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Full Moon (7/?)

Title: Full Moon
Pairings: KyuMin/HaeMin/YeMin [Side/Possible/Broken/One-sided] EunHae, KyuWook, YeWook, HanChul, KangTeuk, SeoKyu, YeYoon......... more to come ^^
Genre: Dark, Yaoi
Rating: PG-15 (will go up soon)
Warning: fictional creatures, violent scenes, language, boy-to-boy relationships
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... I also got the concept from a Korean manhwa (manga), but I changed the plot, just the concept... for a good start, though.
Summary: Lee Sungmin is a strong boy who had feminine features that people always mistook him as a girl. His normal life was then changed when a guy named Cho Kyuhyun suddenly appeared and changed his life TOTALLY.


It is really cold outside so he still considers himself lucky because he can hide his bite marks under the muffler without being doubted.

Sungmin’s cute face brightened when he read the name of the caller and answered it with a big smile, “Good morning hyung!” Donghae rolled his eyes when he knew it was Yesung. Too bad he can’t read Sungmin’s mind so he can’t hear what they are talking about. Sungmin was cheerful throughout the phone conversation. “Really?! Aww~ I want to see them!!! Finally, kkomie will have friends!” Who the hell is Kkomie?

He hanged up the phone and looked at sulking Donghae walking beside him. He giggled and pinched his pink cheeks, “Instead of waiting for a century for your looks to be changed, it will already be tomorrow if you continued frowning like that, you know.” The sulking boy pouted, not saying anything, not even looking at Sungmin. “Omo~ Lee Donghae is jealous?”

No response.

“Eunhyuk is here.”

No response.

“I’m thirsty.”

No response.

“I’ve been thinking that aliens were real because I think I saw a UFO last night…”

Donghae’s face brightened and faced Sungmin, “I TOLD YOU THEY’RE TRUE!!! You and Eunhyuk don’t believe me!!!” Sungmin responded with a grin… trying to hold his laughter… When Donghae realized it, he palmed his forehead and put his hand on his nape in frustration, “Aish… You caught me…” He already can’t control it and laughed loudly.

Donghae suddenly forgot his jealousy when he saw Sungmin laughing hard like there’s no tomorrow. He’s like a star that gives light to a lonely and dull moon like him. “Hi Fish!” Donghae groaned and hit his friend on the arm, “Hi monkey.” Eunhyuk turned to already-red-because-of-laughing-hard Sungmin, “Hi pumpkin~” Donghae rolled his eyes while Sungmin pouted. Eunhyuk ruffled his two friends’ hair, “What did I miss? You two seem happy.” Sungmin chuckled and walked fast, “Hae is jealous.” Single-eyelid Hyuk miraculously narrowed his eyes at his blushing best friend, “Hae, what was that? You’re jealous?” Donghae ignored him and followed Sungmin.

“Tsk. I’m his best friend, but why do I feel that Sungmin knows more about him than me? Never mind.”


It was already English class – the most boring subject for the three. Eunhyuk was staring at nowhere, Sungmin at his right was scribbling different idiotic words about their teacher and Donghae on Sungmin’s right was already asleep, drooling on his favorite book (Like in Attack on the Pinup Boys), dreaming about aliens and Sungmin.

Sungmin was about to drop his eyes when a familiar husky voice spoke from the door, “Can I excuse Lee Sungmin?” He was a student wearing sunglasses with a red muffler. His messy brown hair made them sure that the hot boy was Cho Kyuhyun from the first year. Everyone looked at sleepy Sungmin who just nudged Donghae who hastily raised his head and wiped his drool in his pink lips and flipped the page with his liquid on it and pretended to be reading.

Their white haired chubby teacher that looks older than the principal with toad-like features spoke, “Lee Sungmin.” She gestured for Sungmin to go out with Kyuhyun. What does he need now? At least he saved me from boring English class! Eunhyuk looked at Donghae and was about to tease him when he saw him glare at Kyuhyun and felt that he already knew what Sungmin was talking about this morning… He said in a sad tone, “Hae, is it Sungmin?” The other quickly turned his gaze innocently at his gloomy best friend, “What?”


“Kyuhyun, what do you need?” Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin’s hand and dragged him to the fire exit. He pinned him to the wall and removed his sunglasses. The smaller gasped when he saw Kyuhyun’s red eyes and fangs. He knew exactly what that means and removed his muffler. Instead of sucking his fangs on his slave’s neck, he held Sungmin’s cold hands and bit the latter’s finger and sipped the blood that came out from it. Sungmin looked at him wide-eyed, confused at his master’s action.

After being satisfied, he licked Sungmin’s bloodstained finger and his lips. His eyes returned to being black, “What?” The confused Sungmin’s voice became a bit high pitched, “Why there?” The vampire chuckled and pointed out his index finger, “I can drink anywhere from your body. Besides, I might stain your uniform if I drank from your neck. And look, the bite marks are still there. You want it to be balanced?” Sungmin frantically shook his head while fidgeting. Kyuhyun giggled at his slave’s cuteness and patted his head, “You look like a bunny. I should dress you as one when we’re at home…”

He’s making fun of me again… tsk. Kyuhyun grabbed the pink muffler from Sungmin’s hand and gently wrapped it on his neck and pushed him out, “Go back to Donghae now.” Not waiting for a response, Kyuhyun walked away fast – with the help of his long legs. What’s with him?

He was about to go back to his classroom when he saw Yesung being nagged by Yoona. Aish, that Yoona again?! “How is it going with you girlfriend, oppa? I haven’t seen you date.” Yesung looked at her with confusion, “Girlfriend?” Of course, best friend Sungmin to the rescue, “Hyung! Sungson-noona told me to meet you on Saturday!” Yoona looked disgustingly at Sungmin, “You are the new student, right?”

Yesung looked more confused, “Sungson?” Sungmin pouted, “I’ll tell noona that you are forgetting your most loved girlfriend.” The older got it, oh yeah, I asked Sungmin to help me! But who is Sungson? “No! It’s not that! I just got shocked that she even told you just because my phone broke.” Which is totally a lie. The younger hit his hyung’s arm, “I’ll go now hyung. I just came here to tell you that because I might forget it later… Noona will kill me.”

When he went inside of the room, all eyes were glued to him, except for his two friends. He sat between them and felt the different aura. He poked Eunhyuk first who was looking outside the window, not listening as usual, but just smiled at him then went back to daydreaming. He pouted then poked Donghae next, who quickly turned and smiled at him. “He’s hungry…?” The other nodded slowly and leaned closer to whisper, “What’s wrong with Eunhyuk?” Donghae’s face turned worried, “I don’t know. He was like that after you went out. He won’t talk to me… Can you try asking him?”

Sungmin rolled his eyes, “Why don’t you just read his mind?” Donghae suddenly realized that he can read Eunhyuk’s mind and smiled apologetically, “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Hehe.” He looked at Eunhyuk’s side and concentrated on reading what is going on inside his mind.

Shit. Why are you such an idiot, Eunhyuk? You loved him for years and decided not to tell him because it would be better if you remained as friends and now you’re hurt that he’s in love with somebody else… not you… Aish! Pabo Eunhyuk! Pabo! Pabo! Pabo! Donghae stopped reading and was shocked with what he just heard. Who… who is it? Junsu? Is Junsu in love? Sungmin nudged him and mouthed, “What?” The mind reader whispered, “He is in love with our childhood friend.”


Days passed and Eunhyuk remained silent whenever they’re together. Usually, they will go home together but now, he will reason that he will go home with the Junsu guy. When they ask him about what Donghae read, he will just ignore it and say it was nothing. Donghae became silent too… except when he’s with Sungmin but he can still see the pain and worry behind his laughter. Sungmin can’t take it anymore and approached Eunhyuk.

“Hyuk, what really is your problem? Hae’s worried.” Eunhyuk looked pissed, “I told you, it’s nothing. And what Donghae read in my mind… it’s…” Sungmin continued for him, “It’s Donghae, right?” The other guy opened his mouth but nothing came out and sighed in defeat, “Yeah, but he’s in love with somebody else.” Sungmin sighed, knowing that it’s him. “How did you know?” Eunhyuk chuckled and blushed, “Well, I saw him glared at Kyuhyun when he called you… His face suddenly turns angry and pissed when you’re chatting with Yesung-hyung… And, his smile is different when you’re with him… So, you know that it’s you?” Sungmin nodded, “He confessed. Sorry.”

The other stood straight, “Why are you saying sorry? It’s not your fault.” The small guy was on the verge of crying, “But… But… If I didn’t came by your lives, then you…” Eunhyuk interrupted him with his gummy smile, “Hey. I know from the start that what he feels for me isn’t as intense as what I do even before you came by our lives. Besides, I’m not regretting that I made friends with you… You’re such a nice person, Min. Thank you. Okay, okay, I’ll talk to him. Happy?” The blond nodded enthusiastically with a wide and bright smile.

Cold Friday morning and Donghae was deafeningly quiet. “Hae, Hyuk’s not yet calling you?” The other pouted and looked down, “No… Minnie, I’m not a barrier to him and Junsu, right? I’m not teasing him either… So why…” He bent down when something heavy jumped on his back, “HI FISHY!!!” Donghae looked at his friend, teary-eyed, “Hyukkie… You’re not mad at me anymore?”

Eunhyuk pouted and hit Donghae’s nape covered by the muffler he gave to him, “Why didn’t you call me monkey?! And why would I be mad at you?!” Sungmin faked a cough and smiled, “Excuse me… I’ll just go to Yesung-hyung.”

Donghae frowned and Eunhyuk saw it so he teased his jealous friend after Sungmin childishly ran towards his hyung, “Yah, Hae! Stop getting jelly over Yesung-hyung! You know Minnie and him are just friends! And hey, you’re living under the same roof so you have the advantage! Well, I understand with the ‘Kyuhyun and Sungmin’ part but… Min is distant and scared to Kyu! Don’t worry, as your best friend, I’ll help you.” Donghae activated his mind reading ability and finally understood what his friend was talking about.

“WAIT! So… the reason why you’re distant from me was because I like Sungmin?!”

The other blushed and flashed his gummy smile, “Well… I do… have this ‘feelings’ for you… so I was jealous and all… but Minnie talked to me and I realized that I was foolish… Sorry, Hae… I really do like you… more than a friend… You don’t have to reciprocate. I’ll help you get Sungmin! I want you to be happy…”

Donghae hugged his best friend, “Sorry my monkey… Sorry for not noticing it… But thank you for understanding…” His fishy eyes glittered and smiled mischievously, the other knew his best friend was planning another scheme. “You’ll help me get Sungmin, right? Get him away from Yesung.”

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes when Donghae did puppy eyes and went to playing rock-paper-scissors Yesung & Sungmin and held his cute friend’s hand making him pout, “Stop pouting Minnie, I might kiss you… Genius Donghae doesn’t want to be late in class.” Donghae pretended to be pissed and telling them to hurry up. Sungmin pulled Yesung’s hand, knowing that Donghae is just jealous, “Come with us, hyung!!!” Yesung nodded and pinched his cute pumpkin’s cheeks while jealous Hae rolled his fishy eyes that Eunhyuk laughed at him.


Saturday morning and Sungmin was preparing to go out with Yesung as Sungson – Kyuhyun allowed him to go out, but not go home late. (He’s like a dad) Donghae entered Sungmin’s room and saw a blonde girl wearing a pink and red dress, curling her hair. “SUNGMIN?!”

Sungmin flinched and looked at Donghae, “Oh. Hae, what are you doing here?” The boy looked at the beautiful girl from head to toe, “Are you hungry?” Sungmin shook his head. “Then why are you a girl now?!” The blond laughed hard, “Silly Hae! Remember that I only turn into a girl every full moon? We already proved that last week!”

Kyuhyun made an experiment last week to know when Sungmin will turn into a girl. Days passed and when Sungmin was thirsty, he will remain being a guy and not lose control like what happened before. Therefore, they concluded that he just turns into a girl every full moon and she will be getting out of control. Even Kyuhyun’s father thought that Sungmin’s case was the first in vampire history.

“Oh yeah. Then why are you dressed as a girl? Crossdressing?” Sungmin nodded while fixing his blonde curls, “I’ll go out with Yesung-hyung today.” The reddish-brown haired boy’s eyes widened, “WHAT?!” The other chuckled, “Relax. I’m just doing a favor for him.” Donghae frowned, “What favor?” Sungmin became pissed, “Look, it’s nothing. I’m just helping him to get Yoona away from him. I’m pretending to be his girlfriend. Aish, why do I even have to explain to you?”

“Yoona? As in Kim Yoona?” Sungmin nodded and looked at him curiously, “You know her?”

“She’s my ex.”

“Really? And why are you telling this to me?”

“Well, she’s also a vampire. Her family is second to the Chos. You might not want to mess with her.”

However, he isn’t still threatened. “So? I really don’t care.” Donghae sighed, “Aish, you don’t understand, Minnie… she can easily get rid of those who get in her way, though I’m the one who broke up with her, she didn’t dare do anything to me because I have the Cho blood...” Sungmin smiled and patted Donghae’s shoulder, “Same as for me. She won’t be able to hurt me because you are there, right?” The reddish brown-haired vampire’s handsome face brightened and stood proudly with his hands on his waist, “Of course!!! Okay, okay, you won.”

The blond smirked and brushed his blonde wig, “I always win. Okay, bye. Don’t dare follow us… I’ll know it if you did.” Donghae leaned his face closer to the crossdresser, tilted his head and showed off his puppy eyes, “Do I get a prize if I’m a good boy?” Sungmin sighed, knowing that his friend is planning something but he doesn’t want to be followed by him and he is acting aegyo in front of him (How can he resist that cuteness?!) so he has no choice, “Of course. Anything you want.” The other’s fishy eyes glittered, “KISS ME!!! On the lips…”

Sungmin sighed and nodded, “Okay, but later after I go home. Like I said, you should be a good boy and don’t follow me.” The other nodded childishly and his fishy eyes is now smiling, “Yes Minnie!!! Donghae promises!!!” But he pouted, “But… what will Donghae do while his Minnie is gone?” Sungmin can’t help but giggle with Donghae’s cuteness, he knows that the latter doesn’t show that side of him when he is with his other friends – though he’s not sure if he’s also like that with Eunhyuk, “Hmmm… Then, Donghae can call Eunhyukkie and play with him…”

The other skipped and hugged the blond, “Oookkkaayyy~ Donghae will miss Minnie~! Will Minnie miss Donghae~?” Sungmin ruffled Donghae’s hair, “Haha, it’s not like I’ll be gone for a week.” The mind reader, still not breaking the hug, “But I’ll miss you if I haven’t seen you for a minute!!!” The blond pushed him away and raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, sure.” Sungmin walked out of the room with Donghae who follows him like how a child follows his mother when she will go out for work. Donghae’s voice can be heard in the hallway, even in the grand stairs, talking about aliens and giving safety reminders to Sungmin, about him taking care around Yoona, about him putting a distance between him and Yesung… Sungmin chose to let him speak because he knows that Donghae will soon forget it.
Tags: character:donghae, character:eunhyuk, character:kyuhyun, character:sungmin, character:yesung, fic:fullmoon, length:chaptered, pairing:eunhae, pairing:haemin, pairing:kyumin, pairing:yemin

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