distracted! Seriously, do you like him that much?!” Umma pouts.

I blink. Why was she talking about Cho? Mom knows that I easily space out normally without a particular reason, anyways.

“Sorry, what was it again?” I chose not to answer her question. She will strangle me to death if I tell her the truth.

She sighs, but then talks afterwards in a lazy tone, “I said, Sungmin, Cho Kyuhyun delivered a bouquet of flowers and a basket of fruits and groceries here… oh, also wine.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Why would he do that?”

“To impress me and you, of course! He is obviously trying to get my approval of dating you, which is a no-no because my loyalty is on Jongwoonie.”

I mentally palm my face. I then realize something. “That’s what you said to Jongwoon-hyung earlier?”

She beams proudly, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Of course! He has to know that his rival is making his moooooooves!” Actually, just like Hae, umma is aging backwards. There are times that I think Hae is actually her son, not me, that we were just accidentally switched. Then again, I am months older than Fish, so that would be impossible.

“So, what did you say to Mr. Cho?” I have to call Kyuhyun like that because she would think it’s suspicious if I address the guy by his first name.

“Mr. Cho wasn’t here, idiot,” Nice endearment, umma. “I asked his assistant to tell Mr. Cho that I’m grateful, but he doesn’t have to do it and all. Of course it would be rude if I will send it back. Besides, the wine tastes excellent! You’ll definitely like it, honey!”

“You like Kyuhyun now?” Please…

“As a person, yes, but for you, no.” I want to wipe that wide grin on my umma’s face right now. This stubborn bipolar woman. I’ll just shift to a topic she is very interested in.

“Are you going to watch Jongwoon-hyung’s debut stage?” And yeah, her eyes flicker because those words actually came from my mouth.

“Of course! Just on TV, though. I won’t be able to attend the recording because of work. Please tell Woonie I’m sorry…”

I just nod. I’m kind of thankful that she won’t be there with me.

“Oh, and Minnie? Please kiss him for me!”

I blush. “UMMA!”


I hate the feeling when Kyuhyun bothers my thoughts. I feel uneasy and confused. Is he that desperate on making me his Sub that he actually is trying to win my mother’s heart? Is he doing this because of another reason? But that is not possible since he said he doesn’t do that boyfriend thing…

Aish, what the hell are you doing, Cho Kyuhyun?

Unconsciously, I press the ‘send’ button after typing those words. It took me seconds before I realize what was written on my message to Kyuhyun.

OH MY FURRY BUNNY WHAT DID I JUST SEND HIM?! Did I just- shit, shit, shit, what do I do? I’m not supposed to send that! He might think I’ve been drinking again… Please don’t let him read it…

Luck isn’t on my side right now. My phone beeps.

From: Game freak Cho

You are most welcome, Mr. Lee.

I stare at the screen as if it is Kyuhyun. Wow. Just wow, Cho. I can feel the level of your confidence from here. Even before I could type a reply, I received another message from him.

From: Game freak Cho

I’m still at Ilsan. I’m staying at a hotel.

I frown, replying: I didn’t ask you that. I don’t care.

Inner god scoffs. My phone vibrates immediately.

From: Game freak Cho

Thank you for your concern. I am so touched, HYUNG.

I palm my face. Even in a text message, he still emphasizes the word hyung. I feel like throwing my phone to his grinning face right now.

From: Game freak Cho

Yeah, good night and sleep tight, too, baby girl. Dream of me, too.

I roll my eyes.


Loud screams from girls echo in my ear, my lips automatically forming to a smile as I divert my gaze to the group of fangirls on the center, holding large banners with Jongwoon-hyung, no, Yesung’s face printed on it. From now on, the whole nation of South Korea will know him as Yesung, the person with an art-like voice.

It suits him very much. His stage name is as beautiful as his voice. I feel so excited for him. He finally achieved his dream… to sing on a stage, with thousands of people watching him.

Yesung, who looks absolutely stunning in his white tuxedo, steps on the stage, the spotlight directed on his angelic face, making his blond hair shine. The sight is too overwhelming that the only thing missing on him is a pair of wings. The audience fell silent as Yesung parts his lips, anticipating for that powerful voice to fill the people’s hearts.

Words I couldn’t tell you,
When I close my eyes, they will emerge again
Stop reminiscing my memories
My love, I think of you
I regret the days when I wandered with you staying by my side

My heart jumps the moment he sings those lines. His voice is so soft that I feel like I’m flying with the clouds now. The reason why he can reach to his listeners’ hearts is because he sings every song full of feelings and emotions coming from his own heart.

Can’t you listen to my sincere heart?

Our eyes meet.

I’ll wait for you until the end of the world
I’ll wait for you until the moment fate forbids
Now I can give you my everything

My chest stings due to guilt. It is like he is talking to me for his eyes are lingering on me, only me. Like what I said earlier, he has this strange ability to reach out to others through singing… and now, I can feel the pain and longing he is feeling. For the fans, they see Yesung singing… but for me, it is my Jongwoon-hyung.

Can’t you come to me?

Why haven’t I noticed him before? All these years, he had been showing me love, but I never reciprocated it equally. Despite that, he still had been good to me and remained by my side without asking for something in return. He was never vocal when it comes to his feelings, still.

My dear love.

Is it time for me to give him a chance?

As I didn’t take your hand when you were by my side
I will never let you go again.


I enter Jongwoon-hyung’s dressing room with a bright smile, his eyes sparkling when he notices my presence. His smile grows wider than mine as he envelopes me in his arms tightly. I can feel that he is still slightly trembling, probably because of the nervousness he felt before singing.

“Did I do well?”

I smile gently. “You were excellent, hyung… as always.”

Suddenly, just as what I have expected, his eyes soften, and I know why. He brings his hand up to my face, his fingers caressing my cheeks delicately. He inches closer to me; letting me feel his breath on my lips. I blush furiously.

“Did you hear my heart?”

This is it.


It happened too fast.

Our lips mold with fervor, but there is no roughness. It is a deep kiss without teeth and tongue, and I find it very endearing and intimate. I can feel no lust on it… unlike when it comes to Kyuhyun.

Unfortunately, said man happens to barge in the room and see us in action.


-Sorry for updating late! I got lazy for the past few weeks because of studies and laziness! ><
-The song Yesung/Jongwoon sang is entitled ‘Waiting For You’ by Yesung HAHAHAHA
-Well, this chapter is a bit… disappointing? /hides

Tags: character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:shades, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin
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