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Title: Shades
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Dark, Smut, Yaoi, AU
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the plot. This is inspired by the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Warning: boy-to-boy relationships, language
Summary: Behind every beautiful face lie very dark secrets.

Previous Chapters:
Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


As soon as I get out of my room, I see Eunhyuk, one of the persons on my list who I don't want to see for now. I'm sure he knows what happened three nights ago, judging by the look on his face. He knowingly smiles at me and greets me a good morning though it's pretty obvious that my morning is not good.

Out of courtesy, I greet him back with a forced smile, silently hoping that he will stop grinning at me like that because it is creepy. However, he is still staring at me as I make my way to the door.

"Minnie-ah, where are you going? It's still early," asks Hae, who just got out of his room, yawning. Looking at how disheveled Hae's hair is, they had fun last night. I am so lucky that I am a heavy sleeper that I didn't hear whatever sound they made.

"Jongwoon-hyung." I answer casually.

He nods in understanding; I told him what was the real deal between me and Jongwoon-hyung when he caught me sulking on my bed one night. Of course I didn't tell him about Kyuhyun, and hopefully, Eunhyuk will keep his mouth shut.

"Sungmin," Eunhyuk's voice stops me from turning the knob. "I don't know what exactly happened because he doesn't want to tell us, but I hope you guys will be okay soon. He's back to being his previous self..." I feel a pang of guilt in my chest at the pleading tone on Eunhyuk's voice. Surely, he's talking about Kyuhyun.

"What do you mean by that, Hyukkie?" I hear Hae whine, earning a chuckle from his boyfriend.

"Nothing, baby."


I decide it's time for me to go out of the unit. The only way to shut Donghae's mouth is to shove something in it. I put whatever's on my hand whenever he is like that, but I am a hundred percent sure that Eunhyuk used his tongue.

Oh the images.

Because I am close with Jongwoon-hyung's manager, I am able to know hyung's schedule for the day, and he is now in the company's building for a recording. Hey, I'm not a sasaeng! I just need to know it for now because he still doesn't answer my calls and texts, and I need to talk to him properly. Even if I have to annoy him just to get his attention, I will do it. I will do everything to receive his forgiveness.

I slowly get out from Sen, my lovely Beetle, if you remember, inhaling deeply as the cold wind brushes through my cheeks, fixing the thick pink scarf covering the lower half of my face.

As I am trying very hard to type on my phone - I still find it hard to type with my gloves on - to text Jongwoon-hyung's manager, I feel heavy weight on my right arm, causing for me to fall on the ground.

"O.M.G. I'm so sorry!" A slightly high-pitched male voice made me look up, and to my surprise, a familiar guy is the owner of that voice. Because I am trying to dig in my memories on where I saw this man, I unconsciously blurt out, "OMG?"

The brunet giggles as he holds out a hand to me, which I immediately take. "That's Oh My God. Seriously, you don't know that, hyung?" says the familiar stranger while pulling me up to stand.

"Hyung? I look that old?"

He laughs lightly, then waves his hand in front of his chest, "Nope. I know you're older than me."

Now that I see a clearer view of his profile, I finally remember who he is. Average height, light brown hair, single eyelids, sharp jawline, and thin lips... yes, that is him.

"You... you're the one with that Heechul guy!" I know it's rude to point a finger at someone, but I can't help it. They appear before me at the weirdest of times.

He smiles rather cutely. I'm still cuter, though. "Yup. I'm so glad that you still remember me, Sungmin-hyung!" What, he also knows my name? Seriously, what organization are they in and what do they need from me?

"How did you know my name? Who are you? And who is Heechul?"

He giggles again. "Oops. So rude of me. My name's Kim Ryeowook. Heechul-hyung is my younger brother's psychiatrist. And about your name... you'll know that later, but for now, I have to stalk Yesung. Toodles~"

I watch Ryeowook turn to Yesung's sasaeng fan and sneaks towards the side of the building; probably finding ways on how to enter the building and see Yesung.

Wait, Yesung... hey, that's Jongwoon-hyung's screen name!

"Sungmin-ah," a different voice calls me, but I definitely know who owns that. I beam when I see Jongwoon-hyung's manager approaching me. Manager hyung is also handsome that he can pass as a member of Super Junior.

"Junghoon-hyung!" I giddily run to him and hug him. We got close when Jongwoon-hyung was still training.

"Did you tell him I'm coming?" I ask sweetly.

Hyung smiles at me and ruffles my hair. No one can resist my aegyo. "Of course not. Come on, he just finished." I nod happily and bounce before following him; however, a hand gripping my wrist stopped me. Ryeowook.

"How did you know Yesung's manager? Are you close to Yesung? Are you a trainee?"

Then my brilliant mind gave me an idea.

"Yes, I am close friends with Yesung. You're a fan, right? I can make you meet him."

And now his eyes are sparkling like stars.

"On one condition."

He holds my hands and flashes me those puppy eyes of his. "What is it? What is it? What is it?"

I slightly smirk at him. "Tell me how you knew my name."


I silently watch Ryeowook blabber things to Yesung like how he likes his music, his voice, especially his face. Yesung remains smiling and laughing, though I catch him throwing glances to me constantly. I don't know if it's because there is a fan around, but I really think his gazes are now softer than before. Now that's good news.

The three of us yelps after hearing a ring of a phone, which belongs to Ryeowook. He excuses himself to go out for a while, not forgetting to reassure me that he will go back and will not run away from me. He promised me earlier that he will tell me what he knows after meeting Yesung. To ensure that he will not break his promise, he made me keep his car keys for now. I'm pretty sure he's rich enough to own an expensive car.

The moment Ryeowook is out of sight and hearing range, Jongwoon-hyung rushes to me and hugs me tight, totally taking me by surprise.

"I'm sorry, Min... I've been too harsh on you recently..." Hyung whispers on my ear before burying his face on my shoulder. His breath kind of tickled my neck.

I tighten my hug on him. I miss the warm feeling his body gives me, and he still smells like his usual husky perfume, though he smells more expensive now. "You've got nothing to say sorry for, hyung... I should be the one doing it..."

He cups my cheeks and kisses my forehead. "Alright, I forgive you. I won't ignore you again. I miss you."

OMG. Hyung already forgave me! I can't... nbdsajkbldjbjkabdjkbd I am mentally pumping my fist and crying.

Because of too much delight, I hug him tight like we haven't seen each other for ten years; that's how I felt during those days that hyung was mad at me. I'm just too elated that we're okay now.

However, there is one thing I didn't (sort of) expect to happen as well. Jongwoon-hyung places his hands on my cheek and nape then softly presses his lips on mine. Too surprised, I didn't respond at first, but when I did, the kiss grew deeper and hotter that I am not able to hold my moans back. It is still the same kiss I shared with him in the dressing room back when-


We quickly pull away from each other at the sound of Ryeowook's shriek; our cheeks blushing due to embarrassment. We are, yet again, got caught by someone making out. Geez, can't we kiss each other peacefully?

Ryeowook turns to us, his cheeks also red in color. A hundred percent sure because he was shy, while someone I know was red because of anger.

"Y-You may... continue... I-I'll go out... I promise I won't tell anyone!"

"No, it's okay. I still have to go now, actually." Yesung calmly says while gripping my hand quite firmly.

Ryeowook blinks for several times, probably still trying to register things in his mind. His gaze on Yesung, he mumbles softly, "So you're..."

Hyung chuckles lowly. "No, I'm not. Not yet." The smallest amongst us has his mouth form an 'O' shape before grinning widely. "Okay then! Sungmin-hyung, can we go somewhere since Yesung-ssi might be busy~"

"Oh. Yeah, right," I turn to Jongwoon-hyung wearing my sweetest smile. "See you soon, hyung." He returns my smile with his oh-so-gorgeous one that could make girls (and boys) swoon over him. "I'll call you tonight."

Oh great, he just flirted at me in front of a fan. I think I'm ganna die.

I quickly pull Ryeowook out of the studio to make my heart calm down. I walk blankly along the corridor, only remembering that I am not alone when my company tugs on my hand and whines, "I mean it when I said we're going somewhere~"

"Where?" It's kind of suspicious. What if he's a member of a syndicate? What if he's planning to kidnap me then make me a slave or a prostitute? What if-

"Hyung, hyung, relax. I'm not a bad person. I'm actually a chef, and I just came from Taiwan. I just need you to be my birthday present for my younger brother, who I know you know as well, and there you will know the answer you are asking from me." Birthday present? Do I know someone who celebrates his birthday on February 3?

He drives in his BMW, while I, in my Beetle, follows him, trying my best to ask Sen to move faster because his maximum speed is Ryeowook's car's minimum. I should have named this after Ddangkkoma, Jongwoon-hyung's turtle.

Ryeowook said I know his younger brother. Who are the Kims I know? Kibum's out of the list since his birthday is on August. Jongjin, too, because he is Jongwoon-hyung's brother. Not Kim Heechul, though. Jonghyun? Kim Jonghyun? Man, I hate the guy. He bullies me back in high school. I don't even know if he's still alive or probably completely turned to a dinosaur.

Who are you, Kim Ryeowook?

We arrive at the so-called most expensive condominium in Seoul. Judging by its exterior, well, they are right. I see Ryeowook skipping happily inside the building while talking to someone on the phone. He notices me standing frozen outside, and so he runs to me and pulls me inside.

I was too busy admiring the place that I didn't notice that we're already inside Ryeowook's unit.

"MAKNAE! MAKNAE! GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP NOW!" Ryeowook yells as he runs inside a room. I just stare at the spot where the guy was previously at. I still cannot believe that those vulgar words just came out from a childish Ryeowook. Looks can be deceiving.

Then, I see another very familiar person coming out from the same room where Ryeowook went in, my jaw dropping to the floor due to intense surprise. The guy flashes me his gummy smile and winks at me before leaving.

Oh my god... please let this be wrong... I am just thinking wrongly... I was just hallucinating...

I did not see Eunhyuk.

I hear muffled yells from inside because the door is closed, but I distinguish Ryeowook's voice... and the other one...


The door opens and there goes out a grinning Ryeowook with an equally shocked...

"Kyuhyun?" Holy mother bunny. What is this sorcery.

We stare at each other like we don't know each other; complete strangers set up by a naughty friend to meet up for a blind date.

"Why aren't you saying anything to each other? You know each other, right?"

Kyuhyun then glares at the smaller man.

"What? He's my birthday present for you! It's your birthday today and you're sulking here in my condo. Not good, maknae. Not good. And where's my 'thank you'?"

"I'm sick, Ryeowook."

"Aigoo, not calling me hyung again! Disrespectful!"

"You don't look older than me." I unconsciously nod at Kyuhyun's statement.

"I'm still months older!"

"Why did you bring Sungmin-hyung here?!"

"Don't you like it?"

At that, Kyuhyun goes silent and looks down. I eye him, anticipating if he'll be answering Ryeowook's answer. His face and neck are completely red, but I heard that he is sick so maybe that's the reason why.

"Because Sungmin-hyung doesn't want to see me..." Kyuhyun says in a hushed tone that I almost didn't catch it.

I feel like my heart is being squeezed tightly; Kyuhyun looks like a lost kid again and I hate seeing him like that, especially now I know that I am the reason why he is acting like that. Ryeowook finally shuts up.

It is Kyuhyun's birthday, isn't it? I shall not ruin his day. After all, I'm not that mad at him anymore. Well, I was never mad, to be honest... I just felt ashamed after what I did to him so I didn't talk to him.

"Happy birthday, Kyuhyun-ah." Of course I give him my signature smile. He snaps his head to me, wide-eyed. Okay, he is so cute like that.

Ryeowook, who is grinning smugly, steps away from us sideways, "You see, I remember I still have to go... Hyuk-hyung is introducing me to Donghae-ssi, so... nice meeting you too, Sungmin-hyung! Ciao!" And then, he's out.

My gaze follows Ryeowook, refusing to glance at Kyuhyun. The silence between us was deafening, but a loud sneeze from the birthday boy breaks it, and I can't help but chuckle.

He pouts at me for laughing at him, his nose turning red as well. He looks like a reindeer. Kyuhyun the red-nosed reindeer. That's cute. I'll call him like that whenever he's having colds.

I fish out tissues from my bag then holds it out to reindeer Cho, but he just stares at it, occasionally sniffing.

I roll my eyes. "Tissues are used to wipe that liquid in your nose, you know." But he's still staring at the tissue.

Is he an idiot or merely an idiot?

I take a step near him, place my hand on his nape and slightly pull him down so his face levels mine. I then wipe that thing on his nostrils, pinching his nose lightly using the tissue. Now he is gaping at me wide-eyed.

"Your nose was drooling, reindeer." I look at his eyes and I just realize that our faces are just an inch away from each other, making me quickly pull away, folding the wet tissue... eew.

"Trash can?" I ask after clearing my throat.

Kyuhyun silently points to a bin beside the cabinet. I seriously am getting conscious of his stares.

As I make my way towards the trash can, Kyuhyun hugs me from behind, causing for me to loosen my hold on the tissue.

"I'm sorry, hyung... please don't be mad at me anymore..." he whispers against my nape. I control the urge to giggle because it's ticklish.

Why are they the ones saying sorry to me when I was the one at fault? I was the one who broke promises, yet they're apologizing to me. What did I do in previous life for me to deserve these men?

"I'm sorry too, Kyu." I miss calling him like that. I feel him smile on my shoulder, automatically curving a smile on my lips too.

As corny as it is, we stay in that position for minutes. No word was exchanged; only our steady breaths could be heard. We are just savoring the calming warmth and presence of each other...

...until Kyuhyun sneezes again.

I laugh lightly as I turn to face him, my hands cupping his cheeks. "You should rest."

He pouts. "It's my birthday."

"I know, but you are sick. Bed."

He grins widely. I know that look. I knew the way I said it sounded so wrong, and now Kyuhyun took it the other way.

I grin back at him before pulling him to his room. "No, Cho. You will sleep."

He is still pouting, but his body is too weak to stop me from guiding him to his bed. "Can't I have my birthday gift from you?" This pervert.

"I'm your birthday present, right? Now sleep." I say as I push him to the bed. I settle beside him, pulling the blanket on us. I sit on the bed while he scoots closer to me and hugs my waist, snuggling his cheek on my hip.

"Don't go, then. I want you to be here when I wake up. That's your gift to me." He mumbles on my shirt.

I stroke his brown curls gently, focusing my gaze on the wall across the bed.


I will not break this one now.

And then, I remember something.


He drowsily hums in response.

"Was Ryeowook also adopted like you and Eunhyuk?"


"How come I saw him just now?"

Kyuhyun groans softly, hugging my waist tighter. "He was working in Taiwan as a celebrity chef. He just came back here in Korea for my birthday and to meet that Yesung. He's a die-hard fan. Ugh." I sense bitterness on his tone when he mentioned Yesung a.k.a Jongwoon-hyung.

"Does he know... about... us?"

It took him a while to answer; he must be slowly losing consciousness.


"The contract?"




Oh fuck. Ryeowook saw me making out with Jongwoon-hyung.


It's already been an hour since birthday boy is peacefully sleeping. And it's already been an hour since I played Temple Run 2. I just can't reach 10 million because of that freaking mine. Thankfully, Kyuhyun wasn't woken up by my shrieks whenever my character falls off a cliff.

I am now getting bored, and my eyelids are getting heavier. But I don't want to move to lie properly for I might wake Kyuhyun up. He's kinda grumpy when his sleep was disturbed.

Then, I hear him call my name. I thought he is already awake, but I realize he was sleep talking.


I smile. "Yes, Kyu?"

He pouts. "Hyung~"

I chuckle. "Yes, Kyuhyunnie?" I badly wanted to try calling him like that because it sounded so cute.

He pauses. I was about to say something, but his words caught me off guard.

"I love you."


-ehehe hello n_n/

-I guess I already answered your questions regarding Heechul and Ryeowook? ^^

-I sort of got giddy when I typed that last line jlaknfjabfdbfiljhflsafbs /creys a river

Tags: character:donghae, character:eunhyuk, character:kyuhyun, character:ryeowook, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:shades, genre:angst, length:chaptered, pairing:eunhae, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin
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