Ayen (ayeengie) wrote,

Full Moon (5/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin [Side/Possible/Broken/One-sided] EunHae, KyuWook, YeWook, HanChul, KangTeuk, SeoKyu, YeYoon......... more to come ^^
Genre: Dark, Yaoi
Rating: PG-15 (will go up soon)
Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.


Sungmin smiled lightly, “Hi Yesung-hyung!”

Yesung looked at Sungmin from head to toe, “Why are you dressed in our uniform? Are you going to study here too?” Sungmin looked at Donghae who was telling him to just make an excuse. He chuckled, “Yes! The reason why I didn’t call you yesterday was because I wanted to surprise you that I got a scholarship in your school! So, sorry, hyung~” Yesung scratched his big head, “Aish, you really made me worried, pumpkin.” Sungmin just pulled out his puppy eyes and pouted, “Sorry, hyung~ I just wanted to surprise you…” [They were really this sweet that people will think of them as a couple… but it meant nothing… at first…]

Again, Sungmin’s aegyo worked on him. “Treat me for dinner.” The blond’s pouting didn’t fade and playfully hit his grinning hyung’s arm, “Who is the rich one here?” Yesung ruffled Sungmin’s blond hair, “We should celebrate for you getting a scholarship, dummy! C’mon!”

While the two best friends are having fun at their chat, there are two glaring eyes behind them whose owner is silently cursing under his breath.

Another voice interrupted, not to Yesung and Sungmin, but to Donghae. “FISH! What are you doing here? Fishing girls?” Donghae, who seemed out of himself, got back to his senses and pouted at the black-haired boy with a gummy smile, “No, monkey. What about you? Swaying in trees again? Got any banana with you?” ‘Monkey’ noticed Sungmin with Yesung, “Hey, good morning, Yesung-hyung!” Yesung bowed his head slightly with a smile. “Who is this cute friend of yours? New student?”

Donghae smacked ‘Monkey’s’ arm, “Yah! Don’t scare Minnie!!!” The single eyelid ‘monkey’ looked at the pouting fish beside him, “Minnie? Is he a girl?” Sungmin choked with what he heard. Yesung patted his dongsaeng’s back while answering the other guy, “His name is Lee Sungmin. He is my best friend, Hyuk.” Donghae broke free from his friend and wrapped his arms on Sungmin’s neck, “He’ll be our classmate!”

His squinty eyes became a bit larger and flashed his gummy smile and shook blushing Sungmin’s hands, “Wow!!! Hello there, Sungminnie! I’m Eunhyuk! And we’re both Lee!” Donghae whined, “Yah! I’m also a Lee!!!” Eunhyuk rolled his eyes and lazily pointed at Donghae, “And this fish here is also a Lee…” The latter jumped and hugged Eunhyuk, “Minnie-ah, this monkey is my best friend. The one I mentioned to you a while ago…” Sungmin nodded and smiled, “Yeah, I know.”

Yesung nudged Sungmin, “Min, I got to go now. I have a class in ten minutes.” Eunhyuk budged from Donghae’s grip and clasped his hand with Yesung, “Okay hyung, we also have a class. Take care.” Donghae sighed and rolled his eyes, “Why don’t we just go in together? We are on the same building.” Yesung smiled, realizing his idiocy, “Oh, yeah. Sorry.” He dragged Sungmin, “C’mon!” With Eunhyuk and Donghae following them.

Eunhyuk’s, Donghae’s and Sungmin’s classroom is on the third floor, while Yesung’s is on the fourth, so they part ways on the three younger boys' floor. Yesung ruffled Sungmin’s hair before going up,”Bye, pumpkin. See you later.” Sungmin blushed when Yesung winked at him.

Eunhyuk pinched his blushing cheeks, “Aigoo~ someone’s in love!” Still blushing, Sungmin defended, “Huh? No! I’m not, Eunhyuk-ssi!” Eunhyuk giggled, “Aish~ still denying it? You’re blushing, Sungminnie!!! Oh, by the way, drop the formalities. Call me Hyuk, Eunhyuk, Eunhyukkie, whatever you want.” Donghae interrupted with a frown, “But only I can call him monkey!” Still looking irritated, he put an arm on blushing Sungmin’s neck, “C’mon! We’ll be late for class if we don’t hurry!”

Eunhyuk muttered while looking at Donghae who was now dragging Sungmin, “Since when did he want not to be late?”

So far, Sungmin was accepted by his classmates because he was friends with Donghae and Eunhyuk. He got close with the two easily because of their wittiness. He was with the most popular kids on school so he was also considered as one since he was also good-looking. On just that day, news about him spread around their school like a virus. He was used to having girls who like him, since a lot of girls from his other schools became his ‘fans’. What more, he also gained ‘fanboys’ in his new school.

However, it was the humans who treat him like that. In just one look, the vampires on his class knew that he was one of them, but didn’t know what family he came from. When asked, Donghae and Eunhyuk will drag him out of the classroom.


“Thought so! You are a vampire too!” Eunhyuk gleefully said. “So, in what family did you really come from?” Donghae smacked his monkey’s arm but didn’t answer, while Sungmin looked down, not saying anything. “Aish, we ran away because those vampires asked us which family you came from… how can I protect you if you aren’t saying anything? Are you a crescent turned phantom?” Sungmin shook his head vigorously. “Then, what?” His tone suddenly became high pitched.

Donghae sighed and his face turned matured again, which rarely happens, so Eunhyuk knows this is a serious one, “Sungmin… He… He was once human… until last night.” Eunhyuk’s brown eyes got bigger, “Don’t tell me you…” Matured-looking Donghae shook his head, “No. Not me. It’s Kyuhyun.” The other was shocked and squinted his small eyes, therefore, Donghae explained everything to his best friend.

“I get it! Then, why are you the one taking care of him instead of Kyuhyun? He should be responsible for this.” A husky voice interrupted, “How can I take care of him if we’re not on the same age and year?” The three looked behind and saw Kyuhyun glaring at them. He was with other two boys whom Sungmin doesn’t know. A short, spiky-haired boy smiled and shook Sungmin’s hand, “Hi, Sungmin-hyung. I’m Ryeowook, Kyuhyun’s classmate. Wow, you are cute! You look like a girl!” Sungmin smiled and bowed politely, “It was nice to see you, Ryeowook-ssi.”

Ryeowook pouted, “Yah, call me Ryeowook. I don’t want to be formal. I know you’re his slave and all, but, you don’t have to be polite and formal towards his friends.”

He knows I’m Kyuhyun’s slave? Is he a vampire too?

The other guy with a neat hair flashed his killer smile, “Yes. We are vampires too.” Sungmin opened his mouth, Hey, I didn’t ask them that!

“I can read minds.”

Whoa, do vampires read minds?!

“Not all. But that Donghae beside you can.”

Sungmin looked at blushing Donghae, “Why didn’t you tell me that you can read minds?” The latter raised his voice and pouted, being back to his childish self, “Because I can’t read your mind!!!” All of them widened their eyes, including Donghae who just covered his mouth with his hands. Kyuhyun arched an eyebrow, “What?” He pouted and looked down, “It’s not that I don’t want… I don’t know why, but I really can’t! I tried reading his mind when I first saw him on your room earlier, but nothing comes out from him!”

The one with the killer smile tilted his head a bit, “But hyung, you can do the mind reading the best from all of us who can.” The mind reader’s fishy eyes looked worried, “I know! I can read human minds too, but I can’t read his.” He then stomped his feet on the ground like a child who wants to get a candy, “How come you can read his mind and I can’t?!” Kyuhyun tried if his brother can still read minds…

Maybe because you gained too much confidence in yourself that the gods decided to have your limit?

Donghae heard that and pointed childishly at Kyuhyun, “YAH! CHO KYUHYUN! Who was the one who gained too much confidence here?!” The other mind reader chuckled because he read that too. Kyuhyun smirked at his brother, “You can still read my mind? What a shame…”

Sungmin stared at the two mind readers. Since the neat haired man can read his mind, he extended his hand for a shake, “Kim Kibum. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.”

Kyuhyun turned serious, “Lee Sungmin. Go home directly after class.” Sungmin whined, “But I’m meeting Yesung-hyung later…” His master turned, “I thought you’ll be doing everything that I say?” He pouted, “Okay. I’ll postpone it.”

After class, he sent a message to Yesung that he’ll be meeting with him on another day because he needs to do some work that was included in the conditions of him being a scholar. He hates lying to his hyung but he had to do this. He added, “And hyung, don’t go out late at night, okay?” He headed straight at Kyuhyun’s mansion with Donghae and saw him just arriving. Kyuhyun glared at him, “What the… I even arrived earlier than you?” Sungmin bowed, “Sorry.” Donghae interrupted, “It’s because I dragged him somewhere! Don’t scold him!” It’s not actually true…

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, “Whatever. Sungmin, follow me.” Sungmin is still afraid of Kyuhyun. Especially now that he knew that only his blood will be accepted by Kyuhyun’s body, so sooner or later, Kyuhyun will drink his blood again.

“Are you… thirsty?” Kyuhyun looked at him with a frown then smirked, “So, you know already? Don’t worry, I’m not yet. I drank a lot from you earlier. By the way, it’s still full moon tonight. I guess you know what that means.” Sungmin nodded like a child being given reminders by his parents. Kyuhyun commanded Sungmin to prepare his things and clothes for this night’s Crescent hunting. He went out at exactly six o’ clock in the evening, leaving Sungmin alone in his big room.

After an hour, Sungmin felt something weird.


Kyuhyun and Donghae were on the same team that night.

“Aish, these Crescents sure doesn’t know how to get scared!” A matured red-eyed Donghae exclaimed. He is wearing a black sleeveless v-neck shirt that uncovers the center of his chest. Kyuhyun, who was wearing a black turtle-neck shirt with a black coat, rolled his eyes while running fast, “They’re Crescent servants, hyung.” Donghae ran faster and caught the vampire, more like a monster that lost its control and killed it by throwing fire balls to it that it burned to ashes.

Kyuhyun stood beside Donghae while watching the monster being burnt. “When will these end?” Kyuhyun remained emotionless, “I don’t know.” They heard a sound from behind and saw a monster on the air going to attack them. They are to counterattack when a figure emerged from the side, “HIIIYYAAAA!!!!” and kicked out the monster. They followed the figure and saw it drinking the monster’s blood.

When the monster turned to ashes, the figure exclaimed in a high pitched tone, “AISH! This doesn’t taste good either!!! Shit, I need his blood right now! Where the hell is he?!” Kyuhyun recognized the long blonde hair, “Sungmin?! What are you doing here?!” Donghae looked at Kyuhyun, “She isn’t Sungmin! It’s a girl!” But the latter didn’t pay attention to him and continued looking at the red-eyed girl who stood up and walked towards them.

A musical voice spoke, “I’ve been looking for you, Kyuhyun.” It is still dark but when a beam of light passed by the figure, it revealed the girl Sungmin, smirking while licking the blood on her red, bloodstained lips.

Tags: character:donghae, character:eunhyuk, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:fullmoon, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin

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