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Full Moon (6/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin [Side/Possible/Broken/One-sided] EunHae, KyuWook, YeWook, HanChul, KangTeuk, SeoKyu, YeYoon......... more to come ^^
Genre: Dark, Yaoi
Rating: PG-15 (will go up soon)
Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.


Donghae exclaimed, “That is Sungmin?! Impossible!” The girl turned to Donghae and smiled, “Hi Hae. Can’t read my mind?” Donghae tried reading the girl vampire’s mind… but like what happened with Sungmin, he can’t read anything. “Sung…min?” was the only thing he muttered. He is still confused with why Sungmin turned into a girl so he faced stunned Kyuhyun, “Kyu, how did he become a she?!”

“I still don’t know how that happened, hyung. She seems… not on herself…” Kyuhyun continued looking at her while she was sexily licking her fingers. “Why are you here, Sungmin? I told you not to get out.” The girl pouted and whined like a child, “BUT I’M HUNGRY, KYU!!!” Kyuhyun sighed and rolled his red eyes, “Aish, Sungmin. You already drank that vampire’s blood and you killed it!” She whined louder and stomped her feet, “BUT I’M STILL HUNGRRYYYY~!!!”

“Want to drink mine, Min?”

Kyuhyun looked at Donghae who said those with a serious voice and face. He turned to Sungmin who was smirking. Donghae looked down and stuttered, “I know my blood might not be as tasty as what you want, but…” But the girl suddenly turned serious, “And in exchange, you’ll also drink my blood?” The boy looked straight and blushed, “No! I told you I won’t drink your blood!”

The brown haired boy was shocked when he saw the blonde girl approaching his hyung with a smirk on her face, while Donghae gulped and remained standing on his position. He was about to shove Sungmin away when she stopped in front of not-obvious-he-is-nervous Donghae and leaned forward on his neck. She smelled and licked it that made Donghae shiver.

Donghae held Sungmin’s arms and whispered, “Go on, drink it. I’m fine with it as long as it’s you.” Kyuhyun moved forward, now worrying for his martyr hyung, “No, hyung! She’s not on her rationality right now! She might kill you!”

“I won’t kill him.”

The brothers looked at the owner of the once seductive voice, now turned into a weak one. She moved away and looked straight at her friend’s red eyes, “I won’t hurt you, Hae… I just can’t…” Donghae saw the sadness and regret in Sungmin’s beautiful crimson red eyes and caressed her soft face, “You won’t hurt me with that… I… would love to… to give… myself… to you…”

She took a step back, with tears forming in her eyes, “I’m sorry, Hae.” Then, with just a blink of an eye, Sungmin was out of their sight. How the hell did she do that?!


Kyuhyun and Donghae decided to part ways to search for Sungmin… not Crescents… Kyuhyun searched near the playground where he bit her. He was right. He saw Sungmin walking towards her old apartment. He saw her get the keys under the doormat and enter the apartment. He was about to follow her inside when he heard Donghae’s voice inside.

“Min… Why did you run away?” Sungmin recognized the voice and moved back, “Why did you follow me?” Donghae saw that her eyes were now a shade of very bright red… which means, she is really thirsty… He moved forward while the girl stepped back again, “Please don’t come near me… I’m slowly losing my control and I might bite you.”

Donghae, being one of the fastest vampires, swiftly ran in front of Sungmin and pinned her on the wall. “Then, bite me.” He said in a seductive voice. Sungmin vigorously shook her head while crying, “No… No… No… I won’t…” Donghae got pissed, “But you’ll die if you don’t!” Tears were continuously falling, “I’D RATHER DIE THAN DRINK OTHERS’ BLOOD!!!”

He was so pissed that he couldn’t help himself but kiss the crying girl’s lips. The girl stopped crying and stared at her kisser with wide eyes. He broke the kiss and stared deeply at her red orbs, “You already did, Sungmin. I want you… I want you to live…” He crashed his lips again with her lips, with the girl unconsciously kissing back with the same passion, wrapping her slender arms on Donghae’s neck.

When they part for air, Sungmin turned her gaze to Donghae’s teasing neck and brushed her fingers to it. She kissed, licked and sucked his neck… giving him pleasure before making him feel pain… Donghae tightened his grip on Sungmin’s waist and moaned at the girl’s skillful tongue and lips on his wet neck. Sungmin smirked and licked it for the last time, “Ready?” The boy nodded slowly and hugged her waist, his other hand crawling up to her hair.

He then felt a pair of fangs suck on his neck. There’s pain, but thinking it was Sungmin, he raised his head and tightened his grip on the girl’s blonde hair while saying her name. When she withdrew, she earned a groan from Donghae that made her smirk. She kissed the boy and slid her tongue inside and made him have a taste of his own blood, just like what Kyuhyun did to her.

I love you, Sungmin.”


Sungmin entered Kyuhyun’s dark room and didn’t miss the chance to notice a pair of bright red eyes on the corner. “Had fun playing with my brother?” She smirked and went to where the eyes were and said seductively, “Master is jealous?”

“Hell yeah.”

She then found herself, lying on the big and soft bed, with a weight pressing on top of her, who was now sucking her blood. She realized that the boy is very thirsty for her blood that she just let him be like that and held the boy’s messy brown locks. Kyuhyun deepened the bite that made Sungmin arch her back and cry his name, “Aahh… Kyuhyun-ah…!!!”


Sungmin woke up, with his head and neck aching. He noticed that he was in Kyuhyun’s bed, naked. He can’t remember anything. He just knows that Kyuhyun left the mansion for hunting… He also dreamt that he made out with Donghae in his old apartment… But he knows that wasn’t a dream because he felt Donghae’s touch and he blushed at the thought, with his heart beating very fast. But why am I in Kyuhyun’s bed… and naked?! SOMETHING HAPPENED BETWEEN THE TWO OF US LAST NIGHT?!

“Great, you are now awake.” He saw Kyuhyun leaning on the doorframe to the bathroom. He grabbed the blanket and covered his body, blushing, “WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?!” The younger, wearing a blue bathrobe, smirked, “You don’t remember?” Sungmin shook his head frantically, “Will I ask if I know?!” Kyuhyun mumbled, “Great. I just had sex with a crazy girl.” But Sungmin heard it clearly, “WE…?!”



The younger chuckled while brushing his brown hair, “Yeah. You were a girl last night and you seem out of control.” The blond palmed his face, “I did? Oh no, I’m sorry.” But Kyuhyun suddenly changed his tone, “But, at least we discovered something. You’re not in yourself when you’re turned to a girl. I have a theory that maybe you will be a girl when you’re hungry… maybe not. Father said that we’ll see later if my theory is correct.”

Sungmin puffed his cheeks and remembered something, “Where’s Donghae? Is he alright?” The other frowned and threw Sungmin’s uniform to him, “He’s better than ever. What does he taste?”

Sungmin blushed, “Taste?” Kyuhyun snorted, “You don’t know? You drank his blood last night after making out.” The blond shrieked, “WHAT?! I just remembered the kiss…” The last word was barely a whisper that Kyuhyun wasn’t able to hear but he knew what that word is. But Sungmin suddenly remembered the scene where he is in front of the brothers and Donghae just offered his blood to him, but he refused and went away… Then, Donghae followed him to his apartment… and… remembered nothing else than the kiss.
“Do you want to clothe yourself? Donghae will come here in 20 seconds.”

Kyuhyun started counting, “20, 19, 18…” Sungmin stood up and panicked. He rushed to the bathroom not even caring that he’s still naked.

17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12…
He went to the shower and didn’t even minding shampooing his hair, just soaped his body.
11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…
He was still soaping his body and was about to rinse it when he felt his neck sting. He can feel the wound… Damn, it is deep! How deep did that boy bit me?!
4, 3, 2, 1…

Kyuhyun smirked when a childish and happy Donghae came in his room, “You seem happy, hyung.” The reddish-brown haired boy blushed, suddenly, his cute face brightened, “Where’s Minnie?” The younger pouted, “Not even saying good morning to your brother first before finding your ‘Minnie’?” The older ruffled his brother’s hotly messy hair, “Aigoo! My baby brother is jealous! Okay, GOOD MORNING BABY KYU~! Kiss your precious hyung~!”

“Oh, shut up, hyung. Sungmin is inside, taking a shower, I guess. Wait, I’ll just dress up. Stay there.” Donghae nodded childishly while playing with his blue muffler.

Sungmin was looking at the mirror, checking the deep wound on his neck, touching it. “Ow!” He winced at the pain. He tried covering it up using the collar but there’s still space in between his neck and the collar so it will be seen. “Aish… What if they see this?” To his surprise, a pink muffler was thrown at his back. He picked it up and saw Kyuhyun smirking while dressing up. He blushed and turned his gaze away when Kyuhyun removed his bathrobe and revealed his perfect body only with his red boxers on.

“Er… thanks for the muffler… I’ll go now to Donghae…” But he was stopped by a pair of hands that pinned him to the wall. The almost naked boy in front of him smirked and held his chin to raise it and leaned closer. Sungmin can smell Kyuhyun’s intoxicating scent and can feel his hot breath despite of his cold body. He gulped when the latter let out a husky, seductive voice, “Aish, going away from his master like that? My slave is such a slut…” He blushed at the gorgeous figure’s words and just stared at him, not saying anything, especially when soft lips crashed on to his.

He unconsciously tilted his head and kissed back, putting a hand on his kisser’s bare chest, but stopped when he felt Kyuhyun’s tongue enter his cavern, feeling his sweetness. Kyuhyun moved away when Sungmin already didn’t respond. He sighed and let go of the small man who was now looking down. “Go to him now.” To his disgust, he felt his heart sank when the other nodded and went away.

Donghae was happily humming ‘Miracle’ while making himself comfortable on Kyuhyun’s unmade king-sized bed when a cloth caught his attention. He picked it up and realized that the ripped cloth was worn by Sungmin last night. He even saw Sungmin’s jeans on the floor. His heart made a noise as he felt something bad… Did they…?

But his heart jumped high and threw the cloth on the floor again when he heard a cheerful and adorable voice from behind, “Hae?” He was greeted by a smiling Sungmin who was wearing his school uniform under a pink muffler. “Good morning, Hae.” He smiled and stood up to childishly skip to go in front of Sungmin, “Good morning, Minnie~” The both of them remembered the moment they shared last night and blushed and looked down at the same time.

Donghae chuckled and scratched the back of his reddish-brown hair, “So, uhm, you ate already?” Sungmin flashed his pearly whites and giggled, “No. Why?” The childish boy looked straight with his face painted red, “I just thought that maybe I can…” But the other halted him from continuing what he will say with a serious look on his face, “Please don’t do that again, Hae. Promise me.”

The boy with a blue muffler hugged the boy with the pink one, “Sorry. I can’t promise you that… I decided that I will do anything for you even if it means that I have to give you my all because I love you.” A lot of girls already said ‘I love you’ to him but this is the first time he felt something different. His Yesung-hyung would always say ‘I love you’ but he knows that it was just brotherly love so he doesn’t give much meaning to it, but Donghae’s sincerity in his voice is………. real.

Not breaking the hug, he responded to the confession, “With just a day?” The taller nodded and hugged him tighter, “I found you interesting from the first time I laid my eyes on you… You’re cute and nice… My interest in you became much higher when I discovered that I can’t read your mind... until it grew… I don’t care if you don’t give me an answer right now… I can wait… I have all eternity to wait for it…” This time, Sungmin broke free with a pout, “Then, whom do you prefer, the boy and cute Sungmin, or the girl and seductive Sungmin?”
Donghae tilted his head a bit, “I thought you’re not on your rationality when you’re a girl? How did you know that you’re… like that…?”

Sungmin answered quickly, “Kyuhyun told me.” The smaller boy pouted more, now using his famous puppy eyes, “C’mon… Which do you prefer?” The other smirked and pecked Sungmin’s soft lips, “Both. When I’m cute, I want you to be cute, and when I’m a serious vampire, I want you to be seductive.” Sungmin scoffed cutely and grabbed Donghae’s hand, “Whatever. Come on, Eunhyuk might be waiting for us!”

He just let himself be dragged by his cute loved one. But took one last look at Sungmin’s ripped clothes scattered on the floor and can’t remove from his mind that something might have happened between Kyuhyun and Sungmin last night. His face suddenly became sad and serious…

Kyuhyun smirked at the sight.
계속하기..... ^^
Tags: character:donghae, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:fullmoon, length:chaptered, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin

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