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That Tissue

Title: That Tissue
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kyuhyun's boring life changed the moment he picked that tissue.

Kyuhyun's side of the story in TISSUE PAPER. Read it first ^^

Strings of colorful curses came out from Kyuhyun’s mouth the moment his comfy blanket was pulled down from his face, thus letting the oh-so-vibrant rays of sunlight blind his precious eyes. The culprit, born with the ugly name of Shim Changmin, wasn’t intimidated at the least. After spending nearly ten years of being this grumpy asshole’s classmate-slash-best friend ‘til high school, and two years of living in the same dorm in college, he was used to receiving such kind of welcoming remark from the other.

At least they don’t punch each other on the face.

“Rise and shine, Kyuhyunnie!” Changmin chirped as he opened the blinds more, causing for his self-proclaimed vampire of a friend to scream and hide his face under his Starcraft pillow. “Today’s the English exam and your first day in work!”

It only made Kyuhyun want to stay glued on his bed more. English wasn’t really his favorite subject, mainly because of his homosexual professor who took each opportunity to touch him. It’s not that he had something against homos; he is one. And no, he had never hit on Changmin because that would be, eew, Changmin’s definitely not his type. He’s taller and slightly bulkier than him. He had always liked the cute ones. Besides, Changmin is actually dating that Chinese ballerina named Victoria or something. He can’t pronounce the real Chinese name.

Also, working on the café Changmin was working at wasn’t really that much to look forward to. He doesn’t really need a part time job because he’s among the 1% of the population of South Korea who will still be rich even if he won’t work. But no, his father just had to force him to this experience. His painfully wealthy father told him that in order to be good leader (since he was going to inherit their company), he had to know what it feels like working from the lowest position. He refused, of course, but his father stopped giving him an allowance.

That was really why he was in the employees’ quarter in Kona Beans – a café not particularly known to him because it was far away from his university, huffing his cheeks and sighing while listening to the rules set out by the owner, Leeteuk.

Leeteuk’s definitely nice; helping him with his tasks as a cashier attentively. The other crew people were also helpful and cooperative. He also noticed that all of the employees are male – like, straight males. But they didn’t have a problem with him. He kind of had a hunch that the owner is gay, but a totally harmless one unlike his 40-something year old English professor who patted his head affectionately while he was answering the exam. Maybe this was Leeteuk’s strategy of attracting customers.

He hated the uniform, though. Beige polo shirt matched with khaki pants, and he’s forced to wear a brown apron with the logo of Kona Beans plastered on the center. A nametag where ‘KYU’ was written on it was attached on his shirt, left chest area. He looked hilarious. There was no way in his life that he had imagined himself wearing an apron after those traumatic cooking classes in high school. He’s a cashier, not a barista or a waiter, for Starcraft’s sake! Changmin actually laughed at him.

The first few hours were fine, since one to three in the afternoon were the café’s dead hours. However, when a group of girls obviously from Seoul Arts University – it was the nearest school – arrived and ogled at him, he knew he had to prepare for war.

Indeed, the news that there’s a cute cashier in Kona Beans had spread, more customers, mostly girls, arrived. They talked to him in a flirty high-pitched tone while batting their fake eyelashes. Some even took a picture of him and the other crew. Changmin and the other guys were obviously enjoying it, but he’s not. He’s scared of boobs. They’re just a valley of fats on a girl’s chest which produces milk. What was so special about it?

But because it was his first day and he needed this job, he smiled handsomely to the customers which sent them blushing and giggling. There was this new game he found on the internet and he just had to buy it. He will just have to learn to ignore the girls.

One more hour of smiling and flirting, he was wasted. He wanted to take a break. There were more customers coming. He was happy that no one from his university traveled all the way from there to the café and there were actually uninterested office workers who dropped by to purchase coffee. His cheekbones were getting numb, as well as his fingers. He can’t quit yet.

After giving the alarm disk to a customer who winked at him and attempted to give her number, he pretended to not notice it by typing something on the monitor while thinking of an excuse for a break. But when he looked at the next customer in line, he felt time stop.

In front of him, there stood a strikingly beautiful man with his golden hair shining when the sunray hovered on it. Maybe Stephenie Meyer wasn’t really intending to write Edward sparkling under the sun a fiction, because, holy guacamole, this man was shining under the, well not really under, sun.

Their eyes met, giving him the chance to quickly take note of the smaller male’s features. Sexy foxy eyes, sexy nose, sexy lips – holy sweet lord, everything on this man screamed sexy, even when the other blushed under his gaze. And his voice, god, that voice. He must have swallowed a big candy and it melted on the vocal chords for it was the sweetest thing he had ever heard, even if he was stuttering.

He bit back a chuckle to hide his amusement. The man was just like his type.

To test if the cute guy also had the hots for him, he remained staring at the other’s slightly widened eyes while repeating the order. It was confirmed when he didn’t answer and just continued gawking at his face. He shortly felt conscious of his face. He knows he’s handsome, but this man is perfection.

The blond had let out a cute yelp when a smaller and thinner man who just arrived hit him on the back of his head. It looked like it didn’t hurt, though. Pouting, oh that cute pout, the male turned back to him and nodded, confirming the order.

“Name, please?” he must have said it with too much enthusiasm, and hopefully the customer wouldn’t notice.

“S-Sung… Jin…” the blond replied. Not a bad name, but it doesn’t suit him. He nodded, smiling, as he wrote ‘Sungjin’ on the transparent plastic cup. He wasn’t able to suppress a chuckle when the smaller man’s hand shivered as their fingers brushed when he took the cash from the customer.

The man wasn’t removed from his mind. Too bad, he sat outside with his friend and a thick post blocked his view.

Leeteuk finally gave him a break for an hour, and he was more than grateful for that. He stayed in the quarters, playing on his PSP and eating his favorite hamburger.

Thirty minutes after, he decided to go out to pee, but Changmin grabbed his arm and dragged him while giving him his cleaning stuff.

“Hey, can you clean table 7 outside?”

He glared at the other. He’s on a break. “No.”

“Eeehhh?! Teukkie-hyung, he doesn’t want to help me clean!” Changmin whined. Apparently, the other waiters were on a barista mode and it was only Changmin who was cleaning.

Leeteuk sighed. “Just help him clean. You’re not doing anything now, anyways.”

“Fine, fine, fine.”

With a pout, he went outside and headed towards table number 7. Fortunately for him, what’s left for him to clean are used plates, a plastic cup and few tissue papers. It was neater than the other tables. After lifting the half empty plastic cup (while ignoring the flirting whispers to him), his eyes caught a scribble in pink on a tissue beneath the cup. He picked the paper up, raising an eyebrow after reading what’s written on it.

It was a phone number and under it was the word ‘Min.’


He threw his body on the bed, moaning in delight for he really missed the love of his life – his bed. He couldn’t play Starcraft anymore; he just wanted to lie on his bed and sleep, sleep, sleep… Sleep is the best policy.

But then, he remembered that particular tissue in his pocket. He brought it out and stared at it. He had been looking at it for hours now that he had already memorized the number, especially that their numbers similarly end with 137.

He didn’t know why, but he really was interested in this ‘Min’ person, even though he had no idea who this was.

Judging from the pink ink, he initially thought ‘Min’ is a girl, but this was not the first time he saw something like this. Girls would usually leave an emoticon (mostly kiss emoticon) or a lips mark, yet the note simply contained of the number and the nickname, plus, the handwriting wasn’t that of a woman’s.

Maybe this was the blond guy? He seemed the type to like the color pink. Then again, he doesn’t seem to be a person who would leave his number on a public place. He pouted. And the guy’s name was… what was it again? Of all things he could forget… why the name?

But this could be Changmin for all he knows. Then again, that would be the most impossible thing to do since Changmin loathes the color pink that he literally screams when there’s something pink near him.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone and registered the number under the name ‘Min.’ He pondered for a while on whether or not he’ll text this number. He experimentally typed ‘hi’ but didn’t send it.

For the first time in forever, Cho Kyuhyun was shy to text someone.

He placed the phone down on his side harshly, unaware that he hadn’t locked the screen and that his thumb accidentally pressed the ‘send’ button.

He stared at the ceiling for a while, thinking if he’ll take a bath or just go to sleep. But his phone’s vibration distracted him.

His eyes widened after seeing that ‘Min’ sent him a message.

“Fuck, how could-”

When he opened the conversation, he screamed in frustration and pulled his hair. I didn’t send that!!!

From: Min
Uh... hi? Who is this? =))

Should he reply that it’s a wrong send? Should he ride along? Should he just ignore it? The emoticon is cute, though.

Before he knew it, he already typed.

To: Min
I'm Hyun

Why the fuck did he type Hyun? It didn’t sound so cool. He should have made up another name like he could pretend to be Song Seunghoon or Jo Insung.

Then again, if this person was a customer of Kona Beans, then he wouldn’t want the person to know that he’s Kyu. Besides, no one else knew his full name. Hyun was probably the safest bet.

From: Min
Hi, 'Hyun' =) how did you get my number?

To: Min
It was written on a tissue paper.

This person is definitely a guy, he concluded. Should he be happy that he traced gayness on the way Min texted?

From: Min
Do you know me? Like in person?

He was supposed to reply a, ‘Duh, do I look like I know you?’ but controlled himself.

To: Min
Maybe. Idk.

From: Min
Why text me? Why not ignore that number on a tissue if you don’t know me? And where did you get the tissue?

He sure do text a lot. Maybe he talks a lot more in person.

To: Min
You ask too many questions. Got it from Kona Beans. Table 7. And I am bored.

It’s true. The reason why he was neglecting his sleep for the day was because he was bored of his life and he found this new hobby interesting.

From: Min
Oh. I assume you’re a guy?

To: Min
If I say no? Haha.

From: Min
Haha. You’re definitely a guy. =D

He rolled his eyes. He was not aware of the smile on his face.

To: Min
Hah. Whatever you say.

Now that was a boring reply. He had expected that there wouldn’t be any reply since if he was the one on the receiving end, he wouldn’t bother replying. He should seriously improve his social skills.

From: Min
What’s your first name? =)

How did this Min know that Hyun was his second name? He could be Kim Hyun Joong or Hyun Bin.

To: Min
It’s a secret.

Maybe teasing would be his best strategy.

From: Min
Afraid to reveal your identity? =P

To: Min
No. Where’s the fun if we know each other?

Actually, he just realized what the point of all of this was just after seeing the message he sent.

From: Min
Well… that’s… true… Geez, are you a genius? Kkk

Of course I am. He snorted.

To: Min
Guess :P So… textmates?

What if Min wouldn’t agree? Well, he would shrug it off and continue his daily routine. It’s not his loss, anyways. It would be Min’s loss, to be honest.

But then…

From: Min

That was an indirect ‘yes.’ He had never felt so happy than before.


Kyuhyun concluded that Min was a good conversationalist – at least in text. They had easily warmed up to each other, probably because Min loves food as much as he does, can ride along with his jokes, and doesn’t take his words of sarcasm seriously. Great minds think alike.

The good thing was that Min’s gay. Min didn’t tell him that; he just knew. It takes one to know one. And, Min was subtly flirting with him constantly.

He could say that he was having fun. It’s definitely new to him that every time he goes home, he was not looking forward to playing Starcraft anymore; instead, he was excited to have his nightly ‘texting session’ with Min. In fact, it felt good that there was another real human being he was interacting with aside from Changmin and his schoolmates (who he really didn’t talk to that much).

At first, their conversations were simple; mostly about school and work. He discovered Min was studying at Seoul Arts, and comes to the café often though it was a bit far than other cafes. Their topics usually cover those and they had no problem with it. It went on for two weeks.

That was until Min asked something personal.

From: Min
Hey, are you crushing on someone?

Now that was out of the blue. Min had never asked him about that. It was awkward for him since he had never talked about his love life, even Changmin’s. Boys don’t really fancy those topics except if they’re in their hormonal mode. And he’s gay, so he couldn’t share any of his experiences with his acquaintances.

Does blondie customer count as a crush?

To: Min
Currently? No.

From: Min

He could imagine Min pouting. Of course he had some guesses on how he looked like based on the way he texts. He actually formed the image of blondie in his mind whenever he’s conversing with Min. How he wished they were the same person.

To: Min
No one caught my interest yet, I guess.

Suddenly, he felt his stomach churn. What did he eat that day? He moaned in pain and clutched on his stomach, rolling on his bed, his eyes squeezed close tight.

When his phone beeped, he reached for it weakly, opening only one eye to peek on it, only to open both widely because of what Min asked.

From: Min
Am I not interesting? =)))

He knew Min had the tendency to flirt with him like this. But he and his stomach weren’t in the mood, so he just replied a boring and simple…

To: Min

He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to go to his throne and release all the stress with all his might. Leaving his phone on his bed, he ran to the bathroom and did some business.

It took him almost twenty minutes because his stomach just won’t stop hurting. He just remembered that he and Changmin ate five big bowls of ramyeon for lunch as a dare. Damn Changmin’s black hole of a stomach. It was a wonder that it didn’t hurt during work hours.

After washing his hands, he grabbed a hand towel and wiped his hands while he went back to his bedroom. He jumped on his bed, his butt falling on it, causing for his bottom to slightly ache. It made him groan and roll on his bed again. He stopped when he rolled on his phone.

Remembering that he was actually texting Min, his eyes widened and quickly unlocked his phone. There, twenty minutes ago, Min replied to him.

From: Min
Now what am I supposed to reply to that?

Oh no, Min was probably thinking that he was mad at the question. He wasn’t mad… was he?

Biting his lips, he contemplated what to reply. But because he had made the other worry, he just let his fingers act on themselves and typed whatever the first thing that popped out from his mind was.

To: Min
You’re interesting.

He knew he was crossing a line – a very dangerous line.

He shouldn’t be having special feelings for someone he hadn’t met in person yet. No matter if Min was that cute blond customer type, it was wrong. Hell, they hadn’t even been textmates for a month.

They should meet ASAP so he could confirm if his feelings were only for the excitement of having an anonymous friend or if it’s… special.

“Maybe I should ask him?” he subconsciously voiced out his thoughts. But how?

“Ask who?” Changmin, who just entered the living room that connects their bedrooms, asked, throwing his car keys on a bowl perched on a small table outside his bedroom, and sat beside him on the couch. He glared at his best friend.

For a moment, he thought of making up an excuse such as asking Leeteuk for a day off but he remembered that the man beside him was their university’s Casanova. Maybe Changmin could help him.

“Yah, ShimChang, how do you ask someone out?” It was too late for him to rephrase his sentence for the widening of his equally evil best friend’s grin told him that the other took it the wrong way. Well, his choice of words really was incorrect.

“You finally like someone?” Changmin asked with too much excitement on his voice. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. His best friend knew that he was never in a relationship.

Seeing as Changmin wouldn’t believe him if he explained properly, he just pretended that the other was right with his thoughts. “Yeah.” He was quick to cover the taller male’s mouth for he knew Changmin will sing songs of praises and ask who the unlucky guy was.

“No asking! I will introduce you to him some other time. Answer my question first!” As soon as he removed his hand, he saw Changmin pouting. It was not a very pleasant sight.

The taller man sighed and leaned on the backrest comfortably. “Straightforward or not?”

“Straightforward.” He hated beating around the bush, anyway.

’Hey, let’s meet,’ or ‘I want to see you.” Tell him that. It’s as easy as that, Kyu.” There was no hint of judgment on Changmin’s tone because he knew very well that his best friend was inexperienced when it comes to dating and love.

Would it really be that easy?

He thought he would be straightforward.

He already typed ‘Let’s meet’ but lost his balls to send it so he erased it.

A week passed and they didn’t text each other.

Which was why he was grumpy at work.

He decided to skip his never ending English class so he could go to work earlier. But facing customers didn’t help lift his mood up. He was not smiling all the time that some of his female admirers asked him if he was okay. Of course he would wash away their worries by effortlessly flashing them his signature smile. It was effective.

He knew he was getting grumpier and grumpier; Leeteuk already told him to take a break. However, he saw blondie enter the café, and he knew it did make him grin. He was so cute wearing pink. It suited him well.

His heart did some flip-flops inside his chest when he saw blondie smile at him. Really, the guy’s smile was the most beautiful he had ever seen. However, it was his friend who ordered. He didn’t dare hide his disappointment at that.

Still, he was glad that they finally chose to stay inside the café.

After that, he took Leeteuk’s advice and asked Donghae, the newest crew member, to replace him in the cashier slot for a while. Girls were happier.

Before he could enter the quarters, Changmin blocked his way and asked him to give the cups of hot coffee to a specific table of customers near the window. Grumbling, he grabbed the tray and walked towards the table.

But when he was near his destination, a man abruptly stood up from his chair and spun, just in time for him to collide with the tray he’s holding and SPLASH! The hot, hot, hot coffee spilled on the man’s chest. With widened eyes, he looked up to say sorry, but the apologies shortly died down after seeing his blondie’s shocked beautiful face.

They stared at each other for a while before the blond broke their trance and screamed while fanning his shirt, jumping and spinning. Weirdly, blondie’s friend was just laughing.

Leeteuk heard the commotion and it only made Kyuhyun panic more; this would be the end of him. Without thinking, he placed the tray on the table where blondie was, and brought out a tissue from his apron to make an attempt in wiping the coffee off the pink shirt.

He wasn’t aware that he was already dabbing on the blond’s nipple area.

Blondie stopped moving.

Inside the employees’ quarters, Kyuhyun stood leaning on the wall, looking at the customer who he had spilled coffee on. The smaller feminine-looking man – what was his name again? – with faded blond hair was sitting on a bench beside the lockers, his pink lips protruding and his doe eyes focused on the cement. His Starcraft shirt that he had lent the guy was embracing his slightly muscular form and he couldn’t help but think that it would become looser once he wears it again because the sleeves looked like it would explode soon.

Too bad it was one of his favorite shirts.

He watched the man fiddle with his fingers and the hem of the shirt. The blond really looked feminine (don’t sue him for thinking this guy’s a transgender) but he guessed he’s even manlier than him.

Truthfully, while the man was changing clothes, he looked away; even at first glance, he noticed the smooth fair skin of the other’s lean back. Maybe he was just jealous because his skin was pale like paper and his muscles aren’t like the other man’s.

He’s handsome, in a Donghae way, and pretty at the same time. If not for his quite short height, the other would have been perfect. God is fair.

He was then distracted from his thoughts after he had heard a faint whine from the stranger. He almost felt himself doing the same due to awkwardness. They were awkward.

To be honest, he was trying his best not to stare at the other; first, it’s rude, and second, he had been wondering if he’s a model ‘cos he certainly looks like one.

He hates models, though, especially Choi Siwon.

Actually, the customer had insisted that he was fine, but Changmin just had to pull him to their quarters because it’s a rare occasion that a staff spilled coffee on a customer and it had caused quite a scene. Even their manager, Leeteuk, thought it’s bad for their growing image. Maybe blondie was really a model that’s why he was pouting all the time.

Sorry not sorry.

He’s one to cherish silence, but the tension between them was too thick that he felt suffocated. Therefore, for the first time in forever, he initiated a conversation.

“A-Are you okay now, sir?” he felt like slapping himself for stuttering. “I’m really sorry…”

Maybe his contact lenses were not working anymore because he thought he saw the man’s cheeks turning pink. “It’s okay… It was an accident. I was blocking the way.” The blond answered quietly without looking at him.

That’s it.

End of conversation.

Awkward silence.

Croo. Croo.

“N-Neh, you’re Kyu, right?” the man sitting on the bench suddenly spoke, causing for him to flinch slightly. His sight was welcomed by a pair of round orbs directed at him as if it’s doing puppy eyes. He bit back the sarcastic reply that almost rolled out of his tongue.

“A-Ah, yes…” He swore he had heard his voice cracked a little.

Watching the other bite his lower lip, he controlled himself from licking his own. He seriously should stop gawking. “May I know your full name?” blondie asked shyly.

Why would he ask for it? He frowned a bit. Wait, what if this guy will sue him or something? What if this is a rich kid and the shirt costs a million? Man, he couldn’t pay that in just a short time!

But then, he had done something wrong to the smaller man so he’ll just answer honestly. If he got all snarky, he might get fired. And this one looked nice and cute to be scheming something bad.

Hesitantly, he answered, “Cho Kyu-”

“Kyu! How’s Sungmin-hyung?”

A yell coming from someone he wanted strangle distracted the both of them and had cut him. He followed his best friend’s actions with a glare. He hates being interrupted.

Changmin squatted in front of ‘Sungmin’ and asked, his voice void of worry, “Hyung, are you okay now?” Of course he knew it when his best friend was actually sincere. He could almost hear the smirk threatening to form on the waiter’s lips.

“Yah, why are you asking me as if I was hit by a truck?” the customer asked with a frown as the petite man who was with him came in, grinning.

“Can you walk? Aren’t you sore and hurting and-”

At what Sungmin’s friend said, the blond’s face suddenly went as red as tomato, and then he shrieks while standing up, “Kim Ryeowook!”

Kim Ryeowook looked at Sungmin from head to toe as if the guy bathed in mud. “Oh, so nothing happened? That’s disappointing. We gave you ample time.” He didn’t sound disappointed, though.

“Aish! Let’s get out!” Red-faced Sungmin marched outside the quarters, pulling his abnormal friend with him. He, also, turned to make his way out, but not before smacking Changmin’s head, hard.

As he took a step out, his feet were glued on the floor. Realization hit him while scenes not a while ago replayed in his mind.

Sungmin? Sung… Min? Min?

Speaking of Min, he hadn’t texted the guy yet.


His guess that Min and that blond customer are the same were confirmed the same night of the incident with Sungmin. Exactly after his shift ended, he had received a message from Min that his crush, named Kyu, just spilled coffee on him.

Being the curious kid that he was, he asked questions that could lead to the answers that were different from his experience. However, every detail was exactly what happened that afternoon. From the part that his crush was a new cashier at Kona Beans to the part that they were so awkward inside the employees’ quarters. Only the two of them knew the awkwardness in the quarters.

To be honest, it was awkward that someone crushing on you was saying something about you while the other person had no idea that he was already talking to his crush. He was used receiving admiring messages from girls crushing on him, but this one’s different; the other didn’t know he is Kyu, too. That was why he replied in short words. Min, rather, Sungmin didn’t mind and continued sending him long messages of rants about what happened.

But then, he was relieved. Sungmin wasn’t mad at him for burning his chest. The guy said that he was just too stunned standing so close to him that he didn’t say anything. In fact, he was worried that he had intimidated Kyu. He was not intimidated. He found Sungmin cute, actually. Sungmin and Min were really alike.

However, after that night, Min stopped texting him.

And Sungmin stopped dropping by at the café.

A week had passed since then.

“Looking for Sungmin-hyung?” Changmin whispered from behind with that evil grin on his face that he had wanted to wipe away since day one that they had met. He was unaware that he was snapping his head towards the door whenever the bell rang.

Feigning innocence, he replied casually while looking at the monitor screen, pretending to be arranging the orders for the past hours, “Who?”

“Sungmin-hyung. The one you spilled coffee on.”

Why was he feeling giddy at the sound of that name? He liked Min more. As a friend… right?

“Ah. No, I wasn’t looking for him. But speaking of him, I’m still thinking if he’ll stop coming here because of what I’ve done.” He’s pretty good in changing the topic, and he thanked that skill of his for he successfully diverted Changmin’s intention.

“No, he’s not like that. This is his favorite café.” Changmin answered with confidence before walking away to clean some tables.

He looked at his phone, and no texts coming from Min.


Left, right, Left, right, Left, right…

Changmin’s eyes narrowed at his best friend who had been pacing back and forth in the living room. Kyuhyun had been doing that for thirty minutes already and knowing the other’s stamina, he would have been sprawled on the floor by now due to exhaustion.

Thinking that the brunet would stop any minute, he just got back to finishing his toasted bread and coffee.

In the living room, Kyuhyun eventually got tired, just like what Changmin predicted, so he slumped on the couch placing his feet on the armrest and stared at the ceiling. His mind was blank for a few minutes before uneasiness hit him once again.

Groaning, he rolled to his stomach as he put his phone on the throw pillow, pouting at the lit screen as if it would make that someone text him.

Of course he was not bothered. Aside from their awkward conversation two weeks ago, there were no reasons left for Min to not text him. What if… what if Sungmin got bored and tired of him? What if Sungmin found another textmate? What if Min’s phone was snatched?

Then his own phone was snatched, courtesy of his dormmate. He sat up like lightning to grab the phone from the culprit but the latter was a giant and used that to his advantage.

His arms raised above his head, CHangmin read the first thing he saw on the phone. “Min? Who’s Min? This is not me!”

Thankfully, Changmin was distracted so he jumped and snatched his precious phone away, shooting the other dude with his death glares. “None of your business.”

“Wait- is that Min… Sungmin-hyung?” Changmin’s face brightened at the realization. “Since when have you been texting?!” Oh great. Here came Changmin the interrogator. He’s worse than a gay.

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. “I don’t know. There are tons of Mins in Seoul, including you,” he lied smoothly. He just can’t trust the man yet since he’s acquainted with Sungmin. “We were random textmates.”

“Eh? But isn’t that what’s on the tissue?”

Wait- what? He hadn’t mentioned anything about him getting a tissue with a number written on it. He knew there was something fishy from the beginning.

“How did you know?” he asked, stressing every syllable.

Changmin gulped and grinned sheepishly. He knew Changmin and that little friend of Sungmin had something to do with this ever since the coffee spilling incident.

Just as he was about to strangle the other, Changmin was already out of the room.


It was the first time he was thankful to Donghae.

While he was running after Changmin, Donghae magically appeared out of nowhere and hugged Changmin like really, really tight that it forced Changmin to stop.

And so they’re in the living room; Changmin and Donghae on the sofa, while he sat on a chair in front of the two. One was looking around innocently, while one was whistling as if nothing had happened. He glared at his best friend like a predator eyeing his prey.

“Yes, Min and I had been texting for a while now,” he saw Donghae open his mouth to ask, so he continued, “And yes, Min and Sungmin is one, but I knew it just recently.”

At this Changmin grinned. “So he’s the one you wanted to ask out?”

He calmly nodded; finally accepting that his feelings for his textmate were something he wanted to take to the next level. He just realized that after yearning so much for the blond during the week of not interacting with each other.

“Since you are one of the masterminds, you are going to help me and Sungmin meet.”

“Like you even had to ask me! Of course I’m in!”

“I did not ask you. I told you.”

Changmin snorted. “Yeah, whatever. So, what’s the plan, master lover boy?”

And that, my friends, was actually where the problem started. He had no plan.

“Why don’t you tell Sungmin to go to Kona Beans tomorrow then you kinda give him a clue that you and ‘Hyun’ are one?” Donghae innocently suggested. He was proving to be helpful that day. Kyuhyun could kiss Donghae if only the guy wasn’t taken… and straight.

“Who are you and what did you do to Donghae-hyung?” Changmin voiced out his thoughts.


Two in the afternoon and there were no customers arriving. Only a few stayed inside to use their wi-fi and AC. This was his favorite time of the day, actually.

Remembering what they had planned that morning, he brought out his phone, gawking at the screen for a while before pressing the ‘Call’ button. His breath hitched when he finally heard his favorite voice.

“H-Hyun?” How sweet this man’s voice could be?

“Hi.” Actually, his mind went blank so he only had that as a reply. Awkward Kyu alert.

“You called…?”

He answered automatically before he could stop his mouth. “No, this is a text.”

“Whatever. Why did you… call?”

He grinned. “I don’t know.” He just wanted to tease him.


He saw Leeteuk going out from his office so he pretended to be arranging the bills, placing the phone in between his raised shoulder and cheek. “You’re not replying to my texts. I was worried you have frozen inside your dorm.”

“O-Oh… I-I’m sorry… I’m busy with… school…” Or busy avoiding me.

“I see. Hey, can you drop by at Kona Beans tomorrow? I’ll go there.” This is it!

“Oh?” Surprise was evident on the other’s voice. “Uhh… yeah, sure. What time?”

He ignored the question as he picked the box of records from the floor since Leeteuk was roaming around to check if everyone was doing their job.

“I’ll be wearing a Starcraft cap. Look for me.”

“Okay… I’ll be wearing… uh… my Siwon shirt.”

The box fell from his lap, creating a loud sound that caught everyone’s attention. “What? No, replace it!” He hissed as he bowed apologetically and crouched to pick the box.

“Whyyyyyyy????!!!!” Sungmin whined. He didn’t know the other would sound this cute whenever he whined.

He heaved a deep breath as if he just stopped running. “It’s awkward. And I hate Siwon.”

Hah. He knew it made Sungmin pissed. Mission accomplished. Wait, no, that was not his mission!

“Fine. It’ll be a pink Mickey Mouse shirt. Happy?”

He almost sighed in relief. “Very. See you tomorrow.”

“I… Hey, what time-” Sungmin was about to ask the time, so he quickly ended the call as if he didn’t hear the follow-up question. That was smooth.

He couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come.


He didn’t really have to specify a time. He knew Min was busy so he could choose his own time of his convenience. Besides, it’s not like he was going anywhere.

4:30, they had distributed the Starcraft caps to the customers, saying that their precious ‘Kyu’ bought it for them. Of course, the girls took it willingly and wore it even during their stay in the café. But the caps will actually serve to confuse Sungmin. It was Changmin’s evil plan.

The original plan was Donghae to wait for Sungmin outside, then Changmin will give Sungmin a tissue with Kyuhyun’s number on it, they have to wait for Sungmin to call him, and Changmin will bring Sungmin to the back door.

Thirty more minutes had passed and Sungmin was not yet arriving. It made Kyuhyun nervous; what if Min forgot or didn’t want to come? It will ruin everything they had planned and his money spent on buying those caps would be put to a waste. He had sacrificed his salary which was intended for buying his new game.

He was slowly losing hope, until Donghae came running in, bouncing and grinning. “Sungmin’s outside!”

Holy Cow. He felt like his heart stopped beating.

He was glued to his place.

This is it. Sungmin was outside and that meant that the time to execute their plan has come. It was time for Min and Hyun to finally meet.

He patiently waited in the back of the café – Donghae replaced him on the counter – seated on a ladder. He was breathing deeply to calm himself because he didn’t want to sound shocked and nervous on their confrontation. Of course he should be the confident one since he initiated all of these. He just hoped Sungmin was smart enough to get it.

A minute passed and the expected phone call came.

He whispered a ‘fighting’ before answering the call, pulling off his signature smirk.

“W-What the…” He heard Sungmin whisper. That was sort of his first reaction when he realized he and Min were the same.

“Hi, Min.”

“…K-Kyuhyun-ssi? H-Hyun?” So he is smart.

“Wow, you’re smart.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

He can’t help but chuckle; Min never failed to amuse him. “Go to the back of the café. Changmin will lead you to the back door.”


“Surprise, surprise,” was the first thing Kyuhyun said after Sungmin opened the door with his eyes widened.

“You knew?” The smaller asked as he took hesitant steps toward the cashier.

“Just after the coffee incident.” Kyuhyun answered with a shrug.

Sungmin’s eyes turned wide in realization of what he just did. “Wait- OMG I told you that… that…” That you just told your crush that you’re having a crush on him? Yes.

Kyuhyun smirked and walked closer to him until they were a few inches away from each other. He placed a hand on the blond’s pink cheek before leaning in and whispered on the latter’s ear, “I like you, too.”

He wasn’t able to stop the laugh erupting from his mouth after seeing Sungmin’s bewildered reaction. It was too cute to be true that it looked funny.

After a minute of consideration, he extended a hand towards the smaller and asked with a smile, “Friends, Lee Sungmin?” Of course they had to start from scratch. They have to know each other in a personal sense before they take this to another level, no matter how sure they are of their feelings.

Warmth spread on his chest when Sungmin took his hand and held it tight, not wanting to let go.

Every single thing was worth it.


“Still mad?”

“What do you think?”

“I already said I’m sorry.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“I said you’re not… fat.”


He sighed. He knew Min or Sungmin was whiny, but he didn’t expect him to be this whiny and sensitive.

There was only one way to stop this, just like in the movies.

He took Sungmin’s cheeks in his hands and stared at him in the eyes. There was still a low whine from the other, probably because of too much shock. And so, he quickly leaned over, with Sungmin’s cheeks immediately turning pink.

Their lips were about to touch when…



Two familiar figures opened the back door, making Sungmin push him away. Hard. It was too hard that he fell on the ground.

“Oops, Chang, we arrived at the wrong time.”

“Sorry! We’ll leave you two!”

He will kill a certain Shim Changmin and Kim Ryeowook.
Tags: character:changmin, character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:leeteuk, character:ryeowook, character:sungmin, genre:fluff, length:oneshot, pairing:kyumin

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