Ayen (ayeengie) wrote,

Tissue Paper

Title: Tissue Paper
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5,672 words; one-shot
Summary: It all started with that one tissue paper left on a table.

A/N: Hi, guys, I'm baaaack! I felt bad neglecting my LJ account so I will try to make it active for a while. Still no chaptered fics. Hahaha. Anyways, this is a long fic, and I hope you'll enjoy reading! AAAAAAAND the title is so unrelated to another pairing. This was also posted in AFF.

It was unusually full and noisy at Kona Beans. The supposed-to-be sanctuary for Sungmin had suddenly transformed to a typical café inside the malls. The establishment is located streets away from the university so most of their customers are the working class who were too busy to stay long inside. The solemnity the blond found in the café was what made him walk all the way to this place from his university. Thankfully, Changmin, one of the staffs, had managed to reserve them a table outside the café.

At first, he found the new setting weird. The crew was busy running here and there attending to the customers’ demands and cleaning the place. Girls his age were chatting rather loudly using high-pitched flirty tones while taking a glimpse on him, or the new cashier of his favorite café.

To be honest, he would have done the same thing. He admitted he, too, was having a big crush on the new guy whose dark eyes that stared at him while he’s stating his order almost made him feel like he was being undressed. ‘Kyu’ – according to his name tag – is a very attractive man. His smile whenever he talked to customers revealed his pearly white teeth and it accentuates his cheekbones, forming his pointy eyes to a crescent. And his voice, God, that voice, is too rich and deep that he could fall asleep while listening to him.

While Kyu was restating his orders, Sungmin merely admired and tried memorizing every detail of the cashier’s handsome face. If only Ryeowook, his best friend, didn’t hit him on the head when Kyu was done repeating the orders, Kyu would have noticed that he was drooling. Of course he was quick to wipe the liquid on the side of his mouth.

He even unconsciously said his brother’s name instead of his when asked, earning a judging look from Ryeowook.

He definitely has more reasons to patronize this café and go here every day.

Then again, he can’t have Kyu’s attention on him all the time. The girls (and boys) were here for him. Of course, in order for him to get a bonus, he had to smile at them and make them come at the place more frequently. It makes Sungmin jealous.

“Why don’t you talk to him?” Ryeowook calmly asked while munching on his donut and typing on his laptop. Obviously, his best friend would do the honors of teasing him on his newfound love interest. It was quite unfortunate of him to have his closest friend as gay as a rainbow.

Sungmin is gay; everybody knows that. But he’s the shy type. No boyfriend since birth and a proud virgin. That’s the description of the campus cutie Lee Sungmin. Everybody, boys and girls, loves him and his adorableness. Instead of taking advantage of his fame, Sungmin got scared of them and chose to run away from his admirers. And so, it was rare for him to get attracted to someone, except for the model-slash-actor Choi Siwon, who was his everything, but was already taken by a rock singer named Yesung. Heartbroken fanboy.

Now, he was obviously crushing on this new cashier of his favorite café. And damn Kim Ryeowook for noticing it.

In order to avoid Ryeowook’s teasing, he stood up and grabbed his things (including his food), purposely ignoring his friend’s calls as he headed back to his dorm, which was several blocks away from the café. As much as he’s attracted to Kyu, he will never make the first move. No.

Unknown to Sungmin, Ryeowook the gay devil had thought of an evil plan. After executing it, he called Changmin and winked at him, to which the latter immediately got the message behind it. And then Ryeowook ran after Sungmin as if he did not do anything that his best friend might get angry at him for it.


“Hey, can you clean table 7 outside?”


“Eeehhh?! Teukkie-hyung, he doesn’t want to help me clean!”

“Just help him clean. You’re not doing anything now, anyways.”

“Fine, fine, fine.”

With a pout, he went outside and headed towards table number 7. Fortunately for him, what’s left for him to clean are used plates, a plastic cup and few tissue papers. It was neater than the other tables. After lifting the half empty plastic cup (while ignoring the flirting whispers to him), his eyes caught a scribble in pink on a tissue beneath the cup. He picked the paper up, raising an eyebrow after reading what’s written on it.


Finals month is hell. Too many papers are given to them by their minor subjects trying to be major, quizzes are piling up, projects for his majors are lined up, and thesis is added to the stress before the judgment week a.k.a. the final examinations. All of these are to be achieved within thirty days that is why he’s always staying up late. He’s worried that his eyebags are now getting bulgier and he felt one tiny pimple on his right cheek. He should schedule his visit to the derma soon.

Sungmin’s excitement to pampering his sensitive baby skin was gone when he heard his phone beep, signaling a new message. He initially thought it was Ryeowook so he ignored it, but when he glanced on the lock screen (having Choi Siwon as his background), the unknown number piqued his interest.

It was not his first time receiving a message from unknown numbers, as his number was constantly being passed to students who are interested in him; however, something told him that he should check this one out. Also because he wants to stare at his Siwon wallpaper.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137


It amused him seeing that the last three numbers of this one are similar to his.

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Uh... hi? Who is this? =))

This is definitely not Ryeowook because he could sense it if the gay is merely pulling off a prank on him.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

I'm Hyun

Hyun? It sounded familiar. Jonghyun? Soohyun? Woohyun? Sunghyun?

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Hi, 'Hyun' =) how did you get my number?

Also, this one’s a guy. He’s a hundred percent sure of it due to the lack of punctuation marks and emoticons. He’ll play along for now.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

It was written on a tissue paper.

Tissue paper? How did his phone number ended up written on a tissue? Then, only one person popped in his mind: Kim Ryeowook.

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Do you know me? Like in person?

What was he thinking? Of course the other would reply that no, he doesn’t know him.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

Maybe. Idk.

Maybe? Well, that was not the answer he expected. Who is this ‘Hyun’ guy? There are lots of Hyuns in Korea. What if it was just a prank? Some jealous nobody in school wanted to stain his reputation so they came up with this whole textmate thing and then will spread to everybody once he started flirting back. No, that wouldn’t happen.

He has to make sure that this person has no dark intentions on him.

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Why text me? Why not ignore that number on a tissue if you don’t know me? And where did you get the tissue?

If this person will reply ‘Because I want to know you more’ and all those cheesy stuffs, then their conversation has to end. If not… he’ll just think of a decision.

Almost too immediate, the reply came.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

You ask too many questions. Got it from Kona Beans. Table 7. And I am bored.

He stared at his phone for a while. That was the ‘if not’ he was not prepared for. No matter how much he convinced himself that this was just a prank, the way ‘Hyun’ replied made him think otherwise. It’s as if that he’s really… bored.

And really, Kona Beans? They were there a while ago. He will really call Ryeowook about this.

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Oh. I assume you’re a guy?

He hated how fast ‘Hyun’ replied. It meant that it’s either scripted/rehearsed or impromptu. It was obviously the latter.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

If I say no? Haha.

Ooh. A brat. He imagined this ‘Hyun’ person as a lanky boy in specs with disheveled hair sitting in front of the computer all day long, but his beloved PC was broken so he resorted to texting.

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Haha. You’re definitely a guy. =D

To be honest, he had no idea on how and why he started playing with this mysterious texter. It just seemed… fun.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

Hah. Whatever you say.

This guy’s boring. He thought. What was he supposed to reply to that? Replies like those are usually the conversation ender. But because he was being nice and he was curious, he shifted to another topic.

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

What’s your first name? =)

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

It’s a secret.

He pouts at his phone as if the other person will see him doing it. Realizing it, he shook his head and pressed his lips to a firm line. He’s always having his way by showing his irresistible cuteness, but now that their communication is through text – they can’t hear and see each other – he is doomed. Was there a way to do aegyo in text?

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Afraid to reveal your identity? =P

Oh. My. God. Did he just tease? It could look as flirting! Kim Ryeowook will celebrate with the other students in the building if he saw his reply. Too late, his thumb already pressed on the send button.

His cheeks turned red whilst he tried canceling the sending of the message. It was not in his nature to tease – or flirt – and it might give him a bad impression to ‘Hyun,’ especially that Hyun is a guy. First impressions should be good, for him.

Slumping on his seat, he almost threw his phone on his notebook, rubbing his palms on his face in irritation. He instantly sat straight after hearing the message alert tone.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

No. Where’s the fun if we know each other?

He sighed in relief; ‘Hyun’ didn’t seem to take it as something flirtatious. He reminded himself to limit himself on being playful. But what can he do? This was his first time.

His cheeks are still pink, though.

To: 0xx-xxxx-137

Well… that’s… true… Geez, are you a genius? Kkk

One advantage of texting was the other person could not hear how nervous you are through your voice.

From: 0xx-xxxx-137

Guess :P So… textmates?

Was it weird that he found it cute when ‘Hyun’ used an emoticon?

He thought for a while, enough for ‘Hyun’ not to think he’s having second thoughts… because he wasn’t.

To: Hyun



He and Hyun started sending random text messages to each other every day. It was too often that he got distracted a lot by it. Sometimes while in class, his phone will vibrate and he would clamp a hand on his mouth to stop from laughing at whatever joke CornyHyun – his nickname for his textmate – had texted him. Ryeowook will glare at him for his weirdness (because Lee Sungmin does not text during class), but he just ignores it.

It was fun, though; having someone new to interact with, especially that he found it thrilling to discover CornyHyun’s identity and personality.

Their conversation would usually start by one asking how his day was, then the other reply that it’s boring. Usually, he would be the one to text a lot. He liked telling the other about his day – whether it’s good or bad, he would always text him that. Weirdly, Hyun seemed interested for he would always ask about it or will send him some snarky comments.

He was surprised at first, but he got used to it eventually. SnarkyHyun can be tolerated.

But whenever he’ll ask for a meet-up, Hyun will always say that he’s busy and decline. It would send him sulking the whole day that he’ll vent his frustration out on Ryeowook or Hyukjae – another close friend.

There are times that both of them are playful. It happened usually during boring Friday nights when you could sleep late because there are no classes the day after. Hyun told him he’s also a university student but at Kyunghee. He studies at Seoul Arts University.

He was lying on his stomach, his elbows supporting his upper weight, swaying his legs as he typed his question.

To: Hyun

Hey, are you crushing on someone?

It was a random question because he couldn’t think of anything else. It was nice talking about love lives, though he doesn’t have one. He had served as a love doctor to Ryeowook.

From: Hyun

Currently? No.

And why was he disappointed?

To: Hyun


From: Hyun

No one caught my interest yet, I guess.

To: Hyun

Am I not interesting? =)))

It was a teasing question, okay? They have made a silent agreement that it’s okay to tease one another from time to time. Plus, he was merely curious.

From: Hyun


Hyun always replied like that whenever he attempted to flirt.

To: Hyun

Now what am I supposed to reply to that?

When Hyun didn’t reply for like twenty minutes, he got worried that he had angered the other. But it was just a joke! Well, maybe half. Was that the end of their conversation? He wasn’t informed.

But then, his phone vibrated and he almost felt like fainting.

From: Hyun

You’re interesting.

As he gaped at the screen, he admitted that he was developing an unhealthy crush towards his textmate whom he hadn’t met in person, yet.


His growing crush on his textmate was making him forget Kyu, so he felt the need to see him. As always, he forced Ryeowook with him to Kona Beans, and as expected, his heart still did flip flops when he saw the cashier, still looking as dashing as before in his light brown uniform.

He insisted on staying inside the establishment so he could have a clearer view of Kyu, which was weird because their spot is at table 7 outside. Changmin didn’t complain, though. Only Ryeowook. He’d just ignore Ryeowook’s complaints such as “It is freaking cold in here and the AC’s releasing fake air! I want fresh air! I want fresh air!” Those only passed through Sungmin’s ears.

However, no matter how long he stared at the handsome Kyu, his thoughts would fly away to Hyun and wondered on why he hadn’t received any texts from him. He ruffled his hair angrily; he shouldn’t be thinking of Hyun. He shouldn’t be expecting the guy to text him always because he also has a life. More importantly, he should not be acting like a worrywart girlfriend.

He disregarded Ryeowook’s glares.

To distract himself, he decided he should stare more at Kyu since he’s basically why he went to the place. Unfortunately, the guy was not at his station. Donghae – another staff – was doing the cashier job. The long line of girls ordering was expected, though.

He looked around, just observing that there were a lot of customers with them since it’s Friday afternoon. The good-looking crews are, yet again, busy moving around. But where was Kyu?

His gaze focused at the counter, he stood up and stepped sideways, but bumped on another body as he shifted to his side. Soon enough, he found himself gaping up at the handsome tall man who he was searching for. The man of his daydreams (because Siwon is the man of his dreams). It was only in his daydreams that he was this close to the cashier. He didn’t know Kyu’s eyes were huge.

They were so huge that they looked like coming out of its sockets.

Then, his chest suddenly burned… quite literally.

“IT’S HOT! IT’S HOT! IT’S HOT!” He screamed while bouncing and fanning his shirt to cool down his burning skin. Fuck, Kyu spilled coffee on him. And Ryeowook was not helping him either. He was just laughing at him! This devil.

Shortly, Kyu finally went back to his senses and placed the tray down on Sungmin’s table to wipe the coffee on his shirt using a tissue from a pocket on his red apron while uttering apologies in a frantic voice. “I-I’m sorry, sir! I’m sorry!”

When a worried Kyu nervously dabbed the tissue on his chest area, he forgot the pain on his skin. All he focused on were Kyu’s face, warmth and scent. He didn’t even notice Changmin approaching them.


Inside the employees’ quarters, Kyuhyun stood leaning on the wall, looking at the customer who he had spilled coffee on. The smaller feminine-looking man – what was his name again? – with faded blond hair was sitting on a bench beside the lockers, his pink lips protruding and his doe eyes focused on the cement. His Starcraft shirt that he had lent the guy was embracing his slightly muscular form and he couldn’t help but think that it would become looser once he wears it again because the sleeves looked like it would explode soon.

Too bad it was one of his favorite shirts.

He watched the man fiddling with his fingers and the hem of the shirt. The blond really looked feminine (don’t sue him for thinking this guy’s a transgender) but he guessed he’s even manlier than him. Truthfully, while the man was changing clothes, he looked away; even at first glance, he noticed the smooth fair skin of the other’s lean back. Maybe he was just jealous because his skin was pale like paper and his muscles aren’t like the other man’s.

He’s handsome, in a Donghae way, and pretty at the same time. If not for his quite short height, the other would have been perfect. God is fair.

He was then distracted from his thoughts after he had heard a faint whine from the stranger. He almost felt himself doing the same due to awkwardness. They were awkward.

To be honest, he was trying his best not to stare at the other; first, it’s rude, and second, he had been wondering if he’s a model ‘cos he certainly looks like one.

He hates models, though, especially Choi Siwon.

Actually, the customer had insisted that he was fine, but Changmin just had to pull him to their quarters because it’s a rare occasion that a staff spilled coffee on a customer and it had caused quite a scene. Even their manager, Leeteuk, thought it’s bad for their growing image. Maybe blondie was really a model that’s why he was pouting all the time.

Sorry not sorry.

He’s one to cherish silence, but the tension between them was too thick that he felt suffocated. Therefore, for the first time in forever, he initiated a conversation.

“A-Are you okay now, sir?” he felt like slapping himself for stuttering. “I’m really sorry…”

Maybe his contact lenses were not working anymore because he thought he saw the man’s cheeks turning pink. “It’s okay… It was an accident. I was blocking the way.” The blond answered quietly without looking at him.

That’s it.

End of conversation.

Awkward silence.

Croo. Croo.

“N-Neh, you’re Kyu, right?” the man sitting on the bench suddenly spoke, causing for him to flinch slightly. His sight was welcomed by a pair of round orbs directed at him as if it’s doing puppy eyes. He bit back the sarcastic reply that almost rolled out of his tongue.

“A-Ah, yes…” He swore he had heard his voice cracked a little.

Watching the other bite his lower lip, he controlled himself from licking his own. He seriously should stop gawking. “May I know your full name?” blondie asked shyly.

Why would he ask for it? He frowned a bit. Wait, what if this guy will sue him or something? What if this is a rich kid and the shirt costs a million? Man, he couldn’t pay that in just a short time!

But then, he had done something wrong to the smaller man so he’ll just answer honestly. If he got all snarky, he might get fired. And this one looked nice and cute to be scheming something bad.

Hesitantly, he answered, “Cho Kyu-”

“Kyu! How’s Sungmin-hyung?”

A yell coming from someone he wanted strangle distracted the both of them and had cut him. He followed his best friend’s actions with a glare. He hates being interrupted.

Changmin squatted in front of ‘Sungmin’ and asked, his voice void of worry, “Hyung, are you okay now?” Of course he knew it when his best friend was actually sincere. He could almost hear the smirk threatening to form on the waiter’s lips.

“Yah, why are you asking me as if I was hit by a truck?” the customer asked with a frown as the petite man who was with him came in, grinning.

“Can you walk? Aren’t you sore and hurting and-”

At what Sungmin’s friend said, the blond’s face suddenly went as red as tomato, and then he shrieks while standing up, “Kim Ryeowook!”

Kim Ryeowook looked at Sungmin from head to toe as if the guy bathed in mud. “Oh, so nothing happened? That’s disappointing. We gave you ample time.” He didn’t sound disappointed, though.

“Aish! Let’s get out!” Red-faced Sungmin marched outside the quarters, pulling his abnormal friend with him. He, also, turned to make his way out, but not before smacking Changmin’s head, hard.

As he took a step out, his feet were glued on the floor. Realization hit him while scenes not a while ago replayed in his mind.

Sungmin? Sung… Min? Min?

Speaking of Min, he hadn’t texted the guy yet.


His guess that Min and that blond customer are the same were confirmed the same night of the incident with Sungmin. Exactly after his shift ended, he had received a message from Min that his crush, named Kyu, just spilled coffee on him.

Being the curious kid that he was, he asked questions that could lead to the answers that were different from his experience. However, every detail was exactly what happened that afternoon. From the part that his crush was a new cashier at Kona Beans to the part that they were so awkward inside the employees’ quarters. Only the two of them knew the awkwardness in the quarters.

To be honest, it was awkward that someone crushing on you was saying something about you while the other person had no idea that he was already talking to his crush. He was used receiving admiring messages from girls crushing on him, but this one’s different; the other didn’t know he is Kyu, too. That was why he replied in short words. Min, rather, Sungmin didn’t mind and continued sending him long messages of rants about what happened.

But then, he was relieved. Sungmin wasn’t mad at him for burning his chest. The guy said that he was just too stunned standing so close to him that he didn’t say anything. In fact, he was worried that he had intimidated Kyu. He was not intimidated. He found Sungmin cute, actually. Sungmin and Min were really alike.

However, after that night, Min stopped texting him.

And Sungmin stopped dropping by at the café.

A week had passed since then.

“Looking for Sungmin-hyung?” Changmin whispered from behind with that evil grin on his face that he had wanted to wipe away since day one that they had met. He was unaware that he was snapping his head towards the door whenever the bell rang.

Feigning innocence, he replied casually while looking at the monitor screen, pretending to be arranging the orders for the past hours, “Who?”

“Sungmin-hyung. The one you spilled coffee on.”

Why was he feeling giddy at the sound of that name? He liked Min more. As a friend.

“Ah. No, I wasn’t looking for him. But speaking of him, I’m still thinking if he’ll stop coming here because of what I’ve done.” He’s pretty good in changing the topic, and he thanked that skill of his for he successfully diverted Changmin’s intention.

“No, he’s not like that. This is his favorite café.” Changmin answered with confidence before walking away to clean some tables.

He looked at his phone, and no texts coming from Min.


He needed abstinence.

Not from food, of course. There was no way that he’ll reject food. Food is a blessing and should not be ignored.

He sighed heavily and slumped at the backrest of the chair. He actually learned that from Hyun. Apparently, Hyun was also a food enthusiast and that’s basically what they talk about usually. Ryeowook loves cooking food, not eating food.

The library was his new source of serenity in substitute for Kona Beans. The café had been too crowded recently that peace there was disturbed. Reviewing for his final exams helped a lot in temporarily shoving Kyu and Hyun out of his mind because thinking of two guys at the same time is like sailing in two ships at the same time. Was that even correct?

Of course he’d felt guilty for not replying to any of Hyun’s texts. It was rare that Hyun will text him first and he was actually ignoring it. What if Hyun got tired of it and decided not to text anymore? Come to think of it, he hadn’t gotten a single message from his textmate for two days now.

He groaned lightly and let his head fall on his opened Math book on the desk. This was Kyu’s fault. Kyu shouldn’t have spilled coffee on him because the close distance he had with the cashier caused for his crush to grow more. And it didn’t help that his infatuation towards Hyun was also growing.

Surrendering from his dilemma, he sat up, his back slumped. His eyes were focused on his book which had tons of numbers and symbols written on the pages. Math. This was Hyun’s favorite subject. He closed the book.

He looked to his left and the student next to him was sneakily playing Starcraft on his Macbook. Hyun loves Starcraft more than anything that he could marry it.

Frowning, he glanced at his right, sighing in relief that there was no sign of Hyun on the girl. She was merely studying.

But then, he could hear Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry playing on the girl’s earphones. It was Hyun’s most hated song.

Why does everything around him have to be related to Hyun? Was the world telling him to suck it up because everything was his fault in the first place?

He yelped as he felt his phone vibrating inside one of his pants’ pockets. He crouched after hearing the irritated ssh’s of the people in the library.

Seeing Hyun’s number calling him, he had his eyes widened. Immediately, he ran outside while staring at the screen. Was he ready to hear Hyun’s voice? Was he ready to talk to him? He was just having thoughts about him and now he’s calling. This was worsening his mental stability.

After a moment of hesitation, he finally slid the answer button and pressed the phone on his ear, his heart beating wildly in his chest.


“Hi.” His heart almost melted at the deep soothing voice from the other line. So this was Hyun’s voice. Oh my god, it’s sexy… he squealed in his mind.

“You called…?”

“No, this is a text.” He could practically hear the sarcasm on his voice. This was really Hyun.

He rolled his eyes. Hyun’s wittiness was what made him attracted to the other. Hey, wasn’t his voice too familiar? “Whatever. Why did you… call?”

“I don’t know.”


There was shuffling from Hyun’s end and it sounded like he’s arranging bills. “You’re not replying to my texts. I was worried you have frozen inside your dorm.”

Oh. “O-Oh… I-I’m sorry… I’m busy with… school…” He really was busy. And aaww, he was worried.

“I see. Hey, can you drop by at Kona Beans tomorrow? I’ll go there.”

“Oh?” It was the first time Hyun initiated a meeting. “Uhh… yeah, sure. What time?”

“I’ll be wearing a Starcraft cap. Look for me.” Starcraft again?

“Okay… I’ll be wearing… uh… my Siwon shirt.”

Hyun seemed to have dropped something heavy. “What? No, replace it!”


Hyun heaved a deep breath as if he just stopped running. “It’s awkward. And I hate Siwon.”

He hates Siwon?! How could he hate someone so perfect?! He pouted. “Fine. It’ll be a pink Mickey Mouse shirt. Happy?”

“Very. See you tomorrow.” God, that sounded so sexy.

But at what time? “I… Hey, what time-” He heard a long beeping sound.

This bastard.


Because Hyun didn’t specify a time for their meeting, he arrived at Kona Beans at around five in the afternoon. He spent the entire first hours of the day by tossing around his bed, thinking about romantic scenes once he sees that nerdy Starcraft cap on a cute Hyun. Everything turns slow motion as Hyun faces him, and a love song starts to play on the background.

Hell, no. That’s not going to happen. For a moment, he panicked; why did it have to be in Kona Beans? He’ll have to see both Kyu and Hyun at the same time, at the same place! It will be one of the scariest horror scenes ever. No, no, no, no, no… he could just ask Hyun to wait outside so he couldn’t see Kyu.

Just as promised, he wore his pink Mickey Mouse shirt. But the sight at the café shocked him, a lot.

Everyone was wearing a Starcraft cap.

Did Hyun plan this? Or was it Starcraft day or something? Even the waiters were wearing the same cap! He wondered if Kyu was also wearing that. And then he remembered; the shirt that Kyu gave him was also a Starcraft one. He blinked. And blinked. And blinked.

I am hallucinating… I am hallucinating… I am hallucinating…

A tap on his shoulder almost made him scream. Relief was shown on his face as he saw Changmin looking weirdly at him.

“Is there something wrong?” The tall waiter asked, his head tipped slightly to the side. He merely shook his head, not trusting his voice. He was still stunned at everything.

Changmin didn’t look convinced but quickly shifted to a happy mood. “Hyung, I have a gift for you!” He frowned, recalling if today was his birthday while watching Changmin pull out a tissue paper from his pocket and handed him that.

“Here’s Cho Kyuhyun’s number,” Changmin whispered before running back to the café, waving a hand at him. “Tell him I gave it to you!” He shouted before winking.

Cho Kyuhyun? Who the hell was that? He looked at the tissue paper and narrowed his eyes at the number written on it.

Cho Kyuhyun… Cho Kyuhyun… He thought he have heard it somewhere…

“May I know your full name?”

“Cho Kyu-”

Oh. So that’s Kyu’s full name...

Does everybody know about his crush on Kyu? Nevertheless, he excitedly punched in the number written on his phone, his eyes widening when Hyun’s registered number appeared after typing half of what’s on the tissue.

Kyu… Hyun… Hyun… Kyu… Kyuhyun… Kona Beans… Starcraft…

In a confused state, he immediately called Hyun or Kyuhyun or Kyu, whatever, not letting the guy speak as he picked up.

“W-What the…”

“Hi, Min.” Oh my god, he recognized that voice as that of Kyu’s.

“…K-Kyuhyun-ssi? H-Hyun?”

“Wow, you’re smart.”

Well, fuck. No, I was not smart because I hadn’t noticed that my crushes are actually the same!

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Kyuhyun’s chuckling voice was sex. “Go to the back of the café. Changmin will lead you to the back door.”

And so he did.

And so he saw Kyu in his apron and Starcraft cap standing at the back door, his arms crossed and a sexy smirk formed on his thick lips.

“Surprise, surprise.”

“You knew?” He asked as he took hesitant steps toward the cashier. His cashier. His crush. The man of his daydreams. His textmate. He still can’t believe that the two people he was lusting over were the same person. And Kyuhyun didn’t look surprised.

“Just after the coffee incident.” Kyuhyun answered with a shrug. So that’s why Hyun was asking him a lot about what happened…

His eyes turned wide in realization of what he just did. “Wait- OMG I told you that… that…”

Kyuhyun smirked and walked closer to him. He wanted to step back but it was too late because he felt a soft pair of lips touching his red cheek. “I like you, too.”

He gawked at Kyuhyun, blushing. Kyuhyun, Hyun, and Kyu liked him back? It’s not because Kyuhyun knew he had a crush on him, right? But Kyu kissed his cheek! Like OMG, that was like a dream come true!

He probably stared for so long for he found Kyuhyun laughing hard before asking, extending a hand towards him, “Friends, Lee Sungmin?”

More than friends, please?

But then he realized, this was the first time they actually met. They had been interacting via text without knowing each other personally. Now that they finally discovered who is who, they could start anew. This time, it will be more personal. Though he knew where this will lead them, he’d rather they take things slowly.

“Friends, Cho Kyuhyun.”

Kyuhyun smirked, yet again, and held his hand because he hadn’t accepted the handshake. Unlike a normal friendly handshake, their fingers were intertwined and their hands lingered on each other’s for so long, enjoying the warmth of one another. Kyuhyun's smirk turned to a handsome smile. He just realized how much he had ached to touch Kyu, Hyun, and Kyuhyun.

He will thank Kim Ryeowook and Shim Changmin next time.


“Oh, by the way, here’s your shirt. I forgot to return it.”

“It’s yours. You can have it.”

“Eh? This looks like one of your faves.”

“It was.”

“Then why give it to me?”

“It’ll be too loose on me now.”

“Why- YAH, CHO KYUHYUN!!!!!!!”


-So that's the end of a VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRYYYYY long story! Hahahaha! I enjoyed too much writing. It should actually be longer, but I deleted some unnecessary scenes.
-I got this idea when I remembered me and my friends used to write a number from one of us on a tissue paper, and then laugh we had been contacted. We also tried revealing one's number on a train behind a 1x1 pic, tbh. It was fun XDD
-How was the long fic? XDD
Tags: character:changmin, character:kyuhyun, character:ryeowook, character:sungmin, genre:fluff, length:oneshot, pairing:kyumin
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